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Andy kissing Prue in "Déjà Vu All Over Again"

1.22 "Déjà Vu All Over Again"

Summary by Ruby

In his apartment, Rodriguez is looking at pictures of the sisters. The fire erupts and a demon called Tempus arrives. He has been sent to Rodriguez as a gift to help him get rid of the Charmed Ones.

Tempus is sceptical about Rodriguez’ ability to defeat the Charmed Ones. He tells him to gather the girls by midnight but also that if he fails, he will help Rodriguez to learn from his failures.

At the Manor, a weather forecast predicts good weather for that Wednesday morning and Phoebe is on the phone to Piper who is at Quake early (8am). Kit knocks over a seasoning shaker and Phoebe asks if she can take another dress to Quake because she’s spilt food over the one she is wearing. Prue then remarks at the front page but before she can explain further they hear a crash outside and Prue asks where Phoebe parked her car last night to which Phoebe responds “in the driveway…I think!” They rush to the window and are relieved that the car in the crash is Mrs Henderson’s rather than Prue’s. Going back to the paper, Andy is on the front page as a suspect in the murder of the Internal Affairs man. Phoebe takes the newspaper from Prue and has a premonition of herself and Piper over Andy’s dead body!

At the police station, Andy is being kept for questioning by Rodriguez who tells him that he thinks he is innocent of his partner’s murder. He shows him a picture of his partner and tells Andy that he believes that he was murdered by something supernatural. Rodriguez then tells Andy he knows he is covering for Prue Halliwell and that she is a witch, then he asks Andy to go to Prue and get her to meet him.

Visiting Tempus, Rodriguez tells him of his plan – he believes that Andy will tell Prue to meet Rodriguez but that she should have her sisters with her for protection. Tempus is again sceptical but Rodriguez assures him of his ability.

At Quake, Phoebe takes another dress to Piper who is waiting for the segment producer for the show she is going to be on. Phoebe tells her about her premonition and as Piper is dealing with the information she is called by someone who appears to recognise her from somewhere. The woman tells her she is Joanne Hertz from her school and that she’s the segment producer! Piper freezes her, feeling inadequate since she is a “cash strapped single restaurant manager who still lives in the same house she grew up in with her sisters”. Phoebe reassures her that she is successful and tells her to hurry since they need to find the demon that will kill Andy.

In the park, Prue is warning Andy to keep his guard up and Andy wonders if Rodriguez is a demon since he knew that Prue is a witch and wanted a meeting with her. She tells Andy to tell Rodriguez she will meet with him at 6pm and she asks Andy to promise that he will stay away which initially he is reluctant to do but eventually agrees with.

At the Manor, Andy is outside in his car watching as Rodriguez walks up to the house with Kit scowling at him all the way.

The sisters are inside going over their plan, Phoebe is to answer the door and kick Rodriguez away, then Piper is to freeze him and Prue is going to come down the stairs and send him flying.
The doorbell rings and Phoebe goes to answer the door, as Rodriguez turns around his eyes catch Phoebe by surprise and he uses his powers on her sending her flying. Piper and Prue keep up their end of the plan and Rodriguez is vanquished – but at Phoebe’s expense.

At Rodriguez’ apartment, Tempus realises he has failed and resets the clock. Rodriguez reappears and Tempus tells him that time has been reset to give him another chance.

The day begins again for the sisters, the same weather forecast replays; Phoebe is on the phone but feels like she is having a déjà vu. She tells Prue that everything that is happening has happened before. Then Prue remarks again about the paper’s front page, they hear the crash, then Prue tells Phoebe about the front page and Andy being a suspect and once again – she has the premonition about Andy’s death.

In the police station, the same scene with Rodriguez and Andy plays out, with Rodriguez noticeably more anxious since he knows what has already happened, asking Andy to get Prue to meet him.

Back at Quake, Phoebe is telling Piper about her déjà vu and again, Joanne appears but this time, before she gets to say her name Phoebe blurts it out. She tells Piper to freeze Joanne and then that Joanne is about to brag about her marriage and that she’s the segment producer, making Piper feel inadequate. Sure enough, when Piper unfreezes Joanne, she speaks everything that Phoebe told Piper she would. Piper freezes her once again and Phoebe explains that she thinks she feels that it’s happened before because her power lets her see things that have and will happen at different times.

In the park, Prue is once again warning Andy about his death and to stay away but this time, she feels a sense of Déjà vu. This time however, instead of saying she cares for Andy she tells him she still loves him.

The meeting begins again with Andy sitting outside the house in his car watching Rodriguez walk up the front steps with Kit scowling at him again.

In the house, the girls are looking for a spell to reverse timeloops when the doorbell rings. Phoebe goes to answer the door but Rodriguez bursts in throws Phoebe and uses his power on Piper. Then Prue comes down the stairs and manages to vanquish him but this time at the expense of both of her sisters.

Once again, Tempus resets time and Rodriguez is brought back.

Once again, the day begins with Phoebe on the phone but this time she is able to pre-empt what Piper is going to say and what Kit is about to do. She tells Piper to get home asap and takes Prue to the window, walking her through the “fender-bender” with Mrs Henderson’s car. She then explains what’s going on to Prue and about her premonition which she realises she hasn’t had yet that morning. Figuring out that it has something to do with the paper, she tells Prue to look at the front page which Prue duly does - only this time she doesn’t take the paper from Prue.

At Quake, instead of Phoebe explaining about Joanne, Piper tells her that she can’t do the segment and that just because she doesn’t have a “flashy job or flashy ring” doesn’t mean she’s any less of a person and when she realises her dreams, she will get there with her own nose!

In the park, Prue is explaining to Andy about the time loop and again about his death. She asks him to make the promise to stay away and that she loves him.

At the time of the meeting, Andy is again outside watching Rodriguez walk up to the house but this time, when Kit scowls at him, Rodriguez flashes his red eyes at the cat causing Andy to fear for Prue and grab his gun.

In the house, the girls are reading the book when Rodriguez bursts in and uses his power. Piper grabs Prue and they get out of the way, then Phoebe dodges the fireball but Andy burst in and Rodriguez hits him with it, throwing him across the room and playing out Phoebe’s premonition. The girls tie Rodriguez up and wait for Prue to regain consciousness. Phoebe believes that they can save Andy by using Rodriguez’ death as the trigger for the time loop.

They try to wake Prue up but she has a dream in which she and Andy are in a place surrounded by fog. Andy tells her he is staying but she isn’t because he broke his promise and came to the Manor, meaning that Phoebe’s premonition is one that Prue couldn’t stop. He tells her that she must go back and stop the time loop from resetting otherwise his death will have been in vain. They kiss and Prue regains consciousness and sees Andy’s body. She asks for the Book Of Shadows and reads the spell to accelerate time and break the loop meaning they won’t be able to save Andy.

Prue believes that Rodriguez doesn’t have the power to kill them otherwise he wouldn’t have needed Tempus and unties Rodriguez to let him go. Before he reaches the door, he turns and makes one last attempt to kill them but Prue deflects his fireball and kills him.

Finally able to grieve for Andy, she kneels over his body and cries. At the funeral, she places a rose on Andy’s coffin and says goodbye.

At the Manor, Piper tells Phoebe that because of Joanne, she’s decided to quit her job and try to realise her dreams. Outside, Prue is sitting on the steps and tells them that she feels good about what they’ve achieved as witches because it balances out the bad things that they have to go through.


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