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C.S.I. Crossword Puzzle

CSI puzzle

1   Greg used to only work in the lab, but now he works here.
2   Sara was kidnapped by the Miniature ___________.
4   Gil's sexy friend Lady ____________.
7   Sara's mother killed her __________.
8   Nick is from this state.
10   Blonde CSI in season nine.
15   Ray had to do this to someone last year.
17   Greg wrote a book about the history of this.
18   This happened to Warwick at the end of season 8.
20   Catherine used to be this.
21   Nick was buried alive in one of these in season five.
22   Gil, Catherine, Nick and the others work this shift.
26   Often sucked up to Gil.
28   Nick slept with one of these, and then she was murdered.
29   Gil and Sara spent time there (two words).
33   Gil loves these.
34   Gil teaches there now.
36   Catherine had this habit.
37   Hodges and Wendy are big fans of this genre (two words).
38   Sara is one of these type of eaters.
1   Warwick was this for Lou Geda's murder.
3   This cop works with CSI all the time.
5   Gil and Sara got this last year.
6   Greg had a crush on her.
9   Catherine's ex-husband
11   Warwick had this type of problem.
12   Nick's nickname, from his father.
13   Former star of the show.
14   Briefly took over for Gil in season 7.
16   One of Catherine's father's casinos.
19   Ray was one of these when we first met him.
23   This happened to Sara in the fifth season after she lost her temper.
24   Unborn sow that Gil kept in his office (two words).
25   Warwick's ___________ raised him.
27   A baby sitter did this to Nick when he was nine.
29   Gil is from this state.
30   Gil was raised in this religion.
31   Has a daughter.
32   Catherine and he had a brief relationship.
35   Gil's mother was this, and he almost became it, too.


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