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C.S.I. Trivia Quizzes

Test your knowledge of C.S.I.!

1. What happened to rookie C.S.I. Holly Gribbs on the very first episode of C.S.I.?

a. She retired.
b. She got a transfer.
c. She had a heart attack.
d. Nothing.
e. She was murdered.

2. Which state is Nick Stokes from?

a. Ohio
b. Arkansas
c. Texas
d. New Mexico
e. Arizona

3. What was Warwick's addiction?

a. gambling
b. sex
c. drugs
d. alcohol
e. the internet

4. To which show did Grissom cross over?

a. Cold Case
b. Law & Order
c. Without a Trace
e. Criminal Minds

5. What is the name of the non-C.S.I. police officer that works with the C.S.I. investigators?

a. Al Robbins
b. Jim Brass
c. Nick Stokes
d. David Hodges
e. Frank Tripp

6. Who went on a road trip to Reno in April, 2009?

a. Al Robbins and Ray Langston
b. Gus Grissom and Ray Langston
c. Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders
d. Ray Langston and Catherine Willows
e. Gus Grissom and Sara Sidle

7. Which of the CSI team is from California?

a. Gil, Sara, Hodges, Wendy and Greg.
b. Gil, Sara and Catherine
c. Sara, Catherine and Riley
d. Hodges, Wendy, Greg and Ray
e. Nick, Catherine and Jim

8. In what city does C.S.I. take place?

a. Miami
b. New York
c. Reno
d. Las Vegas
e. New Orleans

9. Where does C.S.I. shoot most of their scenes?

a. Nevada
b. California
c. Arizona
d. New York
e. None of the above

10. The C.S.I. theme songs are from which rock group?

a. The Beatles
b. The Rolling STones
c. The Clash
d. The Guess Who
e. The Who

11. In which season did Ray Langston first appear?

a. Season 8
b. Season 10
c. Season 7
d. Season 6
e. Season 9

12. Which character was raised in Korea?

a. Jim
b. Al
c. Ray
d. Gus
e. Warwick

13. Who was promoted to take Gil's place when he left?

a. Sara
b. Nick
c. Catherine
d. Ray
e. Hodges

14. Which character has Norwegian ancestry?

a. Hodges
b. Greg
c. Gus
d. Sara
e. Catherine

15. Which two characters solved a murder at a scifi convention?

a. Hodges and Wendy
b. Hodges and Greg
c. Greg and Archie
d. Archie and Wendy
e. Gus and Greg


1. e. She was murdered.
2. c. Texas
3. a. gambling
4. c. Without a Trace
5. b. Jim Brass
6. a. Al Robbins and Ray Langston
7. a. Gil, Sara, Hodges, Wendy and Greg.
8. d. Las Vegas
9. b. California
10. e. The Who
11. e. Season 9
12. c. Ray
13. c. Catherine
14. b. Greg
15. a. Hodges and Wendy

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