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1.3 "Thank You For Not Morphing" First aired Oct. 28, 1998

Summary by Ruby

We see the girls as they leave the house to go to a party across the road which Prue is only reluctantly attending. As they disappear from the screen, we see a dog staring at them with glowing eyes.

At the party we learn that the girls know the previous owners and see that the new owners are siblings. Again, Prue voices her reluctance to be there until Phoebe points out Andy who invites her to a Warriors game. At first she hesitates with her answer but is saved by one of the house’s owners – Fritz who asks Andy about unpaid parking tickets.

Having left the party on her own, Prue reaches the house to find the door open, assuming that Phoebe is the culprit she shuts the door and heads for the kitchen only to be surprised by the same dog from earlier, which begins to bark viciously at her from the stairs. AS she backs towards the front door again the dog follows but stops at the threshold, again glaring with glowing eyes as Prue flees.

Discussing the events from earlier, Phoebe suggests they buy a security system but Prue rejects the idea, telling them that Andy will no doubt be checking on them “every five minutes”.

The next day at the auction house, Prue encounters a man who asks her to appraise a ring which is a family heirloom. She does and tells him that the ring was thought to have powers of protection with the stones set in twos to symbolise duality. She asks where the ring is from, realising she may have seen it before and when the stranger calls her by her full name – Prudence, she realises that this is her father -Victor. Becoming defensive, she tells him to leave which he does so but not before telling her where he is staying. Piper and Phoebe are more positive about their father’s return however Prue remains sceptical and believes that his return is linked to their recent discovery of their magical abilities.

Phoebe visits her father at this hotel and initially he calls her Piper but realising his mistake from the disappointment on her face, he quickly corrects it. They hug and Phoebe has a vision from the contact of her father holding the Book of Shadows, making her excuses she leaves quickly.

At the house the mail man has arrived but we quickly learn that this is no ordinary mailman as the tip of his finger turns into a key with which he opens the front door and enters the house. Appearing to know where he needs to go, he goes upstairs and attempts to open the attic door. Finding it locked (and yet strangely not morphing his finger into a key again to open it) he breaks it instead. Running in he grabs the Book Of Shadows and attempts to leave the house however, the book jumps from his hands refusing to cross the threshold. As he decides to leave without the book, Prue returns and he morphs into Andy. Prue tells him about her father’s return and tells her she’ll go to the game with him and he leaves as she picks up the book, confused about why it is downstairs and then about the mess in the attic. When the girls return, Prue tells them she feels that it may be her father that wants the Book.

At dinner that evening, without Prue, Piper and Phoebe catch up with their father. Although they are glad to see him, Piper still asks why he is there after such a long absence but he manages to dodge the question.

Andy (the real one!) stops by the manor to visit Prue and she tells him about her father’s reappearance, explaining that she wants to know where he has been and why he left. Andy convinces her to ask him and drops her at the restaurant where she storms in and proceeds to interrogate him without even sitting down. The dessert arrives and Victor purposefully trips the waiter but Piper manages to freeze him and grab the dish in time. Victor then asks if he is right to say that Piper freezes time, Prue moves objects with her mind and Phoebe’s power is that of premonition. The girls are naturally surprised that he was aware of their powers and they all agree to leave.

Back at the Manor Phoebe and Piper are relaxing on the sofas when the mailman from earlier walks in. Strangely they don’t seem scared or weary of him and he begins to tell them that they no longer have things under control as the girls are on their way back. Suddenly, the mailman shape shifts into Fritz! Then “Phoebe” shape shifts into Marshall and “Piper” into Cynda exclaiming that they should kill them but Marshall tells her to calm down. They manage to turn themselves into birds and fly out of the door as the girls enter.

Later that evening, the girls talk to Victor about their powers and Prue questions how long he has known. He tells them he came back to see if they had their powers yet and (suspiciously) asks to see the Book as he hasn’t seen it for long. Prue accuses him to only returning for ulterior motives and he tells her she’s right but that he hasn’t returned for evil reasons, instead he tells them that he has returned to take the Book away and destroy it because he believes it is the source of the problems that their family has had for so long. Prue’s anger builds and she uses her powers against him, throwing him against a door frame and he leaves.

Back at his hotel, Victor is visited by Marshall, Fritz and Cynda and it seems he knows them. He deduces that they are going to shape shift into him to try to get the Book. He tells them their plan is faulty and explains that only he would know how to work the girls, Phoebe in particular who seems the least sceptical, and agrees to do it.

The next day, Phoebe admits her premonition to Piper and Prue, explaining that she didn’t want to believe he would do something like that to them and they tell her they understand how she feels. As they leave, they see that Victor has left his ring (the earlier one that he asked Prue to appraise) at the house; Prue says she will have it sent back to the hotel. Outside whilst picking up the paper, Phoebe sees Marshall and Fritz and when she turns around her father grabs her and tells her to get the book out of the house urging her to have a premonition which she does, seeing that the man from her earlier vision wasn’t her father but instead Marshall in his guise.

Running upstairs to the book, Phoebe realises she doesn’t know what she is looking for as she leafs through the Book which appears to have heard her as it turns the pages on its own to the one she needs. Committing the spell to memory she runs back downstairs where it seems there are two of Victor! One tells her to kill them both. Piper tells Prue to move the ring towards her real father who it seems is on the left and he puts on the ring as the girls recite the spell, killing Fritz, Marshall and Cynda.

The next day, the girls are going out for the day with their father and it seems that the ice has broken between him and Prue. The doorbell rings and Piper answers it to Leo Wyatt – the handyman who Phoebe takes an instant like to. He hands them a package and tells them it was on the steps. Prue opens it and tells them that it is a note from their father as well as a video of them at Christmas which is how he remembers them – as his little girls.

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