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Charmed Transcript

"Repo Manor" Episode: #8.13 - 22 January 2006

Contributed by Suzanne

(this one still needs a little proofreading)

Energy ball.

Nice teamwork.

You mean nice sister work.

We are definitely getting better at this.

Well, we should be, we've been doing it long enough.

I think we're ready.

So do I.

I don't. Something is still missing.

What do you mean?

How many more demons do we have to vanquish?

We've been training for this for like 8 years. 4409643F.JPG

Patra-as-Paige:   5 for me.

Savard:  Bul, wtered their power their individual powers, yes. But you're still missing their collective power. The Power of Three. And until you get it, you will never truly replace The Charmed Ones.

Drunning la Greak, well call me if you d anything

Piper:  well, I was thinking... I was thinking that maybe you should take my jeep because my car holds so much more than yours does, doesn't it?

Phoebe:  Right. Piper, are you sure you're ok with me moving out?

Piper:  Yeah. Of course I am. I mean, we can't be roommates forever. That's just weird.

Phoebe:  Ok. Well, here I go.

Paige:  Oh, what am I gonna do? I'm supposed to have 44096590.JPGa date with Henry tonight and he is in the worst mood. He's lost his car keys, he's lost his wall, he's locked himself out of his apartment. And I need him to be in a good mood for what I want to do tonight.

We aren't talking about sex, are we?

Paige:  No. We're not talking about sex. I finally got up my courage to tell him, you know, that I'm a witch. And I feel like I have to do it tonight otherwise I might 440965A9.JPGwuss out. I need to know he's... ok with who I am. You've been through this a lot, Phoebes. Got any advice?

Phoebe:  Well, hope he doesn't faint. No. I don't know. I haven't had any success with these things. Just ease into it try to lessen the blow.

Paige:  Ok, how?

Phoebe:  Maybe call in some reinforcements. Maybe ask some of your magical friends to help him have 440965C4.JPGa better day so you can have a better night.

Paige:  Like fairies or something?

Phoebe:  Sure. Fairies, leprechauns, whatever. Good luck.

Piper:  Uh, Phoebes?

Phoebe:  Uh-huh?

Piper:  I was actually hoping that maybe you could help me narrow down the list a little bit before you go.

Phoebe:  Oh, Piper. I'm really late.

Piper:  Oh, ok. Well, you know, it's just Leo.

Really come on.

Piper:  All I need is 440965DB.JPGone little potion. How hard can it be.

Phoebe:  Ok.

What more do we have to do to convince you?

Savard:  Convincing me is irrelevant. We only get one shot at freeing our brethren.

We know that, Savard.

Savard:  Then you also know that there's a reason why our kind has been enslaved for centuries. The slave king is no ordinary demon.

We escaped.

Savard:  Yes. 440965F4.JPGSo we could return with enough power to destroy him. A power I'm not sure we've got yet.

We've spent the last 8 years replicating the greatest power there is. Charmed power.

And we've not only studied every aspect of what they know and who they are. We've infused our blood with their magical blood so that their power is our power. Which means... we may already have The Power 44096609.JPGof Three.

Savard:  But you haven't shown it yet! In any test or trial. Which means, you don't have it. And you need to get it. If you have any hopes of destroying the slave king.

There must be a way.

Savard:  Think back. Tap into your knowledge of the witches.

Phoebe was stuck in a genie's bottle once. If we could trap her in it again, maybe we could command her, master to genie 4409662B.JPGto tell us how.

Forget it. Leo got rid of the bottle.

What about using the sword, Excalibur?

No. Only Wyatt can wield it.

Ok. Maybe I could pose as Paige.

Trick the elders into helping us.

Right. Like that's gonna work.

Look, do you have any ideas? Or are you just gonna shoot down all of ours?

At least I don't come up with stupid ideas. 4409663F.JPG

Hey! Knock it off.

Savard:  At least you've got the sibling rivalry down pat.

Wait. The dollhouse. It's a magical replica of the real house, isn't it?

Which is believed to be magical in and of itself.

The house is the witches' power base. Has been for generations.


So... if we could trap all of them inside the dollhouse... 4409665E.JPGlike Piper was trapped once before. Then we've got the Power of Three contained. And if we were in the real manor while they're in the dollhouse... we might be able to channel The Power of Three into us.

It just might work.

Billie:  Anybody up there? Hello?

Piper:  Billie, what are you doing?

Billie:  What else? Still trying to find my sister. Trying to figure out what this symbol means or where it leads.

440966A4.JPGPiper:  I figure it has to b demoniht?

Billie:  No. I mean-- it it's in her diary, you'd think I'd be able to find something about it in this book, but I--

Piper:  Billie, what are you doing in Phoebe's room?

Billie:  Oh, she said I could hang out in here because she's not gonna be using it. Is that ok?

Piper:  Oh. Yeah, sure. I mean, you know, if she's not going to be using it anymore.

Billie:  Maybe I should just take this stuff 440966BA.JPGto my dorm.

Piper:  No, no, no. Don't be ridiculous. I just, you know, I wish she would've said something, that's all. Is that our spirit board?

Billie:  Yeah, she said I could borrow it to contact Christy. Can I?

Piper:  Yeah. You know... sure. If you want to start paying rent. Just kidding.

Can I borrow the book? Hey, where'd it go?

Paige:  Hey, there. Ok. Here's the thing. My sort-of-440966E0.JPGhopefully-he'll- become-my-boyfriend Henry, he's having a bit of a problem losing things like a wallet, his keys, you know, stuff like that. And not to cast any aspersions on your character, you guys are known for the kind of sticky finger problem. So I was wondering if you could go back to your people, and tell them to put everything back. That would help me so much because I really, 440966F6.JPGreally really need his undivided attention tonight.

Henry:  Paige, what are you doing?

Paige:  Just taking Phoebe's advice.

Henry:  Really? It's the most amazing thing. I mean first my keys turn up in the laundry. Then one of my parolees finds my wallet. Still has everything in it.

Paige:  That's great.

Henry:  My 49ers hat, I lost it in high school. My letterman's jacket. It's like everything is turning up. 4409671B.JPGIt's crazy.

Paige:  Very subtle. I mean, very... very lucky. Some would say magical.

Henry:  Yeah, I don't know, but I'll take it.

Paige:  So good. Are we still on for dinner?

44096730.JPGHenry:  What's so important that you can't tell me right now?

Paige:  You're just going to have to wait and... hear all about it tonight. 7:00 ok?

Henry:  Look, Paige. 5 of my parolees have job interviews tomorrow. They all asked me to write letters of recommendation for them tonight.

Paige:  Ok. Write them.

Henry:  Yeah. Well, that's a little easier said than done. I, um... I'm not a writer, Paige. Look, please. Don't think that I don't want to go out with you, ok, I do. I have all this work. I44096748.JPG don't want to let these guys down. Who knows, maybe I'll get inspired.

Paige:  I think you should count on that. I'll see you at 7:00, Henry. Being of creativity, show yourself to me. Hey, Muse, right? Could you do me a huge favor and inspire my friend Henry in there. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. 

[Assistant's voi phoebe'per's on line 2-5.

Th know s after us. Or not.

Phoebe:  Look, sweetie, bringing Leo home is the most important thing in the world. To all of us. But it's not going to happen over night.

Piper:  It's also not going to happen if we don't try.

Phoebe:  Yeah, but we have been trying. And we can't just stop living our lives, you know. I mean, you said so yourself. 44096798.JPG

Piper:  Yeah, well. I mean it. Look, I just don't want to lose this lead, ok? He could know something.

Phoebe:  All right, look. I haven't signed the loan docs yet, so why don't I swing by after work.

Piper:  Well, you have my car. And the car seats are in my car. I have to drop the kids off at Dad's don't I?

Phoebe:  Ok, you know what, I'm beginning to think that you're sabotaging me moving out.

Piper:  Are you kidding me? 440967AD.JPGI've already rented out your room oh, by the way could you do me a favor and pick up some mandrake root on your way home? If this guy, Zakal, doesn't want to be cooperative, we may need a vanquishing potion.

Phoebe:  Ok, thanks.

Hi. Hello.

I've always admired her sense of fashion. Keys are in the pocket.

Savard:  Remember, get the sisters to use The Power of Three 440967D1.JPGas soon as possible so we can see if this is going to work or not.

But we have no idea what's going on in their lives right now.

Savard:  Just wing it. Be yourself. Or rather, be Phoebe. Just don't get too eager. You'll tip the sisters off.




First time's a foot. Next time... a fireball.

Piper:  Hey, good, you're back. How'd it go with Henry?

Paige:  Not so hot. I had to summon a muse.

Piper:  Oh, fairy wasn't cutting it?

Paige:  No. I cannot believe how hard it is just to tell somebody 440968E4.JPGabout magic.

Piper:  Just wait 'til you have to explain demons to him. Which, by the way, we will be going after one if Phoebe ever gets home.

Paige:  That's a big adjustment, huh?

Piper:  No. I mean, she's moved out before.

Paige:  Right. Are you ok with it?

Piper:  Why does everybody keep asking me that?

Paige:  Well, I don't know. Because you guys have lived together 440968F6.JPGsince the year of zero.

Piper:  Believe me, I'm fine. Really. Really. I just need her to help me with this wizard, and that's all.

Oh, hello.

Hey, there.

Fake Phoebe:  Can I come in?

Of course you can come in. Don't be ridiculous. Thank you for coming.

Fake Phoebe:  Well...great. Whatever you need.

Thank you.

Fake Phoebe:  You're welcome. So what do you need?

The mandrake root.

Fake Phoebe:  Oh, right. 44096913.JPGThe mandrake root. Where exactly do we keep that again?

You were supposed to get some on your way home. You know, for the whole wizard situation.

Fake Phoebe:  Oh, yeah. That's right. Uh... are we gonna need the Power of Three by any chance for this?

You know we will? What's the matter with you?

Fake Phoebe:  Oh, you know. It's just...

oh, it's probably just the move.

Fake Phoebe:  Yeah. Yeah. 44096931.JPGOk, let's see where I put that mandrake root. Oh, yeah. Here it is. Now, let's go get those demons, shall we?

How'd that feel?

Last time. Have you or have you not foreseen any threats against us?

Zakal:  I'm old. I'm afraid. My visions haven't been very reliable lately.

Oh, bull.

Fake Phoebe:  Let's just vanquish him.

Wait. We don't have to do this so quickly. We can probably get some stuff 44096954.JPGout of him.

Hed we'll you.

Zakal:  All I'll tell you is that by the time you figure out which demon is after you, it'll be too late!

Fake Phoebe:  You know what? Forget this.

Phoebe, no!

Fake Phoebe:  I did it.

Yeah, you did it. Why?

Fake Phoebe:  What do you mean? He's a demon. We vanquish demons. I mean, that's what we do, right?

Yeah, actually. But we could have made him talk first.

Fake Phoebe:  No. Not Zakal. 4409696E.JPGI mean, you know, it's not like he was going to say anything.

Well, he's certainly not going to say anything now. What the hell were you thinking?


It worked. She blasted Zakal right out of his robe.

Using The Power of Three?


All right. It's time to switch one more sister. One more? Why not both of us? We know we can channel the Power of Three now. 44096990.JPG

Let's just go vanquish the slave king.

We cannot vanquish him without the potion which means we need a witch to find it for us in The Book of Shadows.

So why don't we go look for it?

Savard:  Because you might be able to fool the sisters, but you cannot fool the book. It senses evil.

He's right. You go. Play on Piper's desire to get Leo back. Make it look like the Slave King is behind it all. 440969AF.JPGShe will do anything to get her husband back.

Piper:  Wait a second. I'm still talking to you.

Fake Phoebe:  Well, I said I was sorry. What more would you like me to say?

Piper:  I want you to tell me why you did that. Why you didn't wait for my cue?

Fake Phoebe:  Well, because I was afraid we were going to be attacked. 440969C4.JPG

Piper:  Yeah, well, I'm afraid of losing Leo.

Ok. Don't use the guilt card with me.  Like you did with Cole.

Piper:  Cole? Can you think of perhaps a more recent example?

Fake Phoebe:  Well, yeah, I can, but I can't right now because I'm a little flustered.

Paige:  Guys!

Piper:  I cannot believe that you care more about getting back to your new condo than Leo.

Fake Phoebe:  How can you even say that?

Piper:  Do you have another explanation?

Fake Phoebe:  Well, yes. I do. But I'm not going to tell you.

440969DE.JPGBillie:  Phoebe?

Fake Phoebe:  Billie. Hey. What are you doing here?

Billie:  You told me I could use your room, right?

Fake Phoebe:  Oh, yeah. Right. I just meant I didn't know you were still here.

Billie:  Do you want me to leave?

Fake Phoebe:  No. No. Don't be silly. 44096A01.JPG


Fake Phoebe:  So why don't you tell me about how your search for Chrissie is going.

Billie:  You mean Christy?

Fake Phoebe:  Yeah. Yeah, you know what I mean. Whatever.

Piper:  First, all she cares about is her stupid condo, then she comes back here to help and now she's suddenly trigger happy? She's all over the map.

Paige:  I'm sure there's some perfectly good reason.

Piper:  Oh, yeah. Well, I am still waiting for it.

Paige:  Maybe she was 44096A1E.JPGjust flustered.

Piper:  Flustered? If anybody has the right to be flustered around here it would be the newly single mom, ok?

Paige:  You're right. 44096A2D.JPG

Piper:  Now, I have to go find another damn wizard. Where is the book?

Paige:  Guess it's still in the attic. 


Paige:  hey, mister. You better not be canceling on me.

Henry:  Uh, I'm not. Unless you're breaking up with me, then maybe I should.

Paige:  Oh, got you scared, huh?

Henry:  Little bit. Little bit. I finished those letters. And wrote you a love letter. Got inspired.

Paige:  I can't wait to hear it. Assuming you still want to read it to me.

Henry:  Why wouldn't I?

Intercom: Henry, 44096A47.JPGthey need you doat theon stat.

Henry:  Hang on a second, Paige. What's going on?

Intercom: GPS went down on your parolee's transmitters. Sergeant needs you to help find them.

Henry:  Great.

Paige:  What does that mean?

Henry:  Means I got to go.

Paige:  What about dinner?

Henry:  Sorry, Paige. Bad luck.

Leprechuan:  I'm not on call, you know.

Paige:  Look, I'm not in the mood, ok? Really, really, I'm not. And besides, you guys owe me. 44096A62.JPGYou remember a little somebody named shamus?

Leprechuan:  Ha! Now it's blackmail, is it?

Paige:  No. It's not blackmail. Look, I just need my boyfriend Henry to have a little bit of luck which is why I need your help. So just please come meet me at the police station in an hour and I will explain everything to you, ok?

Leprechuan:  All right. But don't be late. I'm a busy leprechaun, you know. 44096A78.JPG Go n-eiri -an-bothar leat!

Paige:  Don't you just hate leprechauns?

You know what to do.

Yes. I think I do.

wwith my powers?

Phoebe:  That's what I'm trying to tell you. I think our powers were downsized as well.

Paige:  Rock. Uh, who's he?

Phoebe:  He's the demon that replaced us with lookalikes. Which, by the way, I can't even believe that you didn't notice that wasn't me.

Well, so are we. You only vanquished a wizard with us. She van-- her... the not you. Whatever. Wait a second. 44096BD8.JPGWe used the Power of Three.

Phoebe:  Yeah. I think that's part of their plan. They keep us here, and then use the Power of Three to vanquish some guy named the slave king and unfortunately, us.

We have to get to Piper somehow before they do.

Yeah, but how?

Billie:  So then I tried to match the symbol with the council but it wasn't a direct match. It just didn't work.

Fake Phoebe:  I don't understand. 44096BF0.JPGYou know what? That's just a really boring story.

Billie:  Boring?

Fake Phoebe:  Yeah. I think you should just give up. I mean, it's not like you're going to really find her anyway.

Fake Phoebe:  Paige, don't start with me, ok? I have a headache.

Patra-as-Paige:  Forget it, lady. I'm on to you.

Fake Phoebe:  What do you mean? 44096C14.JPG

Patra-as-Paige:   [Chuckles] Relax.  It's just me, Patra.

Fake Phoebe:  Oh, thank god. This sister stuff is taxing.

Patra-as-Paige:   Don't worry. It'll all be over soon.

Piper:  There you are. If you two are up here to gang up on me, forget it.

Patra-as-Paige:   No. Of course not. Phoebe's come to apologize, haven't you, Phoebe?

Piper:  Really? Ok... I'm listening.

Fake Phoebe:  Well, Piper, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for not 44096C3A.JPGbeing myself lately, and if it seems that I don't care about what you're going through, I'm sorry.

Piper:  Thank you. I'm sorry, too.

Patra-as-Paige:   Well, great. Now that that's taken care of, I've got to lead.

Piper:  What? How?

Patra-as-Paige:   Whitelighter grapevine. Turns out that there's a fast rising demon in the underworld known as the Slave King.

Piper:  Oh, the slave king. Yeah, I've heard of him.

Piper:  Really? I haven't. 44096C58.JPG

Well, the elders.

What do you say we track him down and see if we can find anything.

Piper:  I don't know. I think we should focus on this demonic seer I found.

No, no. The elders say he's pretty evil. He's enslaved an entire demonic race for centuries now.

Piper:  Well, that actually sounds like a good thing.

No. It's not. He's forcing them to do his demonic bidding. 44096C6E.JPGIt's just something we should check on is all. What have we got to lose? Yeah.

Piper:  You two seem awfully gung ho about this.

Well, anything to find Leo, hon.

Should we look at the book?

Leprechuan:  I can't believe I'm being stood up. By a witch.

So you see anything?

Not yet.

Leprechuan:  Why didn't you meet me like you said?

Patra-as-Paige:   Oh, I'm sorry.

Leprechuan:  You're sorry? Someone who's got 44096CB5.JPGbetter things to do than chasing the whims of a witch. No matter how good you been to the little people.

Patra-as-Paige:   Well, I've just been busy helping my sister.

Leprechuan:  I was just trying to give your boyfriend a little luck. That is what you want, isn't it?

Patra-as-Paige:   That sounds just... swell. So how about you go give that guy some luck. Scamper off. Skeedaddle. Go with god. 44096CCB.JPG

Leprechuan:  Fine. But after this, we're even.  Go n-eiri an bothar leat!

Now where were we?

Leprechuan:  Slainte is tainte!

Hey. Henry? You're in luck. Look who I found.

Henry:  Jameson. Where'd you find him?

I was just walking in and there he was. Walked right up to me and turned himself in.

Henry! Got two more for you. Caught them just before they left town. 44096D09.JPG

Henry:  Where'd you find them? I've been looking for them for weeks.

Yeah, it's Mitchell.

Henry:  What? I just won ten thous-- I just won $10,000. I just won $10,000! What is going on today?

Piper:  Well, he's powerful, but he's no seer. I don't know why he would know who's after us.  Maybe the elders don't know what they're talking about.

Well, who are we to question them? 44096D29.JPG

Piper:  We question them all the time.

Right. Maybe this time they just know something we don't.

Piper:  Ok. Can we get on with this? I have to get to work.

Any vanquishing potion in there?

Piper:  No.

Ok. Well, we can make one, right? There should be one in the back of the book. Just flip to the back of the book.

Piper:  I know, thank you. What was that? 44096D45.JPGD you see that?

See what?

Piper:  You didn't see that? That was weird. It felt like somebody was calling me or something.

That is odd.

Is that the potion?

Piper:  All right. What is the matter with you two?


Patra-as-Paige:  Cave.

It's about time.

Ok. We're gonna need some henbane, gypsy's blood and hemlock root. Together again.

Piper, are you ok?

Piper:  No. You punched me.

I did not punch you.

It's her demonic double.

Piper:  What? What are you talking about? 44096E31.JPG

We've been replaced.

Piper:  Oh, no, no, no. Don't tell me we're stuck in the dollhouse.

 It seems to be an annual event for you.

Piper:  Oh, I should've known they were demons.

Speaking of demons, did they mention a Slave King to you?

Piper:  Yes. Right before I showed them the vanquishing potion.

Oh, great. Well, there's nothing you could've done.

Phoebe:  Maybe if I'd been around more lately... 44096E4B.JPG

no. Forget about it, Phoebe. It wasn't your fault.

The question is how do we get out of here? We couldn't even call you with the lost witch spell.

Piper:  Oh, that was you. I thought I felt something.

44096E60.JPGMaybe it'll work on Billie?

How? We don't even have enough power to cast a spell.

No. But maybe we have enough to get through to the spirit board.

Do you think Grams made a replica of that?

Billie:  Christy? D-o-l-l- d-o-l-l-h-o-u-s-e dollhouse? You guys, the weirdest thing just happened.

Not now.

Mustard seed.

Billie:  No. But you don't understand. The spirit board, it worked. I actually got a message.

What kind of message?

Billie:  Well, it spelled out 44096E89.JPGdollhouse.

We really don't have time for yourght

Billie:  no this is a joke, right? You guys have to be joking.

Do we look like we're joking?

Did anybody ever tell you what a giant pain in the ass you are?

Billie:  What?

I don't know why we keep you around.

Billie:  But--

get rid of her.

Gladly. Front porch.

That was fun. Do you think we were too hard on her?

I would hate to have blown our cover.

44096EBA.JPGDoesn't matter. We don't have to look like The Charmed Ones anymore. We've got The Power of Three. It's time to free our kind.

Slave King:  How dare you escape me. And how dare you return! Come closer. Come closer. You would've been wise to have taken your own lives on the outside. Rather than suffer through how I'm going to take them for you. Where's the other? 44096EEC.JPGSavard

He's waiting for us to bring him the good news.

Slave King:  The good news? What good news?

Of your demise.

Slave King:  [Laughing] Kill them.

Now! It worked. We did it. I don't believe it.

Uh, just out of curiosity, if this doesn't work, what's plan B?

This is plan B. Billie was plan A.

Piper:  Well, remind me to evict her 44096F10.JPGif we get his.

You're sure this is gonna work?

Well, I hope so. It's your plan.

You have a point there.

Ok. Do it now.

Pointy thing.

Oh, it only moved a little.

Well, maybe that's because I am little.

Well, try again. Keep trying.

Paige:  Pointy thing.


Ok, Piper. You're up.

Hey! Yoo-hoo. 44096F33.JPG

[Whistling] Hello? We'd like to have a little chat down here. Ok. A little to the left.

Paige:  [Whispering] Pointy thing. Perfect. What do you want?

You. Let's get out of here.

Where's Savard? Savard?

Oh, I think they have a height advantage. 44096F5B.JPG

 Our kind is finally free, but now Savard will never see it.

I don't understand. How could they have killed him?

I don't know. But they did.

Ok, if Billie doesn't show up in like 2 seconds, we're doll parts. 4409706F.JPGHang on. There me anyway. Talk fast.

Well, our individual powers are diminished, put not The Power of Three. Obviously they're using it.

Talk faster.

Well, if we can get them to stop channeling us, and use their demonic powers, then we can get the Power of Three back.

Theoretically speaking, right?

All we got are theories.

This is for Savard.

Hey, hey. Hang on a second. What are you-- 44097087.JPG

Piper:  You're gonna kill me with my own powers what are you, kidding me?

How insulting let alone boring.

Yeah. Show some pride. You know what I mean? Be original.

You guys must suffer from really low self esteem near as I can figure.

Which is clearly why they had to steal our powers.

That must be very humiliating.

Billie:  Oh, thank god. I knew you guys wouldn't really be that mean to me. 440970A6.JPGI know I can be a huge pain in the ass sometimes--

Billie, zip it! Go get the book.

Billie:  Oh, the book.


Find the power switching spell.

Billie:  Switch, uh... switch bodies with powers. And then, you know. Improvise.

Ok. Who are we switching?


I thought we booted your ass out.

Billie:  Uh, you did. But they didn't.  What's theirs is yours, what's yours is theirs. I offer up this gift 440970C4.JPGto share. Switch the bodies through the air.

You wanted to live like us, now I guess you get to die like us.

Oh, crap.

Well, they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Well, they do.

Paige:  Hey, Henry.

Henry:  Yeah?

Paige:  Guess what?

Henry:  What?

Paige:  I like you.

Henry:  Hey, Paige. Guess what?

Paige:  What?

Henry:  I like you, too. 440970F8.JPGI'll tell you, this day is getting a lot better than how it started.

Paige:  Yeah. So far.

Henry:  Why do you keep saying things like that? What do you have to tell me? Come on. It can't be that bad. Rooftop picnic. Starlight, candles. Wait, wait. I want to guess first actually. Hold on. Let me see. You used to be a man before? No. That's not true, right? 44097113.JPGGood. Come on. Tell me. What is it?

Paige:  I don't think you're gonna like it.

Henry:  You try me.

Paige:  Have you ever wondered about the kind of strange things that happen with me and kind of since you've known me? Like why was I there trying to help your parolee? How did I find that baby's father so quickly?  How'd you get that guy to tell the truth? How did you get shot and miraculously survive? 44097136.JPGAnd even little things like today. Finding your keys and your wallet. And then there's that winning o the $10,000 thing which you should probably give to charity. Because that, you know--

Henry:  ok. Ok. What are you trying to tell me, Paige?

Paige:  Do you believe in magic?

Henry:  I don't know. I don't think about it much. Why?

Paige:  I think it's time that you did. Lights. I'm doing that 4409715A.JPGright now.

Henry:  How?

Paige:  I'm a witch. I have powers. I can make these kind of things happen. I'm not the kind of witch that rides around on broomsticks, or the hat or with the little black cat. That sort of thing. I use my powers for good. I help people. And this is not going well, and I can see how completely scared off you are from me. 44097172.JPGDoor's right there, and it won't hurt my feelings.

Henry:  Paige?

Paige:  What?

Henry:  Look at me. I'm not afraid.

Piper:  Hang on. There's just one more.

Phoebe:  Really? I thought I grabbed all the boxes.

Piper:  Well, this one I kind of put together for you just in case you need more herbs or potion vials, or crystals, or you know cliff notes, just in case.

Phoebe:  Just in case a demon attacks. 440971AA.JPG

Piper:  Yeah. Don't laugh. It's gonna happen. And you know it. And when it does, you're gonna be alone.

Phoebe:  Piper, I'm just moving into town, you know. It's not that far away.

Piper:  Yeah. But it's not down the hall.

Phoebe:  That's true. You know, if you don't want me to go...

Piper:  no. You've got to go. There's some blonde chick asleep in your room. I'm just a little sad. But I can be a little sad.

Phoebe:  Absolutely. I'm sad, too. 440971D0.JPGIt's just... you know, it's been a lot of change. You know this will always be my home, right? And that will never change. This is family.

Piper:  Yeah. Ok. You've got to go.

Phoebe:  See you.

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