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Charmed Episode Guide

Photo of Charmed wtiches "hulked out"

"The Lost Picture Show" Episode: #8.9 - 20 November 2005

Summary by Emma

Premiered: November 20, 2005

Magic School

Piper and Paige orb into Magic School. Piper wants to know what the demon is doing there. Paige tells her it’s now demon central. Piper asks why a Krychek would beat up on demons. Paige tells her a Krychek also was hitting on Leprechauns and Gnomes. However they don’t usually do that. Piper has a feeling something is wrong. Paige protests that they have to chase a demon the government had. A demon suddenly vanishes. A Krychek who looks like the Incredible Hulk still has a look of wanting to kill.  The demon sees the girls and goes after them, Paige throws her vial. It explodes but it doesn’t hurt him. Piper blasts him 3 times. He falls, but he’s still breathing. Paige tells Piper to vanquish it, but Piper tells her Agent Murphy wants him brought. Suddenly, a group of beaten up demons come up to them. A demon named, Emrick, who has a cut on his face throws a fireball at them and they orb out before it strikes them.

Dining Room: Manor

Piper and Paige see a picture of Krychek in the BOS, but the demon is smaller in size. Phoebe quips the one they saw just might have been bigger. Piper tells her it was like going from you to Schwarzenegger. Leo enters the room carrying skis and ski boots for two.  Leo drops the skis and hits his finger and cusses. Piper wants him to watch his language as Wyatt is copying what he hears, so they need to be careful what is said. Leo wants Piper to get the packing done, but she says she needs to talk to Murphy first. Leo tells her to just let it go so they can leave. Piper still insists she needs to talk to Murphy first.  Leo gives a suggestion of having Billie do it. Piper explains they cant find her. Phoebe tells Paige about Henry calling last night. Paige wonders what he wanted. Phoebe says probably you.  Paige says that’s silly. Piper asks Paige if she likes Henry. Paige says no, but her face turns red. And Phoebe teases her about her face. Leo thinks she likes Henry too.  Piper and Phoebe leave to go and talk to Murphy, Piper tells Leo she’ll be back soon. Paige asks Phoebe about her lunch date, and Phoebe quips she’s taking a holiday from men. Paige tries to find Billie.

Magic School

Billie is at the school. She goes to the study. She hears someone screaming and looks around the corner to see Emrick, an Evil soothsayer and Krychek. Krychek is in terrible pain, suddenly he goes back to his normal size. Emrick and the soothsayer are shocked. Emrick wants revenge, but the soothsayer stops him by saying Krycheck might have some info for Margoyle on how he hulked up. Suddenly, Krychek blows up, all is left of him is ashes. Billie wonders what is happening, she walks by and Emrick sees her. Billie tells him she is a student and go stuck in an astral plane. Emrick grabs Billie by her throat. Billie flips him to the ground, grabs a athame off a desk and points it to his throat. She warns him if he moves he’s dead. Emrick demands to know what she wants. She tells him she wants to find the demon who kidnapped her sister. She wants him find the book she needs. He struggles and she cuts him. She tells him her sister’s name and she leaves.  


Henry is standing at the door with a baby and rings the doorbell, Paige answers. Henry explains he need to find the father, because the baby’s mother was put in jail. He doesn’t want to put the baby in a foster group. Paige wants to know what she has to do with it, and he says to watch the baby. He hands her the baby. Henry tells her girls watch babies not guys. He tries to charm her by saying she is beautiful. Paige doesn’t believe what he says. Henry says his supervisors don’t know he’s doing this and can’t keep the baby at the police station.  Henry tells her he owes her and leaves.

Murphy's Office

Piper and Phoebe enter his office, he wants to know where the demon is. Piper asks him how they got the demon. Murphy says he doesn’t know, Piper tells  him to find out because this is a powerful demon. Murphy says he’s sorry. Piper tells Phoebe to try to get a vision to see if he’s telling the truth. Phoebe says her visions haven’t been real reliable lately. They start arguing and Murphy wants to know if they caught that demon.  Piper explains they barely wounded the demon and Murphy wants to know if they can get him back. Phoebe asks Piper sarcastically is Murphy deaf. Piper wants to know what they did to the demon. He says he doesn’t know. But he warns him if he’s not caught soon everyone will be exposed.

Conservatory at the Manor

Paige is holding the baby. Billie walks in and tells Paige she was at class and her cell phone was dead. Paige picks up her phone and calls Billie’s cell and it rings. Billie tries to change the subject and asks about the baby. Paige on to her asks her again where the baby was. Billie tells her what she does is her business. Paige asks her if she went to Magic School.  Billie tells her she was but only to find info about her sister. Paige reminds her they need to reach her to fight demon, that’s why they taught her so they can have a life. Billie quips she’s not a doctor to be on call. Emrick shimmers in.  He is hulked, looking crazed. Paige orbs the baby to the crib. Emrick asks Billie if she remembers him. Billie throws her athame at Emrick, striking him in the shoulder.  Emrick isn’t hurt and he grabs Billie by the throat and throws her to the ground, he scratches her on the throat.  He faces Paige, she orbs him to Magic School.  Billie finally admits to Paige she knew the demon.

Foyer at the Manor

Phoebe and Piper come into the manor. Piper wants to know why Phoebe is taking a break from men and cancelling all her dates. Phoebe just wants to talk about the demon, and not think about babies. She changes the subject and asks about Leo and Piper’s skiing trip.  


Billie is cleaning up the room, they see the scratch on her neck and what to know what happened. She explains the demon attacked because she made him mad at Magic School. Phoebe starts yelling at her, and Billie tells her Paige already did. She explains to Piper she was looking for her sister. They tell her she has to focus on other things too. Piper is worried that there are 2 hulks demons on the loose. She says they saw one blown up. Piper is worried something is going on. Billie says she’ll check on the BOS so Piper can go on her trip. Piper says you’re still in trouble. The baby starts crying, they both look at Billie in question. Billie says that’s not her trouble. Phoebe and Piper go to the kitchen.


Paige is feeding the baby, she tells them Henry brought the baby. She tells them he’s looking for the father, because the mom is in jail. Piper asks what the baby’s name is. Paige says it’s Curtis. Phoebe tells her Murphy wants the demon back, but he’s dead so it’s not their problem any longer. Paige believes the baby isn’t safe there. She asks Phoebe to babysit, Phoebe says no. Paige wants to know what’s wrong because Phoebe loves babies. Phoebe says she’s focusing on other things. Piper hands her the baby and tells her to focus on this. She says the baby won’t bite. Piper says she’s going to romance Leo and Paige is going to talk to Henry. Paige and Piper leave the room.

Magic School

Emrick is no longer looks like a Hulk, is dying. Margoyle comes into the room. Emrick wants to know what is wrong with him. Margoyle replies, that he’s dying.    Margoyle takes hold of the soothsayer by the throat and says he needs to know what is wrong with him. The soothsayer say Emrick has lived the longest and he needs a cell fragment from Emrick’s blood to see what caused it. Suddenly, Emrick is blown up and he’s turned into ashes.  Margoyle kills the soothsayer with an energy ball. A demon tells Margoyle the Charmed Ones have attacked a Krychek. He tells him a new witch injured Emrick and they both were infected. Margoyle thinks the sisters are after the power too and he tells a tracker demon to find them.


The scratch on Billie is infected. Billie is reading the Bos, Leo walks into the room. He tells her Piper needs another suitcase. She tells him the BOS has nothing about any supercharge demons. Leo says that only means done of the girl’s ancestor fought one. He asked if Billie has made her own BOS, she says no. She asks Leo if she should start one. Leo says yes, so she can pass it down to family members. She question Leo if witch and demons are different types , Leo replies they might be.

 Henry's Office

Henry tells the person he’s talking to, he’ll call him back. Paige walk in, and tells Henry he needs to find another place for the baby, the manor is not safe for the baby to be. Henry says he can’t take the baby; he needs to find the father before Social Services find out and put him in foster care. Paige doesn’t see anything wrong with that, Henry says it was for him. He tells her both parents were his former parolees, and the dad came out okay.  Henry doesn’t think the father knows about the baby. The mom told him who the dad was and she wouldn’t lie about it. He believes the dad could make a difference in the baby’s life. While he’s distracted by another police officer, she takes a photo out of the file. Paige tells him to find the dad fast and leaves the office.

Piper's Bedroom

Piper is trying to close a suitcase. Phoebe comes into the room with Curtis. Phoebe lets her know she knows what she’s doing and it’s not going to work.  Piper tells Phoebe she’s a natural with babies and the baby is hungry.  Phoebe goes and gets the bottle. Leo wants to know why Piper is so worried that Phoebe is taking a breaking from dating. Piper says that’s not Phoebe. She believes that Phoebe has lost her faith in her visions. Piper asks Leo if they should stay home. They hear a blast. She gives Leo the baby and tells him to stay there.  

Main Hall

Piper sees Phoebe crashing into the wall. Piper looks around for the demon.

Sitting Room

Piper sees a female Hulk like creature. Piper raises her hands to blow it up and Phoebe stops her and tells her it’s Billie. Billie advances toward them and growls. Phoebe tells Piper not to blow up Billie. Suddenly, the hulked Billie runs toward the coach, Phoebe yells for Piper to blast her. Piper blasts her, and it throws Bille across the room and she’s unconscious. Phoebe explains to Piper she was getting a bottle for the baby, the next thing she was being thrown across the room by Billie. Paige comes in and sees the messy room, she asks if it was a demon that did this. Phoebe tells her it was Billie and points to where she’s laying. Paige wonders how Billie got to look like that. The sisters tell her they don’t know, Paige asks where the baby is. Piper tells her Leo has him and he’s fine. Piper and Phoebe tell her they need to help Billie before she blows up like the other demons. Paige tells them to call the Elders. Piper says she’ll call them. Paige tells them she’s getting the baby out of there and is going to scry for the dad with the photo she has. Piper tells Phoebe to stay with Billie. Phoebe tells them to hurry up.


Jonah, a elder, orbs into the room to Piper.  Piper tries to explain what is happening, he interrupts her. Jonah says, the elders knows why she called them. Piper ask if the Elders are spying on them again. Jonah says no, he tells her he knows all about Billie. He explains what is happened to Billie is happening to all the magical population.  Jonah explains it’s a virus and it’s He says that it is a virus and it is multiplying fast.  Piper wants to know who could Billie get a virus from some demon. Jonah explains the virus doesn’t know what is good or evil it can infect all magical beings, even the sisters. Piper asks how her boys are, but he doesn’t tell her anything. She asks if they can do anything.  He tells her they need to find a remedy, to do that they have to find the cause. She asks how much time Billie has, he replies not much. He tells her it depends on how powerful the creature is, the faster the virus will kill it.   

Henry's Office

Paige enters his office with baby, Curtis. She tells him she found the baby’s father. She gives him the baby and a paper, she tells she has to go. He wants to know how she found the dad so quick. She says she has her connections. Henry asks her what’s wrong. She tells him she’s says a friend is in trouble. Henry asks if he can help, and she replies no. Paige gives him a smile and leaves his office.

Sitting Room: Manor

Phoebe puts a pillow under Billie's head.  Billie suddenly starts shaking. Billie changes back to herself. Piper is worried, Phoebe wants to know what the Elders said.  Piper explains that it’s a virus and she was infected when she was scratched. She goes on and tells her if they don’t find an antidote soon, Billie will die.  Phoebe says there has to be something they can do. Piper replies they need to find out where the virus started and who started it. Piper calls for Paige, Paige orbs in and she tells Piper they have to go see Murphy fast. Piper and Paige leave, Phoebe takes care of Billie.

Murphy's Office

Piper and Paige orb into his office. Murphy yells at them that they can’t just orb into his office like that. Piper blasts his phone to stop him from yelling at them. Paige says at the locks on the door. Piper explains she knows he’s not telling them everything he knows and they are running out of time.  Paige quickly explains he needs to tell them about the escaped demon.  He replies he told them everything. Piper says that was the wrong answer, then she blows up his desk lamp, Murphy falls into his chair.  She replies that the government did something to that demon, which started a virus that may infect all magical beings.  Paige says without magic, there just might not be no more love, and with no muses there won’t be any inspiration and without Leprechauns all rainbows will be gone.  Piper tells him and there won’t be any Billie or them.  Paige calls for a chair and Murphy's chair orbs out from under him, he falls to the floor. Piper warns him the next thing she is going to blow up is him. An agent knocks on the door and wants to know if Murphy is okay. Murphy says he is. He tells the sisters they will talk. Murphy gives a file to Piper.  Murphy explains to them 5 years ago, the demon was found injured.  The government of course wanted to study and learn from it.  Piper, asks about what it means in the file about the demon being injected and what they injected him with. Murphy says it was human blood. He tells them they were trying to extract its powers.  Paige wants to know why and he says so the government could inject it into their soldiers. Piper wants to know if it was to make the soldiers more powerful. Murphy tells her it didn’t work. He tells her when the test subject didn’t react to the shot they shut the program down.  He tells them the government was trying to figure out what to do with the demon when he escaped.   Piper wants to know about the test subject and if he suffered any side effects.  Murphy says he didn’t have any. Paige wonders what Piper is thinking. Piper explains she thinks the test subject might still have some of the antidote they need, since he was immune to the shot. Piper question Murphy where can they find him.  Murphy says they destroyed all the documents and he doesn’t know where he is. He hands Paige the test subject’s ID bracelet. He explains they erased his info.

Sitting Room: Manor

Phoebe brings Billie a drink of water. Billie quips she must really be sick for Phoebe to be waiting on her. Phoebe replies don’t get use to it. Billie wants to know if she is dying.  Phoebe says no and she can’t count she how many times she has died and can talk about it. Billie apologizes for not listening to her.  Phoebe replies they will save her and magic too. Billie wants to know how is Phoebe going to save magic if she can’t believe in her own anymore.   

Kitchen: Manor

Phoebe is starts to cry as Piper and Paige orb in. Paige wants to know how Billie is. Phoebe says not well, and asks what they found out.  Piper explains it was a secret experiment.  Paige says that they have to find the patient.  Phoebe questions them if the government made the virus did they make a cure too. Piper says they didn’t know they created a virus.  Piper explains to her the government screwed up.  She explains to Phoebe there was a chance at an antidote, but the government screwed that up too.  Piper tells her a human was infected with mixed blood and he didn’t have any side effects. Phoebe figures it out that the human’s blood could be the cure. Paige tells her they have no way of finding him.  Piper puts the ID bracelet on the table and says that is all that’s left and it’s not enough to scry with.  Phoebe suggest that they can get more power so they can scry with if they get Billie to infect them. Paige wants to know if she’s crazy and explains they could do too. Piper picks up the bracelet and they go to the attic.  The ironing board on the wall changes into the tracker demon and he shimmers out to go report back to Margoyle. 

Sitting Room: Manor

The sister’s go to Billie to wake her up. Phoebe explains to her they need her help to save her. Paige gives the athame to Piper. Billie figures out what’s going on and tells them no. Phoebe calms her down and says it will be okay and she needs to trust them. Paige asks Piper if they should tell Leo what they are doing and she says no she knows what he will say. Piper gives Phoebe the athame. Phoebe cuts her palm, and scratches Billie with it, Piper and Paige cut their palms too. Phoebe touches both of their wounds, mixing up the blood. Billie suddenly gasps for air as if she’s about to die, Piper freezes her. Paige wants to know how long it will last, Piper says she doesn’t know.

Attic: Manor

The girls run up to the attic where Leo is searching through the BOS. He tells them he hasn’t found the antidote yet.  Piper says to him they think they might have. They suddenly changed into hulked versions of themselves. Leo is stunned and cusses. Piper tells him to watch his language and backhand him. Leo goes flying across the room. Leo is shocked; Phoebe orders Piper to leave him alone and shoves Piper. Piper shoves Phoebe back, and answers that Leo is her husband. Paige shoves Piper back. Piper wants to know why she did that. Paige smugly says because she felt like it. Leo yells at them to stop before they kill each other and wants to know how they got infected.  Phoebe explains they made it happen. Piper says they have work to do. Piper picks up the ID bracelet and takes it to the scrying table.  Phoebe grabs the map and rolls it out and Paige grabs the crystal. They scry for the test subject. The crystal spins faster than it normally does and lands with such power that it’s implanted into the map. 

Office Building

Joe, is mopping the floor, he sees the shadow of the sisters in the wet floor. He looks at them and is frighten by the sight of them as hulks. He sees a tracker demon shimmer in, along with 3 other demons, one who is hulked like the girls.  Piper yells for Joe to hit the floor, he asks why as a fireball is thrown at him. Phoebe yells at him to hit the deck and he goes to the floor as a fireball goes by him. Paige calls for the fireball and throws it to the hulked out demon. He side steps it and it vanquishes the tracker demon.  Piper tries to blows up the hulked out demon, but he just sways each time she hits him. The sisters run, running over Joe, and body slams the other demons.  They body slam the 2 of the demons and they explode. Piper jams her fist in the hulked demon's heart, which causes him to vanquish.  Margoyle shimmers in and grabs Joe’s arm, digging in his nail and draws blood. Joe screams in agony and the sister turn to Margoyle.  He knows he’s won’t win and let’s Joe loose. They go over to Joe and he wants to know what they want. Paige explains they want him to save magic. Piper also adds them too.

Sitting Room:Manor

Billie wakes up as Phoebe brings her in a cup of tea. Billie wants to know what happened. Phoebe tells her they hulked out, and saved the world. Billie looks for her scratch but she’s healed. Phoebe explains they got the antidote to the Elders and they are curing the magical beings that were infected. Billie wonders about the demons. Phoebe says they have the antidote too. She says they won’t like it that they won’t be hulks any longer. Phoebe says to Billie she is their family and weren’t going to let anything happen to her.  Piper and Paige orb in. Phoebe asks how things went with Agent Murphy.  Piper says she thinks he won’t get hold of them and he knows the government doesn’t want part of magic. Paige says she’s going to check on Curtis and Piper replies if she really means Henry.  Paige makes a face at Piper and Phoebe says to Paige give him a kiss for her.  Paige wants to know if she means Henry and Phoebe tells her Curtis.  Piper give Phoebe a smile and wants to know if the baby got to her.  Phoebe gives her a dirty look and asks her if Piper has a skiing trip to go to. Piper goes upstairs, Phoebe give Billie a smile.

Henry's Office

Henry is talking to baby Curtis’s father, Ernesto. The father is scared as he sees his son for the first time and wants to know why the mother didn’t tell him about the baby. Henry says she is really messed up and that is the reason she is back in prison.  Henry tries to convince him that the baby needs him. Ernesto doubts this and wants to know if he would be better with somebody else.  Henry tells him the baby has either his father or the state. He explains to him to many sons grow up without their fathers and that’s how they get messed up. He tries to convince Ernesto that he can do what’s right. Paige comes in and hears all this. Ernesto wants to know how to hold the baby, and Henry explains to him he has to hold his head because the neck is not strong enough yet. He gives Ernesto his son. He says he thinks his son looks like him. Henry says he thinks so. He gives the father a bag of baby stuff. He tells him to heat up the bottle, but not to hot and always test it before he gives him a bottle. He tells him to call social services if he’s not sure about anything and he will come by and check on him. Ernesto thanks him and Henry tells him to thank the lady that found him.  Ernesto wants to know what lady. Henry gives him Paige’s name and gives him a description of her. Paige gives Ernesto a smile as he goes by her.  Paige questions him about the guy who said he knew nothing about babies  and Henry quips he’s a quick study.  Paige wants to know if that was his way to see her again. He smiles and says she has her secret and he has his own.


Phoebe goes in the room and picks up the blanket.  

Premonition (Elementary School)

A young girl calls her Mommy. Phoebe smiles as the girl runs into her arms.

Across the Street

There are two Phoebes: Regular Phoebe is watching this scene. She sees her future self hugging the girl. Future Phoebe walks over to Present Phoebe and tells her she knew she would come. Present Phoebe asks how she knew. Future Phoebe replies because she was her standing there 6 years ago. Present Phoebe is confused, and asks if that is so who was SHE talking to than? Future Phoebe tells her not to try and figure it out because they will get a headache. She tells her all that matters is she’s there now and looking for answers. Future Phoebe tells her she’s living proof the vision will come true and so is the child.


Phoebe comes back to the present and she’s smiling. She hears Leo telling Piper to quit back. Piper walks by the nursery and sees Phoebe and ask if she’s okay. Phoebe replies she’s never been better.

Picture from http://www.thedemonsjumble.com

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