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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

Episode 6

Everyone in the bar runs out to see what the excitement is all about. They see two missiles flying around in the night sky. The Mayor begins to believe that they are coming from Wyoming, and thinks that they may be at war. Robert Hawkins hurries home, and gets on his laptop. He finds out that the missiles have been compromised. The Mayor becomes worried that they could be hit again. Because of an electromagnetic pulse, the electricity once again goes off in Jericho.

Two Weeks Later

The clock shows that it is 9:02. Kids play baseball with dead cell phones. One of the children knocks a cell phone through Gracieís window. Robert threatens to go to the police because the people are acting so strangely. Darcy sends the children away because Robert is scaring them by his actions. Jimmy deals with complaints at City Hall because the Mayor is out sick. Mitchell comes into the bar for something cold to drink. He threatens Mary that if she doesnít give it to him then he will get it himself. Jake comes into the bar. Mitchell and Jake exchange words and Robert has to separate them before a fight erupts. Eric goes home and finds out from April that Johnstonís fever is getting worse. Gail goes to join him, thus leaving Eric and April alone. Things are awkward between them because Eric saw the divorce papers.

Stanley and Bonnie are out on their farm, working on a tractor. Mimi stops by, and lets them know if they will let her stay with them, then she will deduct it from what they owe. Eric and Robert discuss Mitchell and how Jake and Mitchell had exchanged words. Gail and Jake are stacking hay, and she tries to get him to open up. Suddenly there is a stampede of horses out of the barn, and Gail gets knocked down in the process. Two men were in the barn and they were stealing horses. April puts Gailís arm in a sling, and offers to give her some painkillers. Jake wants to go after Mitchell but Johnston objects. Johnston sees Jake with a gun, and takes it away from him. Stanley visits Grace and asks her about some pesticide because the bugs are eating his crops. She tells him that the only way she will give him any pesticide is for him to share the profits of his crops with her. Stanley leaves the store in a huff.

Jake decides to investigate Mitchell against his fatherís wishes. Jake finds him at the airfield and the horses that he stole from Johnstonís barn. Dale is there, and sees Jake before Jake sees him. Mitchell comes up behind Jake, and knocks him unconscious. Jake wakes up, and sees Mitchell with a gun. Jake threatens to kill him if he ever comes near his family again. Jake punches him in the stomach, and a fight begins. Eric and Jimmy arrive just in time to save Jakeís life. Mitchell fires a few rounds and then runs away. At the police station, Jake questions Sean as to where Mitchell is. Gracie learns that pesticides are stolen from her store, and she instantly believes that Stanley stole them. Allison goes into the basement, looking for her father. She sees a map of the United States. She also sees guns. She opens his laptop, and sees a picture of Jake Green. Robert comes in and catches her looking at his laptop and orders her back upstairs.

Stanley decides to torch his crops because the bugs are already destroying them. Mimi owns up to him that she had been the one, who stole the pesticides. Gail encourages April to fight for Eric. Jake and Eric capture Mitchell and take him to a holding cell at the police station. The Jericho natives arrive to help Stanley harvest his crops that he can save before he torches the rest. April wants to reconcile with Eric, but he is distant. Jake visits Mitchell in jail. Mitchell threatens that one day he will catch Jake by himself where he cannot run away.

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Updated 4/3/07  


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