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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

"Black Jack" aired February 28th, 2007

Jake breaks into a house looking for a Mr. Joe Bitner.  Jake is devastated when he finds Mr. Bitner dead.  During a town meeting, Mayor Gray Anderson lets the town know that they will be out of fuel soon.  Johnston criticizes Gray for scaring the townspeople.  During the town meeting, Robert goes to meet someone that says that s/he knows him.  He is surprised when he sees that it is Sarah.  Heather suggests that they use wind turbines to create power. 

Hawkins is greeted coldly by Sarah.  Roger mentions Black Jack Fairgrounds.  The fairgrounds are 200 miles away from Jericho.  Mayor Anderson asks for volunteers.  Sarah punches Robert and accuses him of selling her out.  Robert tries to explain to Sarah that no one is in Jericho but them.  Robert tells Sarah about Victor and how he had shown up in Jericho, but had died because of the radiation.  No one else had made it to Jericho.  Sarah explains to him how she had gotten away from the three men and had made it all the way to Jericho.  Sarah lets him know how upset she is with him for leaving her.

Roger gives Mayor Anderson and Jake directions to Black Jack Fairgrounds.  Heather offers to go with Jake but he doesn’t want her going.  Mary Bailey tries to talk to Gail, but Gail is extremely rude to her.  Johnston mentions to Jake that he always seems to volunteer for all the risky moves outside of town.  Jake tells Johnston that Heather is coming so Johnston decides that he will go along as well.  Emily tries to adjust to a relationship with Roger.  Roger has a difficult time with his experiences after the bombs.  Robert brings Sarah home with him as a guest.  Dale looks at the gun that he had used to shoot Mitchell when Skylar stops by.  Johnston and Jake get ready to go out when Heather lets it be known that she had kissed Jake.  Dale wants to go with them.  He wants to trade to get some supplies for the store. 

Darcy questions who Sarah is and Robert refuses to tell her.  Robert goes downstairs and Sarah is changing her clothes.  Sarah knows that Robert still has the package after Robert lets her know that he is still being tracked.  Robert knows that he needs to contact, “the old man.”  Jake, Johnston, Dale, and Heather make their way to the fairgrounds.  At the gate they are requested to drop off their guns and pick them up on their way out.  Jake drives them in and the gate is closed.  The group looks around and sees a corpse hanging from a rope. 

The Black Jack Fairgrounds is a huge market of trade.  Dale compares the trading to eBay.  A man at the fairgrounds wants to know how much it would cost for an hour with Heather.  Jake pushes the guy off Heather.  Heather then meets an old friend of hers named, “Ted.”  Someone warns Dale about his silverware.  There is some sort of board showing what is in demand and what isn’t.  There was an airdrop from Germany and the Black Jack Fairgrounds had received it.  Ravenwood had paid Black Jack a visit and had killed 3 people.  The news is posted on the wall.  Heather and Jake continue their tour when they are shown a map of the United States.  On the map, it shows six stars showing the federal government.  It also looks like there are six capital cities with six presidents.  Jake wants to know who is in charge of the military.  Right now, there seems to be five separate governments that are trying to create their own country, along with the normal government. 

Roger wakes up to another day in Jericho.  Emily wants to talk to him about his experiences.  Roger confides to her that he had seen “something” out there.  Sarah tells Allison about the camps that she had gone through on her way to Jericho.  Robert becomes annoyed by Sarah’s stories, and sends the children upstairs.  Darcy doesn’t want to know anything about Sarah. 

Johnston tells Dale that Gracie would be proud of him.  Johnston also tells Dale that Mitchell is going to get what is coming to him. 

Gail goes to the bar to talk to Mary.  Gail tells Mary that she is upset with how that she and Eric have treated April.  Gail blames Mary for dividing the family. 

Roger tells Emily about a bright light that he had seen with a ring around it, and the light saved his life.  Jake and Johnston are trying to make a trade in one of the shops.  Russell helps Jake make a trade for the turbine part that they need.  Dale sneaks into the back room and he can see that the person that they are trying to trade with is involved with capturing people and possibly torturing them.  Johnston immediately calls off the trade.  Jake tells Johnston that they needed the part but they soon find out that Dale had stolen the part that they needed. 

The security guard calls out to them to stop. The security guard grabs Dale and threatens to take him to “management.” Johnston then takes a swing at the security guard and a fight breaks out. Russell then pulls out a gun and stops the fight. Jake, Heather, Johnston, and Dale rush to the car. Russell drives his truck through the barricade with Jake close behind. Heather goes with Ted and Russell. Heather decides to stay behind for a few days. Jake hugs her.

Allison continues to ask Sarah questions.  Allison lets Sarah know that Robert has been teaching her to shoot.  Sarah, on her laptop, gets a message from the “old man.”  Sarah lets them know that they need to move and keep fighting to stay alive.  Robert doesn’t see a future in running away.  Darcy knows that Robert is leaving.  Darcy questions trusting Sarah because she views Sarah as a threat to the family.

Mary opens the note that Gail left at the bar, and it reads, “Be Nice.”  The note was from Gail that she had written to herself when she went to the bar to talk to Mary.  Jake, Dale and Johnston make it back but without the part.  Skylar is at the store when Dale returns.  Dale questions Skylar as to how much of the Salt Mine her dad owns. 

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Updated 4/15/07  


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