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1.5 "Dream Sorcerer"

Summary by Ruby

Phoebe enters Quake on what appears to be a particularly busy night and is stopped by two men who proceed to chat her up – she leaves them with the revelation that she’s a witch knowing it will leave them confused but none the wiser to the actual truth.

When she finds Prue and Piper, it seems that they have been watching a particularly amorous couple who have been kissing for “almost an hour” as Prue says.

Whilst lamenting their own lacklustre love lives, a waitress comes over to Prue with a drink from a secret admirer. Thinking about becoming serious with Andy however, Prue sends the drink back.

The waitress relays Prue’s gratitude to the secret admirer and he doesn’t seem to believe that she’s seeing someone else yet turns his attentions to the waitress who seeing the man’s wheelchair, turns him down and promptly leaves.

Later that evening, Skye – the waitress is getting ready for bed and from the time on the clock, an hour and a half passes and she is awoken by the same man from the bar! Suddenly she is wearing a dress which he compliments her on and it becomes apparent that she is dreaming.
Telling her this is his fantasy, Prue’s secret admirer flirts with Skye, telling her he is in control of and can change the outcome of her dreams. He tells her that she must pay for rejecting him and that if someone were to die in their dreams, they would be dead in reality and sure enough he changes the scene so that it seems as if she is suddenly falling from a skyscraper whilst he looks on laughing maniacally.

As Andy and his partner Daryl survey the scene, they comment on the coroner’s statement that it seems she has fallen from a 20-storey building yet Andy points out that she never left her room.

Back at the manor, the girls are talking about their love lives again and whilst Piper wants romance like Prue has currently, Phoebe wants heat, yet Prue points out that it comes with a price – keeping the family secret!

At the police station, Andy reads the report on Skye’s death which tells them that her body imploded. Daryl comments that the only place that he has seen this before is in cases where people have jumped from high-rise buildings. Andy tells Daryl that there is no external damage to suggest she fell and her room showed no signs of a break-in which leads them to suspect – murder.

At the manor, Prue stumbles upon Piper and Phoebe casting a spell to attract potential love interests, once they have explained it to her, Prue decides against joining them! Once they have cast the spell, the phone rings and they immediately run to it to check if the spell has worked. Once they get there, Prue is talking to the caller who is revealed to us to be the secret admirer and Skye’s murderer! Again he asks Prue out and again she refuses. Phoebe then decides to go to Quake and see if the spell has worked, Piper and Prue stay at the manor.

Whilst taking a bath, Prue falls asleep and is visited by the secret dream stalker. As she tries to scream for help, he tells her she is powerless. Confused by his ability to pre-empt her thoughts and words, she begins to recite a chant that her mother taught her to say if she ever encountered monsters in her dreams “You are not real you don’t exist”. Feeling paralysed, he threatens her and scratches her back with a loofah then attempts to drown her, but she is saved by Piper knocking on the door which brings her out of the dream. After sending Piper away, Prue feels a sting on her shoulder and angles it towards the mirror, what she sees makes her gasp – scratch marks.

Speaking to Piper about it the next morning, Prue is told by Piper that it is just a symptom of tiredness from working late. They are interrupted by a strange man who proceeds to raid the fridge followed shortly by Phoebe who reveals that the man’s name is Hans and that she found his t-shirt! Before he leaves, he remembers to put an empty milk bottle into the recycling bin which makes Piper realise that he is here because of the spell, since Phoebe requested that she find a man who recycles!

At the police station, Andy tells Daryl that he has found three other cases of women who died in the same way as the waitress – with internal symptoms of a fall yet no external injuries.

At Quake, Piper serves a meal to a regular customer who until now has never acknowledged her further than a simple thank you and yet on this occasion – he tells her she is beautiful and asks her out on a date! Running to call Prue in disbelief, she is stopped by another man who asks her to fly to Paris with him! Prue however is snowed under with work and has to cut the phone call short, telling Piper she will be stuck at work all night. As Piper and Phoebe are preparing for their dates, Phoebe tells Piper excitedly how well the spell worked but the look on Piper’s face suggests she feels otherwise.

At a research facility, Andy and Daryl have come to visit a potential suspect - Whitaker Berman, who dated the first female victim that died in strange circumstances. Daryl does not feel that it is a substantial lead just because of this connection but Andy feels it is the best place to start the search. When they meet Mr Berman we see that he is the dream stalker! When they show him a picture of the first victim, he acknowledges that she was his girlfriend and tells them that he misses her. They tell Mr Berman of the further deaths and ask where he was on the night of Skye’s murder. Mr Berman tells them he has witnesses to prove where he was – at the research facility.

On her date, Piper tries to test her date by telling him things that should turn him off including that he is under a spell but nothing seems to be working and the spell seems to be getting stronger as everywhere she looks there is a man trying to get her attention!

At the research facility, Berman asks his colleagues to give him a higher dosage of the drug that he uses to sleep telling them that it will get him there quicker and keep him there for longer. Failing to accept the possibility of any danger, he is given the dosage.

After falling asleep in her chair Prue is awoken by Berman who tells her that she is powerless whilst he is all powerful. As it seems he has complete power over her, Prue kicks Berman than stabs him in the hand with what seems to be a letter opener. He regains power and just when it seems he is about to kill her, the phone rings in her office and wakes her in time! It’s Andy and she thanks him for calling. As she puts the phone down, a hand on her shoulder surprises her and turning around quickly she raises the letter opener but it is Rex who is as equally as surprised as Prue to see blood on it’s tip.

At the police station, Andy is trying to convince Daryl that Berman is the prime suspect because of his studies into dream leaping. He also thinks Berman is the murderer because the victims were women who rejected his advances. Daryl is still sceptical but agrees to follow Andy back to the research facility.

Phoebe returns to the Manor and finds it full of flowers from various random men! Piper sitting amongst the flowers tells Phoebe they need to reverse the spell because every word that her date was speaking was as a result of the spell and not true feeling – Phoebe agrees. A phone call from Prue interrupts and she tells them what happened to her earlier on at the office and asks them to look in the Book Of Shadows for any information about the dream stalker. They find nothing and Prue calls again to ask if they have any information, telling her no they try to help her stay awake as she is driving home but are interrupted by Hans who has flown into a rage after being rejected by Phoebe.

They run from him and from the Prue on the phone and eventually freeze Hans but when they get to the phone it is too late and when Prue falls asleep, the car crashes into a telephone pole. She survives and is taken to the hospital. She becomes unconscious in her hospital bed and awakes to find Berman in front of her again threatening death. Whilst he is stalking Prue in her dreams, Andy and Daryl are at the research facility asking that Berman be woken up prematurely.
Hearing Andy’s voice calling for Berman to wake up as well as Piper and Phoebe’s voices at her bedside, Prue finds the strength to use her power and throw Berman from the same building that he threw others from and he dies instantly.

Piper and Phoebe take the flowers from their admirers to the hospital for Prue’s hotel room and tell her that none of the guys under the spell remember a thing! Just then Andy shows up unexpectedly (as always!) with a rose and cheeseburgers and fries which perk Prue up instantly.

Picture from screencap-paradise.com

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