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American Gothic Trivia Quizzes

"American Gothic" Trivia Quiz #1

by Kerry

1) What film did Gary Cole and Nick Searcy play a Contract Killer and a FBI Agent?

a) Fall From Grace

b) When Love Kills: The Story Of John Hern

c) The Lies He Told

d) Fatal Vision


2) Which AG star did Paige Turco get engaged to after the show finished?

a) Jake Weber

b) Gary Cole

c) Nick Searcy

d) John Mese


3) Where was Lucas Black born?

a) Alabama

b) New York

c) Wilmington

d) LA


4) Who nearly beat Gary Cole to the part of Lucas Buck?

a) William Petersen

b) William Sadler

c) William Hurt

d) William Shatner


5) Which AG star wrote/produced/acted in their own film?

a) Gary Cole

b) Paige Turco

c) Brenda Bakke

d) Nick Searcy


6) Where was Paige Turco born?

a) Manhattan, New York

b) Springfield, Massachusetts

c) California

d) New Jersey


7) Gary Cole opened his own theatre with which CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star and childhood friend?

a) Marg Helgenberger

b) Gary Dourdan

c) William Petersen

d) Jorja Fox


8) Lucas Black acted with which AG actor in The X Files movie?

a) Paige Turco

b) Gary Cole

c) Chris Fennel

d) Sarah Paulson


9) Where was Gary Cole born?

a) Illinois

b) South Carolina

c) LA

d) New York


10) Which Year was American Gothic cancelled?

a) 1995

b) 1996

c) 1997

d) 1998


1) b

2) d

3) a

4) b

5) d

6) b

7) c

8) c

9) a

10) b

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Updated 05/03/07  


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