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Victor, Piper and Phoebe

"Still Charmed & Kicking" Episode: #8.1 - 25 September 2005

Summary by Emma

The show opens with a funeral wake for the girls, who “died”  in the season finale. Victor  is there as the host. A group of parents from the playgroup and their children and people who went and worked at P3 gather around a picture of Piper, and her urn. Around Phoebe's photo and her urn are a group of little people and her workers from Bay Mirror.  Around Paige’s urn and photo, a magical little person, a leprechaun, intermittently leaves some roses on the table. In walks a pretty brown-haired lady and tells Victor it’s a good turn out. He looks at her again and asks, "Phoebe?" She tells him that she's Piper.  She then points to another woman and tells him that’s Phoebe. In walks a female celebrity; she goes to Paige’s urn and expresses her loss of her dear friend Paige. The other two women grab her by the arm and take her into the kitchen. They all morph back into their original form: Piper, Paige and Phoebe. Paige tells them that somebody had to cry for her.   Piper tells her sister they all need to be low key, so she asks why she came as a celebrity.  Paige is more concerned with the lack of visitors and that nobody cared about her death.  Phoebe reassures Paige by pointing out all the Leprechauns that were there. Paige sniffs that she meant “real people”. In walks Leo disguised as a hunk; Piper than changes him to Leo.  The girls, it seems, are having an identity crisis. Paige starts hearing jingling. Piper tells her not to listen to it. Paige explains that’s easy for her to say as she’s not a white-lighter. Phoebe looks out the kitchen door and sees a guy she use to work with, who she thought never ever have looked at her.

Victor shakes hands with a dark man who asks how the girls got killed. The man gives Victor his card and says he would like to sell the house for Victor. Victor gives the card back to him and tells him to get out of his house. Outside, the man kills another real estate agent with an energy ball. In the underground cave, a number of demons are awaiting word from the dark man.  He is really Haas, a demon. He orbs in and tells them that they want the Charmed house because it is a house of power. He tells them all that he will kill Victor and get the house.

At the police station, Agent Murphy tells Agent Keyes that the case is not closed on the Charmed ones. Agent Keyes is leaving because he believes the case is closed. However, he tells Agent Murphy he does believe the girls are not dead but in hiding.  Keyes tells Murphy to keep low or the girls will never come out of hiding.

Back at the Manor, Victor is talking to Dex, the guy Phoebe was looking at earlier, who tells him how he knew Phoebe. He worked at the paper with Phoebe. The fake Phoebe talks to Dex and starts to flirt with him. She questions why he never asked Phoebe out, since he liked her. Piper rushes in and shows Dex to the door. Piper yells at Phoebe for picking up a guy at her own funeral.  In the living room, Wyatt starts to cry when Piper (who is still in disguise) approaches him. Leo picks up Wyatt and comforts him; the girls morph into their real selves. Victor tells the girls that Wyatt and Chris can’t tell it’s them and that why they are afraid of them. Phoebe has an idea to fix this. She casts a spell to end confusion for the family, due to their new identities. She tells her sisters to pick a look and stick with it, but Victor points out that’s not going to help the boys. Phoebe tells him the boys will see the real them, not their fake identities that the world will see. Phoebe and Piper decide to go shopping to test out their new identities.

At home, Paige talks to Grams, explaining that she wants a normal life outside of magic. Grams tells Paige to get out of the house and into the world to find out what she really wants. In a movie theater, people are watching a horror movie. A demon called Elkin appears and starts killing people, using their fear against them. Paige orbs in and confronts the demon.  He throws an energy ball at Paige, so she falls.  In walks a young woman, Billie, dressed in black leather. The demon throws a fireball at Billie, but she sidesteps it and the demon leaves. Paige, still on the floor, sees all this and wonders who the woman is.

Back at the Manor, the Elder named Jonah orbs in and talks to Victor. He tells Victor he sympathizes with him. He and the other elders think it would be better if the boys were raised by someone who knows about magic, rather than Victor. Victor declares that he's not taking the boys. Leo hears them talking, but he doesn’t go in the room because he doesn’t want the Elders to know he is alive, too. Jonah backs down from taking the boys.

Down at the underworld Cave, the demon Haas is making fun of the demon Elkin because he was beaten by one witch.  Elkin tells him that there was a white-lighter there, too. They plan on killing the Halliwell's father together. At the Manor, Paige is scrying; Piper and Phoebe enter and chide her for scrying because they're not suppose to be using magic. Paige tells them about the demon and the girl. Downstairs, the demon Haas and Elkin wait for Victor to come downstairs to kill him.

Paige is telling her sisters about the girl; they wonder if she was a bad witch. Paige doesn’t think so. She tells them she wasn’t trying to hurt her but was trying to kill the demon. Grams appears and tells them to leave Paige alone, but they tell her to butt out. She says that they gave up their legacy. As they argue, Paige hears another jingle. Victor goes downstairs and sees the demons.  Just as the demons are about to kill him, the front door is kicked in and in walks Billie. The demon Elkin demands to know who she is. Upstairs, the girls and Gram hear the explosion. They know that noise can’t be a good sign. They see Billie taking care of the demons. Phoebe wants to help Billie, but Piper says they can’t. Phoebe tells Paige that she thinks Billie is her next white-lighter charge. They also ponder what the demon is really after. They are worried they were exposed, but they know they can’t vanquish the demon or it will make a statement to the other demons, who will go after their dad again.

Later, Victor walks in at the front door of his condo,  but the demon Haas and twp other demons are already there. Haas asks about the women at the Manor; Victor replies that three of them are cousins and that he doesn’t know who the other woman was. He says the cousins live at the manor now, but Haas counters that they aren’t because he’s going to move in. Wyatt walks in and stands in front of Victor, so Haas laughs at Wyatt protecting Victor.  Wyatt raises his hand and hits Haas with a bolt, and he kills the other demon with the demon’s own energy ball. He swiftly kills the other demon, so Haas decides to shimmer out. At the underground cave, Haas tells the other demons it was a set-up and believes somebody other than Wyatt did it all. He tells them that he believes the Charmed Ones are still alive. Back at the condo, Victor morphs into Phoebe, Wyatt morphs back into Piper, and later Paige enters  the room thru the front door. At Billie’s room, she is getting ready to go to class.

Picture from http://www.heavenly-charmed.com

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