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Picture of Piper and Leo from "Vaya Con Leos"

"Vaya Con Leos" Episode: #8.10 - 27 November 2005

Summary by Emma

Premiered: November 27, 2005

Vintage Car Dealer

Leo is trying to start an old rusty Chevy pickup era 1941. He finally gets it to start with black smoke coming out of the pipe. Piper tries to wave the smoke out of the way and Leo shouts to her to listen to the engine. He asks her if she thinks the car is something. Piper agrees quite sarcastic. Leo turns the engine off and gets out of the truck. Leo explains to the salesmen it’s just like what his grandpa gave his sixty years ago. Piper tries to remind him that he is suppose to be barely thirty. He explains he meant the first time he was alive. The salesman comes over asks them what they think about the pickup. Leo says its great, but Piper tells him that $9000 is too much for it. Vince, the salesman says its $9500 and that includes the original tailgate. Leo tells her it will look great when he fixes it up. And it will be worth $25,000. Leo adds he can give it to one of the boys someday. Piper aggress to get the car. Piper reminds him the boys can’t ride in it without seatbelts. The men go into the building to sign the papers. Piper notices the Angel of Death in the middle of the street. Piper calls for Leo. Leo can’t hear her. Piper turns back to look for the Angel of Death, but he is gone.

Paige's Bedroom

Piper walks into Paige’s room. Paige is getting ready for a date. Piper tells her what she saw. Piper tells her she thinks it didn’t mean nothing. Paige tries to remind her the only person that sees Death, is the one who is going to die. Piper tells her that if Death wanted her, then he would have taken her. Than Piper tries to convince herself she didn’t really see Death and maybe she imagined it, because they are demon free and the boys are healthy, and Leo and her are great, so she imagined Death because she thinks something bad is going to happen. Paige wants to call off her date. Piper says don’t listen to her neurosis. Paige says she doesn’t even like Henry. Piper says she knows better. Piper says she will call if she sees Death again. Paige says she’ll go out, but if Death gets Piper she will never talk to him again.

Magic School

Billie is dressed like a demon. Phoebe, who is hiding, whispers to Billie the demon is taking a long time. Phoebe's cell phone rings and Billie asks how can her phone be ringing in Magic School. Phoebe says it must have great reception. It’s Piper on the phone. She says she’ll call her back.

Sitting Room at the Manor

Piper tells Phoebe on the phone she’s ok and just wanted to see if Phoebe was ok. Phoebe want to know what is going on. Billie reminds Phoebe that they are after a demon. Piper overhears Billie and asks Phoebe what demon. Phoebe says they are trying to entice the demon who took Billie's sister to question him. Piper says they can't do that now and Phoebe wants to know why not. Billie yells for Phoebe and Phoebe tells her to be quiet. Piper explains she saw Death. Phoebe concerned and asks Piper when and if she is ok. Piper tells her that she is fine and wants to know if she saw Death as well. Phoebe says no and Piper relieved but warns her maybe she shouldn’t be in quest of a demon. Billie sees a flame tells Phoebe that the demon is there. Phoebe tells Piper she has to go and Piper tries to stop her but Phoebe hangs up. It is Reinhardt, the one from Billie's nightmare. He looks around, sees Billie. Reinhardt asks is she is the one who has been asking about him. Billie says it depends, asks if he’s the one who took a little girl 15 years ago. Billie tells him it’s personal. Phoebe panics and starts to move, but Reinhardt falls at Billie's feet with a dart in his neck. Burke, a bounty hunter is pointing a crossbow at Reinhardt, then aims it at Billie. Phoebe yells for Billie and Burke aims at Phoebe, who dives behind the corner again. Burke blurs over to Reinhardt, grabs him and tells Billie it was a good try. Burke shimmers out with Reinhardt before Billie can stop him. Phoebe asks Billie if she’s alright and Billie says no she lost the only chance she had to finding her sister.


Paige asks Henry if he has any siblings. He says no, he was raised in foster homes. Henry changes the subject and tells her she has a nice smile. They are interrupted by the waitress reaching for the check folder. Henry tells the waitress they haven’t paid yet. The waitress tells them to take their time. Paige says she should be going. Henry tells her he had a great time and Paige says she did too. Henry reaches for his wallet, he asks Paige if she wants to split the check. Paige cell phone rings.

Living Room at the Manor

Piper is on the phone asking Paige if she’s ok. Paige, looks at the check and says no. Piper asks her if she saw Death. Paige says all she saw was a cad. Piper tells her Phoebe is out fighting demons. Paige isn’t concerned. Piper tells her Phoebe shouldn’t be doing that if death is lurking around. Paige tells her she’s on her way home and Piper says be careful driving. Henry tells Paige what her half is and Paige gives him $20 and tells him to keep the change.

Garage at the Manor

Piper goes into the garage and sees the truck, but not Leo. Piper calls for Leo, and he answers from under the truck. Piper tells him to get out from under the truck immediately. Leo wants to know what the problem is and she says its dangerous under the truck. Leo tells her that she worries too much and he knows what he’s doing and nothing is going to happen to him. He asks Piper to tell him what is wrong. Piper says it’s a silly and he says if something is bothering her it’s not silly. Piper gives him a kiss, tells him that she loves him. Leo shakes his head and goes back to working on his truck.


Piper goes into the room, telling it if you want something you better tell her. Death appears behind Piper and tells her there is no need to be rude. Piper turns to see him and Death tells her that he was trying to do her a favor. Piper tells him that she doesn’t want any favors from him. Death tells her that she wants this favor and tells her that his job was easier before he met the girls. Piper lets him know he won’t take her and Death replies he’s not there for her, but for Leo. Piper is shocked. Death says he feels sorry for her, maybe because he knows her. Piper tells Death that he can’t have Leo. Death says she doesn’t have a choice and he came by to tell her to prepare for it and start saying her goodbyes. He tells her that she does not have much time. Piper asks him why and he tells her that it is his job to know when not why. Piper refuses to accept it and tells him that it is not fair. Piper tells him that they were promised and Death tells her that there is a reason for everything and then apologizes. Death vanishes leaving Piper an emotional wreck. Piper goes over to a table and starts to write a spell, determined not to lose Leo. Piper chants the spell "Hide him from sight, So I might fight. Ignore which leaves bereft, My husband from the Angel of Death." Piper open her eyes and wonders if it worked as she goes to the garage.


Piper calls for Leo. She goes to where he was before, but he is not there. Piper calls for him again. Leo asks her what is wrong as he comes into the garage. The phone rings before Piper can answer him. Leo answers it and senses panic in Paige's voice as he tells her that Piper is right there. He hands the phone to Piper telling her that it is Paige. Piper grabs the phone.


Paige is freaked out about something she sees. Paige asks Piper if she has any idea what is going on. Piper asks what happened. Paige looks out at the street again and every male on the street has Leo's face.


Paige and Phoebe are comforting Piper, who is upset about her mistake. She says it was a beginner’s mistake and what happened wasn’t what she planned to happen. Paige insists that they have deal with the real problem. Phoebe tells Piper that even though the spell did not go as planned, it still bought them time. Piper does not know how because Death is still after Leo and it is only a matter of time before he gets him. Phoebe agrees, but she reminds Piper that time is on their side now because every male looks like Leo, which should confuse Death. Paige agrees with Phoebe and feels that they can use that confusion to their advantage in order to find out how to save Leo. Piper asks what should they do and Paige says that they have to create as much confusion as possible, then asks Phoebe where Billie is. Billie is upstairs looking for the demon that stole her demon. Paige thinks that they will need her help. Piper does not want to ask Billie to drop her search for her sister because finding her is as important as saving Leo. Piper tells Phoebe that she needs to continue helping her. Phoebe is torn but then agrees to help Billie. Piper asks Paige what her plan is and Paige thinks they should get as many "Leos" there as possible. Leo walks in and asks who they are saving. Looking at Piper and Paige he knows that something is going on. Piper looks to her sisters for support for what she is about to tell Leo.

Burke's Lair

Reinhardt wakes up. Reinhardt stands and Burke places a crystal rod into a slot and a bright light surrounds Reinhardt. Reinhardt tries to move but he is thrown back in pain. Burke tells him that she was tricking Reinhardt into talking. Reinhardt tells Burke that he did not say anything and Burke says that is because he stopped Reinhardt first, because that is what Burke was hired to do. Behind Burke are frosted cryogenic tubes, lined like trophies, with frozen figures in each one. Reinhardt asks what they are and Burke tells him that they are living trophies of others who did not do as they were told. Burke places the final crystal into place and lights glow around Reinhardt until he is in a frosted crystal tube as well.


A picture of Burke in the BOS is what Billie is staring at. Phoebe enters the attic and Billie tells her that she found Burke. She says that he is a bounty hunter that keeps his prey. She notices that Phoebe is not paying attention to her and Billie calls out to Phoebe. Phoebe tells her that Leo is in trouble. Billie asks how and Phoebe tells her that the Angel of Death is after him. Phoebe tells her that Paige and Piper are trying to find a way to keep him from getting Leo. Billie says that hopefully they find Burke quickly but Phoebe does not think that she can help her. Billie tells her she cares about Leo too as he is practically family to her. Phoebe tells her that he is part of Phoebe's family and Billie adds just like her sister is to her. Phoebe tells Billie that they do not even know if her sister is alive then apologizes for saying that. Billie tells her that she understands but that she has to find her sister. Phoebe calls out after Billie. Phoebe is torn over what to do.

Piper's Bedroom

Leo snaps at Piper asking her why she did not tell him sooner because he has a right to know. Piper says she did not know how to tell him. Leo cannot believe that he is going to die. Piper tells him that she will not let that happen and Leo asks her if she thinks that putting a spell on every male will stop Death. Leo asks her what he should tell the boys and wants to see them. Piper tells him that he cannot leave because it is not safe for him. Piper wants him to stay at the Manor.

Main Hall/Stairs

Death is there waiting for her. He asks if she has said her goodbyes and she tells him that she will not let him take Leo. Death tells her that they have been trough this already and asks where Leo is. The doorbell rings and Paige answers it. Paige says hello to Death. She is followed by an electrician who looks like Leo. A pizza guy is at the door and he too looks like Leo. Paige tells him to put the pizza on the table. As he leaves, another Leo is bringing in laundry. Paige looks at Death who is asking what is going on. Piper tells him that she runs a busy household and the bell rings again. It is a window washer with Leo's face as well. Paige tells him to start in the sitting room. As Paige tries to close the door again, there is another Leo standing there. She does not recognize him and asks who he is. It is Henry, looking like Leo, who is hurt that Paige does no remember him. He asks if they can talk about lunch and Paige realizes that it is Henry. Paige goes outside to talk to him and Piper tells Death that she told him he would not take her husband. Death tells her that she does not know who she is dealing with as the real Leo comes down the stairs. He takes the role of a cable guy and tells Piper that she has a faulty receiver. He tells her that he needs to go to the base to get a new one and he will return/ Piper tells him to hurry. Leo walks by Death as if he did not see him and off to the kitchen. Death tells Piper that magic will not help her for long, then he vanishes. Piper knows that they temporarily cheated Death.

Front Porch

Henry Leo is trying to talk to Paige, but she cannot look at him. Henry Leo calls her on it and asks what is going on. He tells her that he just wants to know what happened at lunch and Paige tells him that she can see that he is not himself and asks if the can talk about this later. Henry Leo tells her that she knows where to find him and leaves.


The real Leo is sitting in a cab trying to decide if he should go into Wyatt's preschool. Leo gives the cabdriver a fifty and tells him to take a break, the cabbie pockets the money and tells Leo that it is fine. The cabbie leaves and Death materializes next to the real Leo. Leo asks him who he is and Death tells him that if he can see him, then he is the real Leo. Leo starts to beg him but Death tells him that he has heard it all before. Leo asks him wants to know why. And tells him how his earlier life ends his quickly when he was young, than he gave up being a whitelight and an elder so he could live and love again. Death tells him that every life ends sooner or later. Leo tears up as he asks if he can at least see his son first. He opens the door to get out, he looks over his shoulder to see a tow truck as it comes speeding around the corner out of control. It slams into Leo's side of the cab.

Lobby/Waiting Room

Piper bursts through the doors with Paige right behind her trying to reassure her that it might not be as bad as she thinks it is because everyone is back to normal. Piper goes to the Nurse's station asking them where her husband is. Paige tries to calm Piper down as Doctor Jessup comes over to them. He asks if her husband is Leo and Piper asks him if he has seen Leo. Dr. Jessup tells her that Leo is stable now. Piper asks him how bad Leo is really and Dr. Jessup tells her that it is life threatening. Piper yells No and then freezes the hospital. Paige asks her what she is doing and Piper tells Paige that she cannot handle all of this. Piper unfreezes the hospital as she prays that they can save Leo. Piper tells the doctor that she wants to see Leo.

Hospital Room

Leo is on a heart monitor, he is bruised and beaten, he is also hooked up to tubes and monitors. Piper goes to Leo's side and takes his hand. With her touch, Leo opens his eyes. Piper says hi to him and Leo asks her what happened and where he is. Piper tells him that he is in the hospital because he was in an accident. Piper tells him that he is going into surgery and that she will be waiting for him to come out. Leo tries to tell her what he wants to say to the boys. Piper tells him that he can tell the boys himself when this is all over. Dr. Jessup interrupts them saying that they are ready for surgery. Piper tells Leo not to give up and that she loves him.

Lobby/Waiting Room

Paige thinks that there is more to it, Paige tells Piper that since Death told Piper that Leo was supposed to die, that it was not random choice that he was hit by the truck. Piper tells her that she is grasping at straws. Paige says that if she is not, then it all begins with the truck driver. The cop that she was talking to has the driver in custody, so Paige thinks that the cops do not think it was an accident. Paige says that if magic is behind it, then maybe magic can fix it.

Burke's Lair

Billie she sees Burke's trophies and goes to get a closer look at them. She wipes away the frost to reveal Reinhardt inside the tube. Billie is startled and Burke tells her that he normally charges admission. Burke blurs over to Billie and sends her across the room with his backhand. Burke tells her that he has always wanted a witch for a trophy. He is frozen in his tracks. One of his own darts is protruding from his neck as he falls to the ground. Holding Burke's crossbow, is Phoebe. Billie thanks Phoebe and asks about Leo. Phoebe says that if Piper needs her, she will call. Billie tells her that someone hired him to get rid of Reinhardt.


Piper is challenging Death. Death tells her it was Leo's time and there is nothing he can do. Piper asks him what the reason is for Leo's death. Death tells her that there is a reason for everything that is called the Grand Design. She tells Death that she is not asking him to save Leo, but to tell her who can. She will pull every magical connection she has if he can lead her in the right direction. Death tells her that he can get into a lot of trouble for talking to her about the reason. She should talk to those who know more about the Grand Design than he does. Then he vanishes.

Henry's Office

There is a knock at his door. Paige apologizes for not being able to talk before. Paige tells him that she needs a favor. He tells her that she cannot storm out of lunch and then act like nothing is wrong. Henry wants to talk about lunch before hearing her favor. He asks why she was so upset and Paige tells him that she thinks a guy should pay for lunch if it is a date. Henry then asks her what her favor is. Paige tells him that she needs him to get her into jail to talk to someone, but he cannot ask why.


Piper is standing over the BOS, she closes it and waits. A male Elder orbs in, followed by an Avatar. The Elder is upset that he is in the presence of an Avatar and asks Piper what she is trying to do. Piper tells him that she is trying to save her husband's life any way she can.


An Elder and an Avatar are in the room. She tells them that all she cares about it Leo and that she knows that both of them can tell her why he is dying. The Elder tells her that he does not know what she is talking about as he looks to the Avatar. Piper calls his bluff and tells him that he does know. She tells them that she does not care how it happens or who does it, but one of them is going to save Leo because they owe it to him. The Elder tells her they can’t help her. Piper tells him that Leo once believed in both of their causes, he devoted his life to it even if it was at the expense of his family and now they will not help him. The Elder tells her that they do not have the authority to share that information. Piper says that if they don't, she wants to know who does. The Avatar warns her that she should think twice about going there and Piper asks where. The Elder tells her that she will need her sisters.

Interrogation Room at the Police Station

A guard opens the door and escorts Lenny into the room. Lenny asks what is going on and who Paige is. Henry tells the guard that he will take it from there. Henry tells Paige that there is no one on the other side and the cameras are turned off. Lenny tells Paige that he hopes she knows what she is doing. Paige tells him that she is a witch not a lawyer. Paige then grabs Lenny and orbs out just as he begins to scream.


Paige and Lenny orb in. Paige grabs a vial of potion and throws it at Lenny's feet. Paige tells him that it was truth potion. Paige tells him that he is going to tell her who is really behind the accident. Paige tells him to start talking and that she wants to know the truth. Lenny tells her that he does not have a license to drive a tow truck because he forged it. He tells her that he is not from Jersey, but from Kansas. Paige is now confused and Lenny continues that he needed the money to pay back a bookie. Paige stops him and tells him that she wants to know about the accident and what demon is behind it. Lenny repeats her and asks if she wants to talk demons. Lenny tells her that he stole from the church's collection basket and then gambled it away. Paige's interrogation is interrupted by Piper. Piper asks Paige what she is doing. Lenny continues to tell the truth and tells them that he rigged the game to make some money and then he lost it again at the track. Paige tells him to be quiet and Piper asks her who he is. Paige tells her that it is the driver of the tow truck and that she thinks it was an accident. Piper tells her to get rid of Lenny because it was not an accident and they are going to the top. Paige is confused by what Piper said.

Police Station Hallway

Henry is checking his watch and pacing outside of the interrogation room. The door open and Paige exits with Lenny. Henry asks what is going on and Paige tells him that she is done with him, but he should write down everything Lenny is saying before it wears off.

Burke's Lair

Billie and Phoebe are standing behind a control panel to Burke's device. Phoebe asks him what will happen if she puts it in. Burke is trapped in a beam of light, begging them not to tamper with the device. Phoebe threatens to lower the rod and Burke tells her that it will kill him. Billie tells him that he is lying and she demands that he tells her who hired him or she will kill him. Phoebe feels a magical pull and mutters "uh-oh". Billie asks her what and Phoebe tells her to keep at Burke and she will be right back. Phoebe orbs out, leaving Billie confused.


Phoebe orbs in to Piper and Paige behind the BOS with the spell to call a lost witch. Phoebe tells them that they could have called her and Paige tells her that they are running out of time. Piper adds that Leo is running out of time too.


The operating room doors open, and Leo is wheeled out on a gurney, surrounded by tubes and IVs, with his eyes closed. Dr. Jessup pulls down his mask and tell the nurse to call Piper before it is too late. The nurse moves quickly, understanding the urgency.


Piper, Phoebe and Paige are holding hands, forming a circle. Phoebe asks if they know what they are doing and Piper yells for her to focus. Paige says that they have already met the Angel of Destiny before. Piper starts the chants and the others follow, "Power of three we summon thee, and call to us the Angel of Destiny." In a moment, a golden orb forms within the girls circle. The sisters open their eyes and take in the beauty of the orb and then it explodes, showering the room with a bright golden light. A woman, the Angel of Death, appears and asks who summoned her. Paige tells her that she does not look like the last one. The Angel of Destiny says that there are many destinies and many angels. Piper asks her if she knows why they summoned her. The Angel of Destiny says yes but that there is nothing they can do about it, that this is Leo's destiny. Piper asks why and who said it is. The Angel of Destiny asks her who she does she think said it. Piper says that this was not a random accident and there is more to it and she wants to know what it is. The Angel of Destiny asks her who said that there is more to it. Piper says that it was the Angel of Death. Paige says that it was an Elder. Phoebe says that it was an Avatar. The Angel of Destiny says that she will have to talk to all of them. Destiny tells them there is one more battle for all of the sisters. And that they won’t see it coming...And one where they may not survive. Piper asks what that has to do with Leo. Destiny says The loss and the pain will motivate all of them to fight. Phoebe continues to tell her idea that if they could find a way to lose Leo without him dying, and still defeat the Big Bad, they could then have Leo back. Destiny considers her idea and then asks her what she has in mind.

Burke's Lair

Billie is putting a crystal in a slot, causing Burke to cry out in agony as he get shocked by the light. Billie pulls out the crystal and demands to know if her sister is alive or dead. Billie starts to ask a question and Phoebe yells to her to wait. Billie turns to see the sisters there with Destiny approaching her. Billie asks them what they are doing there and who is with them. Phoebe tells her that it is someone who can save Leo and Paige adds that they need Burke's help to do it. Piper says Leo is about to die and this is the only way that they can save him. Billie asks how and Phoebe tells her that they are going to do to Leo what Burke does to his trophies, freeze him. Burke says that it can only happen if he agrees to help. He wants them to leave him alone and he will not have to answer any questions. Billie finally agrees to save Leo. Piper asks Burke if it is a deal and Burke agrees as well. Piper tells Destiny to do it. Destiny closes her eyes and Leo, healed, appears where Burke was just standing and Burke is in front of the control panel. Leo asks them what is going on as Piper approaches him. She is holding back her tears as she tells him that he is going to be safe and that is all that matters. Leo is still confused and Piper tells him that he has to trust her because the only way that she can save him is to lose him. She tells him that it is their destiny. Leo trusts her and agrees to it. Leo tries to reassure her by saying that they have been through worse. Destiny tells them that it is time. Piper turns to Leo, wanting to say so much, but all she can get out is "I love you." Leo says "I love you, too..." Leo exchanges a tearful look with Phoebe Paige and Billie as Destiny turns to Burke, who is finding the proper crystal. He puts it in place and Leo becomes obliterated by a white light. As the light subsides, Leo is in the cryogenic tube, frozen. Piper reaches out to the tube and Destiny tells Billie that she will find her sister because it is her destiny. Billie is speechless and emotional. Destiny goes over to the tube and tells Piper that if they succeed, Leo will be returned. Destiny touches the tube and disappears into a golden orb with the frozen Leo, then vanishes. Phoebe tells her sisters that it is time to go home. Billie joins them as Paige orbs them all out of the lair, Billie exchanges a look with Burke, who smirks at her. He then senses a presence or force that scares him. Burke calls out for it to wait. And hadn’t he done everything they asked. A wind swirls around him and he is vanquished by the wind. The frozen Reinhardt explodes as well.


Phoebe is playing with Wyatt and Chris trying to keep them happy until they realize that their dad is not coming home. Watching the boys have fun, Phoebe smiles a bittersweet smile.

Henry's Office

Henry is at his desk finishing up some work. A knock at his door makes him get up and wonder who is there at this hour. He is surprised to see Paige there, holding back the tears. She doesn’t say anything as she falls into his arms, and Henry embraces her.


The tools are still sitting near the vintage truck, as Piper stands in the doorway looking at the truck. She turns off the light leaving the garage in darkness as she exits.

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