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House Trivia Quiz #1

by Shaunna

1. What is Dr. House's first name?

A. Granger
B. Greg
B. Gary
D. Grady

2. What was the name of House's ex-fiancée?

A. Sarah
B. Lisa
C. Cameron
D. Stacey

3. House was addicted to what?

A. Percocet
B. Oxcodone
C. Vicodin
D. Loraset

4. House faked having cancer to:

A: Get sympathy from his co-workers
B. To keep Foreman from leaving
C. To get Cuddy to have sex with him
D. To get a pain blocking drug shot into his brain

5. Finish the Quote, "The drugs don't make me high, they make me...":
A. really high
B.  sad
C. neutral
D. happy

6.  Wilson shocked House by dating:
A. Cuddy
B. Thirteen
C. Cameron
D. Amber

7.  Why does House walk with a cane?
A. An infarction killed cells in his leg.
B. He was in a car accident.
C. Old soccer injury.
D. He was shot in the war.

8. Which two doctors started dating?
A.  Cuddy and Wilson
B. Chase and Cameron
C. Thirteen and Taub.
D.  Kutner and Cuddy

9. Which doctor "swings both ways"?
A.  Kutner
B.  Cuddy
C.  Thirteen
D.  Foreman

10.  House practices which religoin?
A.  Christian
B.  Buddhist
C.  Judaism
D.  None


1. B Greg
2. D Stacey
3. C Vicodin
4. D. To get a pain blocking drug shot into his brain
5. C neutral
6. D Amber
7. A infarction
8. B Chase and Cameron
9. C Thirteen
10. D. None

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Updated 7/28/08  


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