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House Character Descriptions

"Lisa Cuddy" by Bridget


Dr. Lisa Cuddy, played by Lisa Edelstein, is the Dean of Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital.  Cuddy is also a specialist in endocrinology, though through the years she has practiced less and less medicine.  A strong person, she is the only doctor that is able to keep House in check (to a point).  For a Dean of medicine, her attire choices are not ones that you would usually find in a real hospital.  However, Cuddy's choice of clothing helps us further understand her relationship with Dr. House.

Cuddy and House have always had an intriguing relationship.  There have been hints in episodes to a previous relationship between them.  In the episode 'Top Secret' it is confirmed that the pair had a one night stand in the past.  Now, their affiliation only seems to exist on the professional work level.

In season two, we learn that Cuddy is desperate to have a baby, and has turned to in-vitro fertilization.  After House snoops around and teases her relentlessly, she tells him what she is up to, and he surprisingly keeps it a secret.  When we left her in season four, however, she is back on birth control pills, and we hear very little about her want of a child.  She and House's relationship seems to have gone deeper, as in the final minutes of season four, we see her at House's bedside, holding his hand.

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