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Charmed Episode Guide

The 3 sisters in "Blind Sided"

1.19 "Blind Sided"

Summary by Ruby

At a birthday party that Piper is catering, the girls are talking about the fact that Josh wants to “have a talk”. Piper isn’t sure about taking the next step with Josh since it would mean they’d be a couple and Prue tells her that men have different ideas about this step to women.

The birthday boy’s mum – Dee, comes over to thank Piper for helping her but Piper tells her that’s what friends are for. The birthday boy – David, comes over to ask when the cake will be ready and Piper tells him it’ll be five minutes and he rushes off to tell his friends.

Prue gets a call from Claire telling her that she needs to get to the auction house because something needs to be appraised.

The children are all playing with a ball and it winds up behinds some bushes. David runs to get it and throws it back to his friends. As he is about to return to the game, he hears a cat mewing and goes to investigate – he is grabbed a by a strange looking man with red eyes and his cries for help are heard by Prue who runs to his aid. She holds up her hands and somehow manages to separate David from the red-eyed man and lift them up into the air! Behind her, she is being watched by a normal looking man who is amazed by what he sees. Prue is confused by what happened and David and his captor are thrown to the ground. The red eyed man grabs David again and rushes off with him, Prue gives chase but unbeknownst to her, David’s captor has created a hole in the ground and jumped into it.

The police arrive and take a statement from Prue. Phoebe tells her that she was told that David isn’t the first one to be taken. It also happened 20 years ago - two children were taken in the same park. Prue is also shaken that she channelled her power through her hands but Phoebe tells her she shouldn’t focus on that too much. As Prue leaves, we see the same man that watched her use her power!

Underground, we see the demon that stole David. David is one of many children and whilst he is struggling, the demon holds his hand over his face and energy seems to emanate from it. It appears that he is stealing David’s sight because the demon’s eyes suddenly change from red to a normal hue and David can no longer see.

At the manor, the girls fail to find anything in the Book Of Shadows but what they do find are news clippings about the kidnappings twenty years ago. One of the two boys survived but he was blind – his name is Brent Miller.

At Bucklands, Prue is visited by Eric Lohman from the Bay Weekly – it’s the man who watched Prue use her powers! He questions Prue is at first tries to deny it but he tells her that he had her name checked out and found her name popping up in many unsolved police cases. He threatens to write an article about Prue with or without her help and then leaves.

Phoebe goes to visit Brent Miller who now designs computer software for the visually impaired. She tells him she wants to talk to him about what happened to him as a child but he refuses to talk to Phoebe. He asks his housekeeper Lucy to show Phoebe to the door but she refuses to leave and tells him that it’s happening again and that perhaps the boys that have been taken recently were taken by the same monsters that took him. Brent softens and tells Lucy everything’s okay and asks Phoebe if she believes his story about the monsters. She tells him that she believes him because she’s seen her fair share of monsters too.

Brent tells her that there were two of them and that they dragged him into a storm drain. He also remembers blue sparks hitting his face and the monsters talking about auras.

Outside a theatre, we see the two demons underneath the kerb looking at people above. They see a man who appears to glow and one of the demons causes him to collapse – people rush to his aid and the demon disappears.
At the manor, Piper finds out that the demons are called Grimlocks. They kill “powerful forces of good by seeing the unique auras that surround them – which they’re able to do by stealing the sight of innocent children”.

Prue arrives home and explains what happened with Eric Lohman and Piper and Phoebe explain what they found out about the Grimlocks. They all go their separate ways to try and solve their respective problems.

At the police station, Daryl is telling Andy about the man who died earlier that evening. His name was Jerry Cartwright and he had donated millions of dollars to the city’s anti-drug foundation. The Medical Examiner believes he was murdered (strangulation) but Mr Cartwright died in the middle of a crowd of people.

Eric Lohman enters the police station and tries to talk to Andy about his theories about Prue. Andy denies knowledge of anything to do with Prue but Mr Lohman explains what he saw in the park. He tries to threaten Andy with an article about a police cover-up.

Piper visits Josh to see if he has any plans of the city’s storm drains. He tries to talk to Piper who starts to ramble on as he believes he wants to talk to Piper about taking the next step but he tells her that he has been offered a job in Beverly Hills. He tells her she is the swing vote but she panics and freezes him. She thinks to herself that she needs a lot more time to mull this over and takes out her phone and dials his number to distract him when he unfreezes so she can leave – it works and she makes her “getaway”.

Phoebe visits Brent Miller to see if he can give her anymore information about the Grimlocks. He tells her they took him into a big area with a lot of pipes. He tells her that she has a beautiful smile and she asks how he can tell and he explains that he can hear it in her voice and therefore see it in his mind. She affectionately places her hand on his arm and gets a vision of his escape when he was younger. She sees that he went past a sign and once the vision finishes she asks Brent to confirm that he was running through water and what he was wearing. He tells Phoebe that he heard a generator and possibly cable cars. Phoebe asks if Brent has a map and they find it – it’s in Braille and Brent shows Phoebe how to read the sign for Power plant. She tells him she should leave but he stops her and asks how she knew what he was wearing - she explains that she’s like a psychic but different. He tells her that she should be careful with the monsters since he believes she’s a good person and as a result probably has a strong aura.

At Bucklands, Prue is discussing the kidnappings with Piper and Andy walks in. He tells her what Eric Lohman told him. Prue tells him that she’s not sure whether he should know or whether her secret is best kept so. He tells her that the reporter will stop at nothing for his story so she should watch her back.

Back at the manor, Prue explains what happened with the reporter and Andy but they are interrupted by a pram that’s just about to fall under the path of a lorry! Piper freezes the scene but they discover that there’s nothing in the pram and that it is a setup by the reporter who is hiding by the side of their driveway with a video camera! They do nothing and get back into position, when everything unfreezes, they walk calmly into the house leaving Lohman confused. He checks his video and discovers that he’s been tricked because in one shot Piper’s purse is on her right shoulder then it’s on her left.

Phoebe tells the girls that she has found the storm drain but they are interrupted by Lohman ringing the doorbell. He explains that he thinks that one of them froze time since Piper’s purse jumped from one shoulder to the other. He also tells them that his story is ready to print, he just needs a tell-all interview from them but Prue kicks him out. They decide that Prue should distract Lohman whilst Piper and Phoebe get to the storm drain and stall the Grimlocks. Piper and Phoebe leave whilst Prue distracts Lohman in the driveway and when he realises what has happened, Prue uses her power to burst his front right tyre with gardening shears.

At Brent’s house, Andy asks if Prue Halliwell has spoken to him but he says no and that a Phoebe Halliwell has spoke to him and he knows where she went if it helps.

Underground, the girls see rats and Piper trips and falls down a shaft. Phoebe calls Prue and tells her to hurry with the potion. When Prue leaves the house, she finds that Lohman has tampered with her car to prevent her leaving without him.

When they get to the storm drain, Prue tells Lohman to wait outside but once she has gone in with Phoebe, he waits 10 seconds and then follows.

One of the Grimlocks is walking around the tunnels and hears Piper calling for Phoebe, he finds her and sees her aura, then tries to kill her. Prue and Phoebe arrive just in time and he leaves. Meanwhile, outside Andy has arrived on Brent Miller’s information. Lohman is attacked whilst walking around the tunnels and Andy finds him unconscious but alive. He is then attacked by a Grimlock and Prue arrives, uses her power against the Grimlock and saves him but the Grimlock flees. He realises that Lohman was telling the truth about Prue. When Piper and Phoebe arrive, Prue asks that Andy take Piper up onto the street but he refuses. Prue threatens to use her power on him and he promptly changes his mind!

Prue and Phoebe are attacked by a Grimlock but manage to vanquish him with a potion. Phoebe finds the boys that have been taken but Prue is attacked by the other Grimlock who sees her aura and immediately tries to kill her. She drops the potion and Phoebe distracts the Grimlock to prevent him from killing Prue but he turns his attentions to Phoebe instead. Whilst he is attacking her, Prue uses her power to move the spilled potion from the ground to the Grimlock. When they go back to the boys, they find that their sight has been restored.

At the police station, Daryl questions Andy as to how he knew that the kids were down there and although he fobs Daryl off, Daryl tells him he doesn’t believe him. Phoebe arrives and meets Prue and Piper. Piper tells them she thought about Leo whilst in the storm drain and she’s going to tell Josh to take the job in Beverly Hills. She leaves and Phoebe sees Brent arrive. She waves at him and immediately realises her mistake, he sees her and goes over to her. She asks where his dog is and he takes off his glasses and tells her that he’s retired since his sight has been restored!

Prue speaks to Andy about the direction they will take since he now knows her secret but his attention is taken away by flashbulbs and reporters.

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