1 At the end of each episode, a cartoon figure says, "That's some ____ ____, Harry". (two words)
5 Amber was injured in this.
6 House has done this to most of his doctors at one time or another.
10 Type of humor that House is best at.
12 Cameron was once married to this kind of man.
13 The show is written by David _____.
14 How Cuddy got her baby.
18 Chase's specialty.
20 House is always trying to avoid his duty in this place.
21 House takes a lot of this drug.
24 One of the many things House doesn't believe in.
27 House and Cuddy play these with each other.
29 House had this many doctors working for him at the beginning of the fourth season.
30 House's expertise.
31 Chase and Cameron have one of these.
33 Number of episodes the show celebrate 2/2/09 (two words).
34 Thirteen's first name.
35 state the show takes place in (two words).
2 While others think of House as rude, he considers himself this.
3 Doctor who often wear low-cut blouses.
4 House often has his team ______ in to a patient's place.
7 When figuring out the disease, House writes the symptoms on this type of board.
8 House is American, but his portrayer Laurie is from this country.
9 Although the show is a "medical drama", it has a lot of this.
11 House enjoys solving this each week.
15 House thinks that _______________ lies.
16 Cuddy is dean of ___________.
17 House's best friend.
19 House walks with a cane and this.
22 Regular viewers know that any diagnoses before the end of the show will be this.
23 In Fall 2009, the show started this (two words).
25 One word to describe Dr. House.
26 Thirteen has ______________ disease.
28 House likes to watch this kind of TV show (two words).
32 Wilson is this kind of specialist.
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