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American Gothic Top Ten List

by Kerry


Top Fifteen Best Quotes in American Gothic

1. Lucas: "Is that belt too tight, Lowell? Just hang on" (Lucas has hanged Lowell from the ceiling with his own belt). Strong Arm Of The Law

2. Lucas: "These things have a thousand uses", referring to a shovel.  Strong Arm Of The Law

3. Gail: "My heart sings to you like the joy of a thousand trumpets" Gail reading out some of Lucas' poetry. Dead To The World

4.Caleb: "I donít care how American it is, I hate apple pie". To Hell And Back

5. Selena: "Lucas wrote the book on keeping women in the palm of his hand".
Gail: "What page are you on?"
Selena: "Oh, Lucas keeps me in an entirely different library".
Gail: "The public?"

6. Selena to Lucas: "Well, if you gonna scream, at least come into the bedroom" Inhumanitas

7, Lucas: "Care to join me in a little masochistic annihilation?"  Inhumanitas

8. Gail: "Then what? you own my soul?"
Lucas: "I don't want your soul". Ring Of Fire

9. Lucas: "Well, if it ain't the Hardy Boys". Requiem

10. Gail: "You donít have a heart.  Youíre not even human".
Lucas: "Some would consider that a positive, not a negative". Triangle

11. Lucas: "I was a one-man suicide hotline." Strong Arm Of The Law

12. Gail to Selena: "Youíre more dead than he is". The Buck Stops Here

13. Matt, to Gail, imitating Lucas: "I killed your folks, and I'm how about a little kiss?" Ring Of Fire

14. Selena teasing Gail: "Heís got strange taste, doesn't he, Miss Emory?"  Ring Of Fire

15. Lucas: "We're meant to be together, you know that."
Gail: "No! None of this was meant to happen!" Triangle


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Updated 10/7/06  


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