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Charmed Transcript

"12 Angry Zen" Episode: #8.14 - 12 February 2006

Contributed by Suzanne

Billie:  The night my sister was taken, it was raining outside.  It was the last time I ever saw her.

Previously on "Charmed"...

Phoebe:  It's not going to do your sister any good if you get killed trying to find her.

Billie:  Now it's about bringing her home safely.

Helen:  It's Christy's diary.

Piper:  Still, something pretty extreme must have happened between the two of you.  What were you feeling?  Love, maybe?

Paige:  Do you believe in magic? I'm doing that right now.

Henry:  How?

Piper:  It's just our screwed-up destiny. I have to lose you to save you.

When you go away on a long trip, it's the little things you miss.

Phoebe:  Sweetie, he's not on a long trip. He's frozen. 43FEC858.JPG

Piper:  Not for long.

Phoebe:  Piper, you're not dealing.

Piper:  You're not helping.



[Pop pop]

Novak:  Enough! Stop!

Zodiac 1:  Each year you try, each year you fail.   Wresting the staff from sacred hands is the goal of a fool, Novak.

Zodiac 2:  And we will always protect the eternal cycle. You should know that by now.

Novak:  Except to do that you have to be lucky every year. To get it, I only have to be lucky once.


Phoebe:  Did you give this 43FEC893.JPGto me last year, or did I give this to you? I can't remember. Hello.  Earth to Piper.

Piper: Hey, that's my TIVO.  You can't take that.

Phoebe:  No, I'm not... taking. I'm asking. And are you sure it's yours? Because it has all my season passes on it.

Piper:  Whatever.  Just take it. I don't have time to watch anything anyway except for Sponge Bob.

Phoebe:  Where are my beautiful nephews anyway?

Piper:  Dad is taking them to Marineland.

Phoebe:  Really? Oh, that's great.  Cool.

Piper: No, I should be taking them to Marineland. You know, their mother.

Phoebe:  Well, why aren't you?

Piper: Because I have to defrost my husband somehow.

Phoebe:  Right. Any leads?

Piper: No, but I'm hoping to find some by magically divining for them, but it's not working. 43FEC8C4.JPG

Phoebe:  Well, what is it supposed to do?

Piper: It's supposed to give me some sort of sign, you know, pick up some magical chatter about what we're up against.

Phoebe:  Sounds like a stretch.

Piper: Well, you know, you work with what you got.

Phoebe:  You know, maybe if you took a little break.

Piper:  No, I don't need a break. I need to find out who we're up against so we're prepared.

Phoebe:  OK.  Then I should help you.

Piper: No, no, no no no.  I don't want to drag you back into this. 43FEC8D8.JPGI want you to go to your new place and enjoy it and enjoy your new life.

Phoebe:  Yeah, but, Piper, I'm not--

Piper: No buts! I gave the same speech to Paige. This is not your burden to bear. It's mine.

Phoebe:  Yeah, but you can't do it by yourself.

Piper: No, you're right, I can't. And when the battle to end all battles happens, I will call ya. Now this goes in your car.

Phoebe:  Piper, wait!

[Doorbell rings]

Phoebe:  Coming!

Billie:  Ha ha!  Housewarming gift!

Phoebe:  Oh, Billie, you're such a sweetie.

Billie:  Oh, look at you. Styling in the city. Can you believe it?

Phoebe:  Actually, I can't. It's so amazing. I-I keep knocking on the bathroom door just out of habit.

Billie:  Yeah, but you must love it.

Phoebe:  I haven't been in here long enough to love it, but I will. Even though I'll miss my sisters... and my nephews.

Billie:  Yeah, 43FECA29.JPGbut not the demons.

Phoebe:  They will find me here. Trust me. Speaking of which, how's the search going?

Billie: Ah, it's not really going. I had a little bit of a brain freeze, so I just wanted to let it go for a bit. Do you wanna go to the movies?

Phoebe:  You know what?  I would love to, but I need to stay here, settle in, unpack, maybe meet the neighbors. Just get used to being alone.

Billie:  Yeah, I know what you mean. 43FECA41.JPG

Phoebe:  OK.  Hey, do you know anything about magically divining?

Billie:  Are you kidding? Tons, why?

Phoebe:  Well, Piper is trying to do it, but it hasn't been successful for her, and she thinks it's the key to finding Leo. So, I don't know, maybe you could help her?

Billie:  Oh, yeah, totally. I could help her.

Phoebe:  Now?

Billie:  Oh...oh, yeah, OK.

Phoebe:  Great.

Billie:  All right.

Phoebe:  That's so sweet. She'll really appreciate it. Thanks for the plant. Bye. Stop by anytime. Ohh!

Paige:  43FECA64.JPGOoh...

Phoebe:  Paige, you scared me.

Paige:  well, you told me I could stop by anytime.

Phoebe:  Yeah, I meant like a normal person. You know, knock first. Oh, Paige, don't be like that.

[Knock on door]

Paige:  Is that better?

Phoebe:  Much. Thank you.

Paige:  Ok, here's my thing.  All right? I'm just completely freaking out about this whole magic thing.

Phoebe:  Freaking out how?

Paige:  I told him about the whole big secret thing 43FECA83.JPGthinking it would bring us closer, and it's kinda pushing us farther apart.

Phoebe:  Well, he's probably just overwhelmed, you know?

Paige:  Yeah, I'm sure he is. He keeps asking me all these questions, and they're valid questions-- You know, why aren't we using our powers to bring about world peace or end poverty and famine? He's not getting that it's not that easy.

Phoebe:  Well, just be patient with him. And maybe try not to explain it from a magical 43FECA9B.JPGperspective.  You know, try to use terms that he understands. You know, keep it simple.

Paige:  Hmm...I think I might do that. Thank you. Can I orb?

Phoebe:  Yes, please. Ohh... free at last. 43FECAB1.JPG

[Doorbell rings]

Phoebe:  Now what?

Man:  Hi, I just wanted to RSVP for the housewarming party.

demon:  It's time.

Novak:  [Sighs] Where am I?

demon:  Magic school. Demons control it now. Much has changed in a year, Novak.

Novak:  When's the ceremony? 43FECAF6.JPG

demon:  Tonight. But after decades of trying, this time I think you'll finally be able to wrest control of the staff from the zodiacs.

Novak:  I better. I tire of conserving my strength for this one chance every year. Are you tracking Rooster?

demon:  No. Lo Pan.

Novak:  You're supposed to be following the zodiac before he43FECB0B.JPG hands it off. Not some lowly servant.

demon:  But that servant is responsible for where the hand-off occurs. He alone knows the location of the sacred garden. Rooster will be the first to arrive. And when he does, we'll be waiting for him.

Piper:  Billie, what are you doing up here?

Billie:  Oh, just helping you out. Phoebe sent me. You know, I-I went over to her new place, and she just wanted to be alone, and I was just gettin' all in there and putting my feet on everything and wanting to hang out, but she sent me here.

Piper:  Whoa...tangent. Don't you have your own demons to slay?

Billie:  Yeah, but I'm kinda tired of my obsession, so I thought I'd join in on yours. 43FECB27.JPG You know, misery loves company.

Piper:  Mm-hmm.  So, what are you doing?

Billie:  I'm grinding up payatha root.  You know, I don't think you used enough. Divinations can be very very temperamental. You have to use just the right amount to catch cosmic signals.

Piper:  You know, you're gettin' pretty good at this.

Billie:  Well, I had good teachers. All right, let's see if you missed any signs. Stand back. Bingo.

Piper:  Are you sure this is right?

Billie:  Yeah, I backtracked the sign 43FECB55.JPGall the way to here, but I gotta say I was thinking more of a Buddhist temple, not some same-day laundry.

Piper:  [Sighs] Well, maybe we should just forget it.

Billie:  No, we were brought here. Come on, Piper. The sign brought us here for a reason.

Piper:  Listen, I'm supposed to be the mature and wise one, so knock it off. 43FECB65.JPG


Lo Pan:  May I help you?  You're here for pick-up?

Piper:  Uh, no. Actually, we were just admiring your sign out front.

Lo Pan:  Oh, the eternal cycle. It represents the sacred chain of life. Uh..Have you seen it before?

Piper:  That's why we're here.

Lo Pan:  I see. So you have an interest in signs, do you?

Piper:  Yeah. Gemini, Libra, Leo. 43FECB8A.JPG

Lo Pan:  Are you sure you don't mean Monkey, Rooster, or Tiger, like your friend here?

Billie:  Excuse me?

Piper:  Chinese zodiac, right?

Lo Pan:  You've answered my call, and not a moment too soon.

Piper:  Uh, no, I think we've got our wires crossed. Somehow, 'cause I'm just looking to save a husband.

Lo Pan:  And now you're here to help save us all. But you must hurry now or all will be l43FECBCC.JPGost.

Billie:  Whoa, what was that?

Piper:  Forget it, Jenkins. It's Chinatown.

Lo Pan:  Don't let him get the staff!

Billie:  Your turn.

Lo Pan:  This has never happened before. A Zodiac dying. It's now on you to protect the staff.

Piper:  Look, really, mister, no offense, but I'm just trying to save my husband, not some stick.

Lo Pan:  This is not a stick.  It is Buddha's mystical staff, and it must be passed to the next Zodiac at the new year, or the eternal cycle ends.

Billie:  All right, before we hit exposition city here, what's with the laundry on the outside, and then this crazy green place on the inside?

Lo Pan:  This sacred garden has served for centuries as the sanctuary for the ceremonial passing of the staff. It has been my family's honor to find a place for its existence each and every year.

Piper:  So, it's just my luck a demon tries to take it this year?

Lo Pan:  Not just this year. He's been trying for many years, when it is vulnerable as it is now. That is why I sent out the call for help. And that is why you came.

Piper:  No, really, seriously, 43FECD4F.JPGI was looking for something totally different.

Lo Pan:  You must be a buffalo.

Piper:  Excuse me?

Billie:  I think he's talking about your sign.

Piper:  Hang on a second. She gets a tiger and I'm some stinking buffalo?

Lo Pan:  If you know the Zodiacs, you know we do not choose who we are born to. Each influences us with different gifts to keep the eternal cycle alive. But if a demon steals the staff before it is passed, then the cycle ends. 43FECD6C.JPGAnd it won't be the Zodiacs who influence, but evil instead. Not a world your husband would want to be saved for, I trust?

Piper:  All right.  What would you like us to do?

Lo Pan:  Protect the staff until it is passed to the new Zodiac. But you must be of clear mind so as not to unduly influence those around you with your personality. 43FECD84.JPG

[Billie scoffs]

Billie:  I'm sorry, I'm just imagining a lot of obsessing.

 Piper:  Uh-huh, that's cute, that's very cute.

Billie:  Um..

Lo Pan:  You must leave now before they come back. Use all your power to protect it if you have to.

Billie:  Maybe you should call Paige and phoebe. 43FECD9A.JPG

Piper:  You better believe it. Do you know anything about this demon?

Lo Pan:  No, but I have a record of his past attacks.

Billie:  Well, I could take a look at them, maybe I9ll figure something out.

Lo Pan:  Perhaps you'll find out something out about yourself along the way, Billie.

Billie:  How do you know my name?

Lo Pan:  This is a magical place, one where questions will have answers, if you're open to it. You'll see.

[Billie and Piper chuckle]

Piper:  So, when does the ceremony begin?

Lo Pan:  At midnight.

Piper:  Naturally. 

demon:  The staff is lost.  We have no choice but to wait another year.

Novak:  We're not waiting.  Why should we?

demon:  Because the witches--

Novak:  Merely delayed the inevitable.  After all, progress has been made. Unprecedented progress. A Zodiac is dead which means they as a whole are weakened. And the staff is out of sacred hands for the first time ever.

demon:  Still, now they know we're coming.

Novak:  They always know we're coming.   You underestimated Lo Pan. Do not...underestimate me.

demon:  With all due respect, the servant won't keep the staff in the garden now. Not until the hand-off. We'll never find it in time. 43FECDE3.JPG

Novak:  We won't have to. The Zodiacs will find it for us. We'll let it be known what's happened. What Lo Pan's done. They'll come out of hiding to get their precious staff back. Trust me.

demon:  Then all we have to do is track them.

Novak:  See? Progress.

Paige:  All right, Henry, I uh, have to say I've been doing some thinking.

Henry:  Uh-oh.  About what?

Paige:  Well, here's the deal. I have a plan... 43FECE04.JPGyou know, for us.

Henry:  I thought we were doing pretty well.

Paige:  Yeah, definitely, except for, you know, when the 'M' word kinda comes up. Um, things starting getting a little bit, uh --

Henry:  Weird.

Paige:  Yeah, exactly.  But everything else is obviously going well. You're even finishing my sentences.   But, um... Ah, okay.  Step into my office.  Have a seat.

Henry:  On this?

Paige:  Yes.   You can fit, I'm pretty sure.

Henry:  Barely.

Paige:  Ok... stay with me here. You deal with criminals. Ok, drug dealers, burglars, murderers. Me, I deal with demons. Kazis, creepers, gremlocks. I could go on and on. But the point is, they're very similar. Criminals bad, demons bad.

Henry:  Is it snack time yet, Miss Matthews?

Paige:  Henry.

Henry:  Look, I know what you're trying to say, okay? But what I don't understand, is if-if you have all these powers, 43FECE44.JPGwhy you don't use them.

Paige:  I do use them.

Henry:  No, no, no, not on demons. I'm talking about hunger. I'm talking about the poor, the homeless. My criminals, my bad guys.

Paige:  It's really, actually, not that simple.

Henry:  But why? Who says? I mean, I-I'm-I'm not trying to make you feel bad, okay?  But I don't understand. If-if there's magic in the world, why you don't use it to just save the world. 43FECE5D.JPG

[Cell phone]

Henry:  This is the second one. I have to take this.  We'll figure it out later.

Paige:  Yeah, that went swimmingly.

Piper:  Paige, great. You're here.  What's this?

Paige:  The answer to my problems.

Piper:  Well, we have bigger problems, trust me.  Buddha's staff--the demons want it.  We need the book.

Paige:  Sorry.  No can do. I have to help Henry.

Piper:  No no no.  Hang on a second.  Whoa. I thought the words Buddha and demons would give you the hint that I need your help.

Paige:  No, not really. Bye. I have to help Henry now.

Piper:  But--but-- what are you looking at?

Lo Pan:  Any luck?

Billie:  Are you kidding?  I can't make sense of any of this stuff.

Lo Pan:  That's because you're using your eyes and not your powers.

Billie:  Well, how can telekinesis help me?

Lo Pan:  I'm talking about your other power. The one you have yet to master. 43FECE9B.JPGThe one you need to master if you truly want answers.

Billie:  Answers? You mean to help me find the demon?

Lo Pan:  And to finding your sister. I told you this place was magical.

Billie:  Yeah, and a little creepy.

Lo Pan:  We are all led to where we need to be, Billie. And so you have been led here. But before you can help the eternal cycle, you must help yourself.

Billie:  Ok, so what can you tell me about Christy? 43FECEB8.JPG

Lo Pan:  I can tell you nothing. Only Christy can tell you about Christy. And only you have the power to seek those answers.

Billie:  But I can't even control my projection power. I haven't even used it since I knew I had it. The sisters think it's way too dangerous.

Lo Pan:  When used out of control, yes.

Billie:  So?  Can you help me control it?

Lo Pan:  Come. That pejing tree is a simple living creature within the world surrounding us. And like all things, 43FECED8.JPGit follows a cycle, and it's nearing its end. But you have the power to see its cycle at the beginning again. To project what you will upon it. Focus on the tree, Billie. Reach within yourself, to your power. See what you want to see. Look.

Billie:  I did that?

Lo Pan:  And you can do more than that. You can see your sister.

Piper:  Hello? 

[Male voice] The staff belongs to us.

Piper:  And you would be?

Zodiac #1:  We are the zodiacs.

Piper:  We?  [Clears throat]

Zodiac #1:  The staff... for your life.

Zodiac #1:  The staff.

Piper:  Okay, look.  Now, there's nothing I'd love better than to get rid of this thing, but--

Zodiac #1:  Kill her!

43FECFD1.JPGPiper:  Yeah, that's ugly. Ok, hang on. There's no need to fight. How would you guys like your staff in pieces? One for each of you?

Zodiac #1:  Maybe we should just... talk about this.

Piper:  Talk fast.

Billie:  [Groans] Can't I just sit in a chair?

Lo Pan:  Stop resisting. Just relax. Now, what happened the first time you tried to use this new power of yours?

Billie:  Hmm...Well, I turned my parents into assassins.

Lo Pan:  Oh...I see. All the more reason to focus completely on what you wish to project this time, what you truly wish to find. 43FED000.JPG

Billie:  Well, after 15 years, I want to find my big sister.

Lo Pan:  That's practical, not emotional. That's not how your power works. Think, deep down... what is it that you truly want?

Billie:  Well, I--I want to see Christy. I want to know what she's been going through all these years.

Lo Pan:  All right. Then concentrate on that. Allow the world that surrounds you to disappear. Allow time to be nothing but an idea.

Billie:  Don't bend the spoon-- 43FED024.JPGimagine there is no spoon?

[Lo Pan clears throat]

Billie:  Sorry.

Lo Pan:  Think of only Christy... of seeing her again... of where she went... of understanding. Let your power take you where you need to go. Now.

Billie:  Lo Pan? Where are you? Oh, what is going on? Lo Pan? Who's there? Christy, is that you? It's ok. I'm not going to hurt you. Unbelievable.

Zodiac #1:  We do not wish to harm you. 43FED07A.JPGWe thought you had stolen the sacred staff.

Piper:  Don't you guys talk to each other? Lo Pan? The guy that gave me this to protect.

Zodiac #1:  Lo Pan is just a servant. He only speaks when spoken to.

Piper:  Well, maybe you should speak to him more often, considering he seems to know more about this than you do.

Zodiac #1:  He should have hidden the sacred garden better from the demons.

Piper:  Maybe so. But if he hadn't anticipated the attack, I wouldn't be 43FED094.JPGholding this right now, now would I?

Zodiac #1:  Point taken.

Piper:  So, I take it you guys heard about Chicken.

Zodiac #1:  Rooster. And, yes, we sensed it. That's why we were so afraid the staff had been stolen. The moment it was out of his hands we began tracking it... to you.

Piper:  Ok. Well, would you like it back? 43FED0B2.JPG

Zodiac #1:  No. It is forbidden until the new year. I am Dog. The next in line for the staff.

Piper:  So, can't one of your other Zodiacs hold it for you until then?

Zodiac #1:  No.  It would upset the eternal cycle, change the balance of all things.

Piper:  Great.  Well, what would you like me to do with it?

Novak:  I'll take it.

Piper:  Oh, no...you again.

Novak:  Yep.  Me again.

Zodiac #1:  Go!  You must protect the staff.

Piper:  What about my house?

Zodiac #1:  Only the staff matters.  Go!

Piper:  Paige!

Paige:  Well, last stop on our orbing world tour.  Golden Gate Bridge.  Bet you've never seen it from this angle, huh?

Henry:  Oh...Are you nuts? W-w-what are we doing here now?

Paige:  Well, you have some questions, and I am just trying to facilitate some answers.

Henry:  How?

Paige:  I told you about The Elders, right? And if I call them down here, they can maybe explain this whole thing a little more in-depth.

Henry:  Just slow down a little, ok, because m-m-my head's still spinning.

Paige:  I'm just trying to help you understand me and the whole shebang 43FED0F8.JPGthat kinda goes along with me, right?  And I just figured what better way than to orb you all around the world, to really see things first-hand.

Henry:  I don't know what's gotten into you.

[Phone rings]

Paige:  Oh, hold that thought. Hello? 43FED106.JPG

Piper:  Paige, where are you?  I need your help.

Paige:  Well, at the moment, Henry needs my help a little bit more.

Piper:  Would you forget about Henry for one second. This is bad.

Paige:  Really? How bad?

Piper:  Things stop spinning bad. If the demon gets the staff, the eternal cycle ends, then  something, and the world turns evil.  I don't know.

Paige:  Hmm...world turning evil or my relationship ending? I gotta say, that's kind of a tough choice.

Piper:  Tough choice? What the hell is 43FED121.JPGthe matter with you?

Paige:  Well, nothing is the matter with me. I'm just really focused on Henry.

Piper:  When did you become so obsessive? That is my deal.

Paige:  I guess it is, but maybe I learned from the best, big sis.

Henry:  Aah! Ahh, Ahh!

Paige:  Oh my goodness.  Henry just fell off the bridge. I'm gonna have to call you back.

Piper:  No, no, no, I need you to meet-- great... that's just... that's great. Great. Don't make me come back there! 43FED139.JPG

Paige:  You ok? Huh.  Where were we? Such a great view. You should really to enjoy it more.


Phoebe:  Anyone need a refill? You ok? Enjoying yourselves? Ok, good. Ooh, I hear laughter. That's good. Laughter means happy people. There you go. Ooh! I'm so sorry.

Man:  That's all right.  It's really nice of you to put this thing together for everyone.

Phoebe:  Yeah, well, I just wanted to meet all my neighbors. 43FED15E.JPGI'm so happy to be living here, you have no idea. Really, it's like I'm free.

Man:  I can tell. I'm, uh, glad you're living here, too.

Phoebe:  Oh.

[Doorbell rings]

Phoebe:  Oh, excuse me. Hi, Piper. I wasn't expecting to see you here. What--

Piper:  Hey, how you all doing? Be right back. Listen, we have a problem, one you'll help with whether you like it or not.

Phoebe:  Wait, no.  Piper, I can't. 43FED17B.JPGI have to focus on my party.

Piper:  Are you kidding me? Listen, I am tired of babysitting this thing by myself. It is your turn.

Phoebe:  What just happened?

Piper:  What am I doing here? I should be at Marineworld with my kids.

Phoebe:  Wait... Piper, what would you like me to do with this?

Piper:  Screw it! I'm free.

Crowd:  It's party time, everybody! 

Paige:  Piper, what the--

Phoebe:  Uh-oh. Paige!

Paige:  Oh, yeah...

Phoebe:  Oh, honey, are you ok? What happened?

Paige:  Well, I don't understand. Why don't the demons 43FED2EA.JPGjust move in here since they're here all the time, anyway?

Phoebe:  Where's Piper?

Paige:  I don't know. I came here looking for her, and I got knocked down.

Phoebe:  Did you see what they look like?

Paige:  Just your average tackily dressed demons. There were some other guys with some kinda red gown robie things.

Phoebe:  They must be after the staff.

Paige:  What staff?

Phoebe:  No, don't touch it! It's covered for a reason. I think it has a crazy effect on people.

Paige:  Maybe that's what 43FED302.JPGwas making me so crazy and so obsessed with Henry.

Phoebe:  Well, yeah, but the question is, why aren't you now?

Paige:  Maybe it wore off. Maybe those guys knocked it out of me.

Phoebe:  [Sighs] We have to find Piper.

Christy:  I hear them outside, whispering, but I don't understand what they're saying.  I never understand what they're saying. Then they stop for awhile. Sometimes for a long time. But then they start again. I don't know what they want. 43FED326.JPG

Billie:  It's ok.  It's ok.  Look, I'm here now, ok?

Christy:  I still don't understand how.

Billie:  Yeah, that makes two of us. All I know is I'm supposed to be with you now and try to figure this out so I can get you out of here.

Christy:  No, they won't let us. They won't let us.

Billie:  Have you tried using your powers?

Christy:  Powers? What do you mean?

Billie:  You know, your powers... magic. Christy, you're a witch, just like me. You must have some powers that-- 43FED343.JPGwait... powers. That must be what they want from you. Where did you get this?

Christy:  They gave it to me. They all wear it.

Billie:  It's the symbol from your diary.

Christy:  [Whispering] It's them! I want to go home! Please take me home.

Billie:  Lo Pan?

Christy:  Hurry, Billie.

Billie:  Lo Pan! Get us out of here now! Lo Pan?

Lo Pan:  I'm right here.

Billie:  Well, where is she? Where's Christy?  43FED372.JPGShe-- she was right there.

Lo Pan:  Where?

Billie:  Locked away alone in a cave! Why couldn't I save her?

Lo Pan:  You didn't go there to save her, Billie. You went there to see her, to understand.

Billie:  But I don't understand.  I don't understand at all. I mean, she was-she was a kid, barely older than when she was taken.

Lo Pan:  She was vulnerable and open to you. That's why your power took you to that time. Before she changed. Surely 43FED38B.JPGyou received something from that journey, did you not?

Billie:  Well, they're after her powers, powers she doesn't even know she has yet.

Lo Pan:  You can't save her from her past, Billie. No one can. But perhaps you can save her now, after you help save us.

43FED3AF.JPGPiper:  No, sweetie, Mommy's ok, she just got a flat tire, ok. I'll be there as soon as I can. No, no, no, no-- wait for me. I want to see the penguins with you. Really, ok? I'll be there in like 30 minutes.

Novak:  I doubt that.

Phoebe:  Ok, Dad said she just called.

Paige:  So she's all right.

Phoebe:  Not necessarily. The phone went dead.

Paige:  Maybe it's just bad reception?

Phoebe:  I think we should try the "to call a lost witch" spell. 43FED3D0.JPG

Paige:  It 's not gonna work unless she's actually lost. She could be just spending time with the boys, which would be a good thing, right?

Phoebe:  Until the world turns evil.

Novak:  Which you're about to help me with.  Now, let's go and do something you'll regret later.

Novak:  Well, this just might be worth all those years of waiting. The Charmed Ones... under my rule. Imagine the possibilities. Maybe I'll keep you around for awhile, after you complete the task at hand.

Phoebe:  Kill Dog?

Novak:  No, no, no-- I don't want to destroy 43FED491.JPGone Zodiac. I want to destroy them all, so they can never take this away from me again.

Paige:  What do you want us to do?

Novak:  Ah, eager to please. I like that.  You're going to kill Lo Pan.

Piper:  Lo Pan? The servant?

Novak:  Oh, he's much more than just that. Though the Zodiacs all but dismiss him, he's much more important than they give him credit for. In fact, he's the key to continuing the eternal cycle. 43FED4A7.JPGHe protects the sacred garden. Without it, they're nothing.

Phoebe:  Then what?

Novak:  Then... the year of evil begins.

Phoebe:  Where is he?

Piper:  He should be here.

Billie:  Hey, what are you guys doing here?

Piper:  Looking for him.

Billie:  Lo Pan? Why?  The demons are coming. We have to--

Billie:  Hey, where's the staff? What are you guys doing?

Paige:  Making our new year's resolutions.

Lo Pan:  Get down!

Phoebe:  You missed.

Lo Pan:  Evil influences them. 43FED4D5.JPGThat means the demon has the staff.

Billie:  Oh, that's just great.  What do we do?

Lo Pan:  We do nothing. You learned to control your power for this moment.

Billie:  What?  I'm not going up against them!

Lo Pan:  You have to if you want to save your sister. Focus. Project what you wish.

Billie:  Ohh...

Piper:  Billie, we don't want to hurt you.

Paige:  Sure we do.  Boulder! 43FED500.JPG

Phoebe:  Kill her.

Piper:  What just happened?  What are we doing here?

Billie:  Oh, no big deal. You were just trying to kill me, but I changed your minds.

demon:  I don't like it. We should've killed Lo Pan ourselves.

Novak:  Too many years of failed attempts have turned you cynical, my friend. You've go to learn to think more positively now that evil's finally taken over the world.  Sad, really. Now what do we do? 43FED520.JPG


Paige:  Well, I wish I had a pithy retort, but uh, you're really not worth it.

demon:  You were saying?

Phoebe:  Now.   Quick, cover it up.

Piper:  Uh, do me a favor... and be careful what you wish for, especially around the boys.

Billie:  Uh, yeah, well, I haven't exactly mastered it anyway, so...

Paige:  I think that would be her point.

Piper:  Well, it's almost midnight, so we should 43FED549.JPGget this thing back before it's too late.

Paige: Ooh, I really can't. I have to go apologize to my boyfriend.

Phoebe:  I have to explain some things to the neighbors.

Billie:  Yeah, and I have a-a sister to scry for.

Piper:  What's going on? What happened to you?

Lo Pan:  It seems that I have been...elevated. I am now Rooster. The staff, if you please.

Piper:  Oh, gladly.

Lo Pan:  You received the sign for a reason, Piper. And not just to help 43FED575.JPGperpetuate the cycle but to help the both of us as well.

Piper:  How exactly was I help?

Lo Pan:  You've shown that patience can be rewarded for me and for you. Leo will come back only if he's meant to. And only when it's time. Not before.

Paige:  Funny, I figured after, um, last time, this would be the last place you'd want to come back to.

Henry:  Yeah, I did have to think about it. I mean, not about us, but... the magic.

Paige:  And?

Henry:  And after everything 43FED5BC.JPGthat you did today, I mean, not just this, but the whole eternal cycle deal, I get it.

Paige:  This isn't, um, freaking you out? You're not mad at me?

Henry:  I was never mad at you, Paige. Or freaked out. Well, I got a little freaked out when those wild pygmies were chasing us back there.

Paige:  Sorry, that was an accidental orb.

Henry:  That's ok. It helped me see the bigger picture. You, uh, use your powers to make the world 43FED5DA.JPGa better place.   How could I have a problem with that? I think it's amazing.

Paige:  You do?

Henry:  And I think I'm falling in love with you.

Paige:  I think I'm falling in love with you, too.

Billie:  Christy?

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