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Charmed Episode Guide

The girls in their disguises

Summary By Emma
Proofread by Tanya

Charmed Epsiode #8.3 – “Run, Piper Run”
Air Date: October 10, 2005

As the episode opens, Piper is rummaging through her closet, delaying going to the interview her Dad set up for her at IBM. While she is trying to get out of it, Leo and Paige repeat the same advice that Piper has so often given them: this is what you wanted… to try something new. Unable to argue with her own advice, Piper goes to the interview.

The interview goes extremely well. So much so, that the job recruiter tells her that based on her qualifications, he would consider her for a high-level management job. Then he takes out a digital camera and asks her to “smile” as he takes her picture. (Remember, while we see Piper, the recruiter sees Piper’s new identity: Jenny) He’s going to send the photo for a background check. He tells her to come back Wednesday.

Piper leaves and the job recruiter uses the photo to perform a background check via the Internet. Immediately, it comes up that Piper’s new identity, “Jenny”, is a wanted person. While Piper is at lunch with her sisters, the police surround them, and Piper, as “Jenny”, is arrested.  After visiting Piper in jail, Phoebe and Paige decide to return home and do a background check of their own to find out who “Jenny” really is.

Meanwhile, Leo, home with Wyatt’s playgroup, is in the kitchen with Eva, a playgroup mom. She’s obviously attracted to Leo and attempts to take his shirt off when Paige walks in. She tells Leo that Piper has been arrested. Paige finds “Jenny’s” photograph in an old and discovers that “Jenny’s” real name is Mya. She decides that magic is the best way to find Mya and heads toward the attic.

Suddenly there is a loud explosion and when Paige gets to the attic, she finds Billie. Billie, it turns out, had been studying the Book of Shadows but made the mistake of reading aloud. Paige tells Billie that you’re supposed to read the Book of Shadows to yourself, when you read it out loud, you are chanting.  The girls then decide to switch Piper and Mya – effectively transporting Mya into the jail in Piper’s place.

Meanwhile, in jail, Piper has a visit from the D.A. who, thinking that Piper is Mya, practically admits that he killed her photographer boyfriend after she left him for him. (The murder that Mya has been wanted for). Piper is then orbed out of jail and Mya is orbed into jail in Piper’s place.

At home, Piper tells her family that Mya is innocent and she needs them to orb her back to jail so they can find out from Mya what she knows about the murder. The sisters comply and Mya says she knows nothing about the murder. Mya is then kidnapped by the D.A. and his thugs and brought back to his apartment. He confesses to the murder of her boyfriend then leads her to the balcony. Mya, knowing what he has planned, says that this is murder. He calmly replies, “No, it’s suicide”, and throws her over the balcony. Fortunately, Paige catches her and orbs her back to the mansion.

Phoebe has a premonition that there’s going to be an earthquake and it will destroy her boyfriend Dex’s artwork in the middle of his art show. She tries to get him to reschedule and tells him she’s psychic but he won’t reschedule.

Billie tells the sisters they should scare a confession out of the D.A.,, just like Barbaras, the demon of fear, would do. So they decide to go to his apartment and scare him with images of him growing old in the mirror and then each sister takes on the appearance of Mya (who he thinks has fallen to her death over the balcony) and confront him with his crimes. He backs onto the balcony and one of the Myas pushes him over. Just as he’s about to land on the concrete below, Piper freezes him and gives him a choice: confess or get splattered. He confesses.

When the earthquake strikes, Phoebe realizes that she wasn’t supposed to stop the earthquake, just be there.

Picture from http://www.heavenly-charmed.com

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