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"Malice in Wonderland" Episode: #8.2 - 2 October 2005

Summary by  Emma

Premiered on Sunday, October 2, 2005 on The WB

The family: Leo,Piper,Paige,and Phoebe are in Piper and Leo’s bathroom getting ready for the day, combing hairs, brushing teeth and talking about their obsessions. Pipers: demons, Paige: her new charge, Billie and having some kind of a life, Phoebe: getting married like her premonition said she would.

            At the magic school: Demons have taken it over, and they believe magic is still there and now they will claim it.

            Back at the manor in the living room…Are having a family meeting. The girls are still venting about demons and about they believe they are still dead. Leo tells Piper she will be late if she doesn’t hurry. She’s going to get pampered after she goes to her club,P3 to meet the electrician. Paige expresses being jealous. It seems it was Phoebe’s idea after watching the TV show Sex in the City. Piper reminds them all, they have to follow Grams advice and get out in the world and look for new signs in their new lives. She gives Phoebe the advice to keep focused as this is the year she’s suppose to get pregnant with a baby girl and don’t ignore any signs. Piper starts to go out the door, but before she leaves she tells Phoebe maybe she should start with Dex if she likes him.

            At the magic school…the demons:Haas and Black Heart are going thru the school and Black Heart believe the Charmed Ones have to be dead or they couldn’t take over the school. Haas,skeptical, believes they could be in hiding. Black Heart says they’ve been testing to see if the Charmed Ones are in hiding by luring 3 teenagers with no signs of witches saving them. Haas says if they are alive they won’t ignore cries from the innocents for much longer.

            At the college campus… Billie’s friend Taylor says that something weird is going on with the police since they won’t do something about the missing teenagers in the city. They leave and Billie goes back to her room  and pulls out the clippings of newspaper articles she has of the missing teenagers.

            At the Bay Mirror office…Phoebe is waiting for the elevator and for her sign and the elevator opens up and Dex is there and she goes in and stands next to him.

            On a city street…Paige gets pulled over, she hands over her drivers license. She tells the officer, she used to help people. The officer suggest she be a cop than. She hands her driver license back to Paige as she gets an incoming call for assistance. Before the officer leaves Paige asks her what she likes about her job, she says, getting the bad guys.

            In an alley….Black Heart walks in the alley with an teenager boy, he wants to know what’s down in the sewer hole. She says go find out for yourself. He falls down in the hole by magic. Black Heart changes into a rat, just as Billie enters the alley in her disguise, black wig and black outfit. She looks around and only sees rats.

            At Dex’s loft …he has his artwork there. Phoebe is looking at his artwork. As Phoebe/Julie rambles on about how life goes on, and being philosophic, Dex says she reminds him of Phoebe on what she said in her columns. Phoebe/Julie says it must run in the family being so gifted. They go and get some coffee.

            At  P3, a electrician is looking at the circuit breaker, he tells her she needs a new transformer. She signs the order to fix and replace it. Piper suddenly explodes how she’s suppose to have a spa day. Than she realizes he doesn’t care about her day. She tells him she wants to have a life.

            At the police academy: Paige enters the recruiters office, he gives her some brochures and tells her she’s the wrong type for a police officer. Paige challenges him by saying  I can take you, she suddenly spins and drops the officer.  The officer than points to the application on the desk, Paige leaves with the application.

            In the alley… a teenage girl is chasing a rabbit, who changes into Black Heart. She grabs the girl and throws her down the sewer hole.

            At the spa…Piper overhears a woman talking about the teenagers how it sounds like an Agatha Christie novel and they are disappearing by their names. Her phone rings, the manicurist says no cell phones, Leo tells her he is locked out of the house with Wyatt. She tells him she is on her way home.

            At the police academy, classroom…A teacher is welcoming all the new recruits. Paige likes the teacher and he likes her. Suddenly, Paige has a sharp pain in her head, she hears a jingle again. He asks if she’s alright, she tells him she has a migraine and has to leave.

            In the alley, Billie slams the demon Black Heart against a wall, she throws her athame, but misses. In orbs Paige in her officer clothes. The demon shimmers out of the alley. Paige wants to know why Billie called her again. Billie says she didn’t. Paige tells her she’s her whitelighter. Billie doesn’t understand what that is. Billie says she doesn’t need any help and asks Paige if she’s a cop. She says no. They battle it out with a martial art workout. Suddenly Paige hits Billie on the chin and Billie falls on her butt. Off flies her wig, she sees how young Billie is. Billie uses her telekinetic power to get her athame, and runs out of the alley. Paige hears a girl moaning and calling for help goes to help the girl.

            At the manor in the attic…Paige tosses Billie wig on the table,scryes for Billie. Phoebe gives Paige a latte, they talk about Dex and how great it went. Phoebe reminds Paige they are not to be scrying. Paige tells her about her charge, Billie. Phoebe notices the wig, and Paige grabs it and tells her Billie was fighting a demon. And tells her she saved an innocent. Paige tells Phoebe about the missing teenagers. Paige wants to find Billie,so she can find the demons doing this, so she can get back to living a normal life. Phoebe offers to help, but Paige says no I don’t want to risk it by exposing ourselves. Paige tells Phoebe the newspaper office called. She tells Phoebe to call them and says she might run into Dex. Suddenly the crystal lands on a mark.

            In the Magic school…Haas is angry at Black Heart for letting an innocent get away. She says it was a witch’s fault, also a whitelighter was there. Haas ponders if it was one of the Charmed Ones. Black Heart says how can we kills them when nobody else could, Haas says we just do to them what we did to the innocents.

            In the manor, Piper’s bedroom…Piper is in bed, Leo wonders why she’s hiding from the world. Piper says she gives up. She explains how she can’t have a normal life because she can’t even have a normal day.  Piper explains saying she spent her 20’s fighting demons, and she’s always something or somebody’s everything. She doesn’t know what or who she is. Leo reassures her with words and hugs and tells her how wonderful she is. Piper explains about the guilt to and Leo says ignore it they all need to be selfish to have a normal life.

            At the Bay Mirror elevator, Phoebe runs into Dex.

            At Billie’s Dorm Room….Paige and Billie arguing and tells Billie witches don’t wear disguises. Billie explains she hasn’t been a witch long, she just noticed she had these powers, bought books and figured it all out. Billie says all the innocents had names like in Alice in Wonderland and they also said stuff from the book too. Billie explains she scryes by the computer. Paige tells she and her sisters will find a way to solve the demons. Paige leaves, and Billie goes back to scrying.

At the Bay Mirror office…Dex is there and Phoebe tells him they want her to write the Ask Phoebe column. On a tv set they show the 4th missing victim and another victim and how they were mumbling stuff. Phoebe tells Dex she has to leave.

            In the manor. living room. Phoebe tells Paige, Leo and Piper she knows something about the missing teenagers. Piper says, yes it’s about Alice in Wonderland. Phoebe wonders how they knew. Paige explains it was Billie. Phoebe wants to know who Billie. Leo says it’s Paige’s charge. Paige believes the fairy tale and the teens might be a trap for the Charmed Ones. Paige says she’ll go to Billies and get her scrying items, and asks Piper to make some potions. Phoebe wonder if Billie will find out about who they really are. Paige says Billie seems to think this is all a great game.

            In Billie’s Dorm room…Paige discover Billie and her disguise is gone.

            In the sewer..the demons have Billie.

            In the Manor, attic…Piper and Phoebe are making the potions and putting them into bottles. Paige has Billie’s laptop. Paige scryes and finds Billie. Her sisters explains their doubts about Billie and how all this could be a trap for them.

            Billie is dreaming…about being Alice in Wonderland. Suddenly Black explodes, Haas shimmers out. Paige asks her if she’s going to be okay. Billie says, yes. The sisters are surrounding Haas who says I knew you were alive!They throw their potion and he vanquishes. Billie explains she thought they all were dead. Billie tells Piper their secret is safe with her,she won’t tell. Billie says show me how to be a witch. Phoebe says no, Billie says Ill fight the demons for you. Paige says first you must not wear that outfit.

            At the police academy…Paige is kissing the instructor. And realizes she wasn’t meant to be a cop.

            At the manor,Piper’s bedroom..Piper realizes she’s not alone and has Leo to help guide her.

            Phoebe’s office…She’s busy typing for her column.

Picture from http://www.heavenly-charmed.com

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