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Charmed Episode Guide

Charmed women and dead guy

1.4 "Dead Man Dating" First aired Oct. 28, 1998

Summary by Ruby

Andy makes yet another impromptu visit to the Manor with an early birthday present for Prue which is a weekend trip to the spa where he says he has gotten them adjoining rooms!

We see a young Chinese man named Mark who is celebrating his birthday, waiting for his mother to finish her protective ritual. He is sceptical of his mother’s beliefs and she tells him he should have more respect for Ghost Month. As he tries to leave his mother gives him a protective talisman to wear but he puts it back and tells her that he’s 23 which means he can take care of himself. It turns out that Mark was wrong as he is followed down an alley by a group of men and shot. We see his ghost arise from his body as the murderers place a ring on his finger and set the body alight whilst Mark can only look on helplessly.

At the manor, Phoebe and Piper have been organising a surprise party for Prue. As she enters the kitchen they ask about her date with Andy and when she tells them about the Spa trip they try to dissuade her from going because it falls on the same weekend as their party. Phoebe tells Piper that she has a job interview at a hotel – to be the resident psychic! This she says will pay for her birthday present for Prue.

As Piper turns up at the hotel to admonish Phoebe for using her powers so openly, Mark also arrives and tells them that he has tried to make contact with psychics all over the city and that they’re the only ones who have been able to see him. After she sees that he is telling the truth about being a ghost, he persuades Piper to go with him to Chinatown with him.

Prue meanwhile, visiting Andy at Quake sees him with another woman who as it turns out is his wife! As she leaves seemingly unaware he was ever married or still is, she magically moves the food cart into his path to stop him from following.

When they reach the alley where he was murdered, Mark explains to Piper the ancient belief of Da Jui which is when the gates of hell open. The gatekeeper Yama comes out to capture the souls of the dead before they are buried which is what Mark fears will happen unless he can lead Piper to his body. Sure enough when they reach his corpse, Yama appears but Piper freezes him which gives them time to escape.

At the manor, Piper explains Mark’s situation to Prue and Phoebe. She tells them that they need to help him but to wait because she has called the police anonymously to give them the location of the body and so that they can tell Mark’s mom, after which she can try and persuade her to have a burial quickly.

Having been called to the hotel, Phoebe has a premonition of a man who has forgotten his wallet and sees that he will be hit by a car the next day. She attempts to tell him but unsurprisingly he doesn’t believe her.

Piper visits Mark’s mom and she tells them that she hasn’t seen nor heard from him since his birthday which Piper and Mark find strange because she told the police the day before. Mark tells her to tell his Mom where she is but Piper cannot bring herself to do it and Mark is crestfallen, believing that he will surely go to hell if his mom doesn’t bury him soon.

When they return to the manor, Piper and Mark tell Phoebe and Prue to watch the news where reports are being shown of the discovery of Mark’s body. However, the police have wrongly identified him as Tony Wong who is in fact, Mark’s murderer. Phoebe has a premonition of Tony Wong still alive and loading bullets into a gun. Mark translates symbols that Phoebe has seen in the premonition and they find that they are from a warehouse in Chinatown.

When they reach there, Piper opens a door and sees Tony Wong and his group, freezing them she puts a newspaper report telling of Tony’s death into his own hands and takes a picture just as they unfreeze. They escape and Tony and his group give chase, Piper and Mark manage to drive off but not before Wong notes Piper’s registration number. They visit the police station where Piper sneaks the photograph into Andy’s mail and also puts a note in about Mark so that Andy can identify him from his dental records.

Mark takes Piper to his apartment where he gives her his grandfather’s recipes that have been translated by his father. He tells her to make sure that she celebrates her birthday because one day she may not get another.

Back at the manor, Piper and Mark share a tender moment as he expresses his fears at saying goodbye. Suddenly Wong and his men burst in and grab Piper, they take her to the warehouse and she questions them about Mark’s death where Wong explains that he needed a new identity. Prue and Phoebe reach the warehouse and they get to Piper, untie her and throw Wong out of the warehouse to the lower level. He gets up and runs outside right into the path of several police cars – Andy has read Piper’s note and seen the picture. Wong is shot and his spirit rises just as Mark’s did and it follows Mark and the girls down the same alley where he murdered Mark. Yama appears and Mark throws Wong into its path. Just as it seems Yama is going to take Mark Piper and then Prue and Phoebe step in front of him refusing to allow him to go.

After the funeral, Prue realises the importance of a party and it seems the girls pre-empted this as she walks into her own!

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