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"Rewitched" Episode: #8.4 - 23 October 2005

Summary by Emma

Premiered: October 23, 2005, Episode 8.5

Attic: Daytime.

Paige comes in and puts a map of San Francisco on the table.  She has placed three red dots on it. The dots represents 3 dead innocents near Memorial hospital that has occurred in three weeks. Billie and Paige are looking at the map. Billie wants to attack the demons who did this. Paige wants to watch the area to see what is really going on there and wait on vanquishing. She explains to Billie they need to first ID the demon. Billie feels that they are being overprotective of her. Paige tells her that she is wrong , she doesn’t want to fight any demons anymore. In fact, she doesn’t want to teach Billie to fight them too. Billie wants to be free to show what she can do on her own. Paige explains to her she doesn’t to see her end up dead. Billie is moved by that, and takes Paige’s car to see if she can find out the demon who is killing the innocents. On her way out, Paige stops her and tells her to empty out her pockets.  Before Billie is allowed to go Paige tells her to empty all her pockets. She had 2 vials and brass knuckles in them. She hands them over to Paige and goes.  

Alley: Day

There is a businessman, whose name is Antosis, who suddenly leaves the alley trying to get help. People in the streets ignore him. He tells them his wife is trapped. A young guy finally asks him what is wrong, Antosis explains he crashed his car and his pregnant wife can’t get out. The young man asks him where and Antosis shows him in the allye. Antosis now turns evil, he nods to a swarm of buzzing creatures. The imps come out of the shadows and go into the alley. Antosis suddenly shimmers out.  The young man who was running stops when he figures out he was lied too. He looks for the guy who told him the story and sees imps coming toward him.  Billie pulls up in Paige’s VW just then. She hears someone scream and sees the imps cutting the man’s arms, legs and clothes. Billie telekinetically moves them away. She catches an imp and a imp cuts her arm and she drops it. The rest of the imps fly away too. Billie helps the guy on his feet and takes him to the hospital.   In his car, Agent Murphy has binoculars and is watching her.  In his car he has stacks of photos of the Charmed Ones and pics of their fake selves. He pics up a pic of Billie.  


Piper is in her bedroom getting dressed to go to P3. Paige is walking back and forth waiting for Piper. She tells Paige she only has to be there for a few hours. Paige tells Piper tells Piper only desperate guys and not cute guys go to speed dating. Piper would like to cancel but it was Victor’s idea and it is way to late to cancel.  Leo comes in and tells her he needs baby aspirin and that his fever is almost gone. Phoebe in the hallway asks to borrow Piper’s suitcase. Paige asks her if she’s going to the speed dating at the club. Phoebe says no she’s ovulating and needs to work toward fulfilling her premonition with Dex.  Paige says love should come first. Phoebe says that can wait, destiny can’t.  Piper yells for Billie, Billie tries to hide her wound. Piper asks Billie if she is single, but Paige cuts in and says she’s not old enough to drink. Paige asks Billie if she found out who the demon is. Billie says not yet. As she leaves the room, she checks her wound again and Phoebe sees her. Later that night she answers the door for Agent Murphy. Billie doesn’t know who he is and ask can she help him. He shows her his card for Homeland security. He wants to talk.  

Magic School: Night

A imp master explains what went wrong in the alley. He tells Antosis that a witch was there. Antosis thought imps could handle anything. That’s why he choose to use imps to attack good Samaritans. The imp master says the witch won’t surprise him again and he will be waiting for her next time.

Manor: Living Room: Night

Billie says she doesn’t know what he means. He explains he has been tailing her. He wants to know what she knows about the Halliwell sisters.  Billie says nothing. Murphy then gives her his business card and says call him soon.

Manor: Sitting Room

The girls ask Billie who was at the door. She tells them it was a guy from Homeland Security.  Piper wants to know what the wants. Billie explains he has been following her. Paige wants to know why and she says he thinks she knows about the sisters.  Paige  asks wants to know if he followerd her to the hospital and if she used any of her powers.  She says yes, the imps were going to kill an innocent.  Phoebe says well than they are Phoebe says that if he saw her use magic, then they are screwed.  Billie says the imps are controlled by the Imp Master, to kill them get rid of the master. Piper tells her they are only a screen and need to find the demon they work for. Phoebe and Piper don’t want to do anything for risk of exposure. So they should just forget about the problem and hope it goes away.   

Attic: Night

Billie looks through the BOS to find a spell to fix the problem. She comes across a spell for making lover’s dreams come true and believe this spell would help Phoebe.   

Foyer: Night

Phoebe answers the doorbell. Dex comes in and ask what is the matter. Just than up in the attic Billie says the spell.  Phoebe says she can’t go with now. She says this is not about him. As she steps outside to be near Dex a glow goes over both of them. They kiss each other. Dex takes her hand and they run away.

P3: Day

Piper is getting the club ready for the speed dating event. Piper tells Paige don’t chase off anyone until the second round.  The bouncer lets the daters come in. Paige tells Piper she owes her big time.  

Manor: Porch: Day

Phoebe enters the manor wearing a wedding dress and Dex is wearing a tux.  He carries Phoebe over the threshold. 

Manor: Foyer: Day

A golden glow surrounds them, suddenly Dex drops Phoebe on the floor.  He sees what he did and asks what happened? Phoebe says she doesn’t know how they got here. She looks at her dress and tells Dex she needs to talk to someone right now.

Manor: Attic: Day

Billie is reading the BOS and making notes as she looks for demons. Phoebe comes in furious at her. She wants to know what she did.

P3: Day

The bell rings for another round for speed dating. Paige is talking to various guy each time the bell rings. Suddenly a cute guy sits down, his name is Whit. A guy comes up to Piper, who is at the bar typing notes. She explains she is married. He shows her his card and says he wants to write a piece on a failing club. But says he changed his mind when he sees how well the speed dating here is working. He wants to do an interview on how she turned the club around. Phoebe calls to tell her what Billie did.  Piper tells Paige they have a family emergency and Paige begs off and do her a favor and let her stay. Agent Murphy is posing as a male speed dater watches Piper as she leaves.  

Manor: Main Hall: Day

Dex hears Phoebe and Billie having an argument upstairs.  Piper comes in and says hi to Dex and tells him who she is. She asks where Phoebe is. She goes upstairs, Leo comes in with baby Chris. Leo asks who he is.

Manor: Attic: Day

Phoebe and Billie are still arguing. She tells Phoebe she was trying to help her. Phoebe says this was helping. Billie says she didn’t know they would get married. Phoebe says they told her not to cast any spells. Billie says she thought they meant no demon magic. Piper comes in and Phoebe shows her her ring. Billie explains she was trying to make up for the imps thing. Besides she says she thought they were to get married and maybe it was suppose to happen in this way. Phoebe says maybe that’s true. They say they’re not mad at her, she asks than if she can find the imp master. They both say no. She warns them the imps could continue to kill innocents. Phoebe says they can’t risk exposure. They tell Billie this is one battle they need to choose not to do.  

Hospital Street/Alley: Day

Antosis tells a nurse that his son is injured. She runs down an alley to find the swarm of imps. They surround the nurse. The Imp Master calls the imps, they go into his body.  Antosis appears and asks him where the witch is.  

Manor: Stairwell: Day

Piper wants to know what Phoebe is going to tell Dex. She says she’s going to play it by ear and not mention anything about magic. Phoebe thinks she can play it off as drinking too much. Piper wants to know if she’s going to stay married, Phoebe says that’s what the fates want.

Manor: Conservatory: Day

Dex and Leo are watching a football game on TV.  Piper comes in the room, Leo tells her Dex was a football player in college. Piper says she has to go back to P3.  Phoebe comes downstairs in her normal clothes. She tells Dex the dress was uncomfortable. Dex asks if she figured out where she got the dress at. Dex offers to go to city hall and get the marriage annulled.  She wants to know if that’s what he really wants and he explains he’s not sure what he wants and this situation is weird. Phoebe goes on and tells him things happen for a reason, and since they cared for each other anyway, why not see how it all plays out. And if they’re unhappy they can then get an annulment. Dex says I agree, but he doesn’t know why he should go along with it. He than kisses her.  

P3: Office: Night

Paige and Whit come into the office, she wants him to slow down. Whit than calls Paige Jo and she stops kissing him and sees her Jo identity in the mirror and tells him she cant do this. She tells him it’s not him but her.

Manor: Upstairs Hall/Phoebe's Bedroom : Night

Billie knocks on Phoebe’s door, she opens it, Billie says she found out  who the Imp Master is. Phoebe goes into the hallway and tells Billie to keep it down. Billie says the demon is one by the name of Antosis.  The one problem is it’s a power of 3 spell. Phoebe says no way. Billie says what about the greater good and Phoebe explains that was the old them,not them now.  Phoebe goes back into the bedroom with Dex.

Manor: Living Room - Night

Phoebe is sitting at the fireplace and in walks Paige and she updates her what happened while she was gone and shows her her ring. Paige tells her about the guy she met and that she could see herself with him, but when she looked in the mirror she saw the fake her, and she just doesn’t know how she can be with anyone  when she doesn’t know herself. Phoebe says she agrees. She explains how Billie made her feel guilty for not fighting a demon and Billie left. Paige believes Billie went after the demon herself.  

P3: Office: Night

Agent Murphy shows Piper photos of the victims that were killed near the hospital. Piper says she can’t help him. Agent Murphy is wondering how can they live with themselves and not do something to stop the killings in the alley. Piper’s cell phone rings and there’s a text message to come home Billie is in trouble.

Another Alley/Street: Night

Billie puts another victim she found into a cab. She looks for the demon but doesn’t see him. The demon and the imp master follow Billie as she leaves the alley.

Manor: Attic: Night

The girls are busy in the attic. Paige is at a map scrying. Phoebe is at the BOS copying a vanquishing spell. Piper wants to know where Billie is. Paige says she can’t find her by scying. Phoebe says she somewhere in the area. Paige tells them that the demon they have to vanquish is a power of three. Paige finds it hard to believe they are fighting demons again. Piper tells them that Agent Murphy says they should have never stopped killing demons. Phoebe wants to know if their cover to blown, Piper says not yet,but soon it will be. They hear Billie coming in the house.  

Manor: Foyer: Night

Antosis shimmers in and asks Billie if she was looking for him.  The Imp Master joins him. She asks them what they want. Antosis says she is what they want and for her to be out of their way. Antosis makes hand motions for the Imp Master to call the imps.  The creatures come in and swarm around him.  Piper, Phoebe, and Paige come downstairs and stay on the staircase watching what is going on, the demons don’t see them. As Piper is getting ready to blow up Antosis, Paige says wait Billie has it covered. Just than Billie tosses a vial at the feet of the Imp Master which vanquish him.  Billie tells Antosis unfortunately only the Charmed Ones can vanquish him. Antosis brags to bad they are dead.  Billie ask him if he’s sure they are.  She points to the sisters on the staircase as they chant their power of three spell. Antosis is vanquished. They tell Billie they are impressed on how she solved the problem.   

Manor: Night to Day

All the girls are in various stages of getting ready for bed, each in their own room, each is troubled by their fake identities in the mirror.  

Manor: Dining Room: Day (Morning)

Paige and Phoebe are downstairs eating breakfast, Piper and Leo come in the room. Paige addresses the problem they have all been thinking about. She believes their fake identities aren’t working anymore.  They all agree they want their real identities back. So Phoebe chants the spell to unmask them. Piper has an idea how to explain to the world why they came back to the world after being declared dead.  

Homeland Security: Corridor: Day

The sisters walk into Homeland Security office. They ask for Agent Murphy. They go into his office and he is shocked.  Piper wants to know if he still wants their help. Paige explains they knew about his offer because of their fake disguises. Piper tells him not to ask surprise because he knew they were powerful persons. Phoebe corrects by saying powerful witches.  Paige tells him they got rid of the demon that was killing good Samaritans. Piper tells him they will help him with a few of his cases if he agrees to keep their secret. But first they need his help. Phoebe warns him he wouldn’t want to know what would happen to him if he refuses to help them.  Agent Murphy calls a press conference and explains what happened with the sisters. He tells them they were working to solve a National Security threat and that his agency protected them.   

Dex's Studio/Loft: Day

Dex is shocked by what the TV bulletin says about the sisters. Phoebe comes to his door, and is surprised to find Phoebe there. She tells him that she was Julie and asks for his forgiveness for what is going to do. She transforms herself into Julie, Dex faints.  

P3: Corridor: Night

Piper tells Paige she can’t wait till all this fuss is over with. They enter the bar and are applauded by the crowd.

Picture from http://www.heavenly-charmed.com

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