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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

"A.K.A." aired April 11, 2007

Jake, Johnston, and Jimmy come into Mary’s bar and hear a special report on the radio. Jimmy remarks that he has heard that voice before and he has a funny expression on his face. Jake asks Jimmy what is wrong, but Jimmy refuses to answer. The special report indicates that the terrorists that were apprehended had nearly perfect fake F.B.I. badges. Robert continues to watch his family’s activities via satellite. The camera scans down to the desk and they show his fake F.B.I. badge.

In the city, Robert and Darcy enjoy a night out on the town. They are kissing and enjoying themselves. They start to get into a cab when Robert looks across the street and sees a member of his group. Darcy asks him what is wrong, but he doesn’t answer. Robert wakes up and opens his eyes but remains in bed. He then realizes that he is by himself in the bed. He swings his legs out of the bed and sits up remaining on the side of the bed for a few minutes. He enters the kitchen and stands as he eats cold cereal at the sink. He walks over to the table and picks up the text messenger. It has a message on it from the buyer asking him when they can meet again. Robert gets his coat on and leaves the house. As he goes out the door, squats down, and puts a paper clip in the door.

Jake and Emily walk and talk. Jake informs her that going back to school isn’t high on his list of priorities. They meet up with Jimmy in the street and he asks them if he can borrow Jake for a few minutes saying that he needs his help with something .Emily leaves. Jake questions Jimmy as to what is wrong. Jimmy reminds him of the radio broadcast that they heard last week about the terrorists being apprehended and about the fake F.B.I. badges. Jimmy lets him know that he has seen one of those badges before. Jake, immediately, wants to know where.

Jimmy and Jake go to Hawkins’ house. Jake stands outside as Jimmy goes inside. Jake tells him that he is no lawyer, but asks if this is considered breaking and entering. Jimmy corrects him and tells him that it is probable cause. Jake tells him that is “paranoid use of authority.” He also tells Jimmy that they need to hurry before Hawkins comes home and catches them. Jimmy tells him that Robert Hawkins has an F.B.I. badge. Jake suggests that Hawkins may be F.B.I. Jimmy doesn’t buy Jake’s theory. Jimmy lets him know that when he had questioned Hawkins’ family they all told him that Hawkins was F.B.I., but they each had a funny expression on their face. Jimmy suggests that Hawkins is out on patrol and will be gone for a while so he asks him to go in with him. Jake squats down and finds a paper clip in the door. He is deep in thought.

They show the map of the United States as Jimmy and Jake start down the stairs. Jake questions Jimmy if he broke the lock open. Jimmy and Jake start to look around. Jimmy opens the desk drawer and finds a whole drawer full of different badges that Hawkins used with different names. Jake asks Jimmy if Gray knows about this. Jimmy informs him that no one knows yet, saying that he wanted a second opinion before he told anyone else. Jake opens his hand and shows him the paper clip.

Robert comes up to the door. He looks down to see if the paper clip is still there that he placed in the door. He reaches down and takes the paper clip out. Going inside, he immediately goes downstairs. Looking around, Hawkins notices that someone had been there. He starts to pull out his gun, but he is startled by a noise. Jake comes out of his hiding place with a gun held on him. Jake demands to know who he is.

Jake demands that Robert slide over his gun, nice and slow. Jake asks if he is a terrorist. Hawkins wonders why he would even say that. Jake points out that he has a map of the United States, food, and a working generator. Jake also points out that it was like he knew that the attacks were coming. Jake tells him that he is going to have a many more people to deal with. Hawkins tells him again that he is an F.B.I. agent. Jake tells him, sarcastically, that he had heard that. Jake points to a room and asks Hawkins, “What is that room?” Jake orders him to tell him how is he involved in all of this. Hawkins just looks at him.

In the schoolroom, Emily stands in front of a map of the United States the way it was before the attacks happened. She turns the map over and shows them a map of the United States the way it is now. She points out that they would have to look toward their history to make things better. One of the boys holds up his hand and asks if she is going to take attendance. She replies to him, “no.“ The boy points out that this stuff isn’t important. All the children leave except Allison. Allison points out to Emily that she isn’t wanted at home so she thought she would just stay here.

At the Stanley farm, Mimi sits outside on a stump talking to one of the chickens. She picks up an axe. She tells the one chicken sitting in front of her that she would completely freak out if part of the chicken was going one way and the other part was going another way. She asks the chicken to keep it to a minimum. Mimi looks at the chicken and puts the axe back into the stump. She remarks to herself that she will be back to eating sprouts.

Johnston is in a tree house, looking through binoculars when Harry comes up to join him. Harry asks him if he is really looking for deer. Johnston asks him what he wants and he tells Johnston that he needs his help in the mayor’s office while Gray is out sick. Johnston tells him that it isn’t his job anymore and tells him to get lost so he can hunt deer. Johnston picks up his rifle and tells Harry that he is beginning to look an awfully lot like a deer. Harry leaves.

Hawkins tells Jake that he had been with the F.B.I. for fifteen years. Jake questions him as to where he went to college. Jake wants to know why he was sent here and Hawkins tells him that he was sent here to monitor the calls that were made in the area. Jake looks at the pictures on the bulletin board and asks Hawkins to tell him about Sarah Mason. Hawkins says that she is gone as he reaches inside a drawer and draws out a gun. He points it as Jake. Jake lets him know that there is one loaded gun in the house and it is his. He orders Hawkins to sit down and put his hands behind his back. Jake handcuffs him to the chair. Jake begins to question Hawkins again about what he is doing in Jericho. Hawkins tells him that he visited the Higgins Satellite, and upon entering, the receptionist asked him how the weather was out there. The receptionist had a gun in her hand and Hawkins told her that it looked like rain. The receptionist pushed two buttons that allowed Hawkins to gain entrance so he thanked her.

As Hawkins enters the room, everyone is seated around a table. Williams meets him and shakes hands with him. Williams remarks that Hawkins knows everyone there and seated at the table also is Sarah Mason. Hawkins introduces himself to Sarah Mason. Williams tells them to get down to it. Williams tells them that one of the nukes is missing. Sarah asks Williams if Al Qaeda was responsible for these explosions. Williams explains that this group is composed of three different groups and their main objective was to overthrow the government. Williams explains that their job was to infiltrate these groups and find the missing nukes. Williams also tells them that they are Americans. Williams divides the group into groups of two to infiltrate the different cells.

Jake questions Hawkins if he expects him to believe that he was sent here undercover. Hawkins tells him that it is over there under the mantle. Jake takes out the blueprint and looks at it. He questions Hawkins as to how he had gotten this map which showed Jericho outside of the fault line. Hawkins points out all the advantages that Jericho had to offer.

Gail goes to the cemetery to visit April Green’s grave. She talks to April as if she were right there with her. She lets April know that Johnston would have been there. Gail kisses her fingertips and then places them on the tombstone.

Mimi comes into the kitchen and finds Shawn eating something out of a bowl. He informs her that there are no more sprouts. Mimi demands to know what he is doing here at 9:00 in the morning. Shawn comes out from behind the counter and he is only in his shorts and a shirt. Mimi asks him if he spent the night here and orders him out of the house. Bonnie comes into the kitchen and gives Shawn a good morning kiss. Mimi confronts Bonnie about her letting Shawn spend the night. Mimi lets Bonnie know that that wouldn’t be something that Stanley would approve of.

Hawkins lets Jake know that it had taken him two years to infiltrate the terrorist cell. Hawkins also lets him know that the only person he had corresponded with was his handler. Hawkins also lets Jake know that he had given the others their fake F.B.I. badges to prove his loyalty to the terrorist cell. Hawkins informs him that he had wanted to hear this so he would want to hear it all. Hawkins, in the meantime, is trying his best to get out of the handcuffs.

Hawkins still toys with the handcuffs to get them open. He explains that the cell was looking for I.Ds, and he had to manage to get himself higher up in the cell. He tells Jake that he was sent along with another cell member to make the buy. After they made the deal and start to leave, Hawkins saw helicopters overhead and the F.B.I arrived. Hawkins is handcuffed. It turns out that Hawkins’ partner in the deal was an F.B.I. Informant. Hawkins blasts the group for his cover almost being blown. The group informs him that his cover is still intact. Hawkins recommends that they take down the cells that they have already infiltrated. Sarah thinks that there may be a way to get further inside the cells. Hawkins tells Sarah that she had better be right about this.

Hawkins asks Jake what he would have done.

Gail comes up to the tree house where Johnston is. Gail reminds him that he had told her that he would go with her today to visit April’s grave. Johnston doesn’t answer her. Gail tells Johnston that there are no deer in these woods and that the woods have been picked clean. Gail leaves without saying another word.

Mimi once again sits on a stump, talking to the chicken. In the background, you can see Shawn and Bonnie ride up on horseback. Shawn helps Bonnie down from the horse. Mimi gets up to talk to Bonnie. Mimi tells Bonnie that she can’t stop her from seeing Shawn, but he was no longer welcome in this house and Bonnie just looks at her.

Emily and Allison set up the chairs in the classroom. Emily asks her why she feels that she can’t hang out at home. Allison tells her that it isn’t that she doesn’t want to talk about it, but her family is weird. Allison tells her that something went down at her house a couple of weeks ago and that it was something that she had done. She also explains that she had done something that can’t be forgiven and her Mother now looks at her differently. She tells Emily that her Mother looks at her like she is some kind of a monster.

Hawkins also tells him that the only way that he could get deeper in the cell is to leave the bombs in play as they were now. Hawkins relives the past in which he was going to help a young man get away before the head of the cell caught up with him. There is a knock on the door and it is the head of the cell along with some of his henchman. When the young man finds out who is outside, he splits through the window. Hawkins and the young man escape down the fire escape. When they get to the bottom, Hawkins kills the young man so it will look good in front of the head of the cell and his henchman. Hawkins also explains that after this, he was deeper into the cell. Hawkins further explains that it was either kill him or let millions of people die. Jake reminds him that millions died anyway. Hawkins manages to get loose from the handcuffs, and gets the upper hand on Jake. Jake falls to the floor and Hawkins holds his gun on him.

Hawkins continues to hold the gun on Jake. Just about this time, Jimmy yells at Jake from upstairs. Hawkins tells Jake not to make him kill Jimmy. Jake gets up and meets Jimmy as he gets to where they are. Jimmy asks Jake if everything is alright. Jake tells him that they just need a little more time. Jimmy goes back upstairs. Hawkins holds the gun on Jake and tells him to turn around. He lays both guns on the table. Jake tells him that he needs to know everything. Hawkins tells him that he is through talking and now he wants to show him something.

Darcy is waiting outside the school when Allison comes out. She takes Allison by the arm and Allison tells her that she didn’t think that she wanted her around the house anyway. Darcy tells her that she loves her and nothing will change that. Allison begins to cry as she and Darcy hug.

In a storage building out back, Hawkins begins to remove boards. Jake wonders if Hawkins has gotten in deeper with the terrorist and why. Hawkins tells him that someone tipped off the terrorists. Hawkins relives getting the key and the name of the city to take the bomb to--it was Columbus, Ohio. He remembers his date with Darcy when he saw the man across the street. Hawkins meets with the man who tells him that they need him back. Hawkins gets his next assignment. Hawkins tells Darcy that he has a meeting to go to. Darcy walks off without letting him explain. Hawkins reveals the atomic bomb to Jake.

Jake is speechless when he sees the bomb. Jimmy begins to yell for Jake. Hawkins tells him that he had to know that he could trust him before he told him everything. Hawkins tells him that it is left up to him now. Jake goes back to meet with Jimmy. Jake tells him that Hawkins is F.B.I. just as he said.

Mimi comes into the kitchen with a dead chicken in her hand. Mimi and Bonnie have a heart to heart talk. Mimi tells Bonnie that she and Stanley are important to her and she wants Bonnie to be safe. Bonnie promises to try, too.

Johnston climbs up into the tree house and finds Gail there with some dinner. She tells him she brought him some dinner and then she leaves.

Hawkins lies in bed and relives the past. He goes downstairs and gets on the computer. He realizes that the bald man in the pictures, who is the Head of Homeland Security is also the head of the terrorists.

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Updated 5/30/07  


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