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Paige, Piper and Leo

"Kill Billie: Vol. 1" Episode: #8.6 - 30 October 2005

Summary by Emma

Premiered October 30, 2005
Manor: Kitchen: Day

Piper is getting ready for Halloween. She is Piper is at the Kitchen table, chopping up a pumpkin with anger.  Paige walks in to get some coffee and wants to know why Piper is mad at the pumpkin.  Piper says she’s just letting off steam.  As the phone rings, Piper unplugs it. She tells Paige it might be Oprah’s reps, they want to do a story on lady spies, plus a movie producer wants them to sign over their movie rights to him.  Paige picks up a the Bay Mirror newspaper and it has them on the cover, with the title, “What’s the Big Secret?”  Billie comes in and notices the pic and says it’s a good one. Piper is worried that they might find out about them being witches and this could turn into a witch hunt. Piper complains about them living their life now in a fish bowl existence. Billie mentions taking care of the demon, and she is perfect to take care of it, cause nobody knows who she is. Piper tells her it’s fine, but if she messes up she’ll vanquish her. There is a knock at the front door Piper grabs the candy bowl, she opens the door and photographers flash their camera and shoving taping recorders in their face. She slams the door.

Manor: Main Hall/Dining Room

Piper is sorting out Halloween candy into three bowls.  Paige wants to know why she is doing that, Piper tells her she’s worried someone might be allergic to some of the candy.  As they are talking 3 rats run by, Piper says they are all over. Paige is confused how the rats got so bad. Piper says she’s given each rat a newspaper name. Paige tells her to tell Phoebe to talk to the reporter to get them off their case.  She tells Piper she needs to change the rats back and she’ll get them away from the house. Paige lets them outside and Piper throws vials of potion at them.

Dining Room

Leo comes in the house, there are 2 scary jack-o-lanterns on the table, Leo tells Piper the women at the preschool treat him like a leper. He says they think he’s married to a spy. Piper sees Leo got candy corn and he says that’s all there was left. She tells him to go get some more.

Bay Mirror: Phoebe's Office: Day

Paige tells Phoebe that Piper is stressing out.  All Phoebe wants to know if Dex called. Paige wants to know if Phoebe heard what she said, but Phoebe keeps interrupting her and telling Paige about her and Dex. Paige wants her to stop Frank, the reporter, but she says she cant, he’s too stubborn.


Frank is multi tasking while Phoebe tells him he once did a story on the mafia and his source got killed. Phoebe admits to Paige she thinks she’s pregnant. Paige wonders what Phoebe is going to do. She says first I need to talk to Dex and tell him.

Magic School: Great Hall: Day

The Dogon, is a half Vader, half phantom, like demon, beside him is Tomar a young demon.  Dogon is killing the lower level demons and stealing their powers, Tomas says the other demons won’t respect him doing this.  But Dogon disagrees and says all power is respected. And besides someone has to lead the underworld because the Charmed Ones have returned.

Magic School: Hallway

Billie is dressed like a demon and has her bag of potions. She kills a sentry with her athame. The demon goes up in smoke and she burns her hand and she wraps it up and takes out her vials of potions. She hears Dogon and Tomar talking about the shapeshifter. She hears him snap his cape and instantly Billie has a childhood memory. She is age 5, and sits up in her bed as she sees the window crash, a child screams and Billie snaps back to the present. She is frightened and drops her vials. Dogon hears the sound and goes into the hallway. She runs out just before he finds her.  However, he does see the broken vials Billie left behind.

Dex's Gallery/Loft: Day

Phoebe is at Dex's apartment, she tells him they need to talk.  He tells her he still can’t believe he married a witch. Phoebe tells him that their marriage is now annulled. She wants to tell him her news but doesn’t want to hurt him anymore, so she asks if she can help him. He says he just needs time. She suggests they go for a walk. Outside there are 2 photographers taking their pics. Dex can’t handle this intrusion and goes back to his apartment. Closing the door on Phoebe before she can go in too. Frank, is one of the reporters outside the apartment and he asks her question about Dex and their relationship and if was part of this big secret. 

Manor: Kitchen

Piper is mixing potions and one goes BOOM in the pot. Phoebe says she can’t believe every time she admits she’s a witch why her relationships all have to end.   Phoebe ask Piper how is she going to tell Dex the truth she’s pregnant. Phoebe than remembers she never told Piper she was. Piper wants to know if she’s sure she’s pregnant. Phoebe says I took a home pregnancy test. Piper explains they are not always right. Piper and Phoebe looks at her stomach, Billie walks in all  messy and injured.  Piper wants to know what happened to her, Billie plays it cool not much and I’m okay. Piper wants to know if she vanquished the demon, all Billie will say is that she needs more potions. 

Manor: Main Hall

Billie is stopped by Piper and Phoebe they want to know where the potions are they gave her. Billie explains she left them with the demon, she tries to leave the room, but Phoebe wants to know exactly what happened. Billie tells them she just froze. She tells them she feels like she met the demon before; Billie looks at the pumpkin and is frightened. Phoebe knows it was fear that made Billie freeze.  Phoebe tells Billie she needs to face her fear before going after the demon again. Billie goes upstairs to fix her wound, but she stays where she can overhear Phoebe and Piper.  Phoebe believes they are putting to much on Billie, and Piper agrees they were expecting too much of her.  Billie in now more determined to ever to prove them wrong. 

Manor: Attic

Billie goes to the BOS.  She finds a spell to erase painful memories.  Billie glows and then she has a flashback to her childhood. She sees herself as a little girl, she sits upright in her bunk bed she shared with her sister, suddenly the window crashes, the candle in the pumpkin blows out, the shadow that shows on the wall looks like a giant bird with it huge wings unfolded. She hears a child scream, Billie is than is back in the attic room. Billie believes she’s now ready to fight the demon.  


Paige and Frank are at P3. Frank sees nobody there. Paige explains, her and her sisters were and are still work for Homeland security, it’s very dangerous work. Paige tries to explain its for the greater good and not a story, Frank says he will find out the secret, Paige says even if innocent people get killed. Frank says it wouldn’t be his responsibility. Paige than asks him about Carol Flowers, Frank flinches. Suddenly a terrorist comes in with a knife and threatens Frank to stay away, Frank agrees and the terrorist leaves. When Frank leaves, the terrorist comes back in and takes off his mask, it’s Piper. Paige says it didn’t work; he still wants to find out the truth.

Bay Mirror: Bullpen

Phoebe gives Sophie her column and asks will it make this evening edition. Sophie makes a call and says it’ll be in tonight’s paper. Sophie sees the column is about Dex.  Phoebe asks her not to tell Dex, she wanted to help someone she hurt.   Frank rushes in and asks if Phoebe she was behind what just happened.  Phoebe she tells him she doesn’t know what he means.  Frank tells her, she and her sister made things worst. Phoebe asks Sophie to call one of her sisters for her. 

Manor: Dining Room/Main Hall: Day

Leo drops two additional bags of candy on the dining room table and goes upstairs.  Billie comes running downstairs with a potion bag.  Leo wants to know where she is going.  Billie tells she is going to vanquish a demon.  Billie teases the pumpkin on the table as she comes into the kitchen. Upstairs, Leo looks out the window and sees a bunch of reporters outside at the front door.

Manor: Foyer: Day

Piper and Paige have to crowd their way inside. They tell them to go way. Paige tells them she has to scare Frank so he will stop. Piper tells her Frank doesn’t scare easy. Paige tells Piper just take care of P3 and she will write a spell for Frank. Leo comes in and asks them what is wrong at P3. They explain the fire Marshall wants to shut them down because the overcrowding with the reporters. Piper tells Leo she has to go to P3, and pick up their kids at her dad’s house. Leo complains he was doing errands all morning and wants to watch football.  Piper says she would like to have a life too. 

Alley: Night

Billie enters the alley, takes some vials and yells out for the demon, Dogon.  Dogon shimmers into alley on the other side, Tomar joins him.  Dogon calls Billie a smug witch and Tomar wants him to kill her.  Dogon brings up his eagle like talon hand, and Billie suddenly freezes as she flashes to a childhood memory, she is sitting up in bed, a shadow of a bird’s wings comes into the window. Billie brings herself back into the present, as she does the vials are telekinetically thrown out of her hands, Dogon catches the vials.  Billie runs as Dogon throws the vials at her.  She moves out of the way and the vials blow up the wall. Billie runs and Tomar wants to follow her, but Dogon says she’s not worth it.

Manor: Attic: Night

Billie runs upstairs to the attic and is headed to the BOS, but sees someone else is there. Paige is busy jotting down a spell. Billie tells Paige she needs to check out some info on Dogon in the BOS, before she meets him again. Paige tells her as long as it’s not too soon, she should leave the demon killing to her and her sisters. After Paige leaves Billie goes to the BOS to find the memory spell again.  She chants it, and she glows.  Billie has a vision of the blonde girl, the window, and sees a metallic talon reach for her sister; they disappear before they jump out the window. Billie comes back to the present.

Bay Mirror: Bullpen/Phoebe's Office: Night

Phoebe meets Dex in the hallway and he tells her it was an interesting article she wrote. He apologizes to her for acting like a jerk.  She tells him it happens with all her boyfriends. Dex wonders if she really fell for him or was it just the magic. Phoebe is unsure and doesn’t answer.

Frank's Bedroom: Night

Frank is sleeping when Paige orbs in, she swallows some potion and changes into a ghost. She tells the windows to shut, Frank wakes up. He sees the ghost and wants to know who it is. The ghost asks Frank if he remembers her, because he’s the reason she’s dead.  Frank yells for help, the ghost orbs a sock in his mouth, and ties him to the headboard. The ghost tells him that he used her because the story was more important.  The ghost threatens to hurt Frank if he tries to hurt anyone else and warns him if he does she’ll be back. The ghost is flying toward him, as if to devour him and orbs out before she reaches him. Frank realizes he has to change.  

Alley: Night

In the alley a girl is thrown up against the wall by Dogon, who's taloned hand is choking her throat.  The girl suddenly morphs into Abet, Dogon kills him. As Abet dies, Dogon sucks his spirit inside himself. Dogon asks Tomar who is the next, Billie tells him she is. Billie throws a vial at Dogon, but he repels it with his hand and sends it over to Tomar, vanquishing him.  Dogon wants to know if she overcame all her fears, and Billie is cocky and asks what ones. Dogon throws an energy ball at her, she moves out of the way.  She quickly throws all the vials at Dogon, until he is blown up in a flaming vanquish.

Magic School: Night

Dogon is on fire as he shimmers in, he falls to his knees, wounded.  Two demons run over to help him and he tells them to leave him alone.

Manor: Sitting Room: Day

Phoebe is having tea in the kitchen. Paige tells her she thought by scaring Frank she got rid of all the reporters, but they are still outside. Phoebe believes they should just tell them the truth, and explains it can’t be any worse than it is now. Paige reminds her to remember how well Dex handled the truth. Paige suggests that Phoebe take the pregnancy test again. Leo slams the front door as he comes in and wants to know where Piper is

Manor: Kitchen

Leo comes in the kitchen, while Piper is cooking and she wants to know why he got into a fight.  Leo tells her it was because a photographer shoved a camera in his face, while he as at Wyatt’s preschool.  Leo wants to know if he’s supposed to let her handle this problem because he no longer has powers. He finally storms out of the room; Piper goes after him yelling he can’t walk from her like that. 

Golden Gate Bridge: Upper Tower

Paige orbs on top of the Golden Gate Bridge and yells for a elder to come down to her. The elder Sandra orbs down, she wants to know if she knows what is going on.  The elder tells her they didn’t cause their problems and they never asked them to help out, Paige wants to know if they being punished. Sandra says no they are not being punished by them, but the sisters got into trouble all by themselves. Paige points out they were almost killed to protect the greater good. She believes with everything that happened to them they should get a break. Sandra says she agrees, but the turning the photographers away is not going to be easy, Paige wants to know if the cleaners can help, Sandra tells her bad idea. Paige asks about the memory dust, or some super spell, Sandra tells her no to all of those suggestions. Sandra explains to Paige the answer to their problems is a human problem, it’s not magical.  She tells Paige ,maybe the solution is to show the reporters what a boring life they have.

Manor: Piper's Bedroom: Day

Leo and Piper are arguing because of all the duties Piper wants him to do and he says he feel like a simple handyman.  Piper explains she has to work for a living, and Leo wants to know what he does all day around the house, isn’t that work too. Piper tells him she doesn’t want him to do everything around the house, and Leo says she expect him it do it regardless, and her long list seems to go on and on. Piper says they are partners in a marriage and they have to divide tells him that she works for a living and Leo snaps that because he does everything else around the house that he does not work.  Piper says that she does not ask him to do everything and Leo snaps that she just expects it and her list of things to do is never ending.  Piper says it’s not her fault he decided to give up his powers, and he says well he didn’t give them up to be told what to do by her.

Manor: Foyer/Main Hall: Day

Paige tells the reporters and photographers to come in. Frank is puzzled and what to know what the gimmick is and are they going to be attacked by the sisters. Paige warns them they will be if they touch Piper’s candy. She takes them through the house on a tour and tells them of the house’s history. Phoebe wants to know what Paige is doing now, Paige tells them about Phoebe, and tells them about the column she writes and that is all there is about her, than she strikes a pose with Phoebe and they take their picture. Paige sees Phoebe is unhappy and asks her what the problem is, Phoebe says she’s not pregnant after all. Frank sees them talking and wants to know if it’s about the case. Paige says they were discussing and everyday life problem.

Manor: Piper's Bedroom

Leo and Piper are still arguing.  Piper explains to Leo she doesn’t and didn’t ask him to be Mr. Mom around the house. Piper wants to know if it’s her fault, Leo reassures and tells her it’s not her fault.

Manor: Upstairs Hallway

Paige jokes to the reporters now they can see a lovers quarrel.  She tells Frank he should put it in the Lifestyle sections.  Piper wants to know what Paige is doing, Paige explains she is showing the reporters there is no story there. Paige leaves their bedroom and show the reporters to her room, Frank wants to know if there is anything special about this room, and she said no because of them she now has no life.  

Manor: Attic: Day

Paige stands in front of the BOS so the reporters can’t see it. She points out the items in the room, Piper’s old bike, her grandmother's sewing machine, and to broken lamp’s Leo hasn’t fixed yet.  Frank tells her the tour was a cute idea, but the government wouldn’t fake them being dead for nothing. She ask Frank to think about all the really great stories out in the world he’s missing by following them. He leaves the room wonder if she’s right and the reporters follow Frank out of the house. Paige turns around and notices that the BOS is opened to the spell of how to erase a painful memory.

Manor Upstairs Hallway: Day

Piper and Leo see that all the reporters have left, and ask how Paige got rid of them. Paige tells her, Billie is in trouble yet again.

Dorm Room: Day

Dogon is throwing Billie around the room, she is bleeding. Dogon raises his taloned hand to stab her. Suddenly Paige orbs into the room, she distracts Dogon by yelling at him, orbs Billie and herself out of the room.

Manor: Attic: Day

Phoebe is taking care of Billie's wounds, Paige is making a potion, Piper reminds them they don’t have much time. Billie explains to them she was trying to handle the problem herself, and she tells them she overheard Piper and Phoebe talking about giving up on her. They ask her why erasing her bad memories would help her, Billie explains it didn’t help her. Phoebe tells her that no magic can rid a person’s fears. The only way is to face it. Piper wants to know what the fear is; Billie tells them about the night her sister was taken. Billie says it was storming outside; suddenly Billie is thrust back in the memory.  

Child's Bedroom: Night (Billie remembers)

The thunder roars outside the window, a young Billie is scared, a caped demon comes into the room, and it’s wings unfold as it looks like a huge bird’s wings, Billie is frozen in fright, above her she sees the demons face, he is different than Dogon, it has black eyes and a tattoo on his forehead. With a flash of lightening a talon dives into the mattress and he leaves carrying a screaming Christy out the window. Billie is screaming as she sees what’s going on.

Manor: Attic: Day

The sister’s faces show shock as they listen to Billie’s story. Phoebe sympathizes with Billie and tells her that explains why she froze. Piper wants to know what her parents did after that. She tells them her parents told her to never talk about it again. They told her she was taken by a bad man. Piper wants to know if they told her if it was a demon, Billie doesn’t believe they knew it was a demon, after she told them about the demon, they believed she made it up out of fear. Paige tells her she believes her and she wasn’t making it up. Dogon shimmers in behind Billie and clutches her throat with his taloned hand. He tells them if they try and stop him, she will die.  Billie tells them not to worry, she grabs a vial out of Paige’s hand, before Dogon shimmers out with Billie. Paige wants to know what they should do, Phoebe says we have to believe that Billie knows what to do. 

Magic School: Day

Dogon shimmers in and throws Billie to the floor.  Billie suddenly says, ahhhh, and Dogon repeats what she says, as he opens his mouth she throws the vial in his mouth. Dogon explodes.

Dex's Gallery/Loft: Night

Dex opens the door, Phoebe says Trick or Treat. Dex says I know you’re a witch. Phoebe says we have to talk. He lets her into the room. Dex wants to know if they can make it work, and she doesn’t know if they can, he tells her he wants to take it slower.  Phoebe tells him she thought she was pregnant but found out she wasn’t and didn’t know how to tell him. Dex wants to know what good are premonitions if they don’t work out, and Phoebe explains sometimes they don’t work out like the way you want.

Manor: Living room/Foyer: Night

Piper is holding baby Chris who is dressed like a wizard, and she opens the door.  At the door is a bunch of goblins and ghosts who yell at them, trick or treat. Paige hands out the candy. Piper closes the door. Paige asks Piper if she and Leo are going to take Wyatt out, Piper says we need some distance between us with all our problems right now. Piper tells her Billie can help out with the demons now, Paige asks if she really believes that, and Piper explains she got rid of Dogon on her own. Paige does wonder what Billie is going to do about the demon that kidnapped her sister.

Dorm Room - Night

Billie sits at her desk looking at a picture of her sister.

Picture from http://www.heavenly-charmed.com

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