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Jericho Nitpicks

Jericho Mistakes or complaints

By Debby

I watched the pilot and right away noticed that they weren't very careful in editing. Hero is approached by his big brother, who gives him a big, entrapping bear hug. An immediate switch in POV shows the brother's arms *under* the hero's arms, not over. That dropped me out of suspension of belief right away. Such boo-boos can be funny, but this was just careless and made me wonder if anyone was paying attention.

Other character building points, like the father's/mayor's disappointment with his son's (the hero's) lack of ambition seemed really trite to me. I could almost hear dramatic smallville music coming.

Yet there were a few little twists that made me think that *some* writer for the show was trying to break stereotype, as in giving the other candidate for the mayor's office a chance to show he has some leadership qualities. The twist about the son listening to his mother's voice on the answering machine was a good one. And that black fellow, is he really a newcomer to town possessing possibly good survival info, or did he come with the prisoners in that crashed van? The hero's mom was nice... but a bit trite as well.

I'll watch a few more episodes (because it's free), but they better wow me or I'm dropping it. After the bombs go off, it's pretty much all reaction and little in the way of special effects. I've been spoiled by really good writing on nonbasic cable shows :)

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Updated 3/28/07  


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