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priest and the charmed ones from "When Bad Warlocks go Good"

1.18 "When Bad Warlocks go Good"

Summary by Ruby

Inside a church, a young man named Brendan is remarking to a pastor that he feels he is a fraud and that his family is tainted with generations of evil. They are interrupted by two men who tell him they’ll wait outside the church for him.

Prue and Phoebe are helping Piper with a food drive for the needy and teasing her about her relationship with Josh (from the woogy episode). She tells them that her instincts are telling her to lay low. They see a group of nuns and Piper points out that they have the right idea – a safe environment, stress free, no wardrobe…. Piper finds a pen and Prue tells her it’s Brendan’s – the cute guy that signed for the food. Piper asks if Phoebe could take it to him. When she takes the pen, she has a premonition of Brendan being attacked by a demon. They split up to find him.

Inside the church, Brendan is again approached by the two men, one of which turns into a demon and tells Brendan that they won’t leave until he joins them. As the one that has changed tries to strangle Brendan, Prue runs in and uses her power against him, then they flee.

Inside a room, the two men are discussing Brendan. One – Paul, has a pet lizard and is trying to persuade the other that perhaps they should let Brendan go but he disagrees. It seems that Brendan must accept his heritage and be initiated as a warlock – this involves the murder of an innocent. Paul points out that once Brendan is ordained, he has immunity from becoming one of them.

At the manor, Josh calls for Piper but she blows him off. Discussing Brendan, Prue tells them that she doesn’t think that Brendan seemed to be surprised by her powers.

In the church, Prue discusses Brendan with Father Austin and how she saw two men trying to hurt him. It seems that Father Austin knows that these two men would come for him since Brendan has been wrestling with something his whole life.

At Quake, Phoebe is asking Piper about her diary for the day. She tells her that she is worried about Piper turning down dates and working late. Then Josh turns up! He asks Piper if she’d like to join him at the gym. Phoebe persuades Piper to go and let her look after the restaurant.

At the stable, Prue finds Brendan helping a young girl get rid of her fear of spiders by lifting one from her trouser pocket and telling her they shouldn’t kill it because it’s trying to find its way home. He tells Prue that he won’t divulge her secret and she asks why since most people would be worried by what they saw. He then jumps on a horse and tries to flee but Prue is quick and does the same. As they ride along together, she tells Brendan that he’s in danger and he tells her he knows. He explains that once he is ordained, he is safe from them forever.

Meanwhile, Piper is rock climbing with Josh and falls from the wall straight into his arms. They share a look and Piper freezes him to call Phoebe and tell her. When she hangs up she unfreezes Josh and tells him that she has to go but that she had a great time.

In the church, the demon that is trying to persuade Brendan to join him and Paul appears to have killed Father Austin. He gets up when Prue runs in and the demon changes into Brendan who promptly flees! Prue runs after him ensuring that a nun will call 911 since Father Austin isn’t dead. Finding Brendan escaping in the garden she uses her power to cause him to stumble and he tries to explain his appearance as a warlock. He tells her that he found Father Austin and then changed as a result of the rage he felt. He asks for Prue’s help to stop the other warlocks – his brothers!

The police have arrived and Andy is heartbroken since Father Austin is his priest and gave him his first communion.

At Quake, Piper tells Phoebe that she had a good time with Josh but was reluctant to let him into her life since prior to him, the men she has been interested in have come with baggage. She thanks Phoebe for following her instincts for her.
At the church, Brendan is explaining that Greg and Paul are his half brothers and that he had a human mother. He explains that he went into hiding so that he wouldn’t be furthering the Rowe coven (his family line) thereby preventing himself from joining with his brothers and becoming “the evil Charmed Ones” as Prue points out. He explains that he has to kills his brothers and then Prue and her sisters must kill him.

At their apartment, Greg points out to Paul that he can feel Brendan coming. Brendan enters and tells them that he is there to kill them but Greg only appears to want him to do it. Whilst they are fighting, Paul opens a curtain, behind which is a young girl that Greg and Paul want him to murder.
The girls runs in and Prue uses her power to release the girl but Paul and Greg run.

The police arrive and Andy questions the girl. She tells him that a woman by the name of Prue told the men to stop.

At the Manor, Prue tells Brendan that he can have her room and she will share with Piper. They share a kiss and Prue hastily leaves. In the kitchen Prue tries to convince Piper and Phoebe that Brendan won’t kill them and that he has been struggling to overcome his dark side just as Piper had to when she was attacked by the Wendigo and Phoebe when she was possessed by the Woogyman. The ordination is the next day and Prue tells the girls that she’s following her instincts so if they can’t have faith in Brendan they should at least have faith in her. The doorbell rings and Prue goes to answer it, it’s Andy who bursts in and tells Prue she must tell him where Brendan is. Prue tells him she can’t help him and he turns to Piper who tells Andy that they’re not hiding any criminals in the house. Andy leaves but not before telling Prue that Father Austin is in intensive care and should he die, it’s first degree murder which means that he won’t be able to look the other way.

Greg and Paul are at the church chanting and Brendan hears them and wakes up, he sees a spider and it appears that his warlock side is becoming stronger since he slams his hand onto it, killing it.

At the church, Greg and Paul are hoping that their spell will lead Brendan to them but he takes longer than expected to show up. It seems that Greg is the one most eager to have Brendan onside since Paul says “I won’t let that happen” when Greg tells him they’ll just have to kill Brendan if their plan doesn’t work.

Brendan arrives and tells Greg and Paul that he understands what he must do. Greg tells Brendan he wants proof that he’s turned so he must kill a witch – Prue!

At the manor, the girls wonder where Brendan has gone and Prue thinks that he must have gone to the rectory to prepare for the ordination. Phoebe informs them that in the Book Of Shadows it says no weapon or magic has been found to stop the perpetuation of the family line’s evil.

At the church, Prue tells the girls she will speak to Brendan alone first and call if she needs help. She walks into his office and he pulls a dagger out of the door and holds it in his hand. He tells her that he is ready but it appears that he is talking about something other than the ordination because Prue says “they got to you didn’t they?”

Prue uses her power against him and tells him that she doesn’t believe that this is the real him since he’s done so much good for so long. He turns back into himself and drops the knife. They all go inside the church and are met by Greg and Paul. Deflecting the girls’ powers, Greg tries to kill Brendan but Paul gets in between them and gives Brendan another chance. Greg throws the knife at Brendan but it hits Paul who pulls it out and throws it at Greg. Both brothers die and Brendan tells Prue that he’s never felt that the sacrifice was as big as it is at that moment with Prue. They share another kiss and then he goes to prepare.
At Quake, Andy apologises to Prue for his behaviour but she tells him that she knows he is close to Father Austin, so understands the way he acted. He tells her that Father Austin explained that it was Brendan’s brothers who attacked him.

Josh appears and Phoebe apologises to Piper for pushing him onto her and moves to go and sort the situation out but Piper stops her and tells her that she called him! She thinks it’s time she worked through her fears and leaves Prue and Phoebe at the table to go and have dinner with Josh.

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