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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

Episode 2

Emily walks down the road with a gas can in her hand as Jake climbs a ladder, and Robert Hawkins looks up at the sky. He tells them that he needs to see the Mayor. Jake and Robert both notice storm clouds, and know what Jericho is in for from the mushroom cloud. They are in for radioactive rain which means that they will have to find a shelter before the rains start which will probably be in an hour. Jake goes to the clinic looking for April, but instead runs into his mother, Gail. Immediately Jake wants to know where his father is. They find Johnston Green at City Hall. Mayor Green, Eric and his staff agree to go to the fallout shelter under City Hall. Jake and Emily will go to the one under the Medical Clinic. Jake convinces his mother to go to the shelter under City Hall.

A police car drives by Emily on the road. She waves at it, but then the car stops to pick her up. The men (pretending to be police officers) lie and tell Emily that they had been nuked also. The men question Emily as to where they could find some gas. The men, with Emily on board, stop at Bonnie and Stanley’s. Emily listens to the police radio, and becomes suspicious of the two “policemen.” Dale is asleep at Gracie’s when Gracie comes in, and wakens him. Upon awakening, Dale calls Gracie, “Mom” (his own mother had been killed in the bomb explosion in Atlanta) Eric comes to Mary Bailey’s bar to evacuate the people. Mary refuses to leave until everyone else is gone. One of the guys accompanies Emily to the door while the other opens the trunk lid (which holds the bodies of the two guards). Jake tries to call Johnston but he gets Eric instead. Once inside the house, Emily notices a case with guns, and bullets. Eric gets food and supplies from Gracie’s Market.

Emily warns Bonnie in sign language that she is going for help. While sitting on the couch, drinking coffee, Emily accidentally spills coffee on one of the “policemen.” When he leaves her alone, she steals one of the guns and some of the bullets. Robert is upstairs, trying to get his radio to work. Jake is in the school bus with Heather, and they are headed for the shelter beneath city hall. Eric comes out, and refuses to let them come in. Eric is afraid that if there are that many people in one place, they will suffocate. Jake then remembers the old mine that they could use for a shelter. They turn around and head for the shelter. Jake calls Eric and informs him that once they are safely inside the mine and that he will seal the mine shut with dynamite. He tells Eric that when this is all over, he will have to dig them out. The officers, Emily, and Bonnie are preparing to eat breakfast. Emily mentions that she has to go to the bathroom, and tells her captives that the bathroom is upstairs.

Once upstairs, Emily climbs out the window. Safely in the police car, Emily begins to phone for help. Jake intercepts her message, and heads to find her. After a few minutes, the one officer realizes that Emily has been gone for a long time, and goes to search for her. Bonnie gets her chance, and she begins to run. The officer catches her, and holds a gun to her head. The other officer goes to find Emily. The officer holds a gun on Emily, but she cannot see him. Jake arrives just in time, and kills the man that is holding the gun on Emily. Emily kills the man that had Bonnie. Robert helps Gail bring Johnston into the shelter. Emily is in shock from the shooting. She wonders why Jake is there. Jake tells her that he is there to protect her. Emily knows that no one is safe around Jake. Robert Hawkins and his family are being questioned by Darcy. Robert reads the message that he had received in Morse Code. Robert has a map of the United States, and he has placed pushpins on the cities that have already been a target of bomb explosions--Denver, Colorado, Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and San Diego, California. Robert picks up three more pushpins.

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Updated 4/2/07  


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