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Charmed Episode Guide

Sam and Piper

"The Lost Picture Show" Episode: #8.7 - 6 November 2005

Summary by Emma

Premiered: November 6, 2005

Manor: Attic: Day

Billie is dipping a scrying crystal in a cauldron.  On the table it’s jumbled with herbs, the Book of Shadow and a map.   Also, Billie has added some of items of her sister,Christy: a pic of Billie and her sister, a hairbrush and a teddy bear.   Paige enters the room and asks what she is doing.  She tells her that she is scrying for her sister. Paige encourages Billie not to put her life on hold and go back to school.

Photo Studio: Day

A demon whose name is Vaklav, locks a door to the studio and turns the sign over to closed.  There are vintage photo equipment and a collage of photos on a wall.  It looks like there are 13 people imprisoned in the photo.  Each of the people are from a different era and the clothes they were reflect that. On each face their face has a expression of terror. Vaklav is studying one of the person’s who was from the 1950's.  The man is in his early 20's, wearing jeans and a bomber jacket, his face is in shock.  Vaklav says he has to make room for another person, he waves his hand over the collage of pics and the man he was studying appears, which than leaves an empty spot on the pic. The man yells No as he appears, he’s not sure where he is. Vaklav explains he’s there now because his father died of a broken heart so he is no longer any good to him. Vaklav throws a fireball at the man whose name is JD, JD drops to the floor and kicks Vaklav out from under him. JD than puts his thumb in Vaklav carotid artery, which knocks out the demon. JD than runs out the door. 

Photo Studio/City Street - Day

JD leaves the building, he’s confused with all the people and traffic. The demon falls him, JD runs into the street and is hit by a car. The demon tells someone to call 911. A man who is a construction work calls and the demon stares at his next victim.


Piper is telling Leo what to write on the list for the grocery store. They argue what to get at the store. Paige walks in the room and asks to borrow Piper’s car cause hers is low on gas. Paige tells them she has an interview, Phoebe wants to know what interview. Paige says it is at Social Services, she wants to get her old job back.  Phoebe wants Paige to help her adopt a child, because she has no man in her life now, and wants to fulfill her magical destiny of having a child.

Manor: Dining Room: Day

Paige runs after Leo and wants to know if he’s going to do something to patch up his marriage. Paige suggests that he and Piper go to a counselor. Leo responds they tried that already and Paige asks him to try another one. Paige heads for the front door as her dad, Sam orbs in.

Hospital: Hallway: Day

A nurse at the hospital is talking to a doctor, who happens to be the demon,Vaklav, she tells him he is a lucky guy and they don’t know who the patient is. He wants to know if the police have been called, she says they have, and he tells her to put the patient in a private room until they know who he is. 

Manor: Living Room: Day

Sam tells Paige her new charge is Jonathan David Williams, who is a future whitelighter, who disappear in 1955. Early today he was taken to the hospital. Paige wants to know how old he is and he explains he is the same age as when in disappeared.   Paige wants to know why he couldn’t orb him out himself. Sam explains too many people already have seen him and would ask questions. Paige wants to know what Sam wants of her. He wants her to help get JD out of the hospital. She says she would help but she has a job interview. Paige calls Phoebe and asks her to help but Phoebe asks her to ask Billie to help her instead.

Manor: Living Room: Day

Paige tells Phoebe that Billie stayed up all night looking for her sister.  Paige wants to know where she is and Phoebe tells her that she is look at options.  Over where Phoebe is a woman knocks on the door wants to know how Phoebe is doing.  Phoebe hangs up her phone. The woman tells her they will try to match her up with a perfect donor.  Phoebe wants to know if she can meet the male donor. The woman tells her this is a sperm bank not a dating service. 

Manor: Sitting Room: Day

Paige is now on the phone with Piper, telling her not to go, she just wants to help.  Piper explains she and Leo are going to see a magical quack.  Leo clarifys this and says it’s soothsayer.  Piper tells her to try to get Agent Murphy to help her with her problem.   

Resume Park

Piper and Leo are at the park and Piper wants to know where the soothsayer is.   Leo says he knows him from his whitelighter days and the man has assisted a lot of magical couples.  The soothsayer is dressed as a gardener and explains marriages is a lot like tending flowers.  

Hospital: Hallway: Day

Paige walks out of the elevator with Sam.  She sees Agent Murphy, she apologizes for being late.  She explains to Agent Murphy she needs his help to get her new charge out of the hospital for her.  Sam sees JD is being wheeled on a gurney into a room by the doctor, Vaklav.  Murphy notices that he has muddy boots on.  He tells them that doctors don’t wear dirty boots.  Murphy runs after the doctor and JD. 

Hospital: Room: Day

Vaklav closes the door and shapes a fireball.  Murphy enters the room and has his gun drawn and tells him to freeze.  Vaklav hurls a fireball at Murphy, he dives and the fireball hits and damages the door.  Murphy fires at Vaklav hitting him in the chest, but he only sways. The hospital alarm goes off, which forces Vaklav to shimmer out. 

Manor: Conservatory: Day

Sam puts JD on the couch.  Paige wants to know why a demon would take him from 1955 and try to kill him now.  Paige says she is going to talk to Murphy who knows of some disappearances that happened. She says she’ll call him if she finds out anything. 

Park: Day

The soothsayer counsels them that they have stopped listening to each other. Piper leaves after her cell phones rings, and explains to the him it’s a family emergency. After Piper and Leo leave, he crushes two red roses in his hand, lets the petals mix together into magical glowing dust.  As Leo and Piper leave, they don’t notice the magical glow that surrounds them both.  Piper sits in the drivers seat and is surprised that the seat is so far back.  On the other side of the car, Leo gets into the passenger side and is cramped.  They look at each other aand than realize they have switched bodies.   

Clinic: Private Room: Day

At the clinic, Phoebe is looking at a book and she explains that guy isn’t right either. The worker says she has looked at 50 applicants so far.  Phoebe says she wants a baby girl with brown eyes, sandy blonde hair and a little button nose, who wants to help innocents and kicks some butt.  The attendant tells Phoebe  that they specialize in helping create families.  She goes on to tell Phoebe that when someone can’t find a match, they do not want to and what they seek is outside the clinic. 

Manor: Conservatory: Day

JD wakes up and Sam tells him it’s okay and go back to sleep.  JD closes his eyes and Sam heals him. Sam asks JD what he remembers, before that he was at a drive in.  He went to get a pop and some guy scared him, then he took a flash photo, blinded him and the next thing he was inside somewhere.   

Manor: Foyer/Main Hall: Day

Billie comes in the room ahead of Piper and Leo.  "Piper" says the Soothsayer did this for a reason and "Leo" says she is not going to pee standing up for the rest of her life.   Sam asks Billie to watch JD and not let him out of her sight.

Homeland Security: Murphy's Office: Day

Paige and Murphy are looking at stacks of case files when Sam orbs in.  Sam tells her that JD is awake and Billie is watching him.  Paige asks if one of the last victims was seen with photographer.  Sam asks about the files, Murphy tells him that they are of people who just disappeared.  Murphy picks up the file he was looking for and opens the folder.  The name is Hannah Sawyer who vanished 30 years ago from a photography studio.  They decide to go talk to the father. 

Homeland Security: Day

They leave the building, they go by someone whose back is turned to them.  Vaklav is following them. 

Manor: Conservatory: Day

JD is watching TV and offers Billie a cigarette. She says no.  Her cell phone rings and it startles JD.  She says it’s a musical instrument and her dad is an inventor.  The smoke alarm goes off and startles JD and he falls back onto the sofa and lands on the TV remote turning it on.  JD runs out the door and Billie follows him.

Apartment: Living Room: Day

Mr. Sawyer gazes at a picture of his daughter, Hannah, in a cheerleading uniform from 1975.  Murphy asks about the flash of light and if Mr. Sawyer knows what that was from.  He it was from the camera because she was getting a picture made for her mother's birthday.  Paige wants to know if it was from a studio and he says it was.  Murphy wants to know where it was and Sam asks if anyone saw the photographer after that happened.  Mr. Sawyer tells them he disappeared too.   

Brownstone: Day

Murphy finds out the studio was on the same corner where JD was hit by a car.  Paige believes the demon is still working as a photographer and taking lives with each photo he takes.  Sam wants Paige to call her sisters, but she thinks that she can handle this demon by herself.  They leave the office. Vaklav, who has been prowling, seems pleased and shimmers out. 

Photo Studio: Day

Vaklav shimmers in and he looks at a picture and unpins it from the wall.  On the picture, next to the space where JD was standing, is Hannah still frozen in terror.  Vaklav tells the picture that they are going to move again, but they won’t leave until they are complete and he will tie up all the loose ends.  Vaklav leaves the room with the picture in his hand. 

City Street: Day

JD is confused with all the things he sees outside. Billie hugs him and he glaces at the date on the paper.  JD tells Billie he has to see his dad.  He flees again and Billie is in pursuit.

Manor: Attic: Day

Smoke explodes in "Piper's" face, "Leo" yells that he needs to be more careful with her face.  Phoebe enters the room and tells them she wouldn’t let them inseminate her with no romantic walks and candlelight dinners.  Phoebe says she wants love and what they have.  “Piper tells her what happened to them today and Phoebe asks if Wyatt switched them and "Piper" says it was a marriage counselor, "Leo" says it was the gardener and it’s Leo's fault. 

Residential Street: Day

Billie waits outside of a building where JD went in. JD comes out and tells her he’s shocked his dad just died. The couple told him his dad was 93 years old and there is no one left in his family. She tells him Sam is trying to figure out what happened to him 50 years ago and she believes it was magical. She tells him she found out her sister was kidnapped by a demon 20 years ago.  She hugs him and he holds on tight. 

Photo Studio:Day

Paige and Sam are trying to find the demon but nothing is happening. Sam says the demon is after future whitelighters.  He believes Paige will be next.  Sam tells her she needs to accept the fact she is part whitelighter and stop fighting it.  He calls out to Paige, but it’s Vaklav.  Vaklav tells Sam daughters usually outlive fathers and they grieve longer.  A camera suddenly appears in his hands and Vaklav tells Sam to smile.  He takes the picture, Sam vanishes.  Vaklav unfolds the collage and Sam is put in the place where JD once was. 

Manor - Attic - Night

Phoebe walks in the room and sees "Leo" and "Piper" are scrying over a map of the city.  Phoebe asks if they found JD and "Leo" says that Leo won’t let her try.  "Piper" says it’s because Piper's powers are still in her body.  Phoebe wants to know what is their problem is and "Leo" says that they have switched bodies.  They tell her it was the soothsayer and Phoebe believes he knew what was doing.  He wants them to walk in each other shoes. Phoebe tells "Leo" that she knows what it’s like to be Leo and not have any powers and all the things he has to do. Leo and Phoebe agree that they need to spend more time together alone.  They suddenly look at each other and a magical glow surrounds them again and they return to their rightful bodies.  Billie comes in the room and is leading JD by the hand telling him he needs to talk to Sam. 

Photo Studio: Night

Paige looks around and heads into the room.  She gets an eerie feeling and calls out to Sam.  She hears the bell to the door and turns to see Vaklav standing there.  He wants to know if she is looking for someone.  Paige wants to know who he is and he says someone who likes to take pictures.  Paige, suddenly know this is the demon, calls for the tripod. The feet of each leg surrounds Vaklav and crashes into the wall, pinning him in place.  Paige asks where Sam is.  Vaklav tells her she will miss Sam more than she knows.  He explains to her he feeds off pain.  Paige lifts up her hand and Vaklav shimmers out.  He shimmers back in behind her and backhands her.  She wants to know what he wants and he says he wants to keep his collage of pictures and he needs JD back or she won’t get Sam back.  

Manor: Conservatory: Night

Piper tells her that they don’t swap innocents and the demon knows that.  Paige believes that Vaklav doesn’t care about JD, but he is a loose end. JD says they should let Vaklav have him and Phoebe says he will kill JD.  Piper goes back to the attic to see if Leo found out anything. JD is left with Billie and he make a decision to bolt again.

Manor:  Living Room: Day

Billie runs after him and asks him where he was going.  He explains his time is over and Sam is suppose to live because he still has family and his own family are all gone. JD tells her to promise him she won’t waste her life looking for her sister like his own dad wasted his life looking for him.  He kisses her and suddenly puts his thumb on her carotid artery making her unconscious.  JD lays her on the sofa and then leaves.

Photo Studio - Night

JD runs in the room calling for Sam.  Vaklav shimmers in and scars JD. JD wants to know where Sam is.  Vaklav explains he needs Sam to complete his collage.  He says JD is not needed anymore.  JD warns him that if he doesn’t free Sam the sisters will find him. JD suddenly charges the demon, but Vaklav  throws a fireball at JD and vanishes him.  Vaklav turns to look around him, he grabs his camera and then shimmers out of the room.

Manor - Living Room - Night

Piper wants to know where Sam is. Paige tells her he is gone.  Leo wants to know where the demon is and Paige tells him the demon is probably gone too.  Billie asks about JD and Paige says he’s probably gone too. Billie is upset says she was suppose to protect him. Phoebe runs after Billie and Paige vows to find Sam.  Paige goes up to the attic and Piper and Leo follow her.

Manor: Kitchen: Night

Billie is crying.  Phoebe comforts her and says its not her fault and she couldn’t have stopped him because he didn’t want her to.  Phoebe explains to Billie they can’t save every innocent and everything happens for a reason and she give Billie a hug.

Manor - Attic - Night

Piper and Leo walk into the attic as Paige is trying to scry for Sam.  Paige than goes to the BOS to look for who the demon is.  Paige asks Piper to make the most powerful vanquishing potion she can.  Piper says there is a better way to find Sam and Leo says she should call for him. Paige says she has already tried that.  Piper explains she tried to call for Sam, now she needs to try to call him as her father.  Paige calls out by saying "Dad?"  Sam suddenly appears, staggers and calls for Paige.  Paige smiles at him and suddenly the other 12 captured people of the collage appear as well.  Piper now realizes the demon will be there soon and tells the everyone in the group to back up.  Vaklav shimmers in, and has a camera in one hand and the collage in the other hand.  He wants to know how she freed them all and Paige says its all about connections.  Vaklav drops the collage and throws a fireball.  Piper blows it up and the blast throw him on the floor. Paige bends over and picks up his camera and snaps his own picture entrapping him inside his own collage.   

Golden Gate Bridge: Tower: Day

Paige is thinking about everything that happened.  She says he might as well show himself because she knows he is lurking.  He apologizes about staying out of her life for so long, but he didn’t know where he fitted in. She says he fits. He asks if Agent Murphy could find all of the others families.  Paige tells him Mr. Sawyer could not believe that his daughter is home.  Sam tells her JD made it as a whitelighter because they saved him. Sam wants to know if he can see her around and Paige says he better.   

Cemetery: Day

Billie stands in front of a gravestone, JD's, and lays down a single white rose.

Picture from http://www.heavenly-charmed.com

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