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Charmed Transcript

"Vaya Con Leos" Episode: #8.10 - 27 November 2005

Contributed by Suzanne

Leo: Ha ha!  Listen to that baby, huh?

Piper: Do what?

Leo: Isn't she somethin'?

Piper: She's somethin', all right.

Leo: Oh, man. Straight 6, 4-speed tranny. Just like the one my grandpa gave me 60 years ago.

Piper: Uh, OK, sweetie, you're barely 30.

Leo: You know what I mean. Th-that first time I was alive.

Piper: All right, keep it down now, will ya?

Leo: Oh, right. Sorry.

Piper: Hmm-mm.

Salesman:  So, what do you think?

Leo: I think she's beautiful. What do you think?

43C355C2.JPGPiper: I think $9,000 is a lot of money.

Salesman:  9,500 actually. But that includes the original tailgate, which I've got out back.

Piper: Well, that makes it completely different.

Salesman:  Seriously, it's not easy finding a '41 in working condition and with matching serial numbers to boot. I know it doesn't look like much now.

Piper: No, it doesn't.

Leo: But it will when I'm done with it. You know, I just sand off some of the rust, adjust the carburetor, 43C355DB.JPGrebuild the engine. Come on, that's half the fun. You know, when I'm done with this puppy, it's gonna be worth, what, 25-30 grand?

Salesman:  At least.

Leo:  I think maybe someday I can pass it on to the boys.

Piper: How long you planning on keeping this thing?

Leo: You know what I mean. Come on.  This is a second chance for me, a chance to start over.

Piper: All right. 43C355F6.JPG

Leo: Yes. Mmm. I love you.

Piper: I bet you do. OK, but seriously, the boys don't ride in it without their seat and helmets and elbow pads.

Leo: Promise. Ok.

Salesman:  Let's go write it up.

Piper:  Hmm-mm.

[Piper groans]

Paige:  What? You saw the Angel of Death, and you're only telling me this now? 43C356CD.JPG

Piper: Well, I didn't wanna worry you.

Paige:  Well, where did you see him? When?

Piper: This morning, downtown with Leo. But I don't think it means anything, really.

Paige:  Piper, the only person that sees him is the person he's coming after.

Piper: No, that's not necessarily true. We all saw him last time and nothing happened.

Paige:  Well, that's just because we were protecting the guy who was next on his list who, incidentally, he got.

Piper: You're right. But if 43C356E4.JPGhe really wanted me, he could have taken me right then and there, right?

Paige:  Ok, you have a point.

Piper: So maybe I just thought I saw him. Maybe I'm doing what I usually do around this point in my life.

Paige:  Ah, OK. You lost me.

Piper: We're demon-light. The boys are happy and healthy. Leo and is are doing fine. So maybe I'm doing what I always do when everything is going well in my life. I'm waiting for 43C356FC.JPGthe other shoe to drop.

Paige:  Yeah, that would be like the Manolo Blahnik of shoe drops, OK?  I'm canceling my lunch date.

Piper: No, no, no, you're not.

Paige:  Yes, I am.

Piper: No, you can't use my neuroses to justify your own. You're just looking for an excuse to get out of the date.

Paige:  I am not. And that's besides the point.

Piper: No, that's exactly the point. Now, Henry asked you out, and you said yes, so you're going.

Paige:  I don't want to. 43C35711.JPGI don't even like him way.

Piper: Which is clearly why you said yes. So you're gonna go, and if I see Death, I'll call ya.

Paige:  Fine. But if he gets you, I am never talking to you again.

[Phoebe sighs]

Phoebe:  This is taking a really long time.

Billie:  He'll show.

Phoebe:  Maybe you're a little too cryptic with your clues.

Billie:  Well, I couldn't exactly tell the entire underworld that I'm a witch, OK? If this doesn't flush him out, nothing will. 43C35737.JPG

[Cell phone rings]

Billie:  You're getting a call? Here?

Phoebe:  Yeah. Great reception, huh?  Hey, Piper.  Can I call you back?

Piper:  Yeah. Sure. No problem. I was just, you know, calling to see how you're doing, if you're OK.

Phoebe:  Why wouldn't I be?

Piper:  Uh, no reason. Just checking.

Phoebe:  Piper, what's going on? 

Billie:  Hello! Demon.

Piper:  Wait!  Wha-- demon? What demon?

Phoebe:  Oh, we're trying to lure out the demon that took Billie's sister and see if we could find out what happened to her.

Piper:  Oh, well, no!  No, no no no, you can't do that right now. 43C35750.JPG

Phoebe:  Why, Piper? What's happening?

Billie:  Phoebe!

Phoebe:  Would you--

Piper:  Well, see, the thing is, I may have seen.... the Angel of Death today.

Phoebe:  What? When?  Oh, my God. Are you OK?

Piper:  Yeah. I'm fine. I'm just, you know, I'm calling to-- Have you seen him?

Phoebe:  Who? Death? No.

Piper:  OK.  Well, that's good. But still, you know-- maybe you shouldn't...

Billie:  He's here.

Phoebe:  Got to go. Got to go.

[Piper sighs]

Reinhardt:  You the one that's been asking about me?

Billie:  Maybe. Are you the one that took 43C35774.JPGthat little girl 15 years ago?  Her name's Kristy, I think.

Reinhardt:  Nobody's supposed to know about that.

Billie:  Well, the demon that hired you does.

Reinhardt:  Yes. But how do you know? And why do you care?

Billie:  Let's just say it's personal.

Reinhardt:  Really?

43C35795.JPGPhoebe:  Billie!

Nice try, witch.

Phoebe:  Billie, are you OK?

Billie:  No, I'm not OK. I just lost the only clue to finding her. 

[Both sigh]

Paige:  So, do you have any brothers or sisters?

Henry:  No. Well, not that I know of. My parents were foster parents.

Paige:  That's right. Do you ever wonder...

Henry:  Wonder who my parents are?

Paige:  Yeah.

Henry:  No. I mean, what happened happened, right? Nothing I can do about it. I don't look back. I tell my parolees that, too. Don't look back. There's nothing you can do about it. 43C357AA.JPG

Paige:  That's actually very good advice.

Henry:  You have a great smile.

Paige:  Thank you. So do you.

Henry:  Thank you.

Waitress:  Can I take this?

Oh, uh, sorry. We didn't even look yet.

Waitress:  Ok. Take your time.

Henry:  Thanks. Well, actually, I should probably be going.

Paige:  Me, too. I had a great time, though.

Henry:  I did also. Your half is 14.50. I got to get some change. 43C357C5.JPG

[Cell phone rings]

Paige:  Hello.

Piper:  Hey. Are you all right?

Paige:  No, I'm not.

Piper:  What do you mean? Did you see Death?

Paige:  No. Just saw a cad. Nothing fatal, though.

Piper:  I have no idea what you're talking about.

Paige:  No, don't worry about it. Did you see him again?

Piper:  Well, no. But Phoebe is out fighting demons.

Paige:  So what's new?

Piper:  What's new is she shouldn't be doing that with, you know, the Angel of Death lurking about.

Paige:  Fair enough. OK, I'm on my way home. 43C357E1.JPG

Piper:  Ok, but... Are you driving? Be careful driving.

Paige:  Yeah. Ok. Bye.

Henry:  I have 15?

Paige:  Yeah. Guess what. I got 20. Keep the change.

Piper:  Leo! Leo!

Leo:  Right here.

Piper:  What are you doing under there?

Leo:  Ah!

Piper:  Get out. Get out. Get out.

Leo:  What's the matter?

Piper:  What do you mean, "What's the matter?" What if it fell? You could be crushed. You could be killed.

Leo:  Don't be silly. It's up on jacks.

Piper:  So? You never know.

43C35802.JPGLeo:  You worry too much. You know that?

Piper:  Well, what else is new?

Leo:  Come on, I know what I'm doing. Nothing's gonna happen to me.

[Piper sighs}

Leo:  What's the matter, hmm? Talk to me.

Piper:  Nothing. It's--it's silly.

Leo:  Not if it's bothering you, it's not. Come on, I've learned by now that if you're worrying about something, then there's usually a good reason for it.

Piper:  Great.

Leo:  [Sighs] You know, you don't do well by worrying. 43C3581A.JPG You-- you do well by doing. That's your process. Worry first, kick ass later. You know, you don't do good on your heels. You like to take control.

Piper:  I do, don't I?

Leo:  It's when you're at your best.

Piper:  Right. I love you.

Piper:  All right, mister. I know you're lurking somewhere. And if you want something, you need to get your grim-reaping ass down here or stop buggin' me.

Death:  There's no need to be rude. 43C35845.JPGI was only trying to do you a favor.

Piper:  Favor? Well, I don't want any favors from you.

Death:  Oh, you'll want this one. You know, my job was so much easier before I met you and your sisters. It was so much less complicated.

Piper:  For what it's worth, I don't think taking people's lives should be all that easy to do.

Death:  It never is. Still, it's inevitable.

Piper:  You're not taking me.

Death:  You're right. I'm not. I'm taking Leo.

Piper:  What?

Death:  It's curious. I actually 43C35869.JPGfeel bad about it. No doubt a reflection about my knowing you. Don't normally get to know people long in my line of work, obviously.

Piper:  You can't have him.

Death:  You don't have a choice. That's why I came earlier. I wanted to warn you, to give you time to prepare, to say good-bye.

Piper:  No.

Death:  I'm afraid you don't have much time.

Piper:  Why?

Death:  I'm not about "why" or "how," Piper. I'm simply "when." You know that.

43C3588A.JPGPiper:  It's not right, and it's not fair, not after everything we've gone through and everything we've been promised.

Death:  There's a reason for everything. Even this. You know that, too, Piper. I am sorry. 43C358A9.JPG

Piper:  [Sighs] "Hide him from sight so I might fight. Ignore which leaves bereft, my husband from the Angel of Death". Leo? Leo!

Leo:  What? What's the matter?

Piper:  Oh, thank God.

Leo:  What happened? 43C358C6.JPG

[Telephone rings]

Leo:  Hello. OK. OK, hold on a second. It's Paige.

Piper:  What?

Paige:  What?  What do you mean, "what?" Do you have any idea what is going on down here?  Do you?

Piper:  Wait. Slow down. What's the matter?

Paige:  You are never gonna believe it. 

Phoebe:  Piper, I know the spell didn't work out like you wanted it to, but at least it bought us some time, right?

Piper:  Yeah, but the Angel of Death is still after him. It's only a matter of time.

Phoebe:  But time is on our side. 43C35989.JPGI mean, now that the whole town looks like Leo, Death has gotta be confused.

Paige:  We can use the confusion to our advantage until we can figure out how to really save Leo.

Piper:  And how exactly are we gonna do that? We can't watch him. We can't protect him 24 hours a day. He wouldn't let us. And, besides, he could fall in the shower or-- or trip down the stairs. It could be anything.

Paige:  We'll find a way. Where's Billie?

Phoebe:  She's upstairs 43C359A0.JPGtrying to find the demon that took her demon.

Piper:  Why don't you go keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn't get herself killed.

Phoebe:  Wait. Are you sure?

Piper:  Yeah. I mean, we don't need the Angel of Death looking for 2 people in this house.

Phoebe:  Ok. I'll be upstairs if you need me.

Paige:  We're gonna figure out how to save him.

Leo:  Save who? What?

Burke:  Well...it's about time.

Reinhardt:  You--ohh!

Burke:  Painful, isn't it?

Reinhardt:  You--ohh! 43C359D4.JPG

Burke:  [Chuckling] It was so simple. Any lower-level demon could understand. Do what you're hired to do, then disappear. But you didn't do that, did you?

Reinhardt:  Somebody was asking questions, nosing around.  I had to cover my tracks.

Burke:  No. Covering tracks is what I do, Reinhardt. You just had to shut up. I'm curious. Do you have any idea who it was that was asking questions?

Reinhardt:  No. 43C359F3.JPG

Burke:  A witch, one who also happens to be the sister of that girl you kidnapped lo those many years ago.

Reinhardt:  So?

Burke:  So... she tricked you, tried to get you to talk.

Reinhardt:  Yeah, but I didn't say anything.

Burke:  Only because I stopped you first. Because that's what I'm hired to do.

Reinhardt:  What are these?

Burke:  Living trophies. Others who didn't do as they were told. You see, this goes beyond you, or me, or even that little girl you took. There's a far more powerful force at work here. One that doesn't wanna be found out.

Billie:  Hey, hi. Ok, OK. This is good news. I found him. Supposedly, his name is Burke. He's some demonic bounty hunter. But the good news is, he gets to keep his prey. So if we found him, we would be able to--Phoebe. Hello. Are you listening to me?

Phoebe:  Yeah. I'm...sorry. 43C35A42.JPGIt's just...Leo's in a lot of trouble right now.

Billie:  What? Why?

Phoebe:  Well, it's a long story. But basically, the Angel of Death is after him.

Billie:  Are-- are you telling me the Angel of Death really exists?

Phoebe:  Yes, unfortunately. [Sighs]  Piper and Paige are downstairs trying to figure out a way to keep him from getting to Leo, and Piper sent me up here to help you.

Billie:  Oh. Ok, well, good. I mean, hopefully, we can 43C35A5D.JPGfind Burke real fast.  I have a spell right here.

Phoebe:  Billie, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I just don't think that I can do this right now.

Billie:  Look, I know. I haven't known Leo as long as you, Phoebe, but I care about him a lot, too. I mean, he's practically family to me.

Phoebe:  Yeah, but he is my family.

Billie:  Like my sister is to me.

Phoebe:  Yeah. I know. [Sighs]  Look, Billie, I'm really sorry. I'm just torn. You know, I wanna help you. I-- I really do. But I feel like I should be helping Leo right now. 43C35A7C.JPG

Billie:  Well, then you stay here, and I'm gonna go because I have to find out what happened to her.

Phoebe:  Billie.

Leo: Why didn't you tell me, huh? What, you-- you don't think I have a right to know?

Piper:  No. You do. I just-- I didn't know how to tell you.

Leo:  [Laughs]  I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe that I'm--I'm--

Piper:  You're not going to, OK? I won't let it happen.

Leo:  How? Huh? By hexing every man so he looks like me? It's not 43C35A9F.JPGgonna stop him.

Piper:  That wasn't the plan. It's not what I meant to do. I'm scared, too.

Leo:  Ok. Look, honey, I'm sorry.  OK?  I just--I-- I don't know what to feel. I don't know what to do.

Piper:  You don't do anything. Just let us figure it out.

Leo:  How? Huh? I'm mortal. I've been given a death sentence by the one guy who means it. You know, there's just... so much that I still wanna do, and I don't know where to start.

Piper:  I know, but listen. 43C35ABF.JPGYou just need to stay here. You just need to stay put.

Leo:  What about the boys? What about Chris and Wyatt? I got to go see Wyatt.

Piper:  No, no. It's not-- it's not safe.

Leo:  How am I supposed to tell him, huh? How do I tell him that?

Piper:  OK, listen. You just got to trust me, OK? I mean... We're gonna fix this. We will. But until we do, you just have to stay here. I mean it. Do you understand?

Death:  I trust you said your good-byes.

43C35AFD.JPGPiper:  I'm not gonna let you do this.

Death:  Piper, we've been through this already. Now, where's Leo?

[Doorbell rings]

Paige: Ooh, I'll get it. Oh. Hi. Uh, do you mind just putting it on the table?

[Doorbell rings]

Delivery man (as Leo):  Here are the shirts. You're lucky we had them ready when you called. 43C35B19.JPG

[Doorbell rings]

Paige:  Hi. OK. Let me show you to the grandfather clock.

Repair  man (as Leo):  Oh, huh...thanks.

Death:  What's the meaning of this?

Piper:  What can I tell you? I run a very busy household.

[Doorbell rings]

Paige:  And you are...

Henry (as Leo): I thought we should talk after what happened at lunch.

Paige:  Henry?

One of the fake Leos:  All right, thanks, huh?

Piper:  I told you. I'm not going to let you take my husband.

Death:  You've obviously no idea who you're dealing with.

Leo:  Uh, you seem to have a faulty receiver, ma'am. I'm gonna have to go get some tools.

Piper:  Ok. Well, uh, please hurry 43C35B3C.JPGback.  I don't want it to get any worse.

Leo: I know what I'm doing.

Death:  Magic won't protect him for long, you know. I'll find him.  I always do.

[Piper sighs]

Paige:  Well, you know, Henry, I'm just a little weirded out right now.

Henry (as Leo): But why?

Paige:  Well, Henry, um, the thing is, there are just too many reasons to go into.

Henry (as Leo): More secrets, huh? You know, I just wanna know what went on at lunch. 43C35B5C.JPGEverything was going fine.

Paige:  Well, you know, I promise we will about that, however, right now you're obviously a bit upset and, frankly, not yourself.  Eh..

Henry (as Leo): Fine.

Cab driver:  You know, the meter's running, pal.

Leo:  Take a break.

Cab driver:  Fine by me.

Leo:  Who are you?

Death:  If you can see me, then you know. It wasn't easy finding you, though I must admit I did rather enjoy the challenge.

Leo:  Please, I--

Death:  Don't bother. Trust me. I've heard it all before.

Leo:  But I don't 43C35B95.JPGunderstand why.   I mean, my first life ended prematurely. I gave up being a whitelighter and an-- an elder so I can live again, so I can love again. You're telling me that that can't happen now?

Death:  All life ends, Leo, sooner or later.

Leo:  But could I at least see my son again?

Paige:  Here's the thing. We should have hope that it's not all that bad. I mean, look around. These guys are back to normal.  And the spell obviously wore off.

Piper:  Hi. I'm looking for my husband.

Receptionist:  Ma'am, if you'll just wait.

Piper:  No, uh, uh, his name is Leo Wyatt. They said he was in some kind of car crash, and I just need to know--

Receptionist:  Just a moment, please.

Piper:  Ni, actually, I need to know where my husband is right now.

Doctor:  Did you say 43C35CC0.JPGhis name was Leo?

Piper:  Have you seen him?

Doctor:  I'm one of the doctors on his case.

Piper:  Case? What do you mean "case"?

Doctor:  Your husband was admitted about a half hour ago. But we've managed to stabilize him.

Piper:  Ok, so that's good, right?

Doctor:  Yes, that's good, but we really won't know the extent of his injuries until we operate. We're prepping him for surgery now.

Piper:  Surgery?

Doctor:  Yeah, it's called an exploratory laparotomy, 43C35CD4.JPGto find out whether his internal bleeding is from a splenic laceration or a tear in one of his kidneys or aorta.

Piper:  OK, wait. Slow down. In English. Is it life-threatening?

Doctor:  Yes, it is.

Piper:  I can't believe this is happening.

Doctor:  We're doing everything we can, I promise you.

Piper:  I can't do this. I can't handle this right now.

Doctor:  Please try to be positive.

Paige:  Uh, what are you doing?

Piper:  I can't do this. This can't be happening.

43C35CF1.JPGPaige:  Yeah, well, you can't freeze this problem forever, Piper. I'm sorry, but you can't.

Piper:  [Sighs] Uh, can I see my husband, please?

Piper:  Hey.

Leo:  What happened?

Piper:  You're in the hospital. You had an accident, but you're gonna be OK.

Leo:  You've always been a bad liar.

Piper:  They're gonna take you in for surgery soon. But I'll be waiting for you when you come out.

Leo:  Tell the boys--

Piper:  No. Stop it. You can tell them everything once you get out of here. We're gonna beat this, Leo, 43C35D30.JPGjust like we always do.

Leo:  Piper--

Piper:  Now listen to me. You can't give up.  You got to fight this. I can't do this by myself.

Doctor: Ma'am? We're ready for surgery.

Piper:  Don't give up. I love you.

Leo:  You, too.

Paige:  How's he doing?  Look, uh...you know, I've been thinking. Something is not right about this.

Piper:  Paige.

Paige:  No, I'm serious.  Look, Piper.  Things like this don't happen to us. I mean, what if this isn't just an accident? 43C35D67.JPGWhat if there's something demonic behind it?

Piper:  What are you talking about?

Paige:  The Angel of Death told you Leo was supposed to die, which means we're already way past random chance when the truck hit him.

Piper:  You're grasping at straws.

Paige:  Maybe, but according to that cop over there, they have the driver in custody, which means this could very well not be an accident after all.

Piper:  How does that help Leo?

Paige:  If there's something magical going on here, 43C35D7D.JPG maybe something magical can fix it.

Piper:  Ok, see what you can do.

Paige:  Where you going?

Piper:  To cheat Death.

[Billie gasps]

Burke:  Usually I charge admission.

Billie:  That demon was mine.

Burke:  "Was" being the operative word. I'm afraid the one who hired me isn't ready for you to discover the truth.

Billie:  Yeah, and who might that be?

Burke:  Ah. Wouldn't you like to know? Perhaps then you could get some answers about your sister.

Billie:  My sister? How did you know--

43C35DAB.JPGBurke:   I always wanted a witch for a trophy.  Ah!

Phoebe:  Thought you could use a little backup.

Billie:  Oh, thanks. What about Leo?

Phoebe:  Piper will call if she needs me. What's this guy's deal?

Billie:  Well, someone hired him to take out Reinhardt. The same someone who knows about my sister.

Phoebe:  What do you say we get some answers?

Death:  What do you want from me? I've already told you. 43C35DD2.JPGThere's nothing I can do.  It's Leo's time.

Piper:  I'll get Wyatt to heal him somehow. He's not dead yet.

Death:  No, but he soon will be.

Piper:  You said there was a reason behind this.

Death:  There's a reason behind everything. That's why it's called the grand design.

Piper:  But specifically this. You made a point of telling me that there was a reason, just like you made a point of warning me it was going to happen in the first place. 43C35DEB.JPG

Death:  Right.

Piper:  I'm not asking you to save Leo because I know you can't.  I'm just asking you to tell me who can. I need to know why this is happening, especially if it was not an accident. I'll pull every connection I have if you just point me in the right direction.

Death:  You know, I could get in a great deal of trouble for this. I don't know what the greater reason is, but I do know there is one. Perhaps you should speak to those who know more about the grand design 43C35E0D.JPGthan I do.

Piper:  Thank you.

Elder:  An avatar? What are you trying to do?

Piper:  I'm trying to save my husband's life... any way I can.

Elder:  The very fact that you dare put me in a room with an avatar...

Avatar:  Shows the open-minded view she is capable of having.

Elder:  Says the one whose single-minded beliefs nearly destroyed us all. 43C35E61.JPG

Piper:  [Whistles] Listen, I'm only interested in talking about Leo right now. And I have it on very good authority that one or both of you can tell me why this is happening. So...I'm listening.

Elder:  I don't know what you're talking about.

Piper:  You know exactly what I'm talking about. Look, I don't care how it happens. I don't care who does it, but one of you is going to save Leo because both of you owe him. Are you telling me that you won't heal Leo? 43C35E7C.JPGOr you, that you don't have the power to fix this? Well, somebody say something!

Elder:  It's not that we won't, Piper. We can't.

Avatar:  Using our powers to save Leo, it's a path that neither elder nor avatar can travel.

Piper:  Hang on a second. Are you telling me that the first time you two agree on anything is when you decide to let my husband die? I don't think so.

Elder:  I'm sorry.

Piper:  No. You listen to me. Leo, at one point 43C35EA4.JPGin his life, believed in both of your causes. He devoted his life at the expense of his family to those beliefs. And you're telling me that you won't save that life? Why the hell can't you tell me what's going on? What is your big secret?

Elder:  Listen, we don't have the authority to share that information.

Piper:  Fine. Well, if you don't, then who does?

43C35EC4.JPGAvatar:  You might wanna think twice before going there.

Piper:  Going where?

Elder:  You're going to need your sisters.

[Knock on door]

Paige:  Hi.

Henry: Hi.

Paige:  Uh, sorry I left without talking before.

Henry: I can't talk now, so...

Paige:  Well, that's not what I came for.

Henry: Why are you here?

Paige:  I need some help. It's about my brother-in-law --

Henry: Hold it.  You can't just storm out on lunch and then shine me on, then show up here like nothing happened.

Paige:  I didn't.

Henry: Good. Let's talk about why you were upset.

Paige:  OK. Here's the thing. 43C35EE5.JPGI have no issue, you know, going Dutch with guys. I do it, you know, a lot. Totally fine. But I guess I just kinda feel-- eh, maybe it's old-fashioned-- that when someone specifically asks me out on a date that maybe--

Henry: Who did that?

Paige:  You did.

Henry: I-- No.

Paige:  Yeah. You said, "Would you like to go for lunch on a date?"

Henry: I said, "Would you like to go for lunch at Nate's?"

Paige:  OK. That's really embarrassing. [Chuckles]

Henry: The embarrassing part 43C35F01.JPGof the story is that I did wanna make it a date, and I didn't ask you because I was scared you were gonna say no.

Paige:  Huh. Misunderstandings.

Henry: So what can I do for you, Paige?

Paige:  Here's the thing. I need to speak to somebody in jail. The catch is, it has to be completely private and you can't ask me why.

Henry: How exactly is this gonna help Leo again?

Paige:  Henry, please stop fishing.

Lenny:  What's going on? Who's she, my P.D.? 43C35F24.JPG

Henry: Thanks, Jack. All right, no one's on the other side. The cameras are off. He's all yours.

Paige:  Thank you.

Henry: I hope you know what you're doing.

Lenny: Yeah, hey. I hope you know what you're doing, too, lady. I mean, uh, you're a great-looking lawyer and all, but I got to get out of here.

Paige:  I'm not a lawyer.

Lenny: Oh, no? Then what are you?

Paige:  Actually... I'm a witch. 43C35F42.JPG



Lenny: What the Hell... where are we? Ah!  How did we get here? What the hell was that?

Paige:  Truth potion, Lenny. You're gonna tell me what's going on and who is behind this.

Lenny:  [Whimpers] Behind what? Hey. Hey, I feel pretty good. What was that stuff?

Paige:  Never mind. The truth. Now.

Lenny: All right. OK. The truth is, I don't really have a license to drive a tow. 43C35F63.JPGI forged it. And I'm not really from Jersey. I'm from Kansas.  I only took the gig to pay back the bookie.

Paige:  What?

Lenny: And I didn't really lose the money. I stole it. 'Course, that's after I slept with his wife.

Paige:  No. Tell me about the accident. Which demon is behind this?

Lenny: Demons? You wanna talk demons?

Paige:  Yeah.

Lenny: All right. I stole from the collection plate. And, even though I promised to return the money, I gambled it away. Well, actually, 43C35F7A.JPGI rigged the game and made some dough, and then I lost it on a pig at the track.

Piper:  Paige. What are you doing?

Paige:  This is the guy who crashed into Leo.  Although I'm beginning to think it really was an accident.

Piper:  It wasn't. Get rid of him.

Phoebe:  Hmm. Now, I wonder what would happen if  I put this right here.

Burke:  No. Don't. Just...put it down. Please. It'll kill me. I swear.

Billie:  Hmm. Might wanna keep that in mind.

Phoebe:  So I guess that means 43C35F9B.JPGyou value your life.

Billie:  Enough to start answering some questions?

Burke:  I already told you. I don't know anything. I just do as I'm told.

Billie:  You're lying. You knew who I was. You know about my sister. Now tell us who hired you or you're dead.

Phoebe:  Uh-oh.

Billie:  "Uh-oh" what?  [Grunts]

Phoebe:  You know, a phone call would have done the trick.

Paige:  We're running out of time.

Piper:  And so is Leo.

Phoebe:  Wait a minute. Are we sure we know what we're doing here?

Piper: Phoebe.

Phoebe:  Piper, I would do anything to save Leo. You know that, but this is just freaking me out a little bit. I mean, has anyone ever done this before?

Piper: Well, we've met the Angel of Destiny before.

Phoebe:  I know, but we've never summoned him. He came to us, OK? I'm just sayin'. 

Piper: Phoebe, I can't lose Leo. I won't.   "Power of Three 43C360FB.JPGwe summon thee and call to us the Angel of Destiny.

Angel:  Who are you to summon me?

Paige:  You don't look like the one we met before.

Angel:  There are many destinies and many angels.

Piper: Do you know why we called you?

Angel:  Yes. But there's nothing I can do for you. This is Leo's destiny.

Piper: Why? Who says?

Angel:  Who do you think?

Phoebe:  Don't go there.

Piper: Listen, lady. I've jumped through a lot of hoops to get you here, 43C3611A.JPGand I want some answers, and I mean fast.

Paige:  Easy, Piper.

Piper: This was not any random accident. There's more to it than that, and I wanna know what.

Angel:  Who says there's more?

Piper: The Angel of Death.

Paige:  And an elder.

Phoebe:  And an avatar.

Angel:  Looks like I'm going to have to have a little chat with them.

Piper: First you're gonna have to have a little chat with me. Now, I don't understand this whole grand design thing, 43C36130.JPGnor do I want to, but if your only concern is where we end up, isn't it up to us, with free will and all, how we get there?

Angel:  Go on.

Piper: Just explain to me why Leo is destined to die right now. What does it mean for the whole big picture? Because maybe there is a way for us to get there... that he doesn't have to die. You have to give us a chance. You at least owe us that.

Angel:  There's one more battle on the horizon for you three-- one unlike you've 43C3615A.JPGever faced before, one you won't see coming, and one...you may not survive.

Piper:  What does that have to do with Leo?

Angel:  The loss, the pain will motivate you, all of you, to fight, without which you will have no chance to prevail.

Phoebe:  Won't you please try to let us find a way to do this without Leo dying?

Angel:  What exactly do you have in mind?

Billie:  My sister, is she alive or not?

Burke:  All right. All right. I'll talk. 43C36185.JPG

Phoebe:  Billie, wait.

Billie:  What are you guys doing here? Who's that?

Paige:  Someone that can save Leo. But we're gonna need his help.

Piper: We don't have a lot of time. Leo's about to die any second, and this was the only way we could think of to save him.

Billie:  How?

Phoebe:  By doing to Leo what he does to his trophies-- freezing him.

Burke:  But that's only if I agree to help. Right? I mean, blondie here 43C361A2.JPGknows how to torture all right. But she can't freeze anyone.

Paige:  What's your point? What do you want?

Burke:  It's a little thing called amnesty. You don't come after me. You don't touch me. I'm completely free. And I don't have to talk to you or anyone else about her sister.

Billie:  No, no, you can't do this. He knows something.

Piper:  I know, sweetie, I know, and I swear we'll find your sister, I promise. But this is Leo's only hope. 43C361BB.JPG

Billie:  OK.

Piper:  Deal? Go ahead.

Leo:  What's going on?  Where am I?

Piper: It doesn't matter. All that matters is you're gonna be safe.

Leo:  What do you mean? What's going on?

Piper: Remember when I told you you just had to trust me? This is the only way.

Leo:  The only way? Piper...

Piper: I just-- I have to lose you to save you. It's just our screwed-up destiny, and you kind of got caught in the middle. 43C361F7.JPGI'm so sorry.

Leo:  It's all right. I, uh-- we've been through worse.

Piper: No. We haven't.

Leo:  We're gonna get through this.

Piper: Of course we will.

Angel:  It's time.

Piper: I love you.

Leo:  I love you, too.

[Piper crying.]

Angel: You will find your sister, Billie. It's your destiny. If you prevail, he will be returned. If not...

Phoebe:  Let's go home. 43C3627E.JPG

Burke:  Wait.   No. I did what you asked didn't I? I kept her from finding out about her sister!


[Paige crying]

Phoebe:  You playing your brother a song?

[Piper crying]

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