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Charmed Transcript

"Engaged and Confused" Episode: #8.16 - 26 February 2006

Contributed by Suzanne

Billie:  The night my sister was taken, it was raining outside.

Christy: Aah! No!

Billie: It was the last time I ever saw her.

Previously on "Charmed"...

Piper:  It's only been a couple days.

Billie: I know, but what if I never get through to her?

Piper: The only thing you can really do is just be there for her.

Billie: Christy, it's ok. You're safe now. 440954F9.JPG You're gonna be okay.

Angel of Destiny:  There's one more battle on the horizon for you three, one unlike you've ever faced before. One you won't see coming, and one you may not survive.

Piper:  What does thishave to do with Leo?

Henry:  I've faced demons and--and fireballs, magical suitors, orbing. I mean, I think I passed the test, right?

Paige:  What test?

Henry:  Paige... will you marry me?

Paige:  Yes.

Billie:  Your powers are a blessing, Christy. 44095516.JPGThey're a gift. They're a great thing to have.

Christy:  They scare me.

Piper:  She's the key, and whatever that means, it can't be good.

Phoebe:  Well, maybe it is. I mean, maybe she's here to help us fight whatever comes next, you know? Maybe they both are.

Asmodeus:  She's in position. We're almost there.

Piper:  Well, we haven't made much progress here, either. The whole Christy ultimate power thing has got me kind of stumped. 44095532.JPG

Phoebe:  Piper, relax. You sound so stressed. Don't worry! We'll figure it out. You're like hyperventilating.

Piper:  I'm not hyperventilating.  I'm kneading dough, do-do.

Phoebe:  You're kneading bread?

Piper:  Uh, yeah! You are talking to a former chef, you know? Don't act so surprised.

Phoebe:  Look, sweetie, are you sure you're ok with this? Throwing Paige 44095547.JPGan engagement party without--

Piper:  Are you kidding? It's exactly what Leo would want us to do. Besides, Paige deserves what Leo and I had.

Phoebe:  And you will have that again as soon as we figure out what we're up against.

Piper:  Well, until then, someone in this family is going to have a normal, happy wedding, engagement party and all.  Speaking of which, how's the, uh, Christy project going?

Phoebe:  Oh, actually, it's going really well. 4409555C.JPGThis morning, we mastered the art of walking in high heels, and now we're just picking out an outfit-- try that one. And we're gonna go for a little test run at a cafe, you know? See how it goes.

Piper:  Great. Because demons attacking at the party I can handle, 4409556C.JPGbut Christy eating with her hands, I cannot handle.

Phoebe:  Don't worry. She will be totally, totally ready by tomorrow night.

Piper:  Thank you.

[Christy and Billie scream]

Phoebe:  Ooh!

Piper: What-- what happened?

Xar:  I suppose letting him escape half alive was meant to send a message.

demon #1:  Yes. That it's suicide to go up against The Triad.   We can't afford to lose 44095584.JPGany more demons, Xar.

Xar:  Well, there might be another way.

demon #1:  How about retreating deeper into the underworld?

Xar:  If The Triad gets the ultimate power, nowhere will be safe.

demon #1:  But we can't even get them out of magic school now, let alone destroy them.  We're not strong enough to stop them.

Xar:  No.  But The Charmed Ones might be.  Perhaps we can get them to destroy The Triad for us.

Piper:  What are you doing here? I thought you were going ring shopping with Henry.

Paige:  Oh, yeah.  I was supposed to, but, you know, I figured what with the key to the ultimate power over at Phoebe's, I should take this time just to, you know, kinda check things out, and--

Piper:  This is your wedding ring we're talking about.

Paige:  I know. I'm not getting married tomorrow. I've got some time.

Piper:  But still, when a girl isn't the least bit giddy about ring shopping, that usually means something's very wrong.

Paige:  You know, maybe I'm just not of those kind of "whoo" wedding girls that goes crazy about the whole thing. Did you ever think of that?

Piper:  I think you have a classic case of cold feet.

Paige:  I don't have cold feet because... 440956D1.JPGbecause I'm crazy for Henry. I am. Crazy for him. Love him.

Piper:  Ok, yeah, sure, I believe you. And I love Leo, too, but that doesn't mean I didn't get knots in my stomach the moment I said yes.

Paige:  You did, really?

Piper:  Mm-hmm. It's perfectly normal.

Paige:  Well, is it normal to fight about every little thing?

Piper:  Actually, yes. Look, you just need to relax and spend a little 440956EB.JPGtime together and talk it out and, you know, listen. That's always a good thing.

Paige:  I could probably do some more listening than I've been doing. [ Chuckles ]

Piper:  You should kind of give it a try. 440956FE.JPG

Paige:  Ok, I will. I will call him right after I'm done checking on some things.

Piper:  No. You need to get your butt out of here. Go. The demons will show up eventually. They always do. Good luck.

Xar:  I'd rather die than spend eternity hiding out in some dingy cave while The Triad luxuriates up at magic school.  Their resurfacing after so long away opens old wounds.

demon #1:  They were wrong to have excommunicated you, Xar.

Xar:  And it will be their downfall.

demon #1:  I have no doubt. Still--

Xar:  I know their weakness, what they so desperately want.  To kill 44095718.JPGThe Charmed Ones and shift the balance of power from good to evil, and the fact they just took over magic school tells me they're close.

demon #1:  All the more reason to stay away, I think.

Xar:  Perhaps.  If The Charmed Ones knew The Triad was back, they'd want them vanquished as much as I do. I just have to find a way to get them the message. Or rather, you'll have to find a way.

demon #1:  Uh, still, with all due respect, maybe we should wait, see how44095735.JPG things play out.

Xar:  No! We need to take The Triad out now before they get the ultimate power.

Phoebe:  Ok! Utensils!

Christy:  Right. Sorry.

Billie:  No, it's ok. You're doing-- you're doing fine. You know, honey, you have a little something... everywhere. Just -- fine.  You know, um, why don't we just stick to liquids?

Christy:  I'm a freak. 4409575B.JPG I'm never gonna this.

Billie:  Oh, no. I mean, you were raised by demons for 15 years. You can't expect to get all this in one week. Just eat your salad.

Phoebe:  Yeah, just relax. Relax. Concentrate. [Gasp]

Billie:  Oh!

Phoebe:  Oh! My goodness! Goodness. Ok. Ok. That's not--

Billie:  Put it out. Put it out. Oh! Well...

Phoebe:  Uh, maybe this 4409577A.JPGwas a little premature.

Billie:  Yeah. We need to leave now.

Phoebe:  Ok, I'm going to give you money--

Billie:  Thank you.

Phoebe:  I'm going to go run some errands, and I'll meet you at the house, ok?  You're gonna get this. I promise.  Ooh!

Cupid:  Sorry.

Phoebe:  It's ok. Don't worry about it.

Cupid:  It's my fault.

Billie:  Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  Hey! Wait! Missy! 4409579A.JPGHello?

Phoebe:  What?

Billie:  That guy was totally hot. He was checking you out. What are you doing?

Phoebe:  He was? I didn't even see him.

Billie:  I know. That's why I came over here.

Phoebe:  Ok, let's just focus on Christy. Otherwise, we're going to have to deal with the wrath of Piper.

Piper: Nobody touch these! I don't want smudges!

Billie:  And then we clink.

Piper:  You need to wash those. I don't know 440957B3.JPGif I ordered enough.

Christy:  Why clink?

Billie:  You know, I don't really know.  It's just kind of a thing. Ok, and now we sip.


Billie:  Um, that was-- that was really nice. I should've told you what sip meant. It's ok.  No! Don't use-- napkin. Napkin.

Piper:  Aah!

Billie: Ohh. At least there aren't any smudges.

Piper:  That's all right. I got it. I got it. 440957C8.JPGI got it.

Billie: Ohh. Yes, these, my friend are salad tongs. You kind of dig in there and pull the salad out. Don't use your fingers.

[Doorbell rings]

Piper:  I got it.

Christy:  Those are the tables.

Piper:  I got it.

Christy:  What's this do?

Piper:  Ok, uh, Rick, you can just put those on the--

demon #1:  Piper Halliwell?

Piper:  Yes? Is there a problem?

demon #1:  We just wanted 440957E9.JPGto make sure you're all right.  Can we, uh, come in?

Piper:  Uh, why wouldn't I be all right?

demon #1:  Have you noticed any suspicious activity lately around your home?

Piper:  What is this about exactly?

demon Ciril:  We got word there might be an attempt on your life.

Piper:  What?! By who?

demon #1:  You, uh...you've come across them before.

Piper:  "Them"? Who are you guys?

Paige: Ugh! Can someone please tell me 44095809.JPGt is normal to argue with somebody about whether you should eat before or after you buy wedding bands?

Billie:  Hey, who are they?

demon #1:  Look. This is a friendly visit. We're just here to warn you that there are... beings who you thought you dealt with, but haven't.

Piper:  Beings? Wait a second.

Christy:  They're demons!

demon #1:  The Triad's back! Beware!

demon Ciril:  Uhh!

Billie:  44095827.JPGOoh!

Paige:  Gotta get you out of here!

Christy:  Wait.

demon Ciril:   Aaah!

Billie:  Sweet!

Piper:  Did he just say "Triad"?

Christy:   I don't know. I didn't recognize him.  I just got a hit they were demons.

Billie:  Gotta love that telepathy.

Paige:  It's too bad your power just won't tell us what they want.

Billie:  Well, they don't want Christy, thank god.

Paige:  I think they were coming to tell us about The Triad.

Piper:  4409597B.JPGWho are supposedly dead. We thought Cole vanquished them years ago.

Christy:  Are they dangerous?

Piper:  Very.

Paige:  I'm not really understanding, though. Why would demons come to warn us about other demons?  Yeah, I probably should just go check the book--

Piper:  No! I can do the research. You need to talk to your fianc.  We have enough firepower down here.

Paige:  Don't say 44095990.JPGthe "f" word

Billie:  Firepower?

Piper:  Go.

Paige:  Maybe we should call the whole thing off. I mean--

Piper:  Don't even think about it! Listen, the party is on, dude.

Paige:  Dude...the house is a mess.

Piper:  And what else is new? Ok? You two need to go hang out at Phoebe's until we know something.

Paige:  Come on. I'll take you.

Piper:  And then you need to go straight to Henry because I ain't throwin' 440959A4.JPGyou an engagement party if you ain't engaged.

Paige:  Don't threaten me.

Xar:  How could you fail?!

demon #1:  We didn't...exactly! We--we warned them about The Triad! We just didn't get a chance to elaborate.

Xar:  Ciril was incinerated by a Charmed One!

demon #1:  No. By another witch. The same one who knew that we were demons.  And they seemed very protective of her.

Xar:  Explain.

demon #1:  They risked themselves so she wouldn't get hurt, even though she didn't 440959BE.JPGlook like she needed much protection.

Xar:  Interesting. A strange, powerful witch appears in The Charmed Ones' lives just as The Triad is close to achieving its goal. I wonder if she's the one?

demon #1:  I don't follow.

Xar:  When I was one of them, they spoke of going after the coming power. 440959D4.JPG The ultimate power.

demon #1:  And you think that might be her?

Xar:  If she is, we need to get her away from The Charmed Ones fast.

demon #1:  But then they'd come after us.

Xar:  Not if they think The Triad took her. Then they'd go after them.

Paige:  Hey.   Oh, my God. I'm so sorry I'm late. Oh, no! The store's closed.

Henry:  Yeah, yeah. Hey, don't worry, though. I got to watch another couple 440959F8.JPGpick out their band.  It was...it was really beautiful.

Paige:  So sorry. Right after we hung up, these demons attacked us, and...

Henry:  Demons? Are--are you ok?

Paige:  Yeah, we're fine. They were, in their own special way, coming to warn us about this group called The Triad, who we thought were dead, but apparently aren't, which is kind of freaking us out a little bit. 44095A0A.JPGI'll explain more about that whole thing later.

Henry:  Paige, look, if you have too much goin' on, if you can't deal with this wedding right now...

Paige:  No. Of course I can deal with the wedding and picking out bands and, you know, dealing with toothpaste caps and snoring.

Henry:  Uh...snoring?

Paige:  It's nothing.

Henry:  Didn't sound like nothing.

Paige:  Well, every couple has their little quirks and their issues. 44095A20.JPG

Henry:  Issues?  Issues?  Are you talking about not nailing down the wedding date or are you talking about not having a guest list?

Paige:  Ok, by guest list, you're saying you're not really interested in just having a barefoot-on-the-beach wedding in Fiji?

Henry:  What?  No. Because I would like to lift a wedding veil, not a mosquito net when I'm gonna kiss you.

Paige:  Ha ha! Does every couple go through this?

44095A32.JPGHenry:  Hold on now. I want to go back to the small issue here of toothpaste.

Paige:  What? You don't put the cap back on!

Henry:  Ok. Well, you squeeze from the middle.

Paige:  Uhh! By the way, I am not wearing a veil.

Henry:  How can you get married without wearing a veil?

Paige:  Well, if you want one so much, why don't you wear it?

Henry:  I--I...

Christy:  It's funny. I remember doing this to you 44095A4B.JPGwhen we were little.

Billie:  Oh, really?

Christy:  Yeah. Manicure, pedicure, the works. We had fun playing dress up.

Billie:  Well, I think I was a little young to remember, but I have to say, I know you lived in a cave and it was terrible, but it did wonders for your complexion.

Phoebe: There you go. Oh, sweetie, you look so beautiful.

Billie:  She's a total babe. 44095A62.JPG

Phoebe: You are a total knockout.

[Door opens]

Cupid:  Oh, whoops. Uh, this isn't right.  Hey... hey, I saw you at the cafe earlier, didn't I?

Phoebe:  Yes, you did, which makes me wonder even more what you're doing in my house.

Cupid:  Oh, yeah. Yeah. Sorry about that. I'm new here. Must have gotten off on the wrong floor.

Billie:  An understandable mistake.

44095A77.JPGPhoebe:  Oh...Why does your key work?

Cupid:  Hmm. I don't know. That's a weird one.

Phoebe:  Mm.

Cupid:  Have to talk to the broker about that. Hmm.  Anyway, ladies, I apologize. Have a wonderful evening. Listen, if you ever need anything, I live right below you, so don't hesitate. Even if it is just for a... a cup of sugar or something. 44095A8E.JPG

Phoebe:  Hmm. Hmm.

Billie:  Ok, blowing that hot guy off once, maybe, but he just landed in your apartment, and you let him leave?

Phoebe:  You have to admit, that's kind of suspicious. I--I mean, you must have got some sort of vibe off him. Did you?

Christy:  No. I thought he was cute.

Billie:  Yeah.

Phoebe:  Please. What do you know? You were raised by demons, for44095AA8.JPG God's sake.

Billie:  All right, whatever. Come on.  Let's go try this dress on.

Christy:  excuse me. I think I can dress myself by now.

44095AB9.JPGPhoebe:  Ohh!

Billie:  Ohh! Well, that's progress. Little snippy, but progress.

[Christy gasps]

Xar:  Uhh!

Billie:  Christy. 

Phoebe:  [Gasp] The Triad.

Billie:  How did this happen? I mean, why couldn't I stop him?

Phoebe:  Because you just couldn't.  I couldn't, either. He was in there waiting for her.

Piper:  And you're sure it was The Triad?

Phoebe:  Well, it's not the kind of robe you find at Nordstrom's, you know?

Piper:  So I don't understand. The guys that kidnapped her 15 years ago were just front men?

44095B41.JPGPhoebe:  Well, It kinda makes sense, especially if she's the key to the power.

Piper:  Which if The Triad gets, we're screwed.

Billie:  Well, who cares? All I care about is getting her back before they...

Phoebe: They won't hurt her. They need her.

Piper:  We just need to get her back before they get whatever it is they're after.

Billie:  I still don't understand why those demons warned us about them.

Piper:  Well, they don't want The Triad 44095B54.JPGtaking over any more than we do. They probably thought we would take them out.

Phoebe:  You know, this might be the fight that the Angel of Destiny was talking about. And if we win...

Piper:  We could get Leo back.

44095B6E.JPGPhoebe:  Ok. Well, I'm gonna start by checking into that guy that broke into my apartment.

Billie:  You really think he's part of this?

Phoebe:  Yes!

Piper:  We're gonna get your sister back, Billie, one way or another.

Billie:  And Leo, too.

demon #1:  She's the ultimate power?

Xar:  Doubtful. She was too easy to take. More likely an unsuspecting conduit. Still, as long as we have her, The Triad doesn't.

demon #1:  Do you really think The Charmed Ones will go after them instead of us?

Xar:  Shh! 44095B88.JPG [Whispering]  That's the plan. 

demon #1:  But what if they don't?

Xar:  Then we're dead. But that's still better than having to answer to The Triad.  Ah! Finally waking, are we? Care to tell us what you know about the ultimate power?

No! Aah! 44095B9D.JPG [Gasp]

Xar:  Spunky. But you'll talk... eventually.

Phoebe:  [Gasp] Uhh! I knew it.

Cupid:  Well, took you long enough. Unh!  [Groaning] Ha ha... well, love is never having to say you're sorry.

Phoebe:  Unh! 

Cupid:  Well, That's nice. Very nice. Ok, now... you lie awake at night. You're afraid that you may never find love again. 44095BCD.JPGThe best years of your life lost, battling for the greater good, but at the cost of starting your own family.  Well, that ought to do it.

Phoebe:  Aah! Oh!

Cupid:  You don't need to fight me, Phoebe. I'm on your side.

Phoebe:  Like Hell, you are.

Cupid:  Just sit down, ok? Listen, now you were just thinkin' how you lay awake at night, right? How you're afraid that you may never find love again? 44095BEC.JPGUm, it's not fair, really. I already know I'm right.

Phoebe:  Who are you?

Cupid:  I'm Cupid. I'm one of them anyway. You can call me Coop.

Phoebe:  [Laughing] That's just great, Coop, but you know what? I don't have the time for this because I need to go find my sisters.

Cupid:  You always say that, and that is exactly why I'm here. You always think 44095C01.JPGthat you have time for love.  You know, that's why the elders sent me.  They feel guilty, you know? About how everything got all messed up after they enlisted you.  So they sent me down to help you get things back on track.

Phoebe:  Oh! Ok.  Well, you know what? I don't need help finding true love.

Cupid:  Apparently you do.

Phoebe:  Excuse me?!

Cupid:  You didn't even notice me at the cafe.

Phoebe:  Oh, well, you know what?  I didn't notice you at the cafe because you're--pff! You are just not cute.

Cupid:  Hmm.  No, I'm cute. You're resistant.

Phoebe:  Oh!

Cupid:  Now, come on. How you gonna have that future child that you were promised unless you find love first? Right?

Phoebe:  That's still possible?

Cupid:  Not only is it possible, it's destined. We are gonna have to hurry.

44095C2D.JPGPhoebe:  But my star charts--

Cupid:  All wonky. [ Chuckles ] I'm sorry.  Your math stinks. Anyway, I'll show you about that later. First, we're gonna heal your heart.

Phoebe:  No. First, I need to go kill some demons because if I don't, none of this is gonna matter, ok?

Cupid:  [ Chuckles ] Wait. You're resisting.

Phoebe:  You know what? You can take that bow and arrow and shove it up your, uh... and don't even try to freeze me because I will vanquish you.

Cupid:  44095C44.JPGOoh! Well, this is gonna be tougher than I thought.

Paige:  Hey, Henry, can you please do me a huge favor? I need you to call everybody on the list for our party and cancel.

Henry:  Ca--Paige, we can't cancel on them. It's tomorrow night.

Paige:  Look, there might not be a tomorrow night for us, ok? I have to deal with The Triad.

Henry:  The Triad. Right, The Triad. You know, I just thought... I thought we were 44095C61.JPGworking on it.

Paige:  Well, I thought we were working on it, too. But, sadly, they've come back. Can you please just make the call?

Henry:  Ok. All right. Yes, ma'am.

Paige:  Hey, there. How's it goin'?

Piper:  Not good. There's no known way to vanquish them.

Paige:  Well, that's, um... really great news. Do you think it's odd that they went after Christy and didn't even try to fight us? 44095C7A.JPG.

Piper:  No.  The Triad thinks she's the key to what they want, and once they get it, we may be obsolete.

Billie: Power of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies. Come to us who call you now...

Paige:  How long has she been doing that?

Piper:  Since we've been up here, and she's working on an enhancing potion to make the spell stronger.

Paige:  Hmm. Um... Billie, the thing is, 44095C90.JPGif that spell hasn't worked by now, it's not gonna work.

Billie:  Well, I don't know what else to do. I have to do something.

Paige:  We're gonna get her back. Ok? I'm gonna go 44095CA6.JPGscry.

Billie:  Power of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies. Come to us who call you near,  come to us and settle here.

Christy:  You have no idea who you're dealing with!

Xar:  I may not know exactly who you are, but I know you have something The Triad's been wanting for a very long time. And it brings me untold joy to think that I'll ruin their plan just as it's about to reach fruition.

Christy:  Let me out of here!

demon #1:  We're not going to get anything out of her.

Xar:  No matter. We just need to hold onto her until the battle 44095CBD.JPGbetween The Charmed Ones and The Triad is over.  Then we'll see who's left standing. Unh!

[Christy screaming]

demon #1: Aah!

Christy:  [Breathing hard] Now it's your turn.  [Panting]

Billie:  Christy?

Christy:  Wh-what happened?

Billie:  It worked! Oh!

Christy:  I--I was in a cage. Um, I got out, but then they came after me again... and then I was here.

Piper:  What did they want? Did they say? 44095CEF.JPG

Christy: I don't know. I was scared.

Billie:  It's ok. You're safe now.

Piper:  Well, The Triad is gonna figure out where she is sooner or later. We need to stop them while we have a chance.

Paige:  Ok, I'm gonna go get Phoebe.

Piper:  Are you ok?

Christy:  Yeah. I just need to lie down.

Billie:  Yeah, come on. Let's go.

Christy:  No, it's ok. You stay here and help her. I'll be fine.

Christy:  Somebody's impersonating you.

Asmodeus:What do you mean, impersonating us? How do you know?

Christy:  Will you keep your voice down? I don't want them to find us together. 44095D2C.JPG

Candor:  I always said this plan was taking too long. We should just attack The Charmed Ones while we're here.

Asmodeus:  No. We don't have the power yet.

Baliel:  And we're not strong enough without it.

Candor:  We don't know that.  Besides, someone's 44095E73.JPGalready exposed us.

Asmodeus:  The real question is, who?

Baliel:  Who else? It has to be Xar.

Christy:  Xar? Who is Xar?

Asmodeus:  A demon who was once one of us.

Candor:  But one whom we banished. 

Baliel:  And one who's been looking to avenge that for decades.  He's the only one who knows our ways and our desires.

Candor:  So, what? He's been sabotaging us?

Asmodeus:  Undoubtedly, so he won't have to answer to us.  Xar would do anything to keep that from happening.


Christy:  Well, he may have already succeeded. The Charmed Ones are after you now.  Which means I may never get Billie back.

Asmodeus:  Yes, you will, just as we promised.  You're still the key, and you're still in perfect position.

Baliel:  You're her sister, Christy. Soon, you will show her the way.

Candor:  If we can stop Xar from doing any more damage.

Billie:  Hey! How'd it go? 44095EB9.JPGWas the hot guy a Triad?

Phoebe:  He's worse. He's a cupid.

Billie:  A what?!

Phoebe:  A cupid. The elders sent him down here to help me find true love. How insulting is that?!

Paige:  Well, maybe they figure they owe you.

Piper:  Well, I wish they'd help with The Triads first because I have no idea how to vanquish them.

Paige:  Well, what did Cole do?

Phoebe:  Well, I don't know. He was a really powerful demon. 44095ECD.JPGProbably just as powerful as they were.  You know what? Cole was my longest relationship. Is that pathetic, or what?

Piper:  Actually, you might be onto something. Maybe we need a demon to vanquish them.

Billie:  Are you kidding? Where are we gonna find one of those?

Piper:  Well, I don't think we'd need to if we just get The Triads to kill each other.

Paige:  Uh...how do you propose we do that?

Piper:  I don't know. I'm makin' 44095EE1.JPGthis up as I go.

Phoebe:  Well, what if we don't get them all?

Piper: I don't think we need to. If we just kill one, then we weaken the collective.

Paige:  Kind of like us.

Piper: Exactly.

Phoebe:  It's still dicey.

Piper: Dicey's all we got.

Billie:  Well, we better do something fast, or we're not gonna be able to save Christy.

Paige:  Or Leo, for that matter. I mean, if The Triad really is the big threat.

Phoebe:  And we're in 44095EF5.JPGfor a huge battle.

Piper:  Which means, I need to get the kids out of here.

Paige:  Oh, and I need to go see Henry.

Piper:  No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. Can it wait?

Paige:  No, it can't. Look, if something happens to me, I don't want the last thing Henry remembers about us is arguing.

Piper:  Well, we don't have a lot of time.

Paige:  I need to do this. Sorry.

Piper:  Hurry. 

[Dropping pebbles]

Xar:  How did you find me?

Asmodeus:  The witch led us to you, Xar. You should have killed her while you had the chance. 44095F0E.JPG

Xar:  You know me better than that, Asmodeus. I wanted to find out why you needed her.  You look tired, old friend. The stress of so many years on the run, no doubt.

Candor:  Those days are behind us.

Xar:  Perhaps. But the days ahead 44095F26.JPGare few, thanks to me.  You'll never save yourselves from The Charmed Ones.

Baliel:  That remains to be seen.

Xar:  Does it? If you had the power to take them on, you would have done so by now. You need more... but now it's too late.

Asmodeus:  Your hubris has always been your undoing, Xar, even in the end.

Xar:  See you in the wasteland.

Baliel:  He's right. The Charmed Ones will be coming for us, and without the power, 44095F45.JPGwe'll never be able to beat them.

Candor:  We don't know that! Besides, we only have to take one out to weaken their Power of Three.

Baliel:  But that's our weakness, too. That's why we embarked on the plan all those years ago to use Christy. Without the power, we are too closely matched to ensure success.

Candor:  We don't have a choice now, do we? It's kill or be killed now.

Paige:  Ahh...Henry.

Henry:  Hey. 44095F68.JPG

Paige:  Hey.

Henry:  What're you doin' here?

Paige:  Uh, I need to talk to you.

Henry:  Ok.

Paige:  Will you come with me?

Henry:  Sure. Wait. Is there something wrong?  Are you all right?

Paige:  Eh, I'm ok. Uh, no, not really. Um, I just really wanted to see you just in case...

Henry:  Wait, wait, wait, Paige. What's wrong?

Paige:  We're going up against The Triad.

Henry:  What does that mean? 44095F82.JPG

Paige:  Well, it means if we win this battle, it'll be a very, very good thing, and we can get Leo back, and everything'll be super happy and perfect, and I won't even care if you leave the cap off the toothpaste.

Henry:  What if you don't win? All right, I'm going with you. We-- we'll do it together. I can't sit here and do nothing.

Paige:  You can't. It has to be just the 3 of us.

Henry:  All right. 44095F9F.JPG When you get back I'm  gonna marry you as soon as I can. At the engagement party.

Paige:  You were supposed to cancel that.

Henry:  I guess I didn't.

Cupid:  Hey!

Phoebe:  [Gasp] You scared me.

Cupid:  I'm sorry. So, when are we gonna get started?

Phoebe:  Don't you have someone else's love life to meddle in?

Cupid:  Mmm...nope. I'm all yours. I mean, yeah, sure, normally, we've got 44095FCA.JPG40, 50 jobs, but the Elders thought that you deserve to have me all to yourself.

Phoebe:  Lucky me!

[Cupid chuckles]

Phoebe:  Uh, you know what? I'm just really busy right now, and I have big issues to deal with, so...

44095FE0.JPGCupid:  yeah, I know. I know. And, uh, you're gonna get through this. And then we're gonna get to work.

Phoebe:  Has anyone ever told you that you are a big pain in the butt?

Cupid:  Mmm...no. I'm a cupid. Hey... good luck.

Phoebe:  Anything?

Billie:  Well, we think they're at magic school. We found a very high concentration of energy there.

Phoebe:  So that means we have to fight them there?

Paige:  Does it really matter where we fight them?

Piper:  Ok, let's go over the plan again.

Paige:  Divide and conquer, right?   That's the plan.

Phoebe:  So that I can draw out their power... 44096001.JPG

Piper:  And I will freeze one of them.

Phoebe:  They are upper level demons, so they won't freeze for long.

Paige:  They only have to stay frozen long enough for me to orb the last one into position.

Billie:  You know, do you guys think I should go with you? I mean, my projection power could really help.

Phoebe:  No, you have to stay here and protect your sister.  And you also have to call the Elders if we don't come back.

44096012.JPGPiper:  Ready?

Paige:  Nope, but let's do it anyway.

Billie:  Whatever happens, we're gonna stick together.

Christy:  Yeah, right. Of course. That's what sisters are for, right?

Phoebe:  Ok, how are we supposed to divide and conquer that?

Paige:  Maybe we should try to blast 'em while they're distracted.

Piper:  I don't think it'll even faze them.

Phoebe:  I'll distract 'em.

Piper:  Too late. 440960EF.JPGOh!

Paige:  Oh!

Piper: Phoebe?

Phoebe:  Yeah?

Piper:  Go!

Candor:  I've got her!

Asmodeus:  No! We're stronger together!

Paige:  Hey!

Piper:  Yoo-hoo!  Paige, now.

Paige:  Triad guy.

Asmodeus:  No!

Beliel:  No!

Phoebe:  Looking for me?

Paige:  You ok?

Phoebe:  Yeah. I can't believe we did it.

Piper:  Well, 2 out of 3.

Paige:  Well, that's all we needed, right? That means we won. 4409612C.JPG

Piper:  Well, if we won, where's Leo?  I mean, he should be here. I don't understand what went wrong.

Phoebe:  Maybe nothing. Maybe there's a bigger threat out there.

Piper:  I don't understand. What could possibly be a bigger threat than The Triad?

Christy:  Is everything ok?

Phoebe:  Well, yeah. We got The Triad... but we do think that there's a bigger threat out there.

Christy:  Did they say that?

Piper:  No. They didn't have to. Leo would be here. 4409614C.JPG

Billie:  I'm so sorry, Piper.

Paige:  You know, you're gonna get Leo back.

Piper:  Well, in the meantime, we have an engagement to celebrate.

Paige:  Oh. Well... I've been thinking about that, actually. And I will do it on one condition. If we can just turn it into a wedding instead.

Christy:  What are we supposed to do now?

Candor:  We stay the course.

Christy:  But how without the others?

Candor:  It was never about us. It was 44096178.JPGalways about you.  [Sighs] We've taught you all we know, shown you the way. Now you must go forward alone to fulfill your destiny-- to unite with the ultimate power.

Christy:  Billie.

Candor:  This isn't the course either one of us wanted to take, but we don't have a choice now. The end result is all that matters. You must save your sister.

Piper:  Well, absolutely. Although, it is 440961A9.JPGkind of short notice.  I might need some magical assistance.

Phoebe:  Let's do it.

Billie:  Christy, what's wrong?

Christy:  Oh, nothing. I'm fine.

Phoebe:  Are you nervous?

Paige:  Surprisingly, no.

Piper:  You're not ready.

Paige:  I...am just kind of stunned this is happening.  [Laughs]

Phoebe:  Well, believe it.

Piper:  Sure you don't want to wear my dress?

Paige:  Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Piper:  All right.  Let's go conjure you a very special dress.

Henry:  Hey, Wyatt.  How are ya? What are ya doin'? You want cake, 440961F7.JPGdon't you?  I want cake, too.  Go ahead. You can have that.  Let me get my own. Is it good?

Wyatt:  Yeah.

Henry:  All right. Here. Take another one real quick. Quick, before anyone sees.

Wyatt:  Ok.

Henry:  Yeah. All right.  Let's go before anyone sees.

Hi, everybody... here you go.  Now stand right over here.  There you go, buddy.

Billie:  So, how you feel?

Christy:  Like I'm ready 44096215.JPGto take on the world.

Phoebe:  I wish Leo was here.

Piper:  He is.

Phoebe:  Oh!

Cupid: Sorry. How's it goin'?

Phoebe:  Did someone invite you here?

Cupid:  What, are you kidding me? I love weddings.

Henry:  You look beautiful.

Paige:  And you look very handsome.

Minister:  Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Henry and Paige in holy matrimony in the presence of family and friends... The union of 2 lives as one is a sacred bond, 4409626D.JPGboth solemn and joyful, embracing all that you are and all that you will be. On this day of your marriage, know that everything that we love deeply becomes part of us. The trick is learning to receive this love with as much understanding as you give it, and knowing this, you can begin a life together with an open mind and heart.

Paige:  And I vow to honor, to love, and to cherish you each and every day.

Henry:  Through all the seasons 44096296.JPGof life, the good times, the bad times, I vow to cherish you each and every day.

Paige:  I do.

Henry:  I do.

Henry:  You may now kiss the bride.

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