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1.9 "The Witch is Back"

Summary by Ruby

This episode opens in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692. We see a door opening and two buckled shoe wearers walk inside the room – one unlocks a door but we still don’t see their faces. Once the door is opened, we see that inside is a young woman who turns to face the person that has come to visit. It is a young man whom the woman greets as Matthew and in turn, we learn that her name is Melinda. We also learn that he has betrayed her by seducing her to gain her trust and thus share her powers with him – she is a witch and it seems that he has betrayed her to the authorities who will surely burn her at the stake.

She throws back a locket he has given to him and as he opens it he finds a rose petal which ignites. He throws it away, knowing immediately that she is casting a spell and sure enough, she begins to recite one which will take away his powers:

Outside of time, outside of gain
Know only sorrow, know only pain.

He cries out “No!” as he disappears in a whirlwind, Melinda has banished him into the locket.

Back in the present day, we see Melinda’s locket as it is placed on Prue’s desk by Rex (who in her absence, tries to pry it open). When she returns, he tells her that the shipment the locket arrived in came from “an estate back east”. When he leaves, her eyes so straight to the locket and she opens it, releasing Matthew into present day San Francisco! Prue is understandably confused when the stranger in her office asks her “”what time is this” and she asks who he is; to which he replies “Matthew Tate” and he goes on to tell her that if she opened the locket and freed him from it, she is a descendant of Melinda Warren! As he draws nearer to Prue, she uses her powers to throw him against the door where he crumples in a heap. He thanks Prue and she asks “for what?” he tells her he tricked her into using her power on him and now he has it! He uses Prue’s power to force a chair into her, blocking her escape and magically disappears then reappears behind her. Asking what he wants, Matthew tells Prue that he wants all three powers back and when he asks her to defend herself by stopping time (Piper’s power) she tells him she can’t and he correctly deduces that she isn’t the powers were divided between other witches. At that moment, Rex asks Prue from outside if she is okay and Matthew uses her power to break the window and jumps out, landing safely in front of several confused customers at a café.

That same day, outside Bucklands, the police – including Andy and Morris, are interviewing witnesses to the man who fell from the window. Andy says he doesn’t know what’s going on but it started in the office of the broken window and when Morris says to Andy, Let’s go and find out whose office it is, Andy stops him, telling him he already knows – it’s Prue’s.

At the manor, Piper is in the kitchen with Leo whilst he is fixing the sink. Phoebe comes in and nudges Piper – which means she is telling her to say something to Leo about her feelings but Piper hustles her out of the kitchen and tells her to stop. Phoebe tells Piper outright to stop being so shy, but Piper is scared of rejection and tells Phoebe that she’s never asked a guy out before, but Phoebe tells her to go and pushes her towards the kitchen but she wimps out of asking him. Prue walks in and almost reveals their secret but Phoebe and Piper point out Leo underneath the sink and she tells them they need to go upstairs (attic) immediately.

At Bucklands, Rex and Hannah are telling Andy and Morris what they heard in the struggle before Matthew jumped. They tell the inspectors that she seemed agitated and ran out when they entered her office. When they are back in Rex’ office, Rex and Hannah make it obvious that they knew the legend of the locket and that Matthew has been freed from it. Hannah is concerned that he will stick out given his year of origin but Rex reassures her, telling her to stop worrying because if he remembers the legend correctly, Matthew will only have one thing in mind like them.

Back at the manor, Prue is telling Piper and Phoebe what happened at her office. When Phoebe opens the locket she gets a vision of Melinda (in 1692) banishing Matthew into the locket which means that Phoebe’s powers have grown because up until now – she only had premonitions.

Matthew finds the office of Halliwell Rossen & Haas attorneys and enters Arnold Halliwell’s office in particular. Confirm that he is Arnold Halliwell causes Matthew to ask where his sisters are however, Arnold tells him he is an only child and Matthew promptly strangles him using Prue’s power.

At the manor, the sisters are reading about the story of Matthew and Melinda in the Book Of Shadows, they learn that a witch betrayed by her lover banished him into the locket and if he was ever freed, he would attempt to destroy the Warren line – which means they are the only target he is after. Andy turns up at the house and Phoebe tries to lie to him about Prue’s whereabouts but Andy gives Phoebe the facts; a man fell out of her window and walked away unharmed then a man matching the description killed a lawyer with the last name of Halliwell. He asks Phoebe again where Prue is and she asks Andy where his warrant is. Inside, Phoebe suggests they conjure Melinda Warren to help them banish Matthew and up in the attic she tells them they each need to shed a drop into the locket for the spell to work. Sure enough it does work and Melinda appears to them – in the flesh.

Phoebe gives Melinda a dress to wear since 17th Century fashion wouldn’t fit into 20th Century San Francisco and Leo appears at the bedroom door. He apologises for letting himself in not knowing they had company and is introduced to Melinda who completes a sentence he begins and they learn that they both have a similar interest – Shakespeare.

At a hardware store, a man appears to have been murdered and is now literally affixed to the wall of the store, immediately we see that it is Matthew’s handiwork (so to speak). Rex and Hannah walk into the store and introduce themselves to Matthew as the ones who gave the locket to the witch that freed him. They convince him that they can help him in his search for Melinda Warren’s children.

At the manor, the girls ask why Melinda didn’t use her powers to save herself from being burned at the stake and she tells them that she had a daughter and if Matthew’s charge of her being a witch was proven, her daughter – Prudence, would also have burned. She goes on to explain that Matthew’s power is to copy that of a good witch and his ability to disappear and reappear so quickly is called blinking. She tells them that they must curse Matthew again and they go upstairs to the Book Of Shadows. Melinda tells them that the book has gotten thick since her time and various Warren witches must have added to it. When she asks them if they have added to it, Phoebe says that they’ve only just begun their Charmed vocation but asks if they can create their own spells to which Melinda responds; “the book will grow as you grow”. They find the curse and leave to prepare.

At Bucklands, Matthew is dressed in modern-day clothes and Hannah and Rex are giving him all the information he needs about the sisters such as what they look like, what their powers are and where they work. They suggest he go to Quake first and take Piper’s power.

At the manor, in the kitchen the girls are preparing the ingredients for the curse and Piper tells them that they still need spices which she can get at the restaurant as well as a feather from a spotted owl which they explain to Melinda is now an endangered species for several reasons. Prue tells them she will handle the feather and Piper should get the herbs.

Piper (and Phoebe!) enters Quake and whilst Phoebe goes to the kitchen, Piper is told by a waitress that an English man called the restaurant and asked if she would be working that day. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Phoebe has been cornered by Matthew and when he grabs her (taking her power) she gets a vision (which he also sees) of him killing Melinda.

At the manor, Prue tells Melinda she has found a feather and when she leaves, Andy follows her.

Inside the house, Melinda is exploring the kitchen and becomes confused by the noise of the phone. The answering machine picks up and Melinda tries to call to Phoebe as she is leaving a message but cannot get through because she doesn’t know that she must pick the handset up.

At that moment, Matthew enters the manor and tells Melinda he will destroy her line and only needs one more power to do so. When he grabs Melinda he realises why she was brought back as he has seen the girls cursing him again. He asks her forcefully where Prue is and she lies, telling him she’s at the zoo (remembering previously that the girls thought they may be able to get a feather there instead of the museum where Prue really is), then he leaves Melinda crying.

At Bucklands, Rex questions Hannah about Matthew’s disappearance. It seems she was following him and we also learn that Rex has the ability to read minds and that they are both in the sisters’ lives because they want their powers too.

Phoebe and Piper reach the manor and Melinda explains the situation.

At the museum, Prue has gotten the feather but as she leaves, Andy takes her with him!

At Bucklands, Hannah has found Matthew who asks for their help in finding Prue. Rex tells him that he needs to stick to the plan and gain the last power but also concedes that they will need to cast the spell at home, where Prue will need to return to do so, before he leaves Rex gives Matthew a gun to assist in their plan.

Outside the museum in Andy’s car, Andy is telling Prue that she has obstructed justice and that the situation is very serious. She tells him that he must let her go as the situation involved Phoebe and Piper also but he tells her to explain it to him and to trust him. Remembering his reaction when she did tell him her secret, Prue refuses to tell him this time and uses her power to blow up the airbag which stops Andy from holding her, allowing her to escape.

At the manor, the curse is ready except for the feather, but Matthew appears before Prue and threatens to shoot Phoebe. Prue then arrives and uses her power on the gun to take it from Matthew’s hands then throw a chair at him to give them enough time to add the feather to the ingredients. Piper then freezes Matthew (who freezes only because he hasn’t been able to copy her power) and Melinda begins the curse. Matthew is again cursed into the locket.

At Bucklands, Rex and Hannah are worried that someone who it seems they are working for will be angry that they haven’t managed to remove the Charmed ones.

At the police station, Andy is telling Morris that he wants to get a warrant for Prue’s arrest but Morris explains that there is no proper evidence that Prue is involved in anything suspicious.

At the manor, Piper finally manages to ask Leo out and he agrees! Then he leaves, allowing the girls to send Melinda back to her time. The girls find it hard to let Melinda go but she explains that this is their time. The girls cast the spell to send her back and as she leaves, Phoebe tells them that she’ll miss her but Prue says “We can always bring her back”.

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