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Charmed Top Ten List


10 Favorite Daytime Stars Who've Been On Charmed by Megan

10. Shannon Sturges--She played on Port Charles as Kate Reynolds and Days as Molly Brinker. On Charmed she was Helena Staler and tried to help her brother kill Prue.

9. Sherri Saum--She played RJ's daughter Kerri on One Life to Live and faked her own death to keep Antonio away from his daughter. On Charmed, she was a good witch who was murdered by her familiar.

8. Matthew Ashford--He played psychotic Dr. Steven Haver on One Life to Live, and currently plays Jack Harcourt Deveraux on Days. On Charmed he played Prue slimeball jerk of an ex-fiancee Roger in the series pilot.

7. Ian Buchanan--He played Duke Lavery on General Hospital, James Warwick on The Bold and the Beautiful, and Joshua on Port Charles. On Charmed he was the evil demon Raynor, who tried to kill Cole when he realized he'd turned good.

6. Rick Hearst--He has been on Days as Scotty Banning, Guiding Light as Alan-Michael Spaulding, The Young and the Restless as Matt Clark, The Bold and the Beautiful as Whipple Jones, and currently is on General Hospital as Ric Lansing. On Charmed he played the invisible demon Troxa and tried to kill the Charmed Ones.

5. Tyler Christopher--He is currently on General Hospital as the hunky Nikolas Cassadine. On Charmed he was the evil warlock Anton who was a lover of one of Phoebe's past lives.

4. Greg Vaughan--He played Diego Guttierez on the Young and the Restless, and is currently Lucky Spencer on General Hospital, but before all that, he played hunky neighbor and boyfriend to Piper Halliwell (which
many fans disliked him for since he split up the Charmed supercouple of Piper and Leo) on Charmed as Dan Gordon. If he weren't so cute, he'd be a lot lower on the list!

3. Antonio Sabato, Jr.--He started out on General Hospital as Jagger Cates, and then played bad-boy Bane Jessup on Charmed, where he had the hots for good girl Prue Halliwell (which was a reunion of sorts since he'd been with Shannen Doherty on the movie Jailbreakers). Talk about hunks...this man has it all!

2. Ted King (T. W. King)--Some of you may know him as Danny Roberts from Loving and The City...he played obsessed mobster Luis Alcazar on General Hospital, and he is currently back on that show by popular demand playing good mobster Lorenzo Alcazar. But after his Loving/City days and before his mobster GH days, Ted played good-hearted cop Andrew "Andy" Trudeau on Charmed, where he was an old high school flame of Prue Halliwell and quite possibly the nicest guy in primetime. Whether he's a good guy, or a bad
guy, women everywhere love him!

1. Finola Hughes--She played Anna Devane Scorpio Lavery Scorpio Hayward on GH, then moved to AMC to play Dr, Alexandra "Alex" Devane Marirck and later brought Anna Devane Scorpio Lavery Scorpio Hayward to Pine Valley.  She was loved in both roles, and remains a huge fan favorite in her role of Patricia "Patty" Halliwell, the mother of the Charmed Ones. She is truly a beloved character on all her shows, a talented actress, and remains to this day a true fan favorite.

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Updated 1/19/09  


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