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Power of Madonna Episode by Ernie

            So who really knew that Sue Sylvester’s hero was MADONNA? Really? It makes sense with Sue’s quest for power and Madonna’s mastery of it. Well Sue decides to pay her homage to her idol not only by having the Cheerios do stilt walking routines to her Madgesty’s music, but by using her blackmailing powers to get Principal Figgins to blast the music in the school at all times. And it’s that music that framed the best episode of the show to date!

            Sue starts it off with “Ray of Light” as the song for the new Cheerios routine.  Since Madge is with a younger man, it was a requirement to have the girls in the squad hook up with younger ones themselves. Not as young as Brittany, who has her eye on a seven year old, but Santana sets her sights on Finn, who is a whole EIGHT DAYS younger than her!

            The other girls in the group are being mistreated by the boys they’re with, and that’s not going unnoticed by Mr. Schuester, so the assignment for the week is to pick a great Madonna track to sing! The boys whine and complain about it, and the girls have had enough, so they show the boys what needs to be done by singing…

            “Express Yourself”, which was a slickly designed and choreographed number with colorful costuming all the way down to the monocle, but is that dancing and jumping around really good for Quinn’s baby? I mean when Rachel was venting about getting physical with Jesse, Quinn was the one who yelled “Would you quit talking? You’re grossing out my baby!” Rachel is clearly torn between Jesse, her new beau and star of Vocal Adrenaline, and Finn. They showed that heartstring tug of war with their mashup/duet…

            “Open Your Heart/Borderline”, which was probably the tightest song combo to date in the show. You could really feel the tension between them, but Rachel maintained her guard and pushed Finn away, which pulled Finn towards Santana and her plot to snag him. Now Kurt and Mercedes are off doing their own thing, a video presentation in conjunction with the A/V squad, and Artie directing.  (It’s not like Artie has much to do, since he’s decided that in order for him and Tina to date, she needs to COMPLETELY make herself over because goth is past tense). Kurt and Mercedes then run into Schu, giving him the heads up on the project, and then the drama starts when Sue shows up. Once again, fast and furious comments over his hair (can Keebler elves really live and bake cookies in that ‘do? Wouldn’t the oven set that much product ablaze?), and Schu finally gets a good one to Sue and her “Florence Henderson look”. This clearly upsets her, causing K&M to visit her. Sue then recounts that she’s 29(?), had hair issues due to bad bleaching that has made her jealous of Schu and his hair! They then decide to cast her in the lead of their project, a re-creation of…

            “Vogue”, clearly the best part of the show! The video was a spot on re-creation, and they all looked like they were having a blast doing this! Well, during all of this, Emma decides that she is taking control of her body like Madonna does, and is going to seduce Will that evening, with foreplay starting promptly at 730! Santana decides to seduce Finn, and Jesse and Rachel decide it’s time to do the deed. Perfect song?

            “Like a Virgin”, sung by all six actors, and beautifully performed and choreographed! They went through all three situations simultaneously, so the question is…who did it? Emma freaked out and ran, and then we find out both Rachel and Finn lied about the results. Rachel didn’t, Finn did, but that made him realize he disappointed himself for letting his first time not mean anything. At this point all of the guys (except Puck) realize that they have not been treating the girls properly, leading to a guy group singalong of…

            “What It Feels Like For A Girl”, a really good rendition of Madge’s tune. Puck of course backs out, but they all realize what they need to do. Finn tells Rachel he’ll back off. Artie apologizes to Tina, and Will decides that he and Emma aren’t dating until the divorce is final, and that she is to get some help for her issues until then. The major shock of the episode is when Jesse announces that he’s leaving Vocal Adrenaline and joining New Directions and the school that his lady love Rachel attends! This doesn’t fly with the rest of the group, causing Kurt and Mercedes to then shock Mr Schuester with the news that they are becoming Cheerios!  The tune of choice?

“Four Minutes”, complete with full marching band! Sue’s always been a fan of overblown production numbers, so this is the perfect way to get back at Will. After a meeting between Jesse and Finn in the hallway, Finn takes Jess and Rachel to the auditorium to show what Madonna song the group decided on which is….

            “Like a Prayer”, beautifully performed with a full gospel band behind them! Kurt and Mercedes each get a solo like they wanted, but are still hitting both groups to get their exposure as performers. This show did excellent in the ratings with 13.5 million viewers, and was such a hit that Madonna’s already talking with producers to reopen the catalog to them for a sequel episode next season! If you’re not hooked on this show, catch one episode, and you’ll watch it with GLEE!

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Updated 5/25/10  


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