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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

Episode One: Pilot

As the Pilot opens, a train pulls into the train station in Colorado. Jake Green is there to meet the train, and to pick up his car. He drives to his home town of Jericho. On his way, he listens to music on the radio. As he gets into town, he changes the channel, and hears an announcement from the President of the United States which concerns Global Violence. Once in town, he runs into his good friend, Stanley Richmond, and his sister, Bonnie. This is the first time Jake has been home in five years and Stanley wonders where Jake has been all this time. Jake lies, and tells him that he has been in the Army. Jake visits Gracie Leighís store, and although she is glad to see him, she wonders where he has been. Jake also lies to her, and tells her that he has been playing Minor League baseball. When Jake leaves the store, he sees his old girlfriend, Emily Sullivan. Emily lets him know that she is a high school teacher and that she is engaged.

Jake leaves to go home to see his mother where he receives a hug from his mother and his brother. Jake finds out that his grandfather is dead, and that his father, Johnston Green, is the Mayor of Jericho. Jakeís mother, Gail, takes him to the cemetery. Gail gives Jake some money, and advises him to tell his father of his plans. Jake leaves the cemetery and he listens as the President makes a speech to the nation. There is an interference with the cell phones and then the TVís. The children from the school are on a field trip, and Woody, the little boy on top of the bus, stares at a mushroom cloud in the distance. Bonnie and Stanley are also staring at the explosion. The time is exactly 6:00 on Emilyís wall clock. The teacher looks out the window on the school bus, and can see the mushroom cloud in the distance. Dale arrives home, and his answering machine is blinking with a message. Jake is on the road, and he can see the mushroom cloud in the distance. Johnston is at the police station, and wonders if the town has Geiger counters. Jake wakes up, and sees that his leg is injured because of the wreck that he had been involved in. A group of parents arrive at the police station to question what is being done about the school bus and the children. Johnston asks the people to let the police do their jobs.

Johnston tries to contact the Governor, but with no luck. A volunteer on the street named Robert Hawkins wants to help the police. He suggests to the police that they spray paint the name of the city on the police cars just in case it was a planned attack. Dale gets a message from his parents in Atlanta that there was an attack there, also. Jake makes it to the bus stop, and sees that the teacher has a broken leg and that one of the students named, Stacy, is not breathing. Jake begins treatment on the injured bus driver, and the children. Dale makes it to Johnstonís house, and shares the answering machine recording with him. Mayor Johnston Green finds out that the attack was planned and not just an accident. He also finds out that Atlanta as well as Denver had been hit. Jake, although he is bleeding profusely, makes it to the gas station with the busload of children. Johnston compliments his son on the work he did bringing the children to safety.

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Updated 4/2/07  


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