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“Home”-By Ernie Thornton

Kurt and Mercedes as Cheerios, who would have seen the day? LOL. Mercedes is now being instructed by Sue to lose ten pounds in a week and start wearing the proper Cheerios skirt before the Splits Magazine reporter shows up or she’s off the squad! Sue then gets into it with Will over her padlocking the auditorium. When Will suggests talking to Principal Figgins, Sue decides to let him in on the blackmail plot against Figgins!  Will relents, and lets the group know that he’ll find them a new home.

Kurt tries to flirt with Finn, then goes to lunch with Mercedes. They’re both worried about staying thin and popular with the cheerleading crowd, so she goes to Brit and Santana for advice, which is Sue’s Cleanse, which includes ipecac and cayenne pepper. Keep in mind Sue hasn’t had a solid meal since 1987! Brittany tries to kill the taste with a teaspoon of sand. Quinn witnesses all of this and gets worried.

Back at Finn’s place, he’s all upset due to his mom having to sell her bed. “It’s your honeymoon set, I was conceived on that bed!” Her reply? “No, you were conceived on a pinball machine!” She then tries to sell the recliner that belonged to his father. Finn’s upset that the recliner is a memory of his dad, but then realizes his mom is seeing someone, who happens to be Kurt’s dad, and Kurt is the one who set them up at parent teacher conference night! This is all a master plan to get closer to Finn, who is not happy at all about the hookup between his mom and Kurt’s father.

Later, Will goes to a local roller rink to try to rent the space, and who’s the manager? April Rhodes, former Glee club member and high school crush. It turns into a duet on skates…”Fire”. She’s still drinking, is now a mistress to a 80 year old strip mall owner, and runs a cabaret roller rink1 He asks for the space for the club, and she agrees, and when he admits to divorcing Terri, April propositions him! She ends up subletting his apartment, which she will inspect after getting herself a bikini wax!

Sue’s doing a weigh in, and Mercedes is there, still in her track suit. Sue weighs her in, and it’s a two pound weight gain! Mercedes starts to panic, and Sue suggests to “drop the attitude! I’m sure there’s a pound or two in there!” Mercedes is instructed to do whatever it takes to conform to Sue’s expectations.

The kids in New Directions aren’t too happy about the roller rink idea. Kurt makes the suggestion that if they find a sense of place within themselves, they’ll feel at home anywhere. Song of choice? “A House is Not a Home” His target audience? Finn! Now everyone thinks Finn’s gay and Kurt’s new boyfriend! Everyone is the club in uncomfortable, except Brit and Santana, who snuggle together! Who knew Kurt’s feelings ran so deep for Finn?

April ends up doing a sleepover at Will’s place to get a feel for the apartment. He’s getting her settled in, and she admits to being lonely being a mistress. She puts on some Burt Bacharach and tries to get comfy on the couch, but she then ends up sleeping in the same bed as Will! They’re both so lonely that it’s a comfort to have them sleep next to each other. Will confronts April later to do things to boost her own happiness, which leads her to ditch the business and the boyfriend

Kurt has a family dinner arranged, but Finn’s not happy about it. Finn and Kurt’s dad start to bond over football, putting Kurt in a bad mood! When they get home, Kurt lets Dad know how much he’s hurt. Dad’s response is that he thought Kurt did this to make him happy! Later, Finn realizes that Kurt felt left out, and they together decide to break their parents up, but when they try to do it, both kids realize that they’re being selfish. Finn’s mom makes him realize that she’s lonely and needs to feel wanted too. That night, Mr. Hummel shows up to talk to Finn, and admits he loves Finn’s mom, wanting to be her hero like Finn’s dad was to him. Finn starts to accept it, even letting him sit in his dad’s recliner while they watch a basketball game together.

Mercedes is becoming a monster due to not eating, hallucinating that Tina and Artie are delicious sugary snacks, and then she passes out from hunger! At the nurse’s office, Mercedes gets diagnosed with low blood pressure. Quinn gives her a granola bar, and lets her know that she gets it. The pregnancy has made her comfortable with herself, and she misses when Mercedes was at home in her own body. They bond waiting for Mercedes’ mom.

Finally, the reporter shows up for the pep rally, and instead of Mercedes leading the routine, she lets everyone know how she feels about the “perfection” that Sue expects, and how she’s not having it anymore! The message? Beauty comes from within. Song? “Beautiful” from Christina Aguilera, perfectly sung. This gets most of the audience on the floor singing with her. Beautiful is the perfect word to describe the moment, Mercedes singing with the Cheerios and Glee club as the perfect backup. Kurt apologizes for the pressure. All is right between them. The reporter is not amused, finishing the interview the next day in Sue’s office. He’s not happy due to her bossiness, even wanting to write an expose on her faults. But turns out Mercedes’ performance saved the piece, and Sue has a new reputation as an innovator in the cheerleading arena!

Well, April did a great turnaround. She ditched her boyfriend, and it literally killed him! And due to the scandal it would cause, April then gets $2 million from his wife! Restarting her life is top priority, which begins with a trip to Broadway to start an all white production of “The Wiz’! The last surprise? April bought the auditorium for the glee club so they never have to worry about it again! The glee club has its home again.

There were some AWESOME lines in the episode…

From Sue-“I have to call the Ohio Secretary of State informing them I will no longer being carrying photo ID! You know why? People should know who I am!”

From Mercedes-“I’m worried about showing too much skin and starting a sex riot”

And Kurt,-“Mercedes you have a week to lose ten pounds. It’s like losing one of my butt cheeks!”

Even Brittany admits “I’m pretty sure my cat’s been reading my diary!”

This week’s episode was great, a bit sad, and beautifully done. The message of love was quite evident, love for yourself and finding love and taking chances. Now, next week’s episode is titled “Bad Reputation”, and it has something excellent in store, a visit from Olivia Newton John! Ready to get “Physical”?  I smell another video coming up! Can’t wait!

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Updated 5/5/10  


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