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C.S.I. Trivia Quizzes

Test your knowledge of C.S.I. Miami!

1. Where is most of C.S.I. Miami filmed?

a. California
b. Florida
c. Hawaii
d. Alabama
e. South Carolina

2. Which actress left the show in the first season?

a. Kim Delaney
b. Khandi Alexander
c. Sofia Milos
d. Megalyn Echikunwoke
e. Boti Bliss

3. What does Horatio carry that Gus Grissom didn't?

a. business cards
b. snacks
c. gun
d. scalpel
e. a tattoo

4. What killed Tim Speedle?

a. A suspect murdered him
b. he drowned in his bathtub
c. he jumped off a roof
d. his gun misfired
e. he died in the 9/11 crash

5. Which was Ryan Wolf's addiction?

a. cocaine
b. nude wrestling
c. fight club
d. tequila
e. gambling

6. Where did Horatio work before the Crime Lab?

a. narcotics
b. bomb squad
c. homicide
d. patrol
e. hostage negotiation

7. Who is Horatio's former sister-in-law?

a. Marisol
b. Julia
c. Yelina
d. Calleigh
e. Megan

8. What is Calliegh's specialty?

a. trace
b. autopsy
c. DNA
d. ballistics
e. fingerprints

9. Eric is half-Cuban and half-what?

a. Russian
b. German
c. Nicaraguan
d. Canadian
e. Japanese

10. Natalia also worked for which agency when she first started in the crime lab?

a. CIA
b. FBI
c. NSA
d. Secret Service
e. INS

11. Ryan came in after who left?

a. Megan
b. Alexx
c. Tara
d. Tim
e. Jake

12. How did Alexx treat the corpses?

a. She talked to them.
b. She prayed for them.
c. She ignored them.
d. She learned about their history.
e. She cried over them.

13. Frank Tripp did what in season six?

a. got a tattoo
b. lost 50 pounds
c. got married
d. went into rehab
e. shaved his head

14. Who is the new guy that is chummy with Wolf and Jesse?

a. Omar
b. Tim
c. Walter
d. Frank
e. Tom

15. How many medical examiners were there between Alexx and Tom?

a. two
b. one
c. three
d. four
e. none


1. a. California
2. a. Kim Delaney
3. c. gun
4. d. his gun misfired
5. e. gambling
6. b. bomb squad
7. c. Yelina
8. d. ballistics
9. a. Russian
10. b. FBI
11. d. Tim
12. a. She talked to them.
13. e. shaved his head
14. c. Walter
15. a. two (Shannon and Tara)

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