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1.6 "The Wedding From Hell"

Summary by Ruby

On a sunny day in San Francisco, a bride to be – Alison Michaels, walks through the grounds of a house and is surprised by her fiancé Eliot. She tells him she is overwhelmed by the upcoming events and he asks if she wants to elope but she doesn’t believe his mother would allow it.
They are interrupted by the groom’s mother who seems anxious that they get the wedding certificate as soon as possible – when they tell her they are going the next day she urges them to go the same day. Alison points out a strange woman in the grounds and Eliot’s mother seems to know her.

When Eliot’s mother walks over to the mysterious woman, we learn that her name is Jade and that she has made a pact with Eliot’s mum. It seems that she has given Eliot up in return for her power and wealth and Jade has come to ensure that she receives what was promised to her. Just then, a friend of Jade’s asks where their luggage should go and Jade asks that she let the butler know that they were expected. Then she raises a hand and appears to cast a spell on Eliot which causes him to collapse whilst Alison screams in confusion for help.

One week later, at the manor Piper is holding everyone up as she as locked herself in the bathroom. She is waiting for the results of a pregnancy test! Prue gives up trying to get into the bathroom and Phoebe appears, Piper leaves and Phoebe proceeds to brush her teeth, noticing the pregnancy test in the bin. When she picks it up, she receives a premonition of a demon baby being born!

Piper is cooking in the kitchen and we learn that she is catering the Eliot Spencer wedding. Phoebe confronts Piper about the pregnancy test and asks if she is worried about the fact that she slept with a warlock (Jeremy) and the consequences but Piper tells her there is nothing there anymore.

Arriving at the estate and waiting to be let in, Piper is surprised by a priest who says he must get into the grounds because “she is the bearer of the demon child – Hecate!” Piper looks on in astonishment and once the gates are open drives through, leaving the security guards to deal with the priest.

At Bucklands, Prue is cataloguing a fertility statue but is told when Rex arrives, that it is no longer available. When Prue leaves, he tells Hannah (the assistant) that she was careless in not telling Prue this and we learn that they have acquired it for someone at the wedding. Phoebe has come to visit and tells Prue about her vision.

At the Spencer estate, we learn that Eliot is marrying Jade and that Alison has been shut out of the wedding! Eliot’s mother (Grace) tells a confused Alison that the wedding is going ahead and that she should leave and never come back.

Piper explains to Jade and Grace that the Chef who was to cater the wedding has gone to France and initially it seems that this will be a problem but Phoebe delivers a speech about Piper’s amazing culinary skills that wins them over. When they leave, we see the seamstress adjusting Jade’s wedding gown and she accidentally pokes Jade in the leg with a pin however it draws no blood and she doesn’t feel it!

In the grounds of the estate, the security guards let slip that the priest ran away from them and when they leave to search from him, he appears from a delivery van with a knife! Inside the house, we see Alison go to visit Eliot to tell him that Jade doesn’t love him but they are interrupted by Jade just as it seems he is going to remember her.

As Piper and Phoebe are leaving, they see the priest with a knife going up the stairs, Alison being told to leave rather forcefully and Eliot being pulled back into his bedroom by Jade. Then we see the priest attempting to cast a spell on Jade, banishing her into the knife but her friend Kirsten stands behind him and turns into a demon and kills him! Meanwhile Phoebe and Piper are telling a security guard that the priest is going to kill the bride and just as they are about to go to her, they hear a crash – it looks like the priest has jumped from a window!

Andy and Daryl arrive and again, Andy is the one more open to any suggestions and is sceptical of the scene as it stands, wondering how a person could have jumped from the broken window to the driveway which is a considerable distance.

At Bucklands, Rex explains to Prue that the fertility icon is for the Spencer bride - knowing full well that her sister is catering the same wedding. When he leaves, Andy arrives with the priest’s knife and asks Prue to examine it. She reads an inscription on the blade “I shall not rest until the demon is vanquished”. Whilst researching the knife’s origins, she sees a picture of Hecate linked to the knife and in the picture Hecate is holding a baby. Immediately linking the knife and picture to her conversation with Phoebe earlier on in the day she asks Andy if she can keep the knife and leaves. Andy however, remains in Prue’s office and sees the picture of Hecate!

At the manor, Piper shows Phoebe napkins and matches for the wedding and sure enough they say Alison and Eliot rather than Jade and Eliot. Agreeing to help Alison, Phoebe quickly changes the subject and tells Piper that she is Hecate, Queen of the Underworld and is carrying a demon baby which means Phoebe has to kill her! But she tells Piper not to worry because she needs to find the jewelled poignard to kill her with. At this point Prue comes in and asks if they are talking about the very poignard that she is holding in her hands and Piper tells them both that she is not pregnant. They ask Phoebe exactly what she saw in her vision and it becomes clear that there was no way she could be sure that the person giving birth to the demon baby was Piper.

Prue then explains that it must be Jade who is the demon Hecate who, every 200 years, comes to Earth to find an innocent who can impregnate her after they’ve been married in a sanctified wedding. They gatecrash Jade’s bachelorette party in order to be sure that she’s the demon. When Jade and her friends literally devour a demon the girls realise they need to save the day once again.

At the Spencer estate, Daryl is told over the phone that the priest’s death is now a homicide because his neck was broken before he fell from the window. Andy tells him that they need to check the security tapes which he’s already had sent to the station.

At the manor, Prue has called Alison over to find out what happened when Jade appeared whilst Phoebe and Piper go to the estate. They explain to Grace that Eliot is not supposed to marry Jade and she reveals that she knows. They agree to help each other and Grace tells the girls to go to the wine cellar and wait for her. When they get there, they realise they have been set up when they are followed by two of Jade’s bridesmaids.

At the station, Andy and Daryl are checking the videos and it seems that Andy can read lips; he reads that Grace has said to Kirsten that “killing a priest wasn’t part of our deal”. They leave to go to the estate.

In the wine cellar, Piper tries to freeze the demon bridesmaids but it doesn’t seem to be working until Phoebe points out a fly next to them which has been frozen – Piper needs to be closer to the object she is trying to freeze. They flee and hide but a phone call from Prue gives them away; they tell her where they are and again flee. Managing to reach the door they find it locked but Prue opens it and uses her power on the bridesmaids and all three of them run.

They find Alison and get to the wedding, but Jade casts a spell which causes a storm, the guests flee and in the confusion Jade manages to take Eliot and run. The sisters find her just as she is about to seduce Eliot. As they reach for the poignard, they can’t find it but see that Eliot has picked it up. As he holds it in front of him, Prue uses her power to move Jade and her bridesmaids to it to banish them and lift the finally lift the spell over Eliot.

Andy arrives at the wedding and sees the girls. Noticing the poignard, Prue quickly explains that she was going to return it after the wedding and he whisks her away to talk about it – in private!

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