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The Fourth Sister pic of Phoebe and Piper

1.7 "The Fourth Sister"

Summary by Ruby

A young girl holds an animal skull up to her forehead and places it on a small square, black mat surrounded by candles. She then begins to chant:

Come to me Kali, I conjure thee, Kali
Come to me Kali, I conjure thee, Kali

In the mirror, a blonde woman appears and calls the girls’ name – Aviva, letting her know she is there. It seems they have met before as Aviva tells Kali that it is been over a week since they last spoke and we learn that Kali has asked Aviva to follow the Halliwell sisters closely. Kali does not reveal why she asked Aviva to do this and goes on to ask Aviva if she ready to receive her power which is sacred and to be used only as Kali says. Once she has received her power which isn’t revealed, Kali tells Aviva to go to the sisters. When Aviva has left, Kali’s image in the mirror changes immediately and her eyes glow red!

At the manor, Piper is watching the handyman Leo as he is looking for their cat – Phoebe interrupts with admiration of her own for Leo. They both watch him leave to go and put posters up to help in the search for Kit and Piper tells Phoebe that she saw him first! Whilst Leo is outside, he is spotted in the wing mirror of a car; we see that the driver is Aviva who sets the poster alight just by looking at it!

In the Manor’s kitchen, Piper is preparing a meal with a rather large glass of milk for….Leo! As he drinks his milk, he leaves a milk moustache which Phoebe seductively leans over to wipe it off, Prue promptly realises that Piper likes Leo and whisks Phoebe to the kitchen to tell he to stand back. As Phoebe protests her innocence of the accusation of boyfriend stealer, Prue reminds them that they are to leave her the house that evening and leaves them to fight over Leo.

At Aviva’s Aunt Jackie’s house where she is staying whilst her mother is in a rehabilitation clinic, Aviva argues with her Aunt Jackie asking her why she hasn’t called her sister.

Prue and Andy are choosing a video to rent at a store in town and Andy points out that it doesn’t matter what they rent as they never watch it anyway. Prue immediately assumes that he is implying that they’ll be making out but he quickly turns it around and tells her he meant that something always seems to come up. Prue starts to disagree and they begin to kiss but are interrupted by the store clerk who says he has the perfect video for them – Body Heat!

Meanwhile, Aviva is speaking to Kali again who is advising her to get the Halliwell sisters to trust her. Kali tells Aviva that she is ready and the wardrobe miraculously opens and out comes Kit who Aviva is to use as leverage for the girls’ trust.

At the Manor, Piper is lurking near Leo as he finishes his handiwork and asks if he’d like to go to the cinema with her but he tells her that he can’t do it which at first throws her but she soon realises he is talking about the woodwork of the Manor – he can’t paint over it because it’s all original so he thinks it should be sanded down and restained. Conveniently he has some stain samples at his house and offers to show it to the girls the next day but Piper quickly tells him that Prue is busy and Phoebe doesn’t care so he should bring it by the restaurant to which he replies: “so what time’s that movie?”

They are interrupted by the doorbell – it’s Aviva with Kit! Piper and Phoebe are excited to have her back but curious as to why Kit let Aviva hold her and didn’t scratch her. Piper’s excitement at going on a date with Leo is short-lived when he asks about the movie in front of Phoebe who manages to invite herself much to Piper’s dismay. At that moment, Prue walks in! She is confused as to why the house isn’t empty since the girls promised to vacate it for her and Andy’s romantic night in and they point out that their cat has been found. Aviva pipes up, telling Prue her name and telling the girls they need to talk about Wicca in front of Leo and Andy!

Prue introduces Andy to Leo and tells them they should talk and the girls quickly try to get Aviva to leave but she refuses and uses her power to cause Andy’s microwave popcorn to start cooking. Piper immediately freezes the guys but Aviva doesn’t freeze telling Piper her power is cool. She begins to insist again that she is “one of them” but Prue forcefully tells her to leave as they can’t be sure who she really is. She gets angry and causes the video in Prue’s hand to heat up then leaves, after which the guys unfreeze and the popcorn explodes!

Back at her Aunt’s house, Aviva is talking to Kali, asking her why the girls didn’t accept her since she did what Kali suggested to earn their trust – return Kit. Kali asks if it was Prue who sent her away and that if this was the case, that Aviva needs to work on them separately since Prue is the strongest. She tells Aviva that Phoebe should be her target because she will be able to relate to Aviva the most. A little doubtful of the new plan, Aviva asks what Kali wants to which she replies – “The Halliwell Power”.

At the police station, Andy is speaking to Prue who is explaining that she is unpredictable and that “sister stuff” was the reason that she had to postpone their date. They agree to try again that evening. Piper and Phoebe wonder what the deal with Aviva is. Prue is a little wearier of her whilst Phoebe says Aviva’s power is cooler than her own. Piper steps in and points out how nice it would be to know another good witch if that is what she is. Prue points out that if she hadn’t have thrown her out, Aviva would have exposed them but Phoebe counters with “she’s just a kid” and that she more than likely feels as alone as they are. Prue tells them that they should keep clear of her until they know for certain who she really is. At that moment, the phone rings - it is Aviva who asks Phoebe to meet her.

At the high school, Aviva appears and proceeds to crawl through the fence and initially Phoebe is weary of what she’s about to do, but staying true to Kali’s plan, Aviva points out that she’s sure Phoebe did it a thousand times.

Leo meets Piper at Quake and asks if she owns it. She tells him she used to be the chef and now runs it. He brings out the stain samples and Piper asks if he’d like something to eat – which is on the house of course! He asks if Phoebe works there and Piper, laughing at the suggestion of Phoebe working, tells him she’s probably at her Gay and Lesbian group!

Phoebe is showing Aviva round and points out Leo’s mess to which Aviva responds with a question as to whether Phoebe likes him. She tells Phoebe that she should cast a spell on him if she has powers. Phoebe asks what made her assume she has powers and Aviva just tells her that she’s a witch. Phoebe asks how Aviva came to know about her and her sisters and Aviva tells her she has a teacher who told her Phoebe would be the one she’d like best. Phoebe tells her that she’d like to meet this teacher and Aviva asks to be taken to her room to show her something.

Upstairs, Aviva tells Phoebe that she likes mirrors because they never lie. Aviva asks if Phoebe would like to try something. Meanwhile Prue arrives home! Sitting opposite Phoebe, Aviva brings Kali to the mirror and tells Phoebe that she is receiving the power. Aviva tells Phoebe to touch a plant and she does so, making it bloom!

Prue enters Phoebe’s room and asks what she’s doing. Aviva immediately tells Prue to get out and that this is Phoebe’s room. Before Phoebe has a chance to say anything, the doorbell rings and Prue goes to answer it. It’s Andy who seeing Phoebe trying to explain, realises that Prue is postponing yet again and leaves once Prue pleads with him to meet her at Quake the next day at 1pm. Phoebe tries to apologise to Prue and explain the situation with Aviva but Aviva tells Prue that the house is Phoebe’s too and she is free to do as she pleases, then leaves.

Later at her Aunt’s house, Aviva tells Kali that she hates Prue and wishes she were dead! At that moment, Aviva’s aunt enters her room and demands to know why she skipped school. Aviva tells her to leave or else at which point Kali points at Aviva, causing Aviva to set her aunt alight and cause her to fall down the stairs. Once the ambulance has arrived, Kali asks Aviva what her explanation was and Aviva says that she told them that the candle set her Aunt’s dress alight and then she fell down the stairs – but she didn’t mean to hurt her! Kali tells her that her powers are growing and that she must go back to the Halliwells and take Prue’s place in the Power of Three.

At the manor, the girls rally round Aviva. Piper says her story about her Aunt checks out because she called the hospital. Prue is still weary of her but lets her stay the night. Whilst Phoebe is asleep, Kali appears to Aviva in her mirror telling her the time is right for her to finish what she started. Just as she is about to enter Prue’s room, Piper interrupts her and asks what she’s doing and Aviva quickly says she’s looking for the bathroom. Unsure of whether to believe her, Piper tells her it’s down the hall and when she leaves, checks in on Prue just in case.

The next day, Prue tells Phoebe that she’s going to the hospital to see Aviva’s aunt and Aviva asks that Prue tell her that she loves her. At the hospital, Prue explains that they know Aviva because she found their cat. Her aunt says “oh that’s what she was hiding…in the wardrobe, she wouldn’t let me go near it…you’re lucky she didn’t sacrifice the poor thing”. Prue is understandably confused at this and Jackie tells her that Aviva is strange, into black magic and doesn’t have any friends. She tells Prue that every time she walks past Aviva’s room is seems that someone else is in there and she hears her chanting. Prue asks if it would be okay for her to go to the house and pick up some of Aviva’s things – meaning she’s going to miss her “explanation date” with Andy at Quake!

At Jackie’s house, Prue looks around Aviva’s room and opens the wardrobe in which she sees candles. In the mirror behind her Kali’s image flashes but disappears as soon as Prue turns around. She notices Aviva’s diary underneath the bed and picks it up, reading:

“Kali says we’re close to taking over the Halliwell coven. I hate lying to them”.

She immediately calls Phoebe at home and tells her that she needs to call Piper and tell her to go home right away. She also tells Phoebe not to let Aviva out of her sight. Aviva asks to go upstairs and lie down but when she enters Phoebe’s room, she picks up her bag and goes into Prue’s room with it. Downstairs Leo is nearly finished and before he leaves, tries to ask Phoebe if she and Aviva are a couple based on something Piper said but can’t bring himself to do it, asking for a glass of water and leaving Phoebe wondering what he was going to ask instead.

Phoebe asks what Piper said, telling Leo not to believe her because her medication leads her to say strange things! Picking up Aviva’s top, Phoebe has a premonition whilst Leo’s back is turned, and sees Aviva killing Prue with a fireball! Leo looks through the window and sees that Prue is home. Phoebe runs upstairs and opens the door to Prue’s room, Aviva throws the fireball but luckily Phoebe holds up the top to catch the fireball in time. Aviva apologises and runs out.

Phoebe explains to the girls what happened and Prue tells them what she read in the diary.

At her Aunt’s house, Kali appears to Aviva and she is angry with Aviva for trying to leave. She tells her to touch the mirror, telling Aviva that she will leave once she has done so but instead of leaving, she possesses Aviva!

At the Manor, the girls have found a way to get rid of Kali – shatter her reflection but when they turn to leave the attic, Aviva (possessed by Kali) enters and begins to attack them with fireballs. Kali says

“my powers are greater than yours Prue; it’s only a matter of time”

this causes Phoebe to tell Piper to freeze her but Piper points out that Aviva doesn’t freeze. Piper freezes her anyway and she does freeze in the image of Kali whilst Aviva falls to the floor apparently dispossessed. Prue moves Kali to the mirror which she re-enters and then the girls quickly shatter it destroying Kali.

The next day, Aviva is worried about how life will be now and Phoebe tells her not to worry and that she’s a great kid. She tells Aviva not to tell anyone and Aviva promises not to.

Prue is waiting for Andy outside his apartment to apologise. He tells her that they are kidding each other because only one of them is interested in the relationship. He tells her that he loves her and that it hurts that she doesn’t trust him. Prue tells him she’s not sure that what she knows is something she can ever share with anybody. He walks away and Prue asks if he is telling her he doesn’t want to see her anymore but he just tells her he doesn’t know what he wants anymore.

Picture from screencap-paradise.com

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Updated 5/29/07  


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