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Charmed Transcript

"Hulkus Pocus" Episode: #8.9 - 20 November 2005

Contributed by Suzanne

Paige:  Leave him alone, or I'm gonna call the cops.

Henry:  Don't bother. That's where he's headed already.

Paige:  You're a parole officer?

Previously, on "Charmed"...

Henry:  still trying to figure you out.

Paige:  Why?

Henry:  Because I can't. That's why. I do like a challenge, though.

Phoebe:  It's just so complicated, you know? I find this guy, this great guy, and then the spell and the premonitions just... mess everything up. 43C344FA.JPG

Billie:  The night my sister was taken... [Girl screams] That was the last time I ever saw her.

Murphy:  Agent Murphy, Homeland Security.

Piper:  You want to know more about who we are and what we do. We'll tell you.

Phoebe:  And help you out with a few cases along the way.

Paige:  If you help us.

[Growls and screams]

Paige:  Sounds like we found him.

43C34517.JPGPiper:  Yeah, but what's it doing at magic school?

Paige:  What do you mean? This place is demon central.

Piper:  And it's beating up other demons.   That's not what krycheks do.

Paige:  Yeah, but they also don't attack gnomes and leprechauns, but this one did.

Piper:  Something's not right. It doesn't make sense.

Paige:  Yeah, well, what doesn't make sense is that we are tracking this thing. And what does the government 43C34531.JPGwant with this demon anyway?

Piper:  That will be the first thing I'm gonna ask Agent Murphy when... we figure out what's going on.

[Demon growls]

Piper:  Uh...

[Demon grunts]

[Piper screams]

Piper:  Ugh!

Paige:  That thing's a krychek?

Piper:  How is that possible?

Paige:  Who cares? Just vanquish it.

43C34555.JPGPiper:  I already tried, and Agent Murphy wants us to bring the thing back.

Paige:  I'm not bringing that thing back. 

[Demon grunts]

Piper:  Go, go, go!

Piper: See, this is what a krychek demon is supposed to look like.

Phoebe: Well, maybe the one you guys were following is just a bigger one.

Piper: No, this wasn't just bigger. This was like going from you to Schwarzenegger.

Phoebe: That's so weird.

Piper: Yeah. Scary weird.   Oh, good. You found the skis.

Leo:  Yeah. They're kind of old, though. Maybe we should just rent new ones, you know? Ow!  Damn it.

Piper: Watch your language. 43C346A0.JPGWyatt is picking up everything we say lately.

Phoebe: I'm gonna get some more coffee. You guys want anything?

Piper:  No, thanks.  You ok with those?

Leo:  Yes. I got these.  Why don't you finish packing.  I wanna miss traffic, ok?

Piper:  I know. I'm gonna. I need to talk to Agent Murphy first about this demon of his.

Leo:  Piper...

Piper: I can't just let it go, can I?

Leo:  Yes, you can.  When was the last time we had a weekend together alone?

43C346B5.JPGPiper: I know. And I promise nothing is gonna stop that from happening. I promise. But I just kind of need to talk to him first.

Leo:  But why can't Billie talk to Murphy?

Paige: Because I cannot find Billie anywhere. She's not answering. Maybe we could just get her a pager.

Piper:  Well, just keep trying.

Phoebe: Oh. Paige. Henry called for you last night.

Paige:  Why? What did he want?

Phoebe: Uh, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure he wants you.

Paige:  That's ridiculous. 43C346D0.JPG

Piper:  Why, don't you like him?

Paige:  No.

Phoebe: Really. Then why is your face turning red?

Paige:  It's not turning red. I probably just put too much blush on.

Leo:  It's kind of turning red.

Piper:  [Chuckling] Ok, why don't you and me go see what the government's not telling us, and I'll be right back, I swear.

43C346E8.JPGPaige:  Hey, don't you have a lunch date?

Phoebe:  I cancelled. I'm taking a little hiatus.

Paige:  From lunch?

Phoebe:  From men.

Paige:  Ok. Come on, Billie.


Soothsayer:  Curious. Very curious.

Emrick:  He still attacked me. Why can't I have my revenge?

Soothsayer:  Because Margoyle wants to find out how he transformed, why he became so powerful.

Emrick:  I don't care. I can't let a lower-level demon get away with--

Soothsayer:  You can and you will, Emrick. Otherwise, Margoyle will attack you.

Emrick:  I didn't do that.  Who are you?

Billie:  Me? Um...I'm a student 43C3472F.JPGhere at magic school. Yeah, you know, I must've got stuck in an astral plane or something. Did you guys possibly redecorate? Uh!  Move, and you're dead. Understand?

Emrick:  What do you want?

Billie:  What I want is to find the demon that took my sister 15 years ago. But since you and your buddies trashed this place, I can't find the books that I need. So you're gonna have to find him for me.

43C34749.JPG[ Emrick groans ]

Billie:  Her name is Kristy. Christy Jenkins. Ask around.

[Emrick groans]

[Doorbell rings]

Paige:  Ah. Billie. Finally.

Henry:  Hi. How you doing?

Phoebe:  Henry, what are you doing here?

Henry:  I need your help. The baby's mom got sent to prison. I've got until the end of the day to find his dad or he's gonna get put into the system.

Phoebe:  And you're telling me this, why?

'Henry:  'Cause I need you to watch him for me.

Phoebe:  Oh, no. I don't do babies. Nope. Sorry. Nope.  Can't.

43C34767.JPGHenry:  I tried calling.

Phoebe:  Look, you can't just stop by and drop a baby in my lap.

Henry:  Look, you said you were all about doing good, right? Here's your chance.

Phoebe:  No, that's not what I meant.

Henry:  Do you know how beautiful your eyes are when you're angry?

Phoebe:  Are you trying to charm me?

Henry:  You think I'm charming?

Phoebe:  No, I don't.

Henry:  Look, I'm doing this under the radar, OK? I can't keep Ramón in my office. Social services could show up, and they'll take him. Oh, thank you. 43C34784.JPG Here ya go.

Phoebe:  For the record, I resent this.

Henry:  Yeah. He--he might need to be changed, too. I owe you.

[Ramón cries]

Murphy:  Ah. Good. You're back. How did it go?

Piper:  Not good.

Murphy:  What do you mean? Where's our demon?

Piper:  Our demon?  Why don't you tell us a little bit more about our demon?

Phoebe:  Like how the government got him in the first place.

Murphy:  Uh, I don't really know. I wasn't in the loop. 43C347A4.JPG

Piper:  Well, you need to get in the loop, and fast, because our demon was a little more powerful than we expected, and I'd like to know why.

Murphy:  Well, I'm sorry, but I can't tell you what I don't know.

Piper:  Phoebe, go get a premonition off him, see if he's lying.

Phoebe:  No, I can't.

Piper:  What do you mean you can't? Just go touch him.

Phoebe:  Seriously, I can't. I don't really believe in them anymore.

Piper:  What do you mean?

Phoebe:  Well, they haven't really worked well for me lately, 43C347C1.JPGso why should I listen to them?

Piper:  That's not true.

Phoebe:  Oh, really? Do I look pregnant to you?

Murphy:  Ladies, did you get--

Piper:  Hold it. I realize why you feel this way, and I understand. But you can't give up on your gift.

Phoebe:  My gift gave up on me.

Piper:  That is not true.

Murphy:  Guys. Hey. Did you or didn't you get the demon back?  Well, that was the objective.

Piper:  [Signs] Are you kidding me? We barely wounded it.

Murphy:  So you still got to go get him.

43C347DF.JPGPhoebe:  Dude, are you deaf? What did you guys do to that thing?

Murphy:  I have no idea. OK? I swear. But if we don't get it off the streets, we all could get exposed.

Piper:  There's the "e" word again.

Paige:  Hey, where'vve you been?

Billie:  Class.

Paige:  Oh, really? I've been trying to call you all morning.

Billie:  Well, my cell phone died.

Paige:  Oh, yeah? Ok. Mm-hmm. 43C347F9.JPG

[Cell phone rings]

 Paige:  Yeah.

Billie:  So, um, it's a great baby there. Is it yours?

Paige:  Forget the baby, ok?

[Baby fusses]

Paige:  Where were you?

Billie:  Look, I've been handling this whole demon load just fine, so what I do on my own time, it's my business.

Paige:  You know what? You're doing the bratty thing, which means that yo are probably doing something you shouldn't be doing. Did you go to magic school?

Billie:  Yeah. Yes.  OK, but there's information there on my sister, so what do you expect?

43C34815.JPGPaige:  I expect you to be available when we need you. That is the whole point of us teaching you.

Billie:  Well, I'm not a doctor, OK? I can't be available 24/7.

Paige:  Yes, actually, you can. Because you weren't around, I'm stuck taking care of this baby now.  Nursery!

Emrick:  Remember me, witch?

Paige:  You know him? 43C3482D.JPG




Paige:  Magic school!

Billie:  Ok, so maybe I know him.

Phoebe:  Oohh! Can't we just get back to the freaky demon, please? 43C348E9.JPG

Piper:  Yeah, we can, after I deal with you.

Phoebe:  Uh, I don't understand why you can't just let this go.

Piper:  Look, I understand your problem with your premonitions, but why cancel all your dates?

Phoebe:  Because they're me trying to make my premonitions come true.

Piper:  So?

Phoebe:  Well, so it's not working, OK? My conception date has come and gone.

Piper:  OK, Phoebe, it's OK to feel disappointed.

Phoebe:  No, I'm not disappointed. You know? I'm relieved.

43C34904.JPGPiper:  So now you don't want a baby.

Phoebe:  No, of course I do. I definitely do. Just not right now. OK.  No men. No babies. Just me. What's so wrong with that?

Piper:  Nothing.  Nothing is wrong with that, except for the fact that it's not you.

Phoebe:  [Sighs] Don't you have a ski trip to get ready for?  What the hell...

Piper:  Language.

Phoebe:  Hi. What happened?

Billie:  Um, a demon attacked us. I guess I kind of ticked him off at magic school. 43C34927.JPG

Phoebe:  Magic school? What were you doing there?

Billie:  Look, Paige already gave me the "what were you thinking" speech, so...

Piper:  So, what were you thinking?

Billie:  I only went there so I could get more information on my sister.

Phoebe:  I understand you want answers. We want answers, too. But that cannot be your primary focus.   Oh, sweetie, you're hurt.

Billie:  Oh. No, that's just a scratch.

Phoebe:  Ok, but a hair deeper, and you would've needed stitches.

Billie:  Oh, it's not a big deal.  43C34940.JPGI'm getting used to it.  So Paige thinks the demon did the same Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that the one at magic school did.  So whatever got him all hulked out, he was able to track me, which is cool. I mean, bad cool, but still kind of cool.

Piper:  So now there's two of them running around out there?

Billie:  No. Actually, I saw yours go poof back at magic school. He's dead.

Phoebe:  Ooh. Murphy'll be excited about that.

Piper:  Yeah, but why are all these demons running around on steroids? 43C34955.JPGIt doesn't make sense.

Billie:  :  Do you want me to check the books so you can still go on your trip? 

Piper:  Yeah. Sure. Uh, thanks.  You're still in the doghouse.

[Baby cries]

Phoebe:  That's not yours.

Piper:  That's not mine.  Hi. Where'd you get the baby?

Paige:  Oh, Henry, uh, dropped him off with me.

Piper:  Uh, because...

Paige:  Because he likes to see me squirm. No. Apparently, the baby's mom is in jail and we're trying 43C34976.JPGto find the dad. 

Phoebe:   Oh, that's very noble of him.

Paige:  Well, 10 bucks says he knows where to find him.

Phoebe:  I told you she likes him. 

Piper:  Hmm.  [Cooing] Uh, hi, buddy. Does he have a name?

Paige:  Yeah. This is Ramón.

Phoebe:  So, uh, Billie told us what happened.

Paige:  I talked to her about it, but I can't really blame her.

Piper:  She said the demon looked like a krychek.

Paige:  Yeah, only in size and in power. Billie said when she confronted him before, 43C34995.JPGhe wasn't nearly as big.  Did you get anything out of Agent Murphy?

Phoebe:  Just that he wants the demon back, which is kind of disturbing.  Now that Billie saw him die, I don't really think it's our problem anymore.

Piper:  I'd still like to know what's making them so powerful.

Paige:  Well, I have to get Henry to take this baby somewhere else because it is too dangerous around here. Pheebs, will you watch him for me?

Phoebe:  What? No. I can't. 43C349AA.JPGI have stuff  that I have to do.  I mean, you should probably take him with you, right?

Paige:  I can't. Social services might be there waiting to take him. Oh, come on. You love babies.

Phoebe:  Yeah, I know. I'm just, you know,  focusing on other things right now.

Piper:  You know, I think this is precisely what you should be focusing on. I mean...oh... come on. She's got to go to Henry. I got to go romance my husband. It's just a baby. It doesn't bite.

43C349C1.JPGPaige:  Did I miss something?

Phoebe:  Nothing.

Piper:  A lot. See ya.

Paige:  Hello.

Phoebe:  Ok, little one.  Applesauce.

Emrick:  [Groaning] What's happening to me?

Margoyle:  You're dying like all the others. It's happening all over the underworld.  What have you learned?

Soothsayer:  I'm still studying his--

Margoyle:  Studying. I don't have time for you to study. I want you to know. I want to harness this great power 43C349F1.JPGbefore another overlord does... without meeting his fate.

Soothsayer:  At least this one's lived the longest. He may hold the key to preventing the power from killing you.

Margoyle:  How?

Soothsayer:  If I can isolate the one cell fragment in his blood that's causing it. 43C34A04.JPG


Soothsayer:  Margoyle, please. I just need a little more time.  Ah!

Margoyle:  Time's up.   What do you want, tracker?

Tracker:  Last night I saw The Charmed Ones attack the krychek.

Margoyle:  So?

43C34A2E.JPGTracker:  This morning their new witch attacked Emrick. Both demons had the power you seek.

Margoyle:  Which means they must be after the power as well.  Perhaps we should let them find it for us. Follow them.

Billie:  Oh, hi. Hey.

Leo:  Hey.

Billie:  How's the packing going?

Leo:  Ah, it's great. 2-day trip. Piper thinks she needs a third suitcase.  Making any progress?

Billie:  No. There's nothing in this book that says how to supercharge a demon.

Leo:  Well, it means none of their ancestors have confronted anything like it before. It's just a book of their experiences.  Have you started your own Book of Shadows?

Billie:  No. Why? Should I?

Leo:  Yeah. I think every witch should have one. You can pass it on from 43C34A5B.JPGgeneration to generation.

Billie:   Oh.

Leo:  You ok?

Billie:  Yeah. Yeah, I'm just a little worried. You know, about all these demons.

Leo:  Well, get used to it.

Billie:  Hey. Are witches and demons different species?

Leo:  What?

Billie:  You know, like dogs and cats, how they can't get each other sick and stuff.

43C34A75.JPGLeo:  Uh... I guess so. Why?

Billie:  Ok. Good. No reason. Have a good trip.

Leo:  Thanks, if we ever get there.

Henry:  Well, if we check employment records, we're at least gonna know where he worked last. I mean, he has to feed himself, right? He needs some food. Bring me that file then. Oh, yeah.

Paige:  Hey.

Henry:  Yeah, you have it. I don't have it. Just bring it here. Is everything ok? Where's the baby?

Paige:  Ramón is fine. He's with my sister. But you know, you've got to find another place for him to stay.

Henry:  Why? What's wrong with your place?

43C34A91.JPGPaige:  It's just not a good place for him to be right now.

Henry:  Why not?

Paige:  It just isn't.

Henry:  More secrets, huh?

Paige:  Henry, we barely know each other.

Henry:  You don't wanna tell me, that's fine. It's OK.

Paige:  It's not that... yeah, actually, it is that. Anyway, can you please find somewhere else for him to go?

Henry:  Paige, I can't.

Paige:  Why not?

Henry:  Seriously, Paige, if I don't find the father before social services finds out, they're gonna stick Ramón in a foster home. They will do that.

43C34AAA.JPGPaige:  Well, you know, I mean, sometimes foster homes aren't all that bad.

Henry:  It was for me.

Paige:  You were in a foster home?

Henry:  Look, I just need a little more time, OK? I know I can find the father. He used to be a parolee of mine.

Paige:  Was the mom, too?

Henry:  Yeah. But the dad, he turned out great. I mean, he straightened out his act, and... the problem is, I don't think he even knows he has a kid.

Paige:  Are you sure it's his?

Henry:  Yeah. Yeah, I mean, she told me. Ramón's the one thing 43C34AC3.JPGshe wouldn't about, but I've been showing these pictures all around where he used to hang and just nobody knows anything.

Officer:  Hey. Got those employment records you wanted.

Henry:  Ah. You did have enough. This is what I wanted.

Paige:  OK, uh, well, I'm gonna go. The sooner you can find him, the better.

Henry:  Paige.

Paige:  Yeah?

43C34AE7.JPGHenry:  Thanks.

Paige:  You're welcome.

Henry:  What are you looking at? 

[Officer clears throat]

Leo:  [Sighs] You sure you need all this stuff?

Piper:  Yes.

[Ramón cries]

Phoebe:  Just so you know, I know what you're trying to do, and it's not gonna work.

Piper:  Ok, just so you know, I know what you're trying to do, and I will be relentless.

Phoebe:  I just wanna stop him from fussing, that's all.

Piper:  Phoebe, come on, you're a natural with babies.

Phoebe:  Not right now I'm not.

Piper:  For crying out loud, he's probably just hungry. 43C34B05.JPGJust take down take him down to te kitchen and heat up a bottle.

Phoebe:  That's a good plan. Here you go.

Piper:  No, no, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Phoebe, no. Don't-- damn it.

Leo:  Language.

Piper:  [Sighs] Yeah, sure. Now you stop fussing.

Leo:  Talk about a natural.

Piper:  Yes, and I have the stretch marks to prove it, thank you.  What am I gonna do with Phoebe?

Leo:  Worry about it when you get home. 43C34B1C.JPGHey, what's the big deal?  She takes a little break from dating.

Piper:  The big deal is, it's not who she is. The woman is a love machine. And if she gives up on men, something is very, very wrong. And I know it's just that she's lost faith in her premonitions.

Leo:  So making her watch a baby is gonna make it better?

Piper:  Look, I'm working with what I've got. 43C34B31.JPG  Hi. Maybe we should just stay.

Leo:  Oh, for god sakes.


Piper:  Here. Take this. Take this. Take this. Stay here.

[Billie: yelling]

[Billie: screams]

Phoebe:  No, Piper. It's Billie. 43C34B48.JPG

[Billie yelling]

Phoebe:  No, don't. You might blow her up.

[Billie yelling]

Phoebe:  OK, blow her up.

Phoebe:  I don't know what happened.  I mean, one second she was helping me warm up the milk, and the next, she was throwing me around here like a rag doll.

Paige:  What happened?  Another demon attack?

Phoebe:  Not another demon. It's Billie.

Paige:  That's Billie? What happened to her?

Piper:  We don't know.

Paige:  Where's Ramón?

Piper:  He's safe. He's with Leo. Uh, right now we need to figure out how to help her.

Phoebe:  Before she goes poof, too.

Paige:  Uh, maybe we should call the elders.

Piper:  Maybe you're right. I'll go do that.  Um, Paige...

Paige:  Yeah, I'm gonna get the baby out of here. I've got a photo of his dad, so it should take me 43C34CBF.JPGabout 2 seconds to scry for him.

Piper:  Phoebe, why don't you stay with Billie here?

Phoebe:  Ok. Hurry.

Elder:  We know why you called.

Piper:  Were you spying on us again?

Elder:  No. But we know what happened to Billie. What happened to her is happening all over the magical community. We don't know what's causing it yet. It seems to be some sort of a virus, and it's spreading fast.

Piper:  I don't understand. How is that-- 

Elder:  Possible?  I'm afraid whatever this virus is, Piper, 43C34CE1.JPGwherever it came from, it doesn't discriminate against good or evil. It can infect all magical creatures, even you and your sisters.

Piper:  So what do we do?

Elder:  We have to find a cure, an antidote. But before we do that, we have to find the source first.

Piper:  How much time does Billie have?

Elder:  Not long, although we have learned that the more powerful you are, the quicker the virus consumes you.

Paige:  Hi.   Hey.

Henry:  Paige, what are you doing?  You can't bring him here.

Paige:  No, it's ok. I found his dad.

Henry:  What?

Paige:  Yeah. Ernesto. There. I've got his work number, his home number, uh, place where he likes to go have a drink. Might wanna talk to him about that, new dad and all.

Henry:  Whoa, wait, wait. I don't understand. How did you find him? I've been looking for him everywhere.

Paige:  I have my ways.

Henry:  Oh, really. 43C34D1B.JPGDo you care to elaborate?

Paige:  No.  Not really. Look, you wanted the baby to have a chance, and now he has one.

Henry:  I don't know what to say.

Paige:  You don't have to say anything. My pleasure. OK.  I got to go.

Henry:  Is everything all right?

Paige:  No, not really. A friend of mine is in quite a bit of trouble.

Henry:  Maybe I can help.

Paige:  It's very sweet of you, but no. Take care of the baby, OK?

Phoebe:  Piper! Something's 43C34D42.JPGhappening to Billie!

Piper:  Oh, no.

Phoebe:  "Oh, no"? What does "oh, no" mean? What did the elders say?

Piper:  They think it's some kind of virus and that she must have contracted it from the scratch.

Phoebe:  So the demon gave this to her?

Piper:  If we don't find an antidote soon, she'll die.

Phoebe:  Well, no. I mean, we can't let her die. There's got to be something we can do. We can't just do nothing, Piper. 43C34D61.JPG

Piper:  Well, we gotta figure out where it all started and who it all started from.   Paige, where are you?

Paige:  What? What happened?

Piper:  Uh, we got to get to Agent Murphy, so I'll explain later. Quick, quick.

Murphy:  You can't just... what the...

Paige:  Locks.

Piper:  You're not telling us everything, Agent Murphy, and we're running out of time.

Paige:  You need to tell us everything you know 43C34D84.JPGabout that demon now.

Murphy:  But I've told you everything I know.

Piper:  See, I don't like that answer.

Murphy:  Are you out of your mind? This is a federal office.

Piper:  Listen to me. Whatever you guys did to that demon created a virus, a virus that can infect every magical creature there is. If we don't find a cure, and soon, Billie will die. Do you remember Billie? Cute, blonde, perky? Yeah. She's gonna die. So we would like some answers, and now. Paige. 43C34DA2.JPG

Paige:  Chair.

Murphy:  Ow!

Piper:  You're gonna tell us how this whole thing started, or the next thing I'm gonna blow up will be you.

Murphy:  I did some digging after you left. Look...all right, if I would've known, I would've told you, but I wasn't cleared for all the details.

[Piper sighs.]

Paige:  They found the demon in the desert?

Murphy:  Yeah, but it was a fluke and he was injured. That's the only way the task force was able 43C34E62.JPGto cap it. Government just wanted to study it, you know?  Learn from it.

Piper:  I keep seeing the word "injected." What did they inject him with?

Murphy:  Human blood. They were just trying to find a way to combine it with the demon's blood to extract its powers.

Paige:  Powers? Why?

Murphy:  To inject the serum back into people. Soldiers.

Piper:  To make them more powerful?

Murphy:  But it didn't work. When the test subject didn't react, 43C34E7B.JPGthe project was shut down. Apparently, when they were deciding what to do with the demon, that's when it escaped from the containment unit.

Paige:  So now he's out there spreading the virus that you guys created.

Piper:  You said the test subject didn't show any side effects.

Murphy:  No. None.

Paige:  Where are you going with this?

Piper:  I'm thinking the test subject's blood probably holds the antidote we're looking for. If he was immune to its effects... 43C34E90.JPGWhere can we find him?

Murphy:   I don't know. I mean, he's only referred to here as "patient X." Like I said, when the experiment was shut down, all his records were destroyed.

Paige:  There has to be something that we can use to find him.

Murphy:  Well, the only thing I can think of is this I.D. tag we got here. But I already scanned the bar code, and all the information's already been erased.  He could be anywhere.

Billie:  Thanks. Wow. I must be pretty bad off 43C34EBB.JPGif you're waiting on me hand and foot.

Phoebe:  Well, don't get used to it 'cause you're gonna be just fine.

Billie:  Am I? I'm dying, aren't I?

Phoebe:  No. You are not dying. Listen. Do you have any idea how many times I have almost died in the last 7 years? It's a lot.

Billie:  Yeah, but this is different. I'm sorry, I should've listened to you.

Phoebe:  Stop it. It's OK. We're gonna save you, and we're gonna save magic while we're at it. 43C34EDE.JPG

Billie:  How can you save magic if you don't even believe in your own anymore? I heard you talking to Piper.

Phoebe:  I'll be right back. I'm gonna get you some more ice.

Paige:  How's Billie?

Phoebe:  Not good.  What'd you guys find out?

Piper:  It was a government secret experiment. They mixed things they shouldn't have.

Paige:  Basically, their demon was the outbreak monkey that caused all of this.

Phoebe:  OK, so if they made it, then they must have a cure, right?

Piper:  Well, they don't even know 43C34F1C.JPGhow they created it.

Phoebe:  You don't know that for sure. For all we know, this could've been their intention.

Piper:  Phoebe, it's not a conspiracy. They just screwed up. We had a shot at an antidote, and they screwed that up, too.

Phoebe:  What shot?

Paige:  They injected somebody with krychek's blood and it had no effect.

Phoebe:  OK, then maybe the cure is in the blood, right?

Piper:  Ok, look, this is all we've got, and what we don't have is enough time. We got to find this patient C, 43C34F39.JPGconvince him to us of his blood so that we can make an antidote, fix us, and then fix Billie.   Even if we pool all of our powers together, we may not have enough time.

Phoebe:  Then let's get stronger. Let's get Billie to infect us.

Paige:  What? Are you nuts? Phoebe, we could die.

Phoebe:  Not if we find the antidote first.

Piper:  Still, there's no guarantee it's gonna work. It's very risky.

Phoebe:  Yeah. Tell that to Billie. Look, I don't see the point of having powers 43C34F58.JPGif we can't use them to save someone that we care about.

Phoebe:  Billie? Billie. Wake up. Billie, wake up. I think we've figured out a way to save you. But we're gonna need your help.

Billie:  Wait. No. No.

Phoebe:  It's ok. Trust us.

Paige:  Should we tell Leo?

Piper:  No. I know what he's gonna say.

Paige:  Ugh.

Piper:  Come on. 43C34F87.JPG

[Paige groans]

Piper:  Oh, come on, it won't hurt...much.

[Billie gasps]

Paige:  How long is that gonna last?

Piper:  Hopefully, long enough.

Leo:  I, uh,  haven't found an antidote yet.

Piper:  That's ok. I think we have.

Leo:  Holy...crap.

Piper:  Language! 

Piper:  Leave Leo alone! He's my husband!  Why did you do that for?

Paige:  I just felt like it!


Leo:  Stop it. You guys are gonna kill each other. How did this happen?

Phoebe:  We made it happen.

Piper:  All right, we have work to do.

Janitor:  Oh, my god.

Piper:  Duck!

janitor:  Duck? 43C3512B.JPG

Phoebe:  Get down!

Paige:  Fireball!


[janitor sobbing]

janitor:  What do you want from me?

Paige:  We want you to save magic.

Piper:  And us.

Phoebe:  Whoa. Easy. Easy. Slow.

Billie:  Um... What happened?

Phoebe:  Cliff notes version. We hulked out, kicked ass, and saved the world. You know, just another day at the office.

Billie:  Yeah, I can see that.

Phoebe:  Uhh. We got the antidote 43C35179.JPGto the elders and everyone is being cured right now as we speak.

Billie:  What about the demons?

Phoebe:  They got to the antidote, too.

Billie:  You guys risked yourselves to save me.

Phoebe:  Well, we got to keep you around so you can find your sister, right?

Billie:  I don't know what to say.

Phoebe:  Hmm.  You don't have to say anything.   We think of you as part of the family now. We're not gonna let anything happen to you.

Piper:  Hey, sunshine. It's good to see 43C3519A.JPGsome color in your cheeks.

Paige:  Yeah, gray and pasty-- not your color scheme.

Phoebe:  How did it go with Murphy?

Piper:  Uh, well, he decided we were a little too difficult to work with, so I don't think we'll be hearing from him again anytime soon.

Phoebe:  Oh, how rude.

Paige:  Well, if you guys will excuse me, I'm gonna go check on little Ramón.

Piper:  Don't you mean Henry?

Paige:  No. I mean Ramón.

43C351AF.JPGPhoebe:  Kiss him for me.

Paige:  Henry?

Phoebe:  No. Ramón.

Paige:  Oh. Ok.

Piper:  He got to you, didn't he?

[Phoebe scoffs.]

The baby.

Phoebe:  Don't you have some kind of ski trip to get ready for?

Piper:  Yeah.

Phoebe:  Yeah.

{Phoebe and Billie laugh.]

Ernesto:  Why didn't Tina tell me we had a kid?

Henry:  Well, Tina's a little messed up right now, ok? That's why she's back in prison. She didn't make it, but you did. Now your son Ramón needs you.

43C351D8.JPGErnesto:  I don't know if I can do this, man.

Henry:  I know you can, Ernesto.

[Baby cooing]

Ernesto:  Well, don't you think he'd be better off with somebody else, you know?

Henry:  He doesn't have anybody else. It's you or the state, buddy. Ernesto, look at me. Too many sons that grow up without their dads-- that's how you got where you were a while back, right? Now you got a chance to break that cycle. Do right by him... and by you.

Ernesto:  How do I hold him?

Henry:  I don't know, man. You just do. 43C351F6.JPGCradle his head there. You got him?

Ernesto:  Yeah. He kind of looks like me, don't he?

Henry:  Yeah, he does. And I got you some diapers and stuff just to get you started. You got to heat up the milk, too, right? But not too hot. Call the lady at social services if you have any questions. Here you go. You got it? And I'll-- I'll come by later. I'll check up on you.

Ernesto:  Ok. Thanks, Henry.

Henry:  Don't thank me. 43C35216.JPGYou can thank the lady who found you.

Ernesto:  What lady?

Henry:  Paige Matthews. Beautiful lady, great smile, a little wacky. She didn't find you?

Ernesto:  No.

Henry:  All right, man. Get out of here. Dad. 43C35226.JPG

[Ramón fussing]

Henry:  Take care of your son.

Paige:  Ok. So, uh, what happened to the, uh, big lug who didn't know a thing about babies?

Henry:  I guess I'm uh, a quick study.

Paige:  You sure it wasn't just an excuse to talk to me again?

Henry:  I guess you're gonna have your secrets, so I'll have mine.

Paige:  Fair enough. So I've got a great smile?

Henry:  Yeah. You do. 43C35256.JPG

[Paige laughs.]


Phoebe's daughter:  Mommyy!

future Phoebe:  Oh, hi! Did you have a good day at school?

Phoebe's daughter:  Yes. Yeah.

future Phoebe:  Do you have homework?  I knew you'd come here sooner or later.

Phoebe:  Really? How's that?

future Phoebe:  Well, because 6 years ago, I was you standing there talking to me.

Phoebe:  Wait. So if... you were me, then who were you talking to?

future Phoebe:  Don't try to figure it out. It'll hurt our head.

Phoebe:  "Our head"?

future Phoebe:  The important thing is 43C35280.JPGis that your here now for a reason and to find answers.

Phoebe:  You know what? Don't get all cryptic with me, not after the day I've had today.

future Phoebe:  Oh, I remember the day you had. It's the day you lost faith in your premonitions because of all you've been through and all your disappointments. You were promised something-- something that means the world to43C3529B.JPG you-- and you're afraid you might not get it.

Phoebe:  Will I?

future Phoebe:  I'm living proof of that, and so is she.

Leo: Piper, please!

Piper: Oh, come on! What's one more pair of shoes?  Are you all right?

Phoebe:  Yeah. Never better.

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