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Jericho Favorite Quotes

Contributed By Suzanne

"Winter's End" Aired March 28, 2007

Gail: Honey, you look tired. You getting enough sleep?
April: Almost seven hours.
Gail: Where?
April: In my office.
Gail: Sleeping in your office doesn't count. You're going to give the baby a crick in its neck.

Jessica: There's another doctor in town?
Gail: The man can barely sit up on his bar stool.

Mary: Okay. Yeah. Blanket. Let's turn on the heat.
Eric: No. We can't. I'm sorry. We won't have enough gas to get home.
Mary: (Moans)
Eric: You know, we could make our own heat.
Mary: (Chuckles) Don't get any ideas, I'm not taking my clothes off.
Eric:  You know how happy you make me.
Mary: I'm still not taking my clothes off.

Jessica: You smell like a wino.
Kenchy: Nice to meet you, too.

Jimmy (calling to Robert): Hey, how are your, uh, communication skills? You know, 'cause that's really what marriage is all about. Honesty, love. I'd say it's 50-50. Sort of like half and half, you know? Well, actually, more like thirds, if you throw respect in there. But not equal thirds, 'cause honesty... is more important than the love and the respect. I think.

Mimi: Is that the word for "bleach"?
Bonnie: No. "Bitch."

Kenchy: You will refer to me as Dr. Dhuwalia, Nurse. And my sobriety is not the issue.
Jessica: The people I call "doctor" don't smell like a brewery.

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Updated 3/29/07  


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