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Charmed Episode Guide

Andy and Prue in "The Power of Two"

1.20 "The Power of Two"

Summary by Ruby

At the manor, Phoebe is trying to will herself to get a premonition which she does so when she picks up Piper’s plane ticket – she sees her missing her flight! She is going to Honolulu for a convention and leaving Phoebe and Prue alone for the weekend.

Despite having lots of errands, Phoebe goes to visit Alcatraz with her friend Marianne.

In the prison, a woman is talking to a ghost called Jackson who still haunts the prison. The woman he is speaking to ferries souls to hell and it appears she wants a witch’s.

A tour comes past and the guide goes into Jackson’s cell, Phoebe isn’t looking so all we see is an empty cell until Jackson exclaims about the tour guide – “what an idiot”. Phoebe looks up and sees the ghost kill the guard. The ghost then possesses the guard in order to leave the island.

At Bucklands, Claire tells Prue that the auction house only staved off bankruptcy because of her. She also tells Prue that buyers will be coming through in the next few days so she needs to make a big impression to keep her job. They are interrupted by a phone call and Phoebe explains the situation without telling her that she went to Alcatraz, instead that her friend saw the two ghosts and told Phoebe about them, but Prue blows her off.

At the police station, Andy and Daryl are shown an image of a knife with an uv fingerprint which matches up to that of Jackson Ward who was killed 36 years ago. It was used to kill a former DA’s son. Andy leaves to visit Prue.

At the manor, Andy visits Prue and tells him about the case of the former DA’s son who was murdered with the knife that has the uv fingerprint. Andy shows them a picture of Jackson Ward and Phoebe says yep that’s him exactly how Marianne described him. Andy also tells them that the victim’s father was who got Jackson Ward convicted.

Jackson visits a judge Renault who was the judge at Jackson’s trial. Now Jackson wants to take revenge, he kills the judge and the woman who spoke to him in his cell in Alcatraz reappears. She tells him that since she’s helped him get his revenge, he must get her the soul of a witch.

When the police arrive, Daryl tells Andy he thinks it’s a copycat killer since the stab wounds – 13 in a circular pattern match Jackson Ward’s M.O. but Andy points out that that information was never released to the public. They are told that the murder weapon has been dusted for prints but Andy asks if it has been fluoroscoped and he proceeds to do so and finds a fingerprint then leaves to visit Prue.

At the manor, Prue and Andy find Phoebe in the attic looking through the Book Of Shadows. She tells Prue that she has found a spell but they need to be spirits to say it. The book opens on its own to The Truth Spell. Prue tells Andy what happened with truth spell and he is understandably annoyed since she cast it in the first place and then she made a decision based on his first reaction, to end their relationship.

Andy visits the police station to get the murder weapon and once he leaves, the attendant calls someone to let them know that he has taken it. It appears this hidden person has asked that they be informed should Andy show up to take anything.

At the station, Daryl is introduced to Inspectors Rodriguez and Anderson from Internal Affairs who need to talk to him about Andy.

Outside, Andy gives the weapon to Phoebe who gets a premonition of the foreperson on the jury being murdered by Jackson. They find the woman’s home and save her just in time but not before Jackson reveals that Phoebe has seen him!

Prue tells Phoebe she’s upset that Phoebe lied to her about Alcatraz and Phoebe tells her that she knew Prue would be mad at her so she thought that she would save herself the grief. Phoebe also feels that Prue is annoyed with her because she doesn’t work and that she doesn’t get credit for the work that she does around the house whilst Piper and Prue are at work. They agree to set aside their differences for the time being.

At the police station, Daryl meets Andy and since Andy is being cagey, Daryl decides to let Andy in on a little secret of his own – Internal affairs are investigating him!

At the manor, Phoebe and Piper decide to cast the spell which involves one of them literally dying first before they can cast the spell to kill him. First they must lure him to their house which they do so by throwing the ingredients of a special potion to lure an evil spirit on his grave.

Jackson is just about to kill another innocent when he feels like his chest is on fire and his female friend (the one that ferries souls to hell) arrives to tell him it’s witchcraft and that he should have helped her with the witches before it got to this. He asks how he can do that now and she tells him to visit his grave.

At the police station, Andy is taking his file on Prue to give it to her. On his way out he is stopped by internal affairs. They discuss all of the unsolved cases that Andy has worked on and ask why they haven’t been solved. Andy tells them he can’t explain why and leaves.

At the manor, Prue and Phoebe flip a coin to find out who will take the potion to put them into a state where they can say the spell and Prue wins (or loses as Phoebe says). Prue then tells Phoebe she knows that they take her for granted but Phoebe tells her she’s mostly mad at herself for not working. The phone rings and the machine picks it up – it’s Claire and Prue’s fired!

Jackson arrives and Phoebe yells that she will distract Jackson whilst Prue takes the potion. Prue drinks it but just as she has done so, Phoebe is knocked out meaning she won’t be able to revive Prue within the four minutes required to stop brain damage! Prue’s spirit appears and starts to say the spell which seems to start working.

Andy arrives and starts to do CPR on Prue, whilst her spirit slowly climbs back into her body the spell stops working on Jackson and he is able to go for Andy but Prue’s spirit yells “Andy behind you!”. It seems that he has heard her because he is able to wrestle Jackson’s weapon away from him whilst Prue’s spirit finishes the spell and vanquishes Jackson, allowing his female friend to take his soul instead of the girls’. Andy revives Prue in time and then Phoebe comes round.

At Bucklands, Claire is telling Prue she won’t change her mind about firing her but Andy bursts in and thanks Claire for allowing Prue to assist in a jewellery smuggling operation! Claire believes him and tells Prue she’s not fired.

Back in Prue’s office, Andy tells Prue that no matter how much time he had to process the truth about her powers, he wouldn’t change because he wants a normal life one day. She tells him that she understands and would feel the same if she could avoid being magical.

Back at the manor, Prue tells Phoebe that she burned the file that Andy gave them and it turns out that he knew a lot more about them than he ever let on. At that moment, Piper arrives home – a day early and tells them that she had a feeling they were having problems but all Phoebe tells her is that they just had a normal boring time….

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Updated 6/29/07  


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