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Episode 20-“Dream On”-By Ernie Thornton

The latest episode is all about the dreams of three people in the show, and Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) directs the three interwoven storylines beautifully. The first dreamer?

So the school board wants to review the fiscal budget, and they send Will’s archnemesis, Bryan Ryan, played with perfection by Neil Patrick Harris! They were rivals for everything in school, from solos in glee club, to the affections of the female school population. Bryan tells Will right off the bat that the target of his budgetary concerns is the Glee Club, which will more likely be cut from funding. It seems Bryan’s disdain for it is due to his failures as a performer. But after waking up on a urine stained mattress in the West Lima crack district (who knew they had one?) and meeting Jesus (his Honduran social worker) that he would be bent on getting all people not to perform anything through his show choir conversion group!
Mr. Ryan then decides to talk to the Glee Club members to tell them their dreams will never happen no matter what they do. They all write down different things, from Quinn with no stretch marks to Rachel being a star, but Bryan is set to put them on the path of never reaching for their dreams. Will decides to toss him out once he makes everyone so upset.
Will talks with Bryan in the Home Ec room, offering to buy him a beer and convince him that he’s wrong about cutting Glee. Once at the bar, Will’s buttering him up with compliments when it turns to “the one that got away”. Turns out it’s Will’s soon to be ex Terri! They keep talking about how glee helps, and then Bryan cracks, admitting his life is a lie, going off to New York three times a year to see shows on Broadway. Will hits the jukebox getting Bryan to sing the song he performed at sectionals, “Piano Man” from Billy Joel! After they sing it together, Will has an idea. Both of them should try out for a local production of Les Miserables, and Bryan agrees.
The rivalry rears its ugly head again when Bryan and Will end up trying out for the same part with the same number! The director, who runs a dry cleaners, has them do the number as a duet, “Dream On” by Aerosmith. His response? “We’ll let you know!”
Bryan then meets with Sue, who finds that it’s now HER budget that’s being cut! They both do a bit of verbal sparring on which program deserves the funds, and then there’s quite a bit of sexual tension between them! She even offers to fool around in her secret room upstairs “like Letterman’s!”
Bryan sees the glee kids again with gifts! Custom made jean jackets, costumes, all paid from the budget of the Cheerios! Well, Sue decides that’s the right time to strike, letting Will know he won the part over Bryan, who then swiftly changes tune, takes back all of the stuff for the glee club, and is cutting the program yet again! The plan has backfired. At the rehearsal for the play, Will finally strikes a deal with Bryan, the lead role for the glee club remaining active. Agreement made, the club stays!

Dreamer #2? ARTIE
Artie’s big dream, turns out, is to dance. Tina confronted him in the library asking him what his big dream is, which according to Artie is to direct like Christopher Reeve after he had his accident. LIE! Big one! Tina actually picked up Artie’s paper out of the trash that Bryan threw it in, and the word “dancer” was written. If he wants to get with Tina, why can’t he be honest with her? He explains that he knows what’s going on with his paralysis, and accepts it. Tina then decides to create her own Glee assignment for the week, which is to do a dance number with Artie.
Practicing the dance number was really tough for Artie, who had attachments added to his chair to sound like tap shoes. He tries to get on crutches, ones that he borrowed from a kid with cerebral palsy, but ends up falling in front of his lady love. She tries to help, but he sends her away, blaming her for the embarrassment. Later, Tina meets up with Artie to rectify the situation, trying to help him with info on new treatments on spinal cord injuries. He tries not to get his hopes up, but she keeps the positivity going, and then they kiss.
A trip to the mall for tap shoes for Artie leads to Artie’s big dance number! He went to the doctor and started on some new therapies, and he can walk! He shows Tina how he can walk, and then how he can dance…”Safety Dance”! He and quite a few people get into the routine, but alas, it was all Artie’s dream. But it doesn’t make him sad, it gives him even more hope that his condition may change. He later meets with Miss Pillsbury, who brings him back down to earth on his condition, reminding him that it takes up to ten years to even get these therapies into practice. Artie leaves, dejected. And leaves all his research papers with her.
Artie and Tina meet up, and they decide that he won’t be in the number, and that’s ok. He wants to focus on dreams that can become true. She gets him to sing the song “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, while she dances with Mike Chang. Hauntingly performed by Kevin McHale, you can just feel the pain in the performance. Tina and Mike do their tap routine well, but Artie’s pain is felt by everyone, including Quinn who rubs his back while he sings. Heartbreak at its best.

RACHEL, our third dreamer…
Rachel is dancing in the ballet studio when Jesse arrives, fresh back from spring break. They catch up and she lets him in on her big dream, which is to meet her mother. She has two gay dads, so the subject never really came up, and she loves her dads too much to push the issue. She doesn’t need to meet her, just know who she is. Jesse decides then and there to help make all of her dreams come true, from winning Nationals to this new one. They start in the library where Rachel has determined that her mother is Broadway legend Patti Lupone! She traced her work schedule through the years, and found that she toured with Mandy Patinkin, but talking with Jesse, she realizes she’s way off. On that and her Bernadette Peters is her mom theory too! Jesse suggests to check her own house to get them set.
Once at the house, it takes a while for Rachel to find the boxes of info, but they find some stuff. Sonogram photos, baby teeth, a trophy she won in a singing competition at eight months old. Jesse then puts an audio tape into one of the boxes! Turns out he’s up to something. He’s bent on getting her to listen to it, because Shelby, the coach of his real group, Vocal Adrenaline, is Rachel’s mom! They meet in her car to go over the plan, and it all comes out. He got involved with Rachel at Shelby’s request. Shelby got involved with the dads through an ad in the paper, and the money she made for carrying Rachel allowed her to try for her dream in New York. And until Rachel turns 18, she’s not allowed contact with her. That’s why the secret plan.
Jesse finally plays the tape for Rachel and leaves. Rachel listens intently to Shelby sing “I Dreamed a Dream”. Beautiful song, beautifully performed by Idina Menzel and Lea Michele. This will lead us into next week’s episode, where Rachel realizes who her mom is and finds her.

“You singing to a sold out crowd is not a fantasy, it’s an inevitability”-Jesse to Rachel.
“Are you saying that your fathers impregnated Patti Lupone in the Marriott in Akron? Was Mandy Patinkin in on this?”-Jesse to Rachel
And the Sue/Bryan classic-“Have you ever heard of the term Anger Sex?” “Only kind I know, Bryan!”

So next week is the long awaited Lady Gaga episode! The costumes look amazing, except for Rachel, who ends up in a stuffed animal outfit! Kurt performing “Bad Romance”? A KISS cover and performance? Brittany in a lobster outfit? I know I’m now even more GAGA for Glee!

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Updated 5/25/10  


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