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photo of Billie's parents from Mr. and Mrs. Witch

"Mr. and Mrs. Witch" Episode: #8.11 - 8 January 2006

Summary by Emma


Phoebe is working at home. Billie is telling Phoebe about a publisher, real estate agent, and a rich billionaire how they got kidnapped all like her sister. Phoebe reminds Billie that she came to the attic for quiet so she can finish her work. However, Billie ignores her, she goes on how since she got powers maybe, her sister does too. Billie believes the demon that took her sister might want her and her sister’s power for the corporate world. Phoebe asks if she thinks this is a demon conspiracy. Phoebe reminds Billie that theory has to wait because Billie has to go pick up her parents.  Billie says that this visit was Phoebe’s idea. Phoebe thinks it was a great idea. Billie says only because she hasn’t meet her parents yet.  Billie says her father is like some robot and her mom is a wall flower, who never talked about Christy. Billie tells Phoebe she has a  meeting with one of the kidnap victims.  Billie believes if she can get him to touch the paper with the names on it that she enchanted, it will prove her theory.  Phoebe wants to know how she knows the enchanting works. Billie admits she tested it on Paige without Paige knowing.  Phoebe tells her she can use her car if she goes to the airport to pick up parents.  Billie tells Phoebe her parents will suck up the life in this house. Right after Billie says this, live flowers in vase suddenly shrivel up and die with a loud noise.  Billie hears the noise and looks at the flowers.

Dining Room at the Manor

Piper is holding a video camera in one hand, vase in the other hand, and talking to an employee of P3 on the phone. Piper sits the vase of flowers on a chest, sits the camera to face the table. Phoebe is working at the table on her laptop. She asks Piper what the camera is for. Piper tells her that it is for Leo and she press the record button. She goes on and explains she’s recording all the little things a person misses when they are away. Phoebe tells her she’s having trouble with the column and her deadline is tomorrow. Piper encourages Phoebe saying she’ll find the answer. 

Dalvos' Office

Dalvos isn’t sure how she can help her find her sister. She gives him the  enchanted paper with names on it and asks him if he knows any of the names.  Billie tells him they were all found a few days later, just like he was.  Dalvos takes the paper as Grant Pelham comes into the office telling Dalvos that he is not taking the company public.  Dalvos tells Grant he is in a meeting and Grant tells Dalvos, the company will not go public.  Grant tells Dalvos that his dad made him the chairman and the company will stay private.  Grant leaves the room. Billie says she’ll come back and takes the list of names. Dalvos talks to an unseen person and asks the person if Billie is a witch.  A female demon shimmers in, Nanta, tells him he is close to taking over the country's most powerful companies and he needs to be careful so he’s not exposed.  Dalvos asks her if she can handle Billie.  Nanta brags that she was able to switch him at birth and get him in a position to have great power, she can handle a witch.  Nanta shimmers out. 

Henry's Office

Paige sees Henry behind a stack of files and on the phone. He tells the person they violated parole. Paige knocks on his door. He gets off the phone. Paige asks him if’s a bad time for her to see him. He says no. He gives her a kiss on her cheek. Henry asks Paige if she heard from Leo. Paige changes the subject. She says Henry never returns her phone calls. He says he does. Henry asks her what she’s doing for dinner. Paige says she has plans with her sisters, Billie and her parents. Henry asks her to go out afterward for drinks, she says she’ll meet him at P3 at nine and tells him he better not be late.  Paige leaves.  


The Jenkins, are waiting for Billie to come and pick them up. Mr. Jenkins is nervous watching the hoodlums in the alley, and tells his wife they are leaving and picks up his suitcase. Billie pulls up at the curb. She explains she’s late because of the traffic and her appointment. Billie gives her parents a hug. Her mom comments on the car. Billie tells her its Phoebe's.  Mr. Jenkins puts the suitcases in the trunk. Billie asks if they want to see her school.  

Conservatory at the Manor

Phoebe is working on her laptop while she talks on her phone.  Piper is vacuuming.  Chris is playing with his toys loudly.   

Bay Mirror

Dorrie, Phoebe's new assistant, is at work and trying to hear Phoebe.  Phoebe tells her the column isn’t done yet, but it should since she believes she’s too close to her sisters.  Phoebe tells Dorrie to tell Elise the column will be in on time. Phoebe tells Piper to be a little quieter and Piper says she’s filming for Leo.  Phoebe goes upstairs to work.  Piper asks Phoebe to help her out with the dinner party.  Phoebe says the party four hours away and asks Piper if she is okay.  Piper says she’s fine. Piper turns off the camera, vacuum cleaner and picks up Chris as she answers the door.   

Main Hall/Foyer

Piper opens the door and is surprised to see Billie there.  Piper tells her that she is early and Billie asks if they could come in.  

Dining Room

Billie tries to break ice by telling her parents that Phoebe writes the column "Ask Phoebe".  Phoebe begins to tell them about her latest column and Mr. Jenkins interrupts her saying that they don’t read the column.  Piper offers every one a drink and Paige says it was nice to meet them and she has to go meet a parole officer.  After Paige leaves, Mrs. Jenkins asks if she said parole officer and Billie tells her that it’s not what she thinks.  Mr. Jenkins says it’s time for them to leave. He thanks Piper for dinner. Piper and Phoebe tell them they haven’t had dessert yet.  Billie tells them she needs to talk to them about Christy.  Her parents stop and Mr. Jenkins says he’s not going to talk about that in front of strangers.  Phoebe says they’re not strangers and Billie adds they are friends and he never wants to talk about Christy.  Billie tells them that after Christy was kidnapped, a month later they went back to their perfect lives, like nothing happened.  Mr. Jenkins says Billie was five and didn’t know anything about it.  Billie says she knows they didn’t do anything to find her sister. Mrs. Jenkins says that’s not true. A fly is buzzing and it gets louder. Piper and Phoebe try to calm everyone down. Mr. Jenkins says Billie doesn’t care about them.  Billie tells them they are cold hearted assassins.  Suddenly, a white flash appears and the Jenkins magically look like Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Mrs. Jenkin/Smith pulls out a small knife and throws it at the fly, impelling it to the wall.  Mr. Jenkins compliments her on her great shot. They smile at each other. 

Dining Room

Mrs. Jenkins looks appreciative at her knife says titanium is best.  Mr. Jenkins is changing his gun clip. His wife admires it and asks where he got it. Mr. Jenkins replies he doesn’t know. He puts it back in his holster.  Billie wants to know what’s happening. Phoebe asks what Piper put in the food. Piper says nothing. Phoebe wants to know what’s going on. Piper says Billie called her them assassins. Billie says it was just a figure of speech.  Billie calls her parents Mom and Dad and they ask who she is.  Billie explains she’s their daughter. They look surprised. Phoebe pulls Billie over to her and Piper and tells them they have to figure out what’s going on. Piper says she’ll watch the parents, while they go and check the BOS. 


Phoebe believes it wasn’t a spell since there was no rhyming, but she thinks the words has something to do with it.  Billie is surprised she caused this and Phoebe says she couldn’t have done it alone.  Billie wants to know what is happening to her.  Phoebe thinks Billie has the power of projection which lets a witch transform people or things into what comes to mind.  Phoebe says she’s maturing as a witch and emotions are tied to powers. Billie wants to know if she can change her parents back.  Billie tries to make the dead flowers alive again.   Phoebe tells her getting control of a new power takes time.  Phoebe tells Billie to watch what she says.  They hear a door slam downstairs and they go running.

Dining Room

Piper has a napkin in her mouth.  Phoebe asks Piper what happened and unties the napkin.  Piper tells her that the Jenkins jumped her and they are to fast and dangerous, so she couldn’t freeze them. And Billie’s parents left to find real action. 


Paige comes into the room looking for Henry.  She asks Dominique if he saw Henry yet.  Dominique says he hasn’t been in the club.  Paige's phone rings and she tells Henry he is late. 


Piper asks Paige where is she. Paige says she was stood up. Piper tells her they need her at home now. She looks at Billie try to scry for her parents on her laptop and Phoebe is stirring a steamy cauldron.  Piper explains to Paige they have to save a couple of assassins.


The Jenkins are in the alley. Rocco,the head leader of a gang unloading a truck, wants to know who they are. Rocco pulls out his gun, and Mrs. Jenkins throws her knife and pins Rocco to the wall. The other gang members rush the Jenkins and Mr. Jenkins gets in a fire position. Mr. Jenkins fires at a forklift and barrels fall on the gang members. Rocco gets loose and tries to run. Mrs. Jenkins throws the knife again and it hits the window sill and it slams shut on him.  Mr. Jenkins wants to know where she was hiding all those knives, she says she’s out of knives now, but he could look. Mr. Jenkins says later, first they have to get more ammo and knives.  


Paige finds Billie scrying for her parents and Piper and Phoebe are putting herbs into a cauldron.  Paige wants to know the plan.  Billie explains they have to find her parents before they kill someone.  Phoebe says the potion will stun them, than they will bring them back to the Manor and change them back to normal.  Piper tells Paige they haven’t figured out the last part yet.  Billie suggests she use her new power to turn herself into a target, because scrying is not working.  Phoebe tells Billie it wasn’t her fault, she was just hurt and angry.  Paige says she should use some of the potion on Henry.  Piper yells at them to focus on the Jenkins, the longer they stay bewitched, it will be harder to turn them back.  Paige says scrying for them won’t work, because they’re not magical. Billie finds them, Phoebe, and Piper take Paige's hand to orb to them. Piper doesn’t want to leave the boys.  Phoebe offers to watch the boys.  Piper says she does not want them to lose her too.  Phoebe tells Piper she can freeze them as soon as they bring them back.  Phoebe, Paige and Billie orb out, leaving Piper at the Manor.


Phoebe, Paige and Billie orb into the alley. They find three unconscious criminals.  Phoebe says they are still breathing.  Paige pulls Mrs. Jenkin's knife out of the wall. She tells Billie her parents were just playing with the thugs.  The restaurant door opens up and out comes the Jenkins.  Paige yells for Phoebe to throw the potion, but Mr. Jenkins fires his gun at the vial and it explodes before it hits them.  Billie tells them they just want to help them. The Jenkins draw their weapons as the girls orb.  Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins wonders how they orb. Mr. Jenkins says they could find more people to assassinate.  Nanta, a demon steps out of the shadows and watches them go.

Dalvos' Office

Dalvos reminds her that she promised she could handle the witch.  Dalvos says he only had one witch to deal with yesterday and now he has three.  Nanta corrects him and tells him that there are four, The Charmed Ones and Billie.  Dalvos panics saying he doesn’t have the power to defeat them.  Dalvos tells her the sisters will not let him kill Grant so he can be the chairman.  Nanta tells him she’s going to hire Billie’s parents to kill Grant. 

Hotel Room

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins passionately kiss and tear each other's clothes off.  A knock at the door interrupts them.  They get off the bed and pull out their weapons, one moves on each side of the door. Mr. Jenkins opens the door, grabs the man and throws him against the wall.  Mrs. Jenkins puts her knife to his throat.  Dalvos tells them he knows they are looking for action.  Mr. Jenkins asks him who he is and Dalvos tells them he wants someone killed.  The Jenkins are intrigued.  Mr. Jenkins opens the briefcase, it has a file envelope, two cell phones, two press tags, a micro tape recorder and a lipstick case.  Dalvos tells them that everything they need to get by the security, including weapons are there.  Mrs. Jenkins wants to know who the target is and Dalvos tells her it’s in the envelope.  The Jenkins look in the envelope and Dalvos warns them it won’t be easy and they only get one shot. He tells them that the meeting is less than an hour.  Mr. Jenkins wants to know what they get for the job and Dalvos says whatever he wants.  Mr. Jenkins agrees to take the job. 


Billie is working on her laptop and there is a red target moving.  Phoebe asks her if they are still moving.  Billie says they are. Billie tells them this is how she remembered them, always having fun working together until Christy was kidnapped.  Paige explains it’s hard to lose a child.  Billie says it’s nice they still have it in them. Phoebe says maybe it will be again after she finds her sister.  Paige tells Phoebe that Piper is putting the boys down for a nap and that she thinks she knows who it is.  Paige whispers to Phoebe that they were lucky the last time and they need to stop Billie's parents before they hurt someone, then hands Phoebe the spoon and leaves to answer the door. 


Paige opens the door, to find an apologetic Henry there.  Paige says he stood her up.  Henry tells her he had trouble with one of his parolees. Paige says he should of called her. She says he should of called her before he stood her up not after. Paige asks him what he’s not telling her. Henry counters with the same question. Paige says don’t turn it on her. Paige asks if he’s married. He says no. Henry asks her what she’s not telling him. He explains its hard for him to get close to anyone he cares about. Phoebe calls for Paige.  Paige turns and sees Phoebe and Billie coming down the stairs with vials in their hands.

Main Hall

Phoebe tells Paige they need to leave and talks to her in code.  Paige tells Henry  she has to go and she will call him.  Billie tells her that she thinks that her sister is one of many powerful kids that were kidnapped.  Phoebe tells Piper that she will stay with the boys.  Phoebe tells her they don’t know what they are up against and Piper has an active power.  Piper tells her that she has potions and Paige says they are stun ones.  Billie tries to hurry them along, by reminding them she and her parents don’t have much time. Phoebe tells her she has to get out and fight again for both her and Leo. 

Banquet Room

A big crowd of women and men, plus the press are in the room. Billie, Paige, Phoebe and Piper are trying to find Billie's parents.  Piper asks Billie if this is the right place and Billie says if Dalvos is, then they will be.  Mr. Jenkins sits next to Mrs. Jenkins, they pretend not to know each other.  Grant gets up to start his speech.  Mr. Jenkins pulls out the micro recorder, checks it, then lowers it behind the table.  Both the Jenkins assembles the gun and bullet from the lipstick case.  Billie sees her parents and tells the sisters where they are. Grant starts to announce his decision about the company going public, when Dalvos gives the Jenkins a nod.  Mr. Jenkins stands and raises the micro recorder, then fires.  Piper freezes the room.  Paige rushes to the bullet and snatches it out of the air, Billie yells at her parents.  Piper wants to know why her parents want to kill Grant. Nanta shimmers in and says because she wanted them to.  Piper starts to blow her up, Nanta stops her saying that vanquishing her will not save the Jenkins.  Piper asks her why and Nanta tells her that the chairman will still die and they will be blamed for his death.  She adds a creation, human, Rod Dalvos will inherit the company and will run by the demonic foothold.  Piper asks her how she is going to do this.  Nanta just smiles as Dalvos unfreezes, pulls his own gun and fires it.  The shot unfreezes everyone as Grant drops to the ground, shot.  Dalvos palms his gun and all the guests start to scream.  Mr. Jenkins is still holding the smoking gun as press photographers take their pictures before they run out of the room.  Piper looks to Nanta just as she shimmers out. 

Dining Room

Phoebe is sipping her tea in front of her laptop, enjoying the fact that she has broken through her writer's block.  She is talking on the phone saying that it just came to her and she does not know why it was so hard to finally think about an answer. 

Bay Mirror

Dorrie is talking to Phoebe on the phone and tells her, her answer on the column was brilliant.  Dorrie asks how Phoebe came up with that.  Phoebe tells her, she can relate to the person. 

Int. Manor - Sitting Room

Piper, Paige and Billie orb in next to Phoebe.  Piper tells Phoebe they have big problems.  Phoebe is on the phone and tells her assistant to get her column to Copy so she won’t miss the deadline.  Piper asks Phoebe where the boys are.  Phoebe says they are sleeping.  Piper says she’s taking them to their Grandpa’s house.  Phoebe asks Paige and Billie what happened. Billie explains her parents tried to kill someone.  Paige adds even though they didn’t kill him, they are now wanted for murder.  Paige explains they were all set up by a demon. Billie adds it was a human demon. Paige tells Phoebe it was so a demon could take over the family.  Billie tells her that it was Dalvos that hired them and Paige thinks that it was Nanta that did the hiring.  Billie tells them they have to find her parents before the demons do.

Banquet Room and the Balcony

Grant's body is gone, the police and CSI techs and crime scene tape is all over the room.  Outside, Dalvos is talking to the press.  Dalvos says he doesn’t know why they would kill Grant, he suggests maybe it had something to do with the visit from Billie.  Dalvos thinks Billie wanted his help because he was a kidnap victim as well.  Dalvos says that when Grant found out that her parents had searched for their daughter for fifteen years, Grant just thought that they could h help.  Dalvos believes the Jenkins didn’t like that answer. 

Dalvos' Office

Dalvos enters and Nanta is waiting for him.  He wants to know when he will be the chairman.  Nanta says after a sensible mourning time. So nobody will be suspicious.  Dalvos wants to know what do they do while they wait, Nanta says we have loose ends to take care of.

Urban San Francisco

Jenkins leaves the cab and looks around. He answers his cell phone. He asks if he will be sent a text about the loose end, and tells the person he will do it. Ext.

Upscale San Francisco Street

Mrs. Jenkins answers her cell phone, she asks the person where her mark is.

Dining Room

Phoebe is scrying, Billie is scrying with her laptop.  Piper comes in and tosses her keys to the side, she wants to know how everything is going.  Phoebe says the Jenkins have split up. Piper tells her they know they are being looked for. Piper asks her where Paige is. Phoebe tells her she’s in the attic looking for a female demon.  Phoebe tries to ask Billie a question, but she’s busy listening to her laptop. Phoebe repeats her question if Billie had any hits.  Billie tells them she was listening to the interview with Dalvos talking about the Jenkins.  Next on the laptop is a pic of Mr. Jenkins holding up the micro recorder gun.  Billie is surprised her parents did look for her sister.  Phoebe tells her if both Billie and Christy are witches, her parents could be carriers, she suggests they do the "Call a Lost Witch" spell. 


The alley is now it is empty.  Mr. Jenkins has his gun out. Mrs. Jenkins is looking rounds the corner with his gun drawn.  Mrs. Jenkins is looking around the alley.  She takes out her gun and hides in the darkness.  They come face to face with their guns up and aimed.  They are shocked they are each other's target.  Mrs. Jenkins asks what are they going to do and if they have a choice. Mr. Jenkins says she could put down her gun.  Mrs. Jenkins says he could put his gun down too.  Neither of them will. They tell each other I love you. They both do a dive move and fire at the same time. They miss. A swirl of magical lights makes them both disappear. 


Piper, Phoebe and Billie watch as the two swirls of magical lights form into the Jenkins.  Phoebe tells Piper to freeze them. But before she does, both of the Jenkins turn and point their guns at Piper.  Piper, Phoebe and Billie stand there, frozen. Phoebe tries to move towards Piper, but Mr. Jenkins sees her and points his gun at her, and tells her don’t think about it.  Mrs. Jenkins wants to know who they are and who hired them.  Piper doesn’t understand. Mrs. Jenkins says to kill them and wants names.  Mr. Jenkins turns his gun at Billie and she asks if he really wants to shoot her.  Phoebe tells Billie to stop, but Billie tells her parents wasn’t losing one daughter enough. Billie asks her mom if she can shoot her, and goads her to do it.  Billie tells her mom it won’t bring back Christy and she knows that is what her mother wants.  Billie wants to know why her parents never told her they looked for Christy.  She tells them they are all she has left.  The Jenkins break out of the spell and transform into their real selves. Mrs. Jenkins takes Billie in her arms and says she is sorry.  Paige comes into the room and tells the sisters she has figured out how to clear the Jenkins names. 

Banquet Room and Balcony

There are press and guests waiting to know what this meeting is about.  Dalvos comes into the room and thanks them all for coming. He explains he won’t be making the company public, but he’s keeping it private like Grant and his father wanted.  He explains he’s going to jail.  He tells them all he killed Grant, not the Jenkins, but he tried to make them look like they did, because he wanted control of the company.  He would like their forgiveness and leaves.

Executive Hallway

Dalvos emerges, makes sure he is alone, smiles and magically morphs into Piper.  Piper leaves the room.

Dalvos' Office - Night

The real Dalvos is getting ready to go out.  He is startled to find Nanta standing there.  He tells her she scared him and asks her what is wrong.  Nanta tells him  it is over, that their thirty years of planning is all gone.  Dalvos is shocked and asks how.  Nanta tells him that the witches outsmarted them.  She tells him they knew they couldn’t vanquish him, so they destroyed his reputation.  Dalvos asks what they can do now.  Nanta makes a gun appear and tells him that they have to tie up loose ends. 

Pelham Office Building

A muffled gunshot is heard along with a bright flash of light. 


Phoebe tosses the newspaper on a table with the headline "Company Chief Confesses, Commits Suicide" along with a picture of Dalvos.  Phoebe is feeding Chris.  Piper wants to know if they printed her speech.  Phoebe says they did, but it’s to bad Nanta got away, because she wanted to get Nanta herself.  Piper tells Phoebe she is sure in another 30 years they will see her again.  Phoebe tells her  in 30 years they won’t be hunting demons.  Piper would like to know where they will be than.  Phoebe says Piper probably will be right in this kitchen feeding her grandchildren with Leo.  Piper hopes that she is right, Phoebe tells Piper to take a break, so she can be ready to fight for Leo.  Piper says that’s good advice and asks her if she found good advice for the twin sister.  Phoebe replies she did and advised the twin to move out. Piper agrees that was good advice, picks up a fussy Chris and tells Phoebe she will be right back.  Piper leaves, Phoebe thinks about her own advice and opens the paper to the condominiums for sale section. 

Henry's Office

Henry is looking out the window.  Paige comes in and says hi.  Paige wants to know why it’s hard for him to get close to others.  Henry explains he was bounced from foster home to foster home when he was growing up.  So it made him not trust anyone.  Just as soon as he would get close to someone, they would leave or he would.  Henry says now if he gets close to someone he feels the fight or flight.  Paige says he doesn’t have to run from her.  He kisses her and she kisses him back, and then they hug.

Billie's Dorm Room

Mrs. Jenkins picks up the picture of Billie and Christy.  She tells Billie they would fight like cats and dogs and were different from each other, yet they were inseparable.  Mrs. Jenkins says Christy loved to get Billie in trouble and they finally figured out it was Christy.  Billie says she hardly remembers her sister just some moments. Mrs. Jenkins tells her Christy adored Billie and was very protective of her.  Christy wouldn’t let anyone, but herself pick on Billie.  Billie wants to know why her mom never told her they looked for Christy.  Mrs. Jenkins says she’s not sure why, they didn’t know what to do and they were devastated when it happened.  She tells Billie they made the decision to keep her life as normal as they could. They just thought it would be easier not to talk about it at all.  Billie tells her mom she understands.  Mrs Jenkins says her dad is waiting to go the airport and doesn’t want to be late. Billie wants to know if her mom knew that both Christy and herself were witches.  Mrs. Jenkins admits she did and tells Billie that her grandmother was one too and that it skipped a generation.  Billie tells her that she is lucky, but Mrs. Jenkins smiles and says Billie is lucky to have the gift and she’s meant to do special things.  She tells Billie to embrace it.  Billie tells her mom she’s going to find Christy.  Mrs. Jenkins hands Christy's diary to her and tells her it may help her find her sister.  She tells Billie that they could never figure it out, but that maybe she could.  Billie opens the diary and on the last page is an elaborate occult symbol that was inked by Christy's hand. 

Picture from http://encyclopedia.quickseek.com

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