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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

"One If By Land" aired April 25th, 2007

The camera scans the area around the salt mine. A chain link fence has been put up and a group of men are guarding the gate as are Dale and Skylar. A motorcade of vehicles drives up to the gate. Gray and his men approach the gate and the men on the other side. Gray informs the men that this is private property.

A house is shown in the woods. A man is shown with a gun in his hand, walking up to the house. Robert slowly walks up the steps of the house with his gun raised. He slowly knocks on the door. The man inside the house who opens the door and steps out onto the porch is the man that Jake and Robert met in New Bern. Robert comes out with his gun aimed at the man. Robert goes into the house and the man follows.

Constantino orders Jake to tell him where his partner is. Jake refuses to divulge any information. Jake refuses to help Constantino. Constantino asks him again where his friend is. Jake asks Constantino where Heather is. Constantino orders his guards to take Jake back to his cell.

Jake is put back into the cell with Eric. Jake tells him that they have to get out of there. Eric mumbles something to him which is barely understandable. Jake begins to remember a meteor shower that he had wakened Eric to watch. Jake sits down in the floor of the cell when the guards bring three men down the hall.

Gray threatens to arrest the men at the gate. Dale and Skylar try to tell Gray that this is their fault. Russell encourages Dale and Skylar to leave, but Skylar refuses to leave without their salt. Gunfire lights up the night sky.

A man is brought into the clinic. Gray is right beside him. Gail examines his leg and assures the man that they will get him cleaned up. They rush him into an exam room.
One of the men who is shot argues with Gray, but Gray doesnít pay him any mind. Gail looks at one of the men on a table and sees that he is bleeding profusely. Dale and Skylar are also at the hospital and they, too, have been wounded. Dale leaves Skylar sitting in a chair.

Skylar sees a man on a gurney, and she hobbles over to where the man is. The woman blames Skylar for this happening. Skylar tries to apologize that she hadnít meant for this to happen. The woman blames Dale, as well as, Skylar. Gail pulls Skylar aside and has Caroline look at Skylarís ankle. Gail is busy giving the nurses their orders when Emily and Mary come in, and begin to ask questions about Eric and if Gail heard anything from him.

Gray argues with Ross in his office about what was Ross thinking would happen at the salt mine. Johnston comes into his office. Ross encourages Grqy to let him go back to New Bern and tell the people that he was in favor of this salt mine. Ross tells Gray that they need to work together in this while they still can. Ross also tells Gray that they have men there that they need to bring home. Johnston tells Gray that Eric is still in New Bern. Ross shows concern for Johnston and his son being in New Bern. Johnston finds out that Jake is also in New Bern. Johnston tells them if they leave now, then they can be in New Bern by dawn. Gray tries to raise opposition to Johnstonís idea. Johnston orders Gray and Ross to come on that the people in New Bern were not going to use Jake and Eric as ďhuman shieldsĒ. Ross goes with Johnston, but Gray stands in his office not knowing what to do.

Jake sits in the jail cell in New Bern. Eric is asleep on one of the cots in the cell. The guards bring two women down the hall and place them in the cell with Jake and Eric. Jake recognizes one of the men as Maggie. Maggie explains that the Marines had pretty much split up since Jericho and she had gone to New Bern. Maggie tells him that they have to get out of here. Jake has doubts as to how to go about getting out of jail. Maggie tells him that if he supplies them with information, then they will never get out. Maggie begs him to give her some information to supply to Constantino. This way she can get herself released and she can go for help to get Jake as well as Eric. One of the guards comes in and drags Eric out of his cell and out the door. Jake tries to tell the guards that Eric already told them all he knows, but the guards will not listen.

Johnston visits Gail at the clinic. Johnston wants to know how everything is going. Gail informs him that Harry will be fine, but she is worried about the staff. Johnston tells Gail that he is fine, but he had better hit the road. Gail begs him to be careful. Johnston and Gail hug and he kisses her on the forehead. He promises her that he will bring them home.

Jake looks out of his jail cell waiting for Eric to return. He yells, ďEric.Ē Jake demands to know from the guard what they are doing to Eric. Maggie begs Jake to give her a chance so that they can end this. Jake agrees to let her help. A big bright light shines through the glass in the door.
Maggie is seated at a table in the interrogation room. She tells Constantino that the manís name is Robert Hawkins. Maggie reminds the men of the deal that she made with Constantino. The guard refuses to abide by the terms.

Johnston and Russell arrive at the barricade. A man approaches them. Russell introduces Johnston and tells him that he needs to talk to the Sheriff. The man agrees to let them through.

Robert and his partner, from their hiding place, look through binoculars at a neighboring building. Robert asks the man how is he with a rifle. The man replies that he has never shot at a man before if that was what he was asking. Robert and the man decide to go back to the factory for more ammo but the man has his doubts. Robert once again looks through the binoculars as a police car drives up to the bridge. Johnston and Russell get out and meet up with Constantino. Johnston and Constantino shake hands and Johnston tells him that he wishes that this could be under better circumstances. Johnston lets him know that he just found out that Eric had been missing for a few days. Constantino just shakes his head. Constantino suggests that they take a walk.

A police car pulls up and the police officer opens the door and Maggie gets out of the back. The officer whispers to Maggie that she had better hope that he is home.

While they are walking, Constantino points out that this is a minefield. Johnston and Constantino argue over the fact that Jericho couldnít help New Bern because they had to defend themselves against the mercenaries. Constantino explains that Jake was apprehended yesterday trying to sabotage his factory. Johnston threatens that if anything happens to either one of his boys then things arenít going to end well.

The officer takes Maggie by the arm and heads toward the house where Robert and his friend were. The officer wonders what is taking so long. The officer handcuffs Maggie to the car door and starts walking slowly to the house with his gun raised. Maggie looks around the car for a means of escape. Robert comes out of the woods, running with his gun raised, yelling at the top of his voice, ďWho are you? Who are you?Ē Maggie quickly hides behind the car door. Maggie begins to explain that Jake sent her to help him. Robert then asks how Jake is. Robert throws her some handcuff keys to unlock the handcuffs when Robertís friend approaches the car. Robert informs Maggie that he is with him. The man hands Robert a duffel bag. Robert begins to search through it. Robert tells Maggie that there was going to be an explosion in town so they could divert attention and get Jake and Eric out of jail.

Eric is hurt and bleeding as the guards push him down the hall and back into the cell with Jake. Jake helps Eric onto a cot and asks him what happened. Eric tells Jake that Constantino wants to know about Jericho and their defenses. Jake insists that they have to get back to Jericho and warn them. Eric states matter-of-factly that they are not going to die in here. Jake gets up, walks over to the bars, and looks down the hall.

Gail changes the sheets on one of the clinic beds when Emily comes in and offers to relieve her. Emily helps her make the bed. She tells Gail to get some rest. Gail apologizes for her abrupt behavior from before. Emily lets Gail know that Mary is really trying so, maybe, she can give her a chance. Gail owns up that it is just being here and April being gone and that she misses her so much. Emily tells Gail that she and Mary have a lot in common. Gail wants to know what.

Skylar is, busily, stocking the shelves when Dale comes in. He wants to know how everything is back here. Skylar canít understand why everyone has turned against her Dad. Dale points out to Skylar that everyone was nice to her father because he had a lot of power.

Robert, his friend, and Maggie sneak through the streets of New Bern. In the distance, they see three men guarding the building. They quickly hide behind the car. Robert loads a gun. He tells Maggie and the man to stand guard here until he comes back. Robert asks the man and Maggie if they are as they move out toward the building.

Russell assures Johnston that they can fix this. Johnston tells him that he has a feeling that it is just getting started. Johnston approaches Constantino. Constantino tells Johnston that this isnít a good day and they will have to do it another day. Johnston doesnít quite believe him. Constantino tells Johnston that if he brings back all his men that were shot in Jericho last night, then he will give him fifteen minutes with his sons. The Sheriff and another officer walk up and tell Johnston that they are there to escort him back to the barricade.

The men are working diligently in the warehouse, unaware that Robert has approached the warehouse and he has his gun loaded and aimed at the first person to come through the door. Robert sneaks into one of the trucks and drives it out of the warehouse.

Inside the jail, a guard once again pulls Eric out of his bunk and out of the cell. Jake watches in horror and tries to figure out what will happen next.
Robert opens the doors on the back of the trunk and finds that it is full of mortar rounds. He climbs into the truck and inspects the rounds. He takes one of the mortar rounds and gets out of the truck.

A woman runs up to the gate with her hands raised. She yells at the men not to shoot.

Robert hides the mortar round in the motor area of his truck.

The guards drag Maggie and put her back into a cell. Constantino asks her if she thinks that he should believe what she tries to tell him. Maggie begs him to let her out. Constantino doesnít believe her and walks off.

Jake is brought to the room where Eric is. Jake tries to tell them that he told them everything that he knew.

The police car lets Johnston out at the barricade. The trucks begin to move to let him through.

Robert arrives at the loading dock where he sees some workers pushing a large crate out onto the dock. Robert gets out of the truck and ties a piece of line from the brakes through the steering wheel.

One of the guards has a knife at Jakeís throat while another guard roughs up Eric. They demand to know why Eric and Jake were sent here, but Jake and Eric will not tell them anything.

Robert is still outside at his truck. He releases the brake and lets the truck go into the warehouse. Inside, Constantino wonders what is going on outside. In the distance, Johnston can see the flames from the explosion. Men at the barricade hear the explosion, and run to see what is going on. Johnston sees this as a chance to steal one of New Bernís trucks. Constantino and the other police officers go to see what the explosion is all about. Jake and Eric remain seated at the table.

One of the gunmen aims his high-powered rifle at a guard that is up on top of one of the buildings. Robert comes up and reminds the man that he was told to wait here until he got back. The man runs off as Robert looks toward the top of the building at the guard.

One of the guards brings Eric and Jake out of the building. Robert begins shooting and runs to meet the men who have Jake and Eric. Jake breaks loose from one of the guards, but Eric remains held by the guard. Rapid gunfire begins and Robert scrambles to find cover. The man on the building is shot, as well as the man that was holding Eric. Rapid gunfire continues between the New Bern men and Jake, Eric, and Robert. Maggie runs out of the building and is shot by the gunfire. Johnston drives up, gets out, and yells something at Jake and Eric. The men begin to shoot at Johnston. Robert shoots the man on top of the building. Robert covers them as Jake, and Eric scramble to get to Maggie and get into the back of Johnstonís truck. All the men and Maggie manage to get into the truck as Johnston drives off amidst the rapid succession of gunfire from the New Bern guards.

New supplies begin to arrive at Dale and Skylarís trading store and Skylar shows the men and women where the supplies go. Mrs. Carmichael comes into Daleís trading post and wants more than her allotted amount of protein. Dale wants to refuse her the extra amount, but after looking at Skylar, he tells her that it is up to her. Skylar agrees to let Mrs. Carmichael have more than is normal.
Mary is at the bar, washing some glasses in the sink, when she hears someone come in. Mary yells at them that she is closed. Gail walks up to the bar. Mary gives her another jar of alcohol. Mary offers to let her stay there with her but Gail refuses. They promise each other to let the other know if they hear something.

Robert, Jake, Eric, Johnston, and Maggie have stopped in the woods for the night. Robert doesnít think that Maggie will make it. Johnston picks up Maggie across his shoulders and they start on their journey back to Jericho. They all share a bottle as they walk. The camera scans up to the night sky where you can see stars twinkling.

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Updated 6/30/07  


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