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Charmed Episode Guide

Prue and Piper in "The Truth Is Out There"

1.8 "The Truth is Out there...And it Hurts"

Summary by Ruby

It is night and a man walks to his car in an underground car park. He is stopped by a suited man who asks if he is Oliver Mitchell, the man says yes and the suited man tells him it is a pleasure to meet him. Oliver asks if he’s met this man, but the suited stranger tells him only in print as he’s read his work. The suited stranger goes on to say he particularly admires Mr Mitchell’s work on the mutant retina gene but Oliver hasn’t even published it yet! The stranger reassures him that he will and will also find a vaccine. Mr Mitchell asks “against what?” and the stranger appears to shoot a beam of blue light into Mr Mitchell’s forehead; causing his eyes to whiten and a hole to appear – then he dies.

At the cinema, Phoebe has a magic 8 ball whilst the girls are waiting in line to see a film. Piper’s manager pages her and tells her that he needs her back at the restaurant. Before she leaves the girls tell her that she needs to tell him where to go because she’s been working double shifts for quite some time now, then she leaves. Phoebe tells Piper she’ll walk her to the car as it’s safer and whilst they are on their way, Phoebe bumps into the suited stranger and gets a premonition of a young woman being killed in exactly the same way as Oliver Mitchell! She tries to tell Piper about it and they see a police car, Prue joins them and runs after it. They reach the car park and see Oliver Mitchell at which point Phoebe tells them she believes that she saw the next murder.

In the morning at the manor, Phoebe and Piper agree to call a truce over Leo and when Piper leaves Prue tells her that she only likes Leo because Piper does. Phoebe tells Prue that she must speak to Andy as he may already have a lead but Prue says she can’t. Phoebe resolves to talk to Andy herself and tells Prue to look in the Book Of Shadows for the demon. Whilst looking Prue realises she doesn’t know where to begin and closes the book. When she is leaving, the book opens on its own to a truth spell. She turns the page back to where it was but yet again the pages turn back to the truth spell. She leaves the book closed and walks away but yet again the book opens to the truth spell.

At Quake, Piper’s manager gives her several tasks which he can’t possibly handle on her own but just as it seems she has the courage to stand up to him, she wimps out.

At Bucklands, Phoebe visits Prue and tells her that most of the police station was discussing the case of Oliver Mitchell but were stumped. She says she saw Andy but didn’t speak to him and tells Prue that he had the same look on his face that Prue has had recently. Phoebe tells Prue that she should find a way to tell Andy her secret. When Phoebe leaves, the woman from her premonition enters Prue’s office! We learn that her name is Tanya and that she brings round the sandwiches for everyone’s lunch.

At the Manor that evening, Prue finds herself at the Book Of Shadows and begins to say the truth spell just as Piper and Phoebe enter the house!! Downstairs, Piper asks Phoebe if she can see a spot on her chin and Phoebe says yes it seems it has a life of its own. Brushing it off, Phoebe asks Piper if she told off her boss and Piper admits that she lied and chickened out!

At a laboratory, the suited stranger visits a lab technician – Alex Pearson. He is working on soil samples from Zimbabwe where the crops have been overrun by disease. The suited stranger tells him prophetically as with Mr Mitchell that he will find a cure. Alex confused by this since he is currently only a technician asks the stranger what he wants and he says “your future”. The stranger grabs Alex and a button falls from his coat in the struggle. A third eye appears in the middle of the suited stranger’s forehead and Alex is killed in the same way as Oliver.

The next morning, Piper is pouring coffee and Prue takes a mug asking if it is leaded but Piper tells her it never has been she just tells her it is because it seems ridiculous to make two pots of coffee! Phoebe walks in and apologises to Piper about what she said about Piper’s spot and Piper forgives her asking for reassurance that she can’t see it but Phoebe says “like I said, it’s huge”. Both confused, Piper says “something weird is going on”. Leo walks in and out of the kitchen and Piper says she’ll get him some coffee. Phoebe says she’ll bring it to him and Piper says “here we go again”. Phoebe tells her that they both know she only likes Leo because Piper does! Prue tries to leave and they question her, she blurts out that she cast a truth spell! Phoebe is excited that Prue took her advice to ask Andy. They tell her that they need to reverse it but Prue tells them that the spell will end itself at 8pm that evening.

Phoebe visits Andy at the police station and asks Andy about Oliver Mitchell. Andy tells her what he knows and then stops confused because the information is supposed to be highly confidential! He tries to ask her what’s going on but she stops him and says that he has to speak to Prue as soon as possible. True to his word, he calls and tells Prue he should be able to visit her later as he is interviewing someone in her area at around 5pm.

When Prue hangs up, Tanya enters her office with the sandwiches and Hannah, Rex’ assistant follows shortly after picking up Prue’s favourite sandwich – Turkey no mayo. Prue asks Hannah “don’t you hate turkey?” and as a result of the spell, Hannah answers “I just don’t want you to have it”. Prue then asks why Hannah is a bitch to her and she answers with “because it’s my mission in life to destroy you”. Rex happens to be passing at this point and quickly asks Hannah to step inside his office to question her. He admonishes her for saying those things because she could have outed them but then forgives her just the same.

At the Manor, Leo asks if he can borrow their washer because he has spilt coffee on his t-shirt. Piper stops him on his way and asks if he ever thinks of her to which he replies “you have beautiful eyes”. She then asks how he feels about women who make the first move and he tells her “I don’ know I’m still waiting for it to happen”, then she kisses him!!! When they pull apart he asks how she feels about guys who make the second move and she says “love ‘em” and he kisses her back.

At Bucklands, Rex sees Prue and asks how she is. She begins to tell him I am a nervous wreck because I am about to tell my boyfriend that I am a wi..” but Phoebe is right behind her and finishes her sentence with wi-nner! She pulls Prue away and tells her what Andy let slip and at that moment Tanya passes them. Phoebe tells Prue that Tanya is the one from her premonition but they are too late to stop the elevator that Tanya has just walked into! When the doors close, we see that the suited stranger is in the lift with her!

Phoebe runs outside just in time to see Tanya being grabbed by the suited stranger and picks up two glass bottles which she throws at the demon to stop him and give them enough time to get into Tanya’s car and speed away. They go to the Manor and Phoebe tries to explain the situation to Tanya who obviously is confused! Phoebe tells her that it was no coincidence that she found her because she must save her.

At Quake, Piper tells Martin that she has a family situation but he tells her she can’t leave. She asks Martin how he expects her to do all of the tasks he asks her to and he tells her it’s cheaper than hiring more employees! Needless to say, she promptly leaves.

At Bucklands, Prue is on her way to her office and as she reaches her door she sees it is ajar, behind her we see the suited stranger following her! But Andy saves the day because he is waiting for her meaning that she is not so easy a target anymore. They both agree that they’re nervous and Prue uses her power to move a paperweight across the table. Andy jumps from his seat and Prue explains that she is a witch, she only found out about her powers recently and that she didn’t ask for them. Andy is quiet and she asks if he is okay to which he replies that he doesn’t know. He asks her if she can change or get rid of them and Prue says she can’t. She asks if he can accept her and he says he doesn’t know.

At the Manor, Phoebe and Piper wonder why there is a link between three men of science and a sandwich girl. Phoebe touches Tanya to comfort her and has a premonition of her with a child. Taking Piper into the kitchen she tells her what she saw. Phoebe figures out that the demon may want Tanya’s baby. Trying to figure out why, she thinks that the man may know the future or be from it since the button that was found at the scene of Alex Pearson’s murder was made from a kind of metal that the police hadn’t seen before.
They figure out that the demon may be after Prue as he saw Phoebe with her at Bucklands! At the auction house, Hannah tries to apologise to Prue and when she leaves, the suited stranger appears and walks towards Prue’s office! He appears at her door and asks her name, telling her that she may be able to help him find someone. He goes on to describe Phoebe and Prue asks what he wants from her. He explains that she is protecting someone he was sent back to kill (lending truth to Phoebe’s “from the future” story). Prue asks “why kill Tanya” and he says he wants what’s inside her. Prue then asks “and the others…” and the demon says that they were all pieces of the puzzle, pieces of the vaccine. He lunges for her and she manages to escape him and flees.

She reaches one of the storage units at the Auction House and hides. The demon finds her and says he has a long while to find Tanya whilst Prue’s time has run out. Meanwhile Piper reaches Prue’s office and seeing the destruction that’s been caused, runs out to try and find her. Down in the storage unit, Prue calls out a question about the nature of the vaccine to the demon and he tells her that it is to protect against him and all other demons like him. He finds Prue and begins to strangle her but Piper reaches her, freezes the demon and uses a crowbar to pry her from the demon’s grip. They begin to argue over who will “whack him” and the demon unfreezes, whilst both holding the crowbar they hit the demon in his third eye and he falls to the floor whereupon a blue swirling hurricane appears and takes him away.

That evening, Prue is waiting at Andy’s apartment. She asks what he thinks of her now that she has revealed her secret. Whilst outside his apartment, she asks if he can accept her being a witch and tells her that if he has to answer at that point, he says no because it’s not a future he can envision. Just then the clock chimes eight and he asks what they were talking about. Prue tells him she has to leave and walks away – in tears.

At Quake, Phoebe and Piper are approached by Martin who appears to have forgotten Piper standing up to him and promptly tells her to get into the kitchen. Confused at why they are the only ones that remember what happened, Phoebe explains that because Prue cast a spell for personal gain they must deal with the consequences. Piper tells Phoebe she needs to remind Martin of something! She bounds into the kitchen telling him she needs help or she’ll quit. He tells her that that’s fine all she had to do was ask! As she leaves the kitchen, she shoves the door and hits Leo in the face! He tells her he feels that he did something he should apologise for and she tells him he didn’t.

Prue finds Phoebe and tells her what happened with Andy, understandably upset because although she got an answer, it wasn’t the one she wanted.

Picture from screencap-paradise.com

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Updated 5/29/07  


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