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Phoebe, Piper and Paige

"Desperate Housewitches" Episode: #8.4 - 16 October 2005

Summary by  Emma

Showed: Sunday, October 16, 2005


Leo is teaching Billie the history of magic. However, Billie is bored and practicing with her nunchaks, as she asks Leo a question, she sees Leo looking at her nunchaks strangely. They are moving on their own! Billie has moved her nunchaks telekinetically, like Prue could do with her powers. She than looks back at Leo and the nunchaks go whirling toward him! Luckily, Leo ducks out of the way and the nunchaks break a window as they go out of them.

In the dining room at the manor:

Phoebe stands over a table that is covered with: star charts, notes, and a pic of Dex. Piper is making Wyatt a Halloween costume as a footman. Paige says that Wyatt orbed her jewelry that is missing. Suddenly, she sees her jewelry on the floor with Wyatt as he’s playing pirate. Piper tells Wyatt not to be using his magic. Paige said he should be corrected from stealing too. Piper tells Paige she’s worried that Wyatt will use his powers at his school play and they will all be exposed. Piper is having trouble sewing Wyatt’s costume and tells Paige she misses her true identity. Piper asks Paige why she is using an online dating service. She says it’s the quickest way to meet guys since she’s busy with Billie most of the time. Paige also expresses her worries about Dex, still being a player around town according to newspaper gossip columns. Phoebe comes into the room and says according to all charts and everything Dex is the guy. Paige tells her to check her charts again! Piper comes to the rescue and changes the subject. She asks them for advice on Wyatt’s costume that he will wearing for his school play of "Cinderella".  She shows them a costume that is terrible! Both arms are of different lengths, and the hem is not even. 


Miss Diane is praising Mandi on how much she has helped everyone out with the kid’s costumes.  Wyatt hates his costume and is having a tantrum and wants it off him. The other mom’s are looking at Piper and Wyatt. Mandi comes over and pulls a pin out of Wyatt’s costume. Piper says it wasn’t there before. As Piper looks away, Mandi makes Wyatt’s footman's costume disappear. She tells Wyatt this is their secret.  Wyatt understands and nods.


Paige meets a guy named Bob. Paige says she now teaches one student. Bob is in the market research field.  Paige finds Bob boring. She sees Dex with another woman. She sees Dex as he kisses the girl.  Paige says goodbye to Bob and leaves.

 Phoebe's office at the Bay Mirrow

Phoebe is with her personal assistant, Sophie. They are going over a to do list. Paige comes in and Phoebe asks how her date went. Paige says it didn’t work out. Paige tries to convince Phoebe maybe Dex isn’t the right guy for her. Phoebe tells her they all agreed not to interfere with each other’s love lives. However, Paige wants to know how well Phoebe really know this Dex, and she tells her maybe she should slow things down. Phoebe reminds her about her premonitions. Paige says maybe you shouldn’t take them so literal. Phoebe feels she can’t take Paige’s advice.

Attic at the Manor

Billie is practicing on telekinetically by working the nunchaks.  Piper tells Leo she wants the BOS to help her learn to sew. Leo says it would be a personal gain spell. Billie tells Leo she wants to go visit the Magic School. Leo says no, they can’t risk being exposed. Piper explains about Wyatt being embarrassed by his costume as they keep telling Piper she can’t use the spell. Piper gives up and tells them she won’t use a spell than, but will make a great pumpkin costume. 

Magic School:

Three demons are cleaning the place up. Mandi, the demon shimmers in. She tells them she is gaining Wyatt’s trust. The demon inside Mandi, comes out of Mandi, as the body of Mandi goes to the floor unconscious. This demon is the Possessor Demon. She tells them don’t let this Mandi’s body die till she uses it to get Wyatt.

Dining Room at the Manor

Piper is cleaning up after having been up all night sewing Wyatt’s costume. Paige comes in and says the coffee pot is broken. Piper tells her she’s worried about Wyatt and how the world sees her only as his legal guardian. Paige asks how will they help Phoebe with Dex. Paige says she’s going to find out who Dex’s mystery girl really is.

Magic School:

The demons have finished cleaning the Magic School. They want to know who the Possessor is trying to bring back from the underworld. She won’t tell them. They tell her they need to know as they are the ones who can bring them back. The Possessor says if that was the truth they wouldn’t need the boy. The Possessor does tell them she plans on replacing Piper as Wyatt’s mom so he will stay at the Magic School. And the Source will be the daddy. The other demon’s are now terrified and say they can’t bring him back. But, the Possessor says they can with Wyatt’s help. The Possessor demon than goes back into Mandi’s body.


Paige sees Sylvia and talks to her as if they meet before. Paige says she saw Dex and her kissing yesterday. Sylvia admits she and Dex are no longer seeing each other, and they were just saying hello with a kiss. Sylvia says they had broken up months ago, but they still have break up sex.


Piper asks Mandi why Wyatt isn’t a pumpkin. Mandi says the mouse costumes were cuter. Mandi says she can make one up for Wyatt. Piper says she can do it. Piper answers her cell phone, it’s Leo. She wants to know if there is a demon around. She needs to blow something up!

Sitting Room at the Manor:

Leo explains Billie wants to go to the Magic School.  Piper tells Leo she can’t go there. She sees Mandi pulling off Wyatt’s pumpkin costume. Piper tells Leo Mandi is out to get her. She wants to blow up super mom Mandi. Leo tells Piper to come home now.

Attic at the Manor:

Leo tells Billie that Piper said no they cant go to the Magic School. Billie, wonders what happened to Piper, Leo says they are all retired. And it is now Billie’s turn to do the work. Billie wants to go to the Magic School because of all the great books,medicines and weapons. Billie goes and grabs some a vial of potion and tells him she’s going to Magic School. She throws the vial. And a cloud of smoke surround Leo and Billie.

Magic School:

Leo and Billie are at the Magic School. Leo looks around the corner and sees Demons and realizes they have taken over the school. He tells Billie they are demons at the school.  

Magic School:

Leo explains to the excited Billie, the demons could wipe out everything including witches! Leo tells her they have to leave fast. Leo realizes that Billie only brought one vital. He tells her they need to get a spell out of a book, that it will take them back to the manor. Leo sees some demons coming to them, Billie telekinetically sends her nunchaks flying at the demons. Leo and Billie takes off the demon outfits and put them on.


Wyatt is being helped into his mouse costume. The kids have lunch. And Wyatt opens up his lunch, Mandi sees it and asks him wouldn’t he rather have a chocolate chip cookie.as it magically appears before him. Wyatt smiles at it and takes one. Mandi encourages Wyatt to do his magic and orb away his sandwich in the trash can.


Paige gathers herself together as she approaches the door.  Then she morphs into Sylvia just before she pushes the door open. 

Dex's Studio and Loft:

Paige morphs into “Sylvia” she tells Dex it’s over between them, Dex looks like he doesn’t understand what is going on. She tells him no more break up sex between them. Dex finally tells her they haven’t had sex in 2 months. In walks Phoebe, and she says hello to Paige/Sylvia. Paige/Sylvia says she has to go.

 Magic School:

Leo tells Billie they need to get to the spell book. They walk over to the bookshelves. Leo notices that they are all out of order. Billie sees a pentagram on the wall, plus a ritual table. And asks Leo what they are doing.  In shimmer, Mandi and Wyatt.  Mandi tells Wyatt he if finally at home. Leo tells Billie they need to get help to save Wyatt. Mandi asks a demon if they have everything ready. Billie hears them talking about the Source, she asks Leo who the Source is.  Leo tells Billie she needs to read the spell and he’s staying there with is son. He takes Billie out to the hall


Piper asks the teacher where her son, Wyatt is. Wyatt tells her Mandi signed him out. She explains Mandi has been taking care of Wyatt at the school and probably is having fun playing with her son at her house. Piper tells her that Mandi’s son is over there.


Phoebe jumps onto Paige. She tells her she knows she was Sylvia. Paige explains she thought Dex was cheating on her. Paige tells her she saw Dex kiss Sylvia. Piper comes in and tells them, Wyatt has been taken and Leo is missing too!


Piper says she knew something was wrong with that Mandi and goes to the BOS. Piper tells them the real Mandi was possessed by a demon.  Piper tells her sisters to scry for Wyatt.  Phoebe offers to make a de-possession potion.  Billie tells the sisters he is at the Magic School.  She tells them Leo is there watching Wyatt. She tells them demons have taken over the school. They want Wyatt to bring back the Source. 

Magic School

Mandi, takes Wyatt to the table near the pentagram.  She gives Wyatt permission to use his magic anytime and whenever he wants. She says she wants him to bring back a special friend. Wyatt nods his head. Wyatt touches the potion in the bowl. A light of explosion occurs, the Source appears. The Source asks who brought him back, she smiles and looks at Wyatt. The Source gives Wyatt a bad look.

Magic School:

Mandi, explains it was her idea to bring him back and that the three of them can be the perfect unstoppable family. She tells him, the child is Wyatt, a Charmed Ones son. She tells him they are dead. She tells him if they raised Wyatt is would be a magnificent revenge. The Source picks up Wyatt, Leo tells him to let him alone. Leo explains they don’t want to scare him. Wyatt orbs out. He orbs back in next to Leo.  Paige, Piper and Phoebe orb in.   The Possessor demon comes out of Mandi’s body. The sisters got the demon out of Mandi’s body. Phoebe tells Leo to get Wyatt out of there. The Source say he should of known the Charmed Ones were alive.  Piper blows up the Possessor demon. This causes the Source to explode. Piper explains to Paige as the Possessor conjured him they were connected.


Billie tells Paige she didn’t know she was going to vanquish demons.


Phoebes opens the door for Dex and asks him to come in. Paige on the stairs, she stays there to overhear what is going on.

Living room at the Manor:

Dex explains that he and Sylvia broke up awhile ago, they have been talking to each other. As Dex tries to kiss Phoebe, she tells him to wait a minute, she sees Paige at the stairs. Paige explains she was going to say goodnite. She tells Paige thanks for interfering. And she tells her not to do it again.


Piper, Leo, and Chris sit down at their seats waiting for the play to start. Piper tells Leo they should allow Wyatt occasionally to use his magic now and than. Leo says they should. Wyatt comes out in a pumpkin outfit. Leo tells Piper it doesn’t get more normal that this

Picture from http://www.heavenly-charmed.com

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