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Ghost Whisperer News

What's new about Ghost Whisperer

Aisha Tyler and her colleagues at "The Talk" are nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host. Full List of Daytime Emmy Nominations  

18 Cancellations That Cut Deep

From The Tonight Show 9/12
Aisha Tyler on her wardrobe malfunction and fear of dirty microphones.

Jay Mohr on the "Tonight Show" Part 1 March 17 Jay Mohr on how he and his wife entertain each other.
Part 2 Jay Mohr on lady parties and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.

Lifetime's hot new series, The Client List, premieres Sunday, April 8 at 10/9c!
Official Site ABOUT THE CLIENT LIST: Everyone's got something to hide and Riley Parks is no exception. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Riley, a single mother, living in a small Texas town and leading a shocking double life. Her secret would send shockwaves through the community and possibly land her in jail if it was ever exposed. Riley's taken a job at a seemingly traditional day spa, but soon realizes that the spa offers a little more than just massage therapy. It's not the happy ending she was expecting but it does open her eyes to a world she's never seen before. The series follows Riley balancing these two worlds - one that revolves around her kids and family - and the other that revolves around the spa and it's special clientele. These two worlds couldn't be farther apart, yet she's totally comfortable in both. Keeping them separate ... now that's the tricky part as she discovers she's not the only one with secrets.
ABOUT JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT Golden Globe*-nominated actress Jennifer Love Hewitt most recently portrayed "Melinda Gordon" on the CBS drama series, Ghost Whisperer, in which she played a young woman who delivered messages from the dead to the living.
Hewitt has amassed numerous feature film credits. She starred in Twentieth Century Fox's live action/CGI features, Garfield and Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties; the DreamWorks action/comedy The Tuxedo, opposite Jackie Chan; MGM's Heartbreakers, with Sigourney Weaver, Gene Hackman and Ray Liotta; I Know What You Did Last Summer, for which she won a 1998 Blockbuster Entertainment Award and the film's sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer; and the comedies Can't Hardly Wait and The Suburbans. Hewitt also starred in two independent features, The Truth About Love and If Only, which she produced with her production company Fedora Films.
She received critical acclaim as the title role in the ABC Original Movie The Audrey Hepburn Story, based on the life of the iconic Academy Award*-winning actress. Hewitt is also known to television audiences as "Sarah Reeves" from the award-winning drama series Party of Five. Most recently, she starred in the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, The Lost Valentine, opposite Betty White. Hewitt received a nomination from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-series or Motion Picture Made For Television for her role in the Lifetime Original Movie, The Client List, upon which the series is based.
Her first book, The Day I Shot Cupid, published by Hyperion, was a New York Times bestseller.
Hewitt resides in the Los Angeles area.

Tonight Show  (8/31/11)
Jay Mohr, Part 1
Part 1: Jay Mohr discusses his favorite reality TV shows.
Jay Mohr, Part 2
Part 2: Jay Mohr gives his thoughts on the J.Lo-Marc Anthony breakup.

Tonight Show 6/17/11 - Jay Mohr dropped by for a chat about his new son, his gig hosting the NHL Awards, and involvement with The Real Housewives of New Jersey. As usual, you'll find the full episode on now
Jay Mohr, Part 1
Jay Mohr talks about the NHL Awards and his newborn son Meredith.
Jay Mohr, Part 2
Jay Mohr talks about blogging for the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Love's To-Do List
What's first on Jennifer Love Hewitt's to-do list? Find out June 2nd, 10/9c on NBC!

Report: Jennifer Love Hewitt eyed as new #SVU lead as Mariska Hargitay signs deal to return

Jennifer Love Hewitt and boyfriend split:  

In honor of Jennifer Love Hewitt's (Ghost Whisperer, Party of Five) recent Golden Globe* nomination for her performance in the Lifetime Original Movie, The Client List, the network will rebroadcast the movie on Sunday, January 2, 2011, at 7 pm (ET/PT). Inspired by a true story, the film tells the story of a former Texas homecoming queen and physical therapist who, after she and her husband lose their jobs, unknowingly accepts a position at a massage parlor and finds herself in the middle of a prostitution ring. The Client List also stars Cybill Shepherd (The L Word, Lifetime's Nora Roberts' High Noon), who stars as her opinionated mother Cassie and Teddy Sears (A Single Man, Raising the Bar), as her husband Rex.
Hewitt was nominated for the Golden Globe in the category of Best Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television.

Bid on an auction (proceeds go to help Haiti) and a celebrity may choose to follow you on Twitter, thank you on her Twitter, and send you other prizes! More info at Bidding ends 9/25/10. Includes Aisha Tyler!
Go to ebay and type in "twitchange" and you will get a list of all of them.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has a New Guy!

'The Client List' was an eye-opener for Jennifer Love Hewitt

Ghost Whisperer Murmurs

Taylor Lautner Cold Shoulders Jennifer Love Hewitt

'I'm Starting to Love My Body'

Duo hopes to to give Saltsburg 'mule barn' a second life (David Conrad)


Ghost Whisperer Canceled

Today we have some exciting clips from Jennifer Love Hewitt's new film, The Client List, premiere Monday, July 19th at 9/8c! We have an extended trailer which is 1:13 in length and takes you further inside the film and
what it is about. Our second link is an extended scene ("sneak peek") from the film which features Jennifer Love Hewitt in her first day of work at the scandalous massage parlor! The final clip is the same trailer we
posted before.
Extended Trailer:
Sneak Peek:
30 Second Trailer w/Monday Headline: 
The official page for Jennifer Love's The Client List (on Lifetime - Monday, July 19th at 9/8c) is now fully up and running. It contains photos and clips, as well some fun cast profiles. 

"Lethal Combination" - When Aiden is put in danger, Melinda won't accept anything but the truth and sets out on a shocking investigation into the life of an angry murdered ghost, on GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, April 30 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
Melinda Gordon............... Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jim Clancy...............................David Conrad
Delia Banks.......................... Camryn Manheim
Eli James.................................. Jamie Kennedy
Aiden Lucas............................... Connor Gibbs
Kelly................................................ Erin Cahill
Laura........................................ Catherine Dent
Sarah........................................ Kirsten Nelson
Gil.......................................... Jay R. Ferguson
Nanny #1.................................... Claudia Choi
Nanny #2.................................. Marcia French
Emily...................................... Samantha Bailey
Dr. Mavis Boyd................Deidrie Henry
WRITTEN BY: Stephanie SenGupta and Steve Gottfried
DIRECTED BY: Executive Producer Kim Moses
RATING: To Be Announced

 Dear Ghost Whisperer Super Fans!,
Here is this week's list of Ghost Whisperer news and usables. Again, You are not obligated to use any of these assets if you do not wish to. Please let use know if you have any problems with any attachments, questions, concerns, or would like to be taken off the Super Fan List. If you have any ways to improve the way we get this information to you please let us know as well. Thank you all so much for your support of Ghost Whisperer and we hope you are enjoying Season 5!
This Week in Ghost Whisperer Below:
This week in our ASK MARY ANN blog, GHOST WHISPERER’S real-life ghost buster Mary Ann Winkowski talks what to do if you think you think you’re an empath. Click here to join Mary Ann at the intersection of the living and the dead: 
And don’t forget, if you have questions about the dead intersecting with the Living, send them to ASK MARY ANN via email at .
Ask your own ghost-related questions of Mary Ann by emailing her at 
Ghost Whispering Video Blog
GHOST WHISPERING is our weekly video blog in which the GHOST WHISPERER cast, writers, directors and crew share behind-the-scenes insight into upcoming episodes. This week, executive producer Kim Moses and singer Danielle Barbe provide a sneak peak into the mystery and music in LETHAL COMBINATION. On Wednesday at noon PST, please click here to view: 
GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE IV Webisodes1-4 are now posted at Sponsored by GMC Acadia, GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE IV is one inspired by e-mails from fans wanting to know more about the ghost world. In GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE IV, the Tyler house is haunted big time! posts a new webisode each week from now to May 21. An interactive companion game in conjunction with the Web series is available on the CBS Audience Network. Fans can play the game and enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a new 2010 GMC Acadia like the one Melinda Gordon drives in GHOST WHISPERER. Click here to participate: .
Go behind the scenes on GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE IV with actress Hailey Sole as she talks about her experience with the ghost world. To view, click here:  NW2otxsJL0kBW1&nrd=1
Next Episode
Broadcast Date: APRIL 30, 2010
Musically, this episode features an outstanding song that is tied to the heart and soul of GHOST WHISPERER-- “Ghost Town” written and performed by rising star Danielle Barbe (Glass Bone Records), Danielle performed at the GHOST WHISPERER 100th Celebration and we’re thrilled to feature GHOST TOWN in the sound track of LETHAL COMBINATION. Additionally, LETHAL COMBINATION features “Out Tonight” by Lemon Sun; “So Far, So Long” by Alexander Cardinale; and You Make Me Happy” by Lindsey Ray.
Other Interesting News!
Congratulations to Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda) for being named one of OK Magazine’s 50 Sexiest Singles! The magazine is on news stands now. For an online peek, click here: 

 Dear Ghost Whisperer Super Fans!,
Here is this week's list of Ghost Whisperer news and usables.
Thank you all so much for your support of Ghost
Whisperer and we hope you are enjoying Season 5!
This Week in Ghost Whisperer Below:
Ghost Whisperer Game Ghost Juggling Coming soon!
Play GHOST JUGGLE and see if you have the hand/eye skills to keep several
balls in the air at once!
BLOOPER ALERT! Putting together GHOST WHISPERER is serious business, but
every now and then, our actors “crack up” under pressure. Check out this
funny blooper from DEAD EYE, featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt and our spooky
clown! Watch here!
New Ask Mary Ann Blog
This week in our ASK MARY ANN blog, GHOST WHISPERER’S real-life ghost
buster Mary Ann Winkowski helps a woman who believes the hauntings in her
home may be from her late father. Click here to join Mary Ann at the
intersection of the living and the dead!
Ask your own ghost-related questions of Mary Ann by emailing her at
Ghost Whispering Video Blog
This week, executive producer P.K. Simonds discusses utilizing Jennifer
Love Hewitt’s personal fear in DEAD EYE. 
Broadcast Date: April 9, 2010
DEAD EYE was written by Executive Producers P.K. Simonds and Laurie
McCarthy. It was directed by John Behring.
Musically, this episode features “Cabin” by Mark Feldman, “In Case I Go
Again” by Mikey Wax, “Lifetime” by Katharine McPhee (Verve Music Group),
“Morning” by Michael Kisur, “Against the Girl” by In For the Kill, “Not A
Lullaby” By The Weepies (Nettwerk), and “Ready to Love Again” by Lady
Antebellum (Capital Records Nashville).
Other Interesting News!
* On Friday, April 9th, be sure to check out Jennifer Love Hewitt on The
Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, only on CBS.
* The book Jennifer Love Hewitt authored, THE DAY I SHOT CUPID: HELLO MY
book stores. Order here!

Dear Ghost Whisperer Super Fans!,
And.... we're back with an all new episode of Ghost Whisperer this Friday: 517 ON THIS ICE.! Here is this week's list of Ghost Whisperer news and usables. Thank you all so much for your support of Ghost Whisperer and we hope you are enjoying Season 5!
This Week in Ghost Whisperer Below:
In the GHOST WHISPERER HAUNTED PUZZLE a vengeful ghost takes over a graphic novelist’s pen. Complete the slider puzzles successfully to discover predictions from the Spirit World of events to come. To play, please click here:
New Ask Mary Ann Blog
This week in our ASK MARY ANN blog, GHOST WHISPERER’S real-life ghost buster Mary Ann Winkowski talks to fans who have seen ghosts in their homes. Click here to join Mary Ann at the intersection of the living and the dead: .
And, don’t forget to send your own ghost-related questions to Mary Ann by emailing her at
Ghost Whispering Video Blog
This week, co-producer Melissa Blake and actor Margaret Cho talk about writing the graphic novel themes and dynamic visual effects that are showcased in ON THIN ICE. View here:
WETV Sweepstakes!
On Wednesday, WETV will have a GHOST WHISPERER-related sweepstakes for their WE Giveaway Wednesday on Twitter. Follow @WEtv  to find out how you can enter to win!
In ON THIN ICE, GHOST WHISPERER’S Emmy nominated Visual Effects Team has created a unique digital world that pushes the envelope to new levels rarely experienced on network television. As AVATAR has moved feature films into the 21st Century, GHOST WHISPERER has done the same for television. The GHOST WHISPERER Visual Effects Team (headed up by Armen Kevorkian and Art Codron) has succeeded in breaking new ground in ON THIN ICE, far surpassing their Emmy nominated work on GHOST WHISPERER’S GHOST IN THE MACHINE episode.
ON THIN ICE was written by Co-Producers Melissa Blake and Joy Blake. It was directed by Executive Producer Ian Sander.
This episode guest stars: Margaret Cho as Professor Avery Grant (Drop Dead Diva); Eddie Shin as Damon (Castle, Navy NCIS); Nathan Halliday as Shane (CSI, Cold Case); Cole Williams as Collin (Entourage, Heroes); Eve Gordon as Mariah (Medium, Grey’s Anatomy); Dwier Brown as Jeff (Criminal Minds)
Musically, this episode features “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” by Seabird (EMI Christian Music Group); “Safe” by DoubtingParis; “Falling Stars” by Latch Key Kid; “Radio Edit” by Car Stereo Wars (Greg Records); and “Crazy Ride” by Michelle Branch (Warner Bros.)
Other Interesting News!
On Monday, April 5th, be sure to check out Jennifer Love Hewitt on CHELSEA LATELY at 11 pm ET/PT.
The book Jennifer Love Hewitt authored, THE DAY I SHOT CUPID: HELLO MY NAME IS JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT AND I’M A LOVE-AHOLIC is now available in book stores. To order online, click here:

According to Ausiello at EW, the chance of the show returning next season is "a safe bet"

Musically, this week's episode features “Late Night Driving” by Peter Bradley
Adams and original music by composer Mark Snow.

Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda Gordon) will release her first book, “The
Day I Shot Cupid: Hello My Name is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I’m a
Love-aholic” on March 23rd. To pre-order, visit

Camryn Manheim (Delia Banks) has started a charity called Living
Generously: One T-Shirt at a Time. Proceeds benefit local charities in
Camryn’s community as a way to demonstrate who we all can make a
difference where we live. For more information, visit .

Ghost Whisperer Creator and Consultant John Gray was featured in the New
York Times on Sunday regarding his new independent movie, “White Irish
Drinkers,” a coming-of-age drama set in the 1970s. To view, please click


Jamie Kennedy (Reaper) may join the cast as Eli, a graduate student who bonds with Melinda, according to Soap Opera Weekly.

'Ghost Whisperer' star Hewitt lashes out at critics

Hewitt denies pregnancy reports

CBS Haunts Friday Ratings - 'Ghost Whisperer' trounces 'Wonderful Life'

October 24, 2007:
According to, Orlando Jones of MadTV fame will be joining Ghost Whisperer in November. It's not known if it's a full time  role or if he is just guest starring in an episode arc.

Go to to see how you can star in this week's Ghost Whisperer episode!

July 22, 2007:
She Works Hard For The Money (Jennifer Love Hewitt Story)

From USAToday:  A trimmed down Camryn Manheim (Ghost Whisperer) attributed her look to her New York summer run in Romeo and Juliet playing Juliet's nurse. She had to walk up and down a staircase in each performance.

Manheim said she'll be writing a book about staying sane and true to yourself in the often ruthless Hollywood environment.

July 5, 2007:
TV Shows on DVD have said that Season 2 of Ghost Whisperer will be released on DVD on September 18, 2007. They also have an image of a possible cover (link) They also say, "The 15-hour set will have all 22 episodes from the second season, in anamorphic widescreen video and English Dolby soundtracks in both straight stereo and 5.1 Surround. The set is closed captioned for the hearing impaired. Bonus material will include Commentary Tracks on select episodes by directors and producers, behind-the-scenes featurettes, Ghost Whisperer webisodes, fortune-revealing tarot cards, and more."

Season 1 will be released on Region 2 DVD on July 9, 2007.

Season 3 of Ghost Whisperer is rumored to premiere on September 28, 2007. It will be keeping it's regular time slot on Fridays at 8PM EST and will be a lead-in for the new CBS Vampire-themed drama, Moonlight. I have a feeling that date will be pushed up to coincide with the release of the Season 2 DVD.

Jennifer Love Hewitt will be lending her voice to the TV show Angry Little Girls, set to debut in 2008.

Other news:
Jennifer Love Hewitt Wins Saturn Award
David Conrad to appear as Henry V
New Executive Producer Hired
'Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side' Webisodes To Stream On CBS's website

Read spoilers here!

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