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C.S.I. Article

by Suzanne

CSI - all three shows - is just a juggernaut that seemingly won't be stopped. Sure, the ratings go up and down, but it's still a powerful TV force to be reckoned with, and it's still doing better than all of the Law & Order shows and other spin-off shows. All three CSI shows are still in the top 20 each week, and CSI is usually still the #1 or #2 show.

Why is CSI so intriguing, no matter which actors are in the show, or which locale?  The number reason is writing. The show gives constantly good stories, interesting characters, and enough action to satisfy anyone.  All CSI shows have interesting scientific facts where we learn something about fingerprint analysis, or how a body rots, or how a bullet goes through the body, or some other gory detail.  Even if you're not into that stuff so much, it is still a very exciting show. 
Educational doesn't always translate to top ratings, but in this case it does.

Not that all of the police and scientific work in CSI is real or uses real-life science. Not all crime labs are good, thorough, well-funded, and catch the murderer the way they do in the CSI shows.  That's true of most cop shows, though.  In real life, it takes more than 45 minutes to catch the bad guy, if they even do.  In real life, they don't have enough money, so DNA analysis and other CSI-related technologies are backlogged for months, or sometimes years.

Some of the "science" used in the show is not as accurate as what is readily available for most crime labs, and some of it is so cutting edge that it's practically science fiction.  But that's ok.  No one really cares about how accurate the show is. They just want to be entertained, and the CSI shows do a good job of that.

Besides the writing and the fun science stuff, they do a very good job choosing the actors and writing good characters for them.  I may be one of those few people that likes all three shows, and I prefer CSI NY to CSI Miami.  The original CSI is still my favorite, even with the actors coming and going so much recently.  For one thing, I love Las Vegas, and I love the grim sense of humor that is often imparted into the stores.  I always loved William Peterson in his role. The CSI's in that one seem more like scientists than cops. In the other two shows, they seem more like cops (especially CSI: Miami). I also loved George Eads, who plays Nick, before CSI even started (he starred in one of my favorite primetime soaps, "Savannah"). I sure wish he would grow his hair back, though. I don't much like the jarhead look he's sporting now.

It seems to me that the success of CSI Miami lies partly in how much you like David Caruso. I liked him a lot in NYPD Blue, but his character is very different in CSI: Miami. I just don't like how they have him skirting the rules, crossing the line, shooting people so often as he does. I don't like bad cops in real life, so I have trouble with them in TV sometimes, too.  If it weren't Caruso, though, it would be more difficult to take if they had someone less sympathetic. I like all of the other actors, even though they seem to change them a lot on that show. I am loving the addition of Eddie Cibrian. He has always been one of my favorites since I saw him years ago on Young & the Restless. The actor who plays Wolf is another one who needs to let his hair grow back! What is it with these guys?

I love CSI: NY partly because of Gary Sinise, who I have loved ever since Forrest Gump. He is gorgeous and what a great actor. I know it sounds shallow, but, yes, I am one of those people who watches a show because I like the cute actor on it.  The rest of the cast is great on that one, too, and it has such a wonderful New York quality about it.  Melinda Kanakaredes is awesome (another daytime soap vet!), too. I wonder if Mac and Stella will ever hook up? I would love to see that, although I'm fine with their brother-and-sister vibe as well.

I still love these shows and watch them every week. I hope you do, too!

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Updated 10/24/09


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