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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

"Semper Fidelis" aired March 14, 2007

Bradley packs up to leave Jericho and Johnston warns him not to leave. Gray Anderson has mixed feelings about the refugees in Jericho including Roger. There is a rumbling outside on the streets of Jericho. Eric Green is on horseback and he’s clearing the way for a tank. A tank rolls down the streets into Town Square in front of City Hall. Sergeant Hill tells Gray that he is with the United States Marines and they are there to help them. A crowd gathers in front of City Hall. The marines tell them that they have won the war and they are there to rebuild. The United States government is reunifying in Columbus, Ohio. Mimi kisses Stanley and mumbles, “It’s over.” Johnston tells the Sergeant that they should get a wish list. Mary invites the Marines to the bar. Maggie Mullins wants to get communications back up.

Robert gets his family ready to leave. Sarah is in the basement sending a message that she plans to use Robert’s family against him. Robert comes downstairs so Sarah quickly puts away the messenger. Robert informs her that he has changed his mind and he has decided not to move his family. After a few minutes of talking to Sarah, Robert re-thinks his plan and decides to drop his family off and leave with her. They kiss.
Mimi is thrilled that things are getting back to normal. She can just picture herself in New York. Stanley becomes upset when he thinks of Mimi leaving town. She begs him to come with her, but she knows that Stanley is a farmer at heart.

Robert kisses Sarah and tells her that they need to be going. Sarah goes back upstairs. Robert has used this time to take her messenger.  He reads the messenger.

Jake is in Mary’s Bar with Maggie. They discuss taking the jukebox apart to use as a transmitter, but then decides to use the ham radio in City Hall. Sarah helps Samuel and they look for her messenger and find it gone. She knows that Robert has taken it. She walks over to Samuel with a gun in her hand. Robert also has his gun loaded. Sarah tells Samuel to sit down on the couch while she talks to Robert. Robert unloads his gun and puts it in the drawer. Sarah points her gun at Robert. Robert puts the messenger on the table. Sarah asks him when he had fallen back in love with his wife.

Johnston explains to the Sergeant as to how the town had made it since the explosions. Mayor Gray competes with Johnston for the Sergeant’s attention. The Sergeant informs them that since Jericho is in such good shape, the Marines may have to skip over them. Maggie makes a call, and when she gets the reply back, they are ordered back to Dodge City.

Robert wants to know what she will do with the package. Sarah informs him matter-of-factly that she will sell it. Darcy walks in and sees Sarah with a gun pointed at Robert. When she sees Darcy, Sarah points the gun at her.

The Marines were ordered to leave Jericho, so they are leaving. Gray offers to get them fuel but wants assurances that Jericho will be taken care of. The Sergeant assures him that Jericho will be at the top of the list. Maggie tells Jake that she will not be coming back to Jericho. Maggie starts to kiss him, but the Sergeant yells at her.

Sarah has her gun pointed at Robert and orders him to get the package. Robert agrees to get it if she puts the gun down.

 Another call comes in from the radio. There is loud gunfire in the background. There is explosive popping. Going outside, Jake finds out that Gray is popping fireworks to celebrate the Marines arrival in Jericho.
At dinner, Johnston makes a speech about Semper Fidelis which means, “Always faithful.” Johnston is proud and happy that the Marines are in Jericho. Johnston walks out with Gail and Jake. Jake fills his parents in on the news. Johnston becomes worried about the tank and he finds out that the so-called Marines are not really Marines at all and everything that they told them was a lie.

Sarah holds Robert’s family at gunpoint until he retrieves the package. Jake visits Maggie. She pulls a gun on him and tells him everything. She tells him that they go from town to town gathering supplies. She warns Jake not to make her shoot. Jake gets knocked out from behind. Robert rolls the barrel out. Darcy becomes upset when she finds out that the barrel had been in the house all the time. Sarah orders him to step back while she checks it.

Maggie and the Sergeant debate what to do with Jake. The Sergeant wants to kill him. Johnston and Eric arrive with loaded guns. Gray wants to punish them publicly, but Johnston wants to give them a “heroes” exit because of the hope that they have brought to the town.

Sarah wants to leave with the package and Samuel as a little extra insurance. Darcy rushes her and knocks the gun out of her hand. Sarah kicks Darcy to the ground. Robert lunges at Sarah and begins to choke her. Sarah grabs a knife and cuts Robert. Sarah comes in for the kill when Allison picks up a gun and kills Sarah. Robert is upset that Allison had to kill Sarah but Allison assures him that she is fine. They both tell each other "I love you.”

The “Marines,” no longer armed, pretend to be proud as they leave Jericho, but Johnston and his men walk beside them with guns to keep them in line. Jake tries to get Maggie to stay with him in Jericho, but she won't because she feels that her life, short though it may be, is best spent with the fake marines. Mimi admits that she has feelings for Stanley.

Robert gets a message on Sarah’s messenger. Robert sends them a message (as Sarah) that Hawkins had been killed. He gets a return message that it was a job well done and they would be in touch.

The Marines walk out of town without their uniforms or equipment. Johnston orders the Marines to leave their weapons on the tank. At Johnston's urging, Stanley plans to store the tank in his barn. Johnston remarks that you never know when you might need a tank.

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Updated 4/16/07  


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