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Photo from "Hulkus Pocus" of Billie and Phoebe

"Battle of the Hexes" Episode: #8.8 - 13 November 2005

Summary by Emma

Premiered: November 13, 2005

Manor: Kitchen: Day

Leo is practicing his golf swings with a golf club. Piper is putting together Wyatt’s lunch. She’s also on the phone trying to hire a band for P3. She explains she hasn’t had a band at the club in 2 months and she’s having trouble finding one to play there now. Leo wants to know if she wants him to talk to his golf buddy,Smitty. However, Piper doesn’t like him, Leo just reminds her he has connections. Piper agrees and tells Leo to let  him win a game of golf. Leo kisses her goodbye and leaves. Paige enters the room and tells Piper she has a new charge, who is a future whitelighter.  Phoebe enters the room and says Agent Murphy has been calling them. He needs their help on a case. Paige makes a comment; Murphy must think they are Charlie's Witches.  Phoebe tells her he thinks they all owe him because he helped them.  Paige explains she can’t help because of her new charge.  Phoebe says she won’t help Murphy out alone and she is still looking for love. Phoebe tells them Murphy wants them to look at cold cases to see if any are related to the supernatural.  Piper volunteers to help out.

Warehouse: Day

The Charmed ones enter a warehouse and they see shelves of boxes. Piper is stunned. A agent tells them Murphy wants them to do the boxes that have Para 7 on them. Piper wants to know what that is. The agent explains Para 7 is the paranormal. He instructs them to wear disable gloves so they don’t ruin the evidence.  Paige wants to know if they can make them do this, Phoebe wants to know if she wants to be audited by the government. Paige wants to know if Murphy will make them do these things from now on. Piper says if he does they can turn him into a frog. Paige tells her sisters she is being paged and orbs out. Piper phone rings and she answers it. She talks to Leo and than she tells Phoebe that he found a band for her and she has to leave. Piper tells Phoebe to try and take off her gloves to see if she gets any premonitions.

Magic School: Great Hall: Day

A sorceress by the name of Zira, is angry because Sollal can’t find her any more powers to take. They are scrying over a map.  Zira doesn’t want to answer anymore to Tai, who is a demoralizer demon.  Tai suddenly shimmers in with two male demons ask about the potions and why they aren’t done.  Zira she tells him they will be ready soon. Tai leaves, followed by his posse.  Zira, tells her friend she will do everything she can to make the females rule even if she has to go every male demon.

College Class: Day

Dr. Harris is doing a lecture on the battle of the sexes. He tells them about the yin vs. yang theory and tells them how it includes men and women. Billie is bored with this theory. She tells him guys are wimps or thugs and women are the balanced ones.  Dr. Harris points out to her that every good man has behind him is a good woman, plus visa versa, both sexes need each other.  Billie points out women are the stronger sex.  Billie's cell phone rings and Dr. Harris gives her a dirty look. Billie explains it’s a family emergency and answers the phone, and asks Phoebe if the problem is demons, she than says she’ll get a cab.

P3: Day

Smitty tells Piper he can get her a girl band. Piper ask him if it’s one of the popular girl groups. He says no it’s not. Leo tells Smitty they really need his help and does he know if he can call in a favor.  Piper doesn’t want any help from Smitty. Smitty than encourages Piper by saying may he can get Liz Phair. Smitty leaves.  

Downtown Street: Day

Paige is hiding to keep out of sight as she watches her charge. She is talking to Phoebe and Phoebe wants to know where she is. Paige replies skid row waiting to meet her new charge and she is waiting for the other guy who is a felon to leave. Donnie, a criminal, is talking to a confused Speed.  Paige explains her charge is at the crossroads and she to help him the right decisions. Paige tells Phoebe she has to go as her charge is getting beaten up. 

Alley: Day

Speed tells Donnie he won’t do it and wants to stay out of trouble. Donnie warns  Speed if he won’t drive the car for them he will be in the worst trouble. Donnie slams Speed against the wall, but stops when Paige yells at him. Donnie warns him again to drive the car and walks away as Paige comes up to Speed. Speed wants to know who she is, she explains she just saved him from getting hit. Speed starts to leave and Paige tells him she’s there to help him. He wants to know if she’s is like a guardian angel or something else. Paige replies, “Something”. Suddenly, they hear a car around the corner and it’s headed for Speed. Speed sees who it is and runs off. The car chases Speed who hits a fence and falls on the hood. Henry, a parole officer, grabs hold of Speed and throws him next to the fence.  Paige asks Henry to leave him alone or she is going to call the cops.  Henry shows her his badge. He puts Speed in back of the car. Paige wants to know what he did and Henry says he violated his parole.  Speed protests that’s not true and he should believe him. They drive off leaving Paige in the alley.

Warehouse: Day

Billie tries on a pair of 1940's sunglasses and Phoebe tells her not to do that someone wore them when they died. Billie is ranting about men with her anti-male speech as Phoebe is talking on the phone. Billie goes to another box and takes out a large gold belt.  She is about to snap it around her waist as Phoebe yells for her to stop. Billie goes ahead and snaps the belt together. The belt suddenly glows and Billie is turned into a superhero. Billie wants to know what happened. Phoebe exclaims, they are screwed.

Street: Day

They walk out on the street in search of a ride home. Billie, is trying to take off the belt. Phoebe says don’t try they need a spell, a potion to get it off, or a emotional sign. Phoebe stops a taxi.  Billie tries to open the door and yanks it off the hinges. Phoebe instructs her to put it back on. Billie does and the cab gets shoved over on the road. Phoebe yells at the cab driver, it’s a earthquake, she and Billie run off.

Magic School: Great Hall

Sollal tells Zira an inactive power has just been activated.  Zira wants to know how they can get the Golden Belt off, but Sollal says if the belt is taken off it kills the wearer, because she is evil. She than wants to know why the power is any good for her, Sollal explains they could get the woman who is wearing the belt to work for her. Sollal explains the force of the belt will drive her to madness. But before that happens to the wearer, Zira needs to make friends with the woman. Zira instructs her to find the woman.

Police Station

Paige enters the room and tells Henry he almost hit her with his car. Henry apologizes. She wants to know if speed was okay. Henry wants to know who she is. She explains she works for Homeland Security.  They argue about Speed, Paige defends him that he’s just a kid, Henry calls him a thug and is 18. Speed comes in the room, and Henry explains Paige was looking out for him and  he won’t get anymore out of juvenile passes. Paige tells Speed he has a destiny of greatness, and Henry tells him not to miss the 4 pm check or he will go to jail. Speed leaves, and Paige sees his file on the desk and writes down his address and leaves.

Manor: Dining Room: Day

Piper and Leo are arguing again about getting Smitty to find a band for the club. Leo makes a similar comment Smitty made about Piper being emotional. Piper tells Leo he can deal with Smitty than. They hear a loud crack from the hallway.

Manor: Foyer/Main Hall

Billie has ripped the front door off the hinges and is holding the door up in the air. She apologizes for the door. Phoebe comes in and tells them Billie is now a superhero.  Phoebe says Piper can’t get mad cause it’s her fault. She tells her about Billie putting on a belt from a box that Piper should have been looking through before she left. Phoebe says they have to get the belt off as she has dates to make for herself. Leo thinks the belt is Hippolyta's.  Billie has heard of that name from her mythology class and asks if it is the Greek queen that is has super powers and wanted to make all men and women equal, but Hercules killed her.  Leo agrees that’s her. Billie throws her hands up and Leo disappears. Piper asks Billie to change Leo back, but Billie says she doesn’t know how. Piper gets mad and tries to blow up the belt but she gets thrown back on her behind.  Billie wants to know if Piper just tried to kill her and Phoebe says no she wasn’t. Billie suddenly snaps to out of her anger and says she doesn’t know what happened. Phoebe and Billie go to the attic for the BOS. Leo tells Piper the goddesses had a way to get the belt off and they need to find out how they did it. And if they don’t Billie is going to die. Piper now realizes the woman who died was a case file in Murphy’s box files. Leo tells Piper about the belt’s power and it seduces the wearer before it will drive her insane. 

Fitness Center Back Alley

In the alley Zira and Tai are there. Zira explains they need to torture a innocent female to lure the wearer of the belt there. Zira tries to tempt Tai with the vision of him as a leader of the Underworld if he has the belt. Zira shimmers out with a smug smile.

Manor: Attic

Billie has a crowbar trying to get the belt off, the crowbar breaks in half. She throws the pieces of it and they break the window. Piper snips she is going to pay for that someday. Billie picks up a vial of potion and hits it against the belt. The potion explodes, but not the belt. Billie is sad she has scratched her pretty belt. Phoebe points out the belt is beginning to effect her. She will soon think she really is Hippolyta.  Billie gets a phone call and tells the sisters she will be back.

Manor: Foyer

Leo still invisible is attempting to fix the door, he gets the pin in the hinge, suddenly Billie makes the door slam and it bounces onto Leo. Leo calls for help.

Fitness Center Back Alley

Tai and his demons are tormenting an innocent woman. He is throwing fireballs at her. She is cowering behind cars. She screams for someone to help her. Billie appears and tells the demon that is now way to treat a woman. Tai yells for the demons to snatch the belt and Billie disagrees. Tai smiles sarcastically and throws a energy bolt at Billie who fires a lightening bolt and stops it. She than throws lightening bolts at Tai’s demons. She than sends a bolt at Tai and it hits his shoulder, he shimmers out.

Manor: Foyer/Main Hall

Piper and Phoebe pick up the door off Leo and put the door back on the hinge. Billie comes in as a blur. Phoebe asks where she was, she replies she saved a woman, and killed some male demons, plus she nicked her belt again. The sisters tell her she needs to stay here to they get the belt off. Billie says she likes the belt’s powers. Leo quips that is a problem. The belt suddenly glows, Piper and Phoebe suddenly take a step back as they are blinded for a second. The belt’s glow has affected the sister’s attitude. Phoebe cell phone rings she yells at the person this is not the time and hangs up. She exclaims there is nothing more wrong than a needy man. Leo notices their change and tells them the belt has now affected them too.  Before Billie goes to take her midterm exams she asks her to change Leo back to visible because she needs him to find a band, because the world belongs men. Billie sends a bolt of lightening toward Leo and he becomes visible. Billie blurs out and now that belt is out of the room, the sisters break out of the belt’s spell. Leo explains the belt is taking over Billie.

Magic School: Great Hall

Sollal is looking into a cauldron trying to foresee the future.  Zira comes into the room and tells him Tai wants to go after Billie. He wants to know why their plan of Billie killing Tai didn’t work. Sollal tells Zira that the witch killed the other demons. It proves the belt is taking over Billie. And soon they can make their move. Zira warns him that won’t happen if Tai kills Billie. Zira than tells him unless he finds her there will be another male demon dead.

Speed's Apartment

Paige knocks on Speed’s door. The door opens up and it is Henry. Henry explains he was supposed to be here. Paige explains she’s there to talk to Speed about his Henry wants to know why she believes in him so much. She wonders why he doesn’t believe in him too. Henry says he use too and for ten years he has tried to save Speed.  But he’s given up on him. He tells her that Speed must be with Donnie and they are about to be busted. Paige defends Speed and says he won’t be with them, and they bet 20 dollars.

Human Sexuality Class

The class is working on a midterm test. Billie is still dressed in her superhero wardrobe. Dr. Harris tells her the test is half way over and she’ll probably just get a "C".  Billie calls him a sexist. Suddenly, the belt begins to glow.  A male student says Billie is hot in her costume and a girl student punches him. The belt affects the girls in the class and they start hitting the males. Billie and the teacher try to stop them, but Dr. Harris gets hit by a female. Billie looks at her belts and tells it that’s not right. Zira appears in the a seat in the back row and asks her is that what she wanted to happen. Zira tells her she wants to help her and she should come with her. They both shimmer out of the room.

Manor: Foyer/Main Hall

Piper and Phoebe are talking about what they saw at Billie’s class. And are glad she left before everyone killed each other. Leo explains Hippolyta used the belt to have harmony among the sexes and it didn’t work. She than went to an island where only females lived and killed any man that came on the island. Piper points out Hercules killed her. Piper is in fear for her boys and wonder if they are in danger.  and wants to know if she will kill all men.  But other women have worn the belt and there are still men alive. Leo explains since Billie was a powerful witch she is not almost indestructible.  Piper wants to know if the only hope they have is if the belt will kill Billie. Leo tells him to get out of the house so he will be safe. She reassures him she will keep away from the belt. She goes up to the attic.

Magic School: Great Hall

Billie is walking back and forth trying not to give in to the belt’s power. Zira is telling Billie her true destiny is to bring women and peace together and she can help her. Billie doesn’t know to believe her because Zira is a demon.  Zira explains with her help she doesn’t have to be a demon any longer. Zira says the good vs evil was set up by men to divide the sexes because men couldn’t create life so they would destroy it.  Billie wants to know what Zira wants and she said she wants women ruling,peace and harmony for all. However, a few men will have to be killed to achieve this. Billie wants to talk to the sisters. Zira explains they don’t believe in a utopia for women they believe in the old way of fighting battles. Zira tries to get Billie believe the sisters have been corrupted by males and are to afraid to change their ways. Zira says they will try to change her and they need to have Magic School be their home.

Henry's Car in Alley

Henry and Paige are sitting in the ally watching a liquor store.  On the dashboard is a twenty dollar bill. Paige tells him she has to use the bathroom and he hands her a jar. She says nevermind. Aa SUV with its headlights off pulls to the curb by the store. Two men from a grang enter the store. In the front seat of the car sit Speed and Donnie. The police radio says 2 black men in the store are considered armed and dangerous.  Henry tells Paige she has lost her bet and Paige says Speed hasn’t done anything yet. He calls her a optimist. Paige says she has faith in Speed and Mitch says he has faith in his pistol.


Speed is anxious and Donnie says just relax. Speed tells him he doesn’t want to do this. And Donnie tells him it’s too late.

Liquor Store

The two guys in the store see the safe and pull their gun out.


Donnie tells Speed to pull the car up to the store. Speed tells him again he can’t do this. Donnie opens his knife and tells Speed to drive as a burglar alarm goes off in the store.

Henry’s Car

Police dispatch tells all units in area to engage. Henry tells Paige to stay in the car. Paige leaves the car.


Speed tries to open the door, but Donnie stabs him in the side with his knife.

Liquor Store

Speed falls out of the SUV, two police cars pull up. Donnie runs off with the two men from the store. They drop their guns and take off down the street. The cops cuff them. Speed runs off. Henry tries to catch Speed. Henry tells Paige she owes him that twenty dollar bet. Henry goes back to his car and leaves Paige.

Attic in the Manor

Piper puts a crystal underneath the couch and Phoebe gives up scrying for Billie.  Piper tells her she wants to try the call a lost witch spell to see if there is any witch left in her. Phoebe asks what if it doesn’t work. And Piper believes all mankind is lost if it doesn’t work. Piper puts the BOS by the cauldron. Phoebe tells Piper she should of prevented her from putting on the belt. Phoebe wants to get Paige because she believe Billie will be angry when they do find her. Piper tells her Paige is trying to save an innocent. Piper drops some herbs in the pot and says the lost witch spell.  Dust swirls in the center of the pot and explodes and it shows Billie.  Billie wants to know what they want. The sisters see her sweating and a crazed looked on her face. Phoebe tells her they were worried for her. Piper looks at the crystals and sees she’s outside their boundary.  Billie explains she knows they are trying to stop her from creating her utopia.  Phoebe says they are all about female power and they want to have a talk with her woman to woman as she tries to back Billie up. She yells at Piper, NOW. And Piper moves the crystal in place, making a cage for Billie. Billie yells at them and tells them Zira was right about them. Billie is zapped as she tries to escape. Billie fires two bolts of lightening and the cage explodes. The windows break, and Piper and Phoebe fly against a wall. Billie tells them there is no wrath like a woman scorned and blurs out. Phoebe says now they know there is no witch left in Billie.  

Magic School

Billie appears and tells Zira she is all hers now. They prepare to battle the ultimate battle of the sexes.

Manor: Sitting Room

Phoebe holds an ice pack to Piper's head at the same time Piper is cleaning Phoebe's wound.  Leo hands Piper a glass of water.  Phoebe tells Leo while he was out playing golf; they were working to save the male species. Piper tells Phoebe she got Leo to leave to save him from Billie. Piper tells him she thinks it was her fault that Billie became a man killer. Phoebe tells them that Billie might be recruiting her own army, and she believes Billie is at Magic school because that’s where demons are. Piper puts superglue on Phoebe’s wound.  She explains she’s not good with a needle.  Leo says at Magic school there’s a book that has a goddess spell to remove the belt. Phoebe says hopefully they can get it off Billie before she them. Leo warns them that if the belt sees them, it could make them into men killers to. Piper wants to know how they can get the book without anyone seeing them, and than she looks at Leo.

Speed's Apartment

Speed opens the door and falls in. Henry suddenly slams him into the wall. Paige tells Henry to careful. Henry puts cuffs on Speed. Speed says he doesn’t understand what happened. Henry replies Speed blew it. Paige asks him to listen to what Speed has to say. Henry says he can’t because Speed is an accessory to a crime.  Speed says that isn’t the way it happened. Henry replies he can tell it to the judge. Paige ignores her cell phone ringing when she sees the blood on Speed. Henry wants to know how that happened. Speed says he was trying to explain, Donnie stabbed him because he wouldn’t drive the SUV. Henry wants to know what he was doing there than. Henry pulls Speed up to take him to jail. Paige tells Henry he should give him a chance. She tells Henry to see if the knife Donnie has matches Speed’s blood and that would back his story. Henry tells Speed to go. Paige answers her phone.

Magic school

Suddenly two male demons are vanquished, Tai is lying wounded on the floor. Tai yells at Zira she set him up. She replies his kind is unnecessary.  Tai explains to Billie Zira is only using her and there’s no battle of the sexes.  Billie vanquishes Tai and Sollal. Behind Billie and Zira are invisible footprints. The Ancient Tome book slowly goes to the floor and the pages turn. Billie is feeling ill.  Phoebe, Piper, and Paige enter the great hall feeling self confident. Billie wants to know what they are doing there. Piper says to save her. Paige quips, again.  Zira tells them it’s to late to save Billie. The book floats up and opens to a page, Paige calls for the book and it goes to her. Zira sees the spell on the page and tells Billie they want the belt. Leo screams and pushes Billie to the floor.  He tells the sisters to do the spell. They read the goddess spell.  The belt falls to the floor.  Billie superhero outfit turns into her regular clothes. Phoebe tells Paige to orb the belt onto Zira. Zira blows up along with the belt.  Piper says a spell to make Leo visible again. Billie is confused and wants to know what happened.  Paige explains that Leo saved her life.  Phoebe jokes and tells her men are good and they trust men.  

Police Station

Henry takes Speed to a jail cell. He stops and calls the inspector and asks if Donnie had a knife and was there any blood on it. Henry hears what he said and than uncuffs Speed.  Speed is surprised that Henry believes him and is letting him go.  

Paige's Bedroom

Paige cell phone awakes her and she answers it. 

Henry's Car

Henry asks Paige if she wants cash or a check. He tells her she was right about Speed. Paige asks how he got her phone number. He replies he has connections. Henry says Speed  owes her and she replies she was just doing her job. They tell each other goodnight and hang up the phone. Henry is smiling


Billie and the sisters are sitting at their booth. Billie tells them she is drinking a nonalcoholic drink. Piper says that’s good because she didn’t want to lose her license tonight because Liz Phair is play.  Phoebe reassures Billie that she was bound to turn into something. Billie explains her class saw her in that outfit and she almost killed the male species. Billie says she’s confused about guys, and Phoebe you just need to find a guy and dance with him. Billie says she’s a little shy about that now. Liz Phair starts singing Somebody's Miracle.  Billie is surprises they got her and Piper explains guys and gold.. 

Picture from http://allnew-charmed.com

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